i just want to warn everyone that there was a bad accident in men’s gymnastics so if you see any videos of a male gymnast in blue about to vault do not watch it!! it’s really graphic and trending right now so be careful. his name is samir ait said and he was vaulting for france in case you would like to temporarily blacklist. i’m doubtful people will be reblogging it a lot but i want everyone to stay safe because it’s pretty rough.

Lance absentmindedly calling Keith ‘babe’ though. they’re not even dating. he just does. 

“hey babe, you wanna go for some training?” 

“hey babe, pass the salt would you?” 

“could you - ah, thanks babe.” 

Keith is so fucking confused and weirdly pleased and the team thinks its the most hilarious thing that’s happened since the lot of them were chosen as defenders of the galaxy (which is still pretty hilarious to them.) 

Lance never even realises he’s doing it. nobody even tells him. he doesn’t know the team is laughing at him. he doesn’t know he’s now the reason why Keith spends all his nights awake staring at the ceiling just thinking an endless stream of ?????

spent an entire afternoon making this in firealpaca im so tired but so proud of myself…………..


150818 VIXX LR Leo x Ravi #Beautiful_liaR’s live twitter Q&A

he practically answered most of hakyeon’s related tweets with ‘goodbye 굿바이’ OTL

(Cr: hyukchips on twitter)