I’m so sick of having to say this.  

When we use the word, “fandumb”, we are not referring to the entire fandom.  We are referring to the select few assholes in that fandom.

We use the word “fandumb” so as to not associate the genuinely nice people with the assholes.  We started using that word because people were complaining about us generalizing.

And now people are complaining about us using the word, “fandumb”.

Heads up: We’ve changed many things about the way we run our blog because our followers suggest it.  We’re already being incredibly accommodating.  So for people to throw that back in our face is not only rude, it’s annoying as fuck.

So we’re going to continue using the word “fandumb” because we acknowledge that not everyone in the fandom is a bad egg.  And if people are going to complain about it…well there’s the door.

I don’t get what’s wrong with hipsters? I mean I’m not one myself but every fandom seems to have a vendetta against them for no other reason besides “They don’t post fandom stuff”.

I mean what’s so bad about them? All they do is post poetry and photos and artsy things and stuff, what’s wrong with that?

Just a PSA for everyone out there who keeps sending us repetitive asks about “why are you hating on fandoms because not everyone is like that!”

We are in no way trying to discourage you from joining a fandom.  We are not condemning all fandoms.  What we are trying to do is exhibit the inappropriate behaviour displayed by the “fandumb” in the hopes that nobody will replicate it.

We are trying to encourage respect in fandoms.

Also, we understand that not everyone in the fandom is an asshole.  However, rather than spam us with messages reminding us of this, why don’t you call the assholes out on their assholery?  

Fandoms are not a bad thing.  If you feel accepted by fandoms and you think that they’re the greatest thing ever and you’ve never felt bullied by them, that’s fantastic.  We want everyone to feel that way.

But, until then, we’re going to continue to exist.  Not as a hate blog, but as a blog based on fandom etiquette.

As for our URL?  We’re not going to change it.  Mostly because we’d have to alert a ton of other ugh blogs and it’ll just be too much work.