((Another sexy photo prompt ~  this time it’s Xanelen!  How did that get there!  He would never send such things *gasp*))

It took a few minutes for Lyn to finally realize who she was looking at. Then another few to get over the shocked disbelief. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed, more that it was kind of like seeing a family member nude. She felt like she was intruding, almost, even though Xanelen wasn’t actually there. 

Still, he’d be mortified if he ever knew. Was someone trying to blackmail him? She’d have to keep an eye out. This too would be destroyed, just in case. 

( xanelen )

More fanart for galaxyghosty‘s fanfictions! This one (again) for her fanfiction Liberte. It’s Animal tamer! Jack. This was actually a warm up doodle that I ended up coloring because I thought it was pretty cute (super silly but I try). 

Also, I was messing around when I colored it and erased all the lines and found it still looked really cool! So I dolled it up and voila!

Pretty cute–I like to imagine this was before the whole ‘Soul-taking candy thing!’ ^^

New phone wallpaper… Photo via someone else who was at that meet and greet on Friday. Sighhhh. This is what I had to endure in person. He’s too pretty. I can hear his laugh in my head just looking at this; he was so giggly that day. 😍 breakingoutgrace ibroughtutolifesoicanhearuscream