no but listen to this

  • john getting shot (non-fatal) in sherlock’s presence
  • sherlock getting so furious that he risks everything and attacks the shooter (if shooter is alone) and hits them with his bare hands and they fall to the ground
  • he hits them and hits them until the shooter gets knocked out completely and sherlock’s hands are bloody
  • sherlock lets go of them and turns around with tears in his eyes to see john on the ground looking at him mesmerized
  • sherlock hurries over to john where he’s leaning against the wall he and grabs his head with his bloody hands and asks him if he’s okay with his broken voice
  • “are you alright, are you ALRIGHT”
  • john just nods and shakes his head at the same time
  • and sherlock breaks and he can’t hold it in anymore and the tears can’t be stopped
  • and he just closes his eyes and uses his hands to guide john’s head closer to him and he kisses him hard and sobs into his mouth
  • and then he stops because he can’t stop crying and he hulks and can’t breathe because john got shot and it was sherlock’s fault and everything is sherlock’s fault and he hates himself for ever letting this man into his life and he hates himself for falling in love with him