Imagine Sherlock completely forgetting about buying John a present for Christmas, so he desperately needs to figure something out at the eleventh hour. He gets creative. Later when John unpacks the shoebox wrapped in newspapers, he discovers inside a Tesco bag with a carton of milk.

John bursts out laughing and kisses the tip of Sherlock’s nose, glad that he’s dating such a ridiculous man.


Come what may

Come what may;
I will love you, until my dying day

Set 3 and my favourite one! I decided that this is a good ending for 2014 (and you’ll get the outtakes later) so 2015 I’ll start with a bunch of Cosplay photos we made on the Shooting we had in September on various original locations in London.

Sherlock: mi-caw-ber
John: itsloki
The others can be found here: 1 2 3 4 5

Thank you all for the support during the year, the encouraging words and messages when I moved to London 2 months ago and all your feedback and support.
I just reached the 2k line a few days ago and when I started tumblering some years ago I never thought this would happen. That’s why I’m looking forward to a thrilling new year in 2015 with all of you!

Special thanks to: itsloki kassna blackhellkitty fatummeum readable-sherlock-art sannybun somelikeitpink chestnutwind mansikka-sammakko theburningblack johnlocking-always slashtrix saku-haku mrshudsonsbrownies anotherwellkeptsecret pikalotte yamipanther johnlocklives cumberbeni gogingergiraffe jumperben-holybatch welcome2chaos tydarkpromise thepersonalscienceofdeduction  seasonsofjohnlock 221bsherlock theshatteredsilhouette megshezzastardis traumachu floccinaucinihilipilificationa harrietpatriciawatson vaticcancammeos thewomvn addictedtohumans ughbenedict slythericious a-watson-with-a-box-of-art yayforjohnlock thejohnlockedwhovian cumberbum mrshudson-magnussen stoff-im-gehirn iriarty jeanfuckingmarco sherlockholmeson bellekat ishuramjohnlocked cameronfedora ishipitliketitanic ilikealotofthingss glas-onion gabgabs547 moriarghty you-keep-me-right-jw

& all the other lovely ppl I forgot to mention or that changed their names and confused the hell out of me (I’m very sorry!)


this is it guys, the last few hours until we see either the most groundbreaking romance ever aired on television or the floor is lava literally?? 

i want to thank all of you so so so much im not being even fucking soppy i’ve been through SO FUCKING MUCH these past 3 years since i joined this fandom i battled so many demons including depression, eating disorders, and just everything shitty and you, all of you helped me live through it all and here i am - waiting for the most beautiful thing to happen - sherlock holmes and john watson to kiss for the first ever time in 130 years 

i owe you my life guys, if it werent for you i would 100% dead im not even exaggerating i love you i love you i love im fucking drunk but johnlock helped me learn whats love and i finally escaped from a physically abusive relationship so thank you so so so so much

i want to break my heart into tiny tiny pieces and give it to every individual here and for all the people who follow me i love you u cant comprehend how grateful i am to be with you -  @bimartin (ily so much u fucking idiot), @quietlyprim @marcelock @cuccaine2 @glassofteajlc @hotsmugstache @johnlockfulfillment @teapotsubtext @cloisteredself @softlavenders @propergenius @johnlockogie @johnsjawline @1895ad @1895 @nondeducible @writemeastoryofsolitude @kinklock  @rainlock @szpok @gayufo @brothersholmes @sadlawyer @warmth-and-constancy @darkmofftiss @deserthearts @darlingbenny @deducingbbcsherlock @deducethegay @detectivelyd @dry @dramaqueern @drool-is-love @shylocks @shylockgnomes @thediogenes @balletlock @softelytjlc @jeslock @syupon @paintingwithpablo @theymakemagic @heartoftheconspiracy @sherrinfordholmes @grumpybijohn @grumpy-swoop @graceebooks @gaytheist @greglestrade @cakepopsforeveryone @therealmartinsgrrrl @rosegoldsherlock @rominatrix @susscx @theneckstroke @thecumbercollective @thetwelfthpanda @the-7-percent-solution @taikova

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thank you so so much for all of you and to everyone how is following me 

because of you i am still alive and well and i cant wait till sherlock holmes and john watson kiss

i love you so much!!! thank you!


I’m reading now Sherlock: Chronicles and I saw something interesting (probabaly someone spotted it and commented on it before, so in that case sorry for being a slowpoke).

On page 263 there’s a caption under the picture that says:

Only in television-making would the throwing of small pieces of coloured paper become an exercise in special effects deployment. The confetti for John and Sarah’s wedding appeared courtesy of Danny Hargreaves and Real SFX.

John and Sarah’s.

It seems that women in John’s life are pretty replaceable even at his wedding.

This is so late, but here is my first follow forever! Thank you so much for 500 followers everyone… I am so grateful ❤ My Q&A Video Here



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