“My job, much to the outrage of some fan groups, is to build obstacles and then by the end of the series, when ever that is, hopefully have a tremendous happy ending for everybody. The show is about including everybody.”-Ryan Murphy

So let me get this straight. You Ignored the two girls who are in a relationship and broke them up for no good reason. One of those girls gets put into a relationship with a boy and THEN she gets a voice and an opinion and they get duets and screen time. All of that was just “building obstacles and including everyone” Screw you. Why don’t you be a fucking man and state the real reason as to why we are upset you pompous asshole. We wouldn’t be upset if you ACTUALLY DID WHAT YOU JUST SAID OMG I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY AND FLABBERGASTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! WHAT GOOD IS THEM ENDING UP TOGETHER IF EVERYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETELY AWFUL!