ugh...white people

The white response to the Dear White People trailer is really telling. They immediately jumped to boycotting Netflix and called it racist and said it was calling for white genocide. When all that happened in the trailer was that a black woman on the radio (sardonically) told white people it’s unacceptable to use blackface. White people literally can’t even bear to hear a black person address them when speaking. They think it’s too aggressive they don’t want to hear black people speak. This is so ugly and they don’t even have the balls to hear that.

I am so waiting for a Charger performance with Grace Jones and out of the sudden Damon starts to lose it and she’s like “what is this basic bitch doing? i didn’t cancel my other shows for this, someone calm this bitch i’m in charge

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I have a hard time taking these "ugh white people in tech" articles seriously. Once you start writing an equal number of articles complaining about the dominance of black guys in the NBA then we can talk.

The thing is, I care about tech. And not about the NBA. Since I work in tech and am not even clear on the rules of basketball beyond that it’s usually two points when you throw the ball into the hoop unless it was a really cool shot and then it’s three.

If you are expecting everyone who cares about a certain kind of disparity to care exactly as much and have exactly as much to say about all other kinds of disparities then I think you might want to reexamine your expectations.

Even if your complaint is on a societal level, there are like thousands of times more people in tech than in the NBA and the respective concern about racial disparities seems reasonable.

I have a lot of concerns about the way ‘diversity in tech’ conversations happen. I think they’re often essentializing and simplistic and ignore or misrepresent data and create perverse incentives. I think the extent to which the difference is a legitimate preferences difference sometimes gets downplayed by people with ideological commitments to not saying ‘sometimes there are differences in how commonly boys like something and how commonly girls like something even when we raise them in a very egalitarian environment’. But the problem there is irresponsible and misleading coverage, it’s not that the topic gets discussed at all. 

I presume that the argument you’re trying to gesture at here is not ‘disparities in the NBA matter as much, and therefore should be discussed as much, as disparities in tech’ but ‘just like disparities in the NBA are probably explained by there being more tall black men, disparities in tech are probably explained by there being more programmer-y white men’. But ‘programmer-y’ is affected by more things than ‘tall’. (In particular, countries vary wildly in their tech gender ratios; if other countries also had basketball teams and there different skillsets dominated, that’d sure look like reason to wonder what is going on with our talent pipeline.) Consider me less than convinced that people who can’t take seriously articles about what goes into ‘programmer-y’ have it all figured out. 

  • white people: ugh Moana looks just like elsa/anna/rupunzel!
  • Pacific islanders: look at her nose! she has my nose!!! and the hair! i used to hate my hair but moana has it! and Moana has my body shape <3
(This is overdone but) South Park characters as things my friends and I have said

Tweek: You know what I’ve had to eat today? Coffee and like 5 cashews.

Clyde: Dude I am so food-horny right now.

Craig: Nothing HAS to be gay, but everything SHOULD be gay.

Token: I love you grandma, but that’s like, reeealllly racist.

Jimmy: Yeah that will really help expand my vocaCHABAKAAHH-… VocaHAHAH-… Ehhhhughu… V O C A B U L A R Y. J-Jesus.

Butters: Oh jeez, I can have TWO new notebooks!? (yes.) OH BOY OH WOW!

Kenny: Dude boys or girls they’re still hot as fuck man.

Kyle: I mean, I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I’m probably a genius.

Stan: God… We all die… it’s all temporary… Since nothing matters, can I have another dog?

Cartman: Ugh. White people. (you’re white.) Fuck you.

I’m very sorry.

Evert callout post about gal gadot that americans make

-shes a zionist, supports the occupation. thats fucked and wonder woman wouldnt do that.
-her family changed their last name to a modern hebrew version and somehow thats bad idk. why change their last name did something happen to jews in ww2 that made them not want to be european. idk.
-oh also theres pictures of her eating hummus ugh white people eating palestinian food fuck off

Tumblr White Guilt

So I follow people like @ummquestion and see all the white guilt posts and it’s just so… cringey. Like, you see posts like

“Ugh white people are so stupid (p.s. I’m white, watch how I hate myself so you POC people will see me as an ally and feel better about yourselves. please love me)”


“On behalf of all white people, I’m sorry! We’re horrible people, myself included!”

And I just shake my head because it’s so pathetic. They’re like groveling at our feet and it’s so unwarranted and unnecessary. I’m just like, ugh please stop. It’s not being humble, you’re not atoning for the sins of your ancestors or other white people. You are you, and you don’t represent or hold the guilt of the actions of anyone but yourself. Get off the floor, you’re just making your own self look pathetic. Stop looking for brownie points because you’re not getting any. Not from any self-respecting person at least. The only thing you do get is my pity as I just shake my head at how undignified you’re being.

Believe me when I say I don’t mean this in a reactionary right-wing way at all, but it is really telling to me how wrongheaded our popular understanding and usage of cultural appropriation is by how much the shame-guilt-resentment closed loop is perpetuated. Because let’s face it, we can dress it up in all the pseudo-intellectual jargon and synthetic ventriloquism of in depth analysis we want, but the truth is in the cultural appropriation discourse a lot of hatred of white people is expressed. Even tryhard white allies, like Macklemore, are not exempt, only their continual self-flagellation does soften it in a way that it doesn’t for those who refuse to perform like, say, Iggy Azaelea. Still the cycle is reaffirmed. 

This is what inevitably happens when the overarching power structures are misidentified and/or hopelessly individualized and something as amorphous and complex as culture is understood simply in service of pride and identity. Suddenly, instead of “hey don’t crudely represent that item/ceremony that is sacred to my very particular culture and which we never agreed to commodify” it becomes “you can’t interact with any culture that isn’t yours”, with the ‘yours’ being based off of your race (because race and culture are synonymous in this framework). “That’s actually a really harmful stereotype that still haunts us today so don’t do it” has turned into “ugh White People™ stay away from us”.

Honestly the fact that right-wingers, particularly the Alt-Right, have used the appropriation debate to their advantage should be setting off alarm bells for us but it’s not. 

I promise I’m just pissed off. I don’t hate all white people, but history gives me every single goddamn right to do so. Remember that.