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Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Requested: Yes: Can you do a Tyler Seguin or William nylander one!? Something like they accidentally make you feel insecure, maybe they say something to upset you or whatever and he doesnt think anything of it but it upsets you and you go all how quiet and stuff like that but he doesnt realise it and it takes one of the other boys to point it out to them. Please, if you dont mind babe ❤

Edited: Yes

Word count: 883

Summary: He says something to upset you and one of his teammates points it out to him

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mikareally  asked:

Hey there,,, i saw a post saying you were accepting requests,, so i decided yo? Haha sorry for the bother~ Is it okay if i request a scenario for Todoroki and Midoriya where they're training, but by accident they just barely miss hitting this girl (using their quirks) who was going to pass by quickly xD I knowww it's weird but, thank you anyway xD

Of course! I love requests. I hope this satisfies, please tell me if I did anything incorrect. XD

Todoroki Shouto:

You watched from a distance, eyeing the heated training battle between Bakugou and Todoroki with timidity. It was true, you were quite intimidated by the powerful quirk-bearing students, and it was even worse that Todoroki’s skills make your heart leap out of your chest.

You had a pretty useful quirk of your own, but it could never possibly measure up to his power.

“Take this, bastard!” Bakugou roared, coming at Todoroki with an impressive barrage detonating from his hands. Nerves spiked through you, your fingers gripping the material of your gym uniform with apprehension. But the cool-headed boy was prepared.

In one sudden stroke of his arm, threatening spikes of ice surge out from the ground and halted Bakugou’s attack. As expected, Todoroki stood undefeated as his opponent simply became more enraged. You sigh with relief, relaxing your tight posture. Thank goodness.

When you were least expecting it, Aoyama got flung out of the opposite training rink and collided into you, knocking you down. Your throwing knives scattered across the ground, and it didn’t help that the pretentious boy accidentally kicked one out of your reach.

“Oops, sorry! I guess I was too beautiful you-” Aoyama began, but you were ignoring him as you started to pick up your knives. You saw one a couple meters away, so you went over to retrieve it. Just as you snatched it off the floor, a loud BOOM shakes you from your feet up.

You turn to see Bakugou and Todoroki fighting in the air above you, shards of ice ricocheting and flying everywhere. You must have miscalculated your whereabouts. Todoroki and Bakugou landed on the ground again, not even noticing your presence.

“LOOK OUT!” shouted Midoriya, who noticed the danger before you did. Todoroki’s spikes of ice were breaching the ground and heading straight to you. You let out a small scream, bracing yourself for impact, and at the sound Todoroki whips his head around to see you in an alarming situation. His eyes widen, immediately cutting off the flow of ice speeding towards you.

He ran towards you, hoping he didn’t hurt you at all. “I am really sorry, I didn’t realize you were behind me…” he said with an informative but worried tone.

Todoroki reached out to help you back up to your feet, brushing his fingers against your hand to instigate assistance. Your cheeks flushed a little, in which you covered your hand over your face as he got you back up. Concern laced his features, noticing how you hid your face from him. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”

He examined you, gently prying your fingers away from your eyes so he could get a better look. This only caused you to blush even more, your lip trembling. “Y-Yeah, I’m thanks, you’re perfect-” you stumbled over your own words, internally screeching at what you had just said. I’m thanks, you’re perfect? Fuck.

Thankfully he didn’t pay it any mind. But he did notice, “Your face is hot. Do you have a fever?”

“I’m fine,” you stuttered.

In the distance, an impatient Bakugou groaned to himself. “Come the fuck on, guys. Get a fucking room.”

You nearly shrieked at the insensitive words, while Todoroki had no idea what it meant in the first place. “Right, the infirmary. We should get you a room there,” he nodded. Bakugou rolled his eyes, while Mineta came up to the clueless boy and told him to bend down so he could tell him something.

“What is it?” Todoroki asked.

After Mineta had whispered into Todoroki’s ear about what Bakugou meant, he bolted up straight and covered his lightly blushing face with his hand and looked away from you. “Uh, here, have some ice,” he formed some ice cubes and tied them in a handkerchief and gave it to you as a… kind gesture?

You nodded, slightly fazed, but put the ice on your forehead anyways. Shy Todoroki was a Todoroki that you wanted to see more often.

Midoryia Izuku:

“Go, go, Izu-chan! Fight, Fight, Izu-chan!” you cheered on your best friend joyously, jumping up and down to the beat of your own cheer. He turned a deep shade of red, laughing sheepishly.

“I will try my best!”

“Ugh, just get married already you dumb fucks,” Bakugou growled, in which you pouted and smacked his arm lightly.

“That’s mean, Katsu-chan,” you told him off. He was an old friend of yours too, but he didn’t have the same animosity towards you that he did Midoriya. So he couldn’t really bring himself to punch you or scream any more than his usual aggressive self would.

He gritted his teeth as he hissed, “Stop calling me Katsu-chan!”

You giggled to yourself, halting your cheering to call out, “Katsu-chan is Katsu-chan! Right, Izuku?”

Midoriya paused for a couple seconds to glance between you and Bakugou, who had a death glare on his face. Naturally, Midoriya didn’t want to piss off the angriest person on planet earth, so he shyly passed and smiled at you instead to avoid any explosion-related casualties later on.

“Good luck!” you shouted, grinning at the boy. He gave you a thumbs up, and gets into a fighting stance to match against his opponent, Mezo Shouji.

By this time, Bakugou was getting intensely annoyed by your happy-go-lucky supportive attitude towards his rival. Half-way through the match, he was almost at his wits end with you. All the “Go, go, Izu-chan!” stuff was giving him and only him a headache.

“Izu-chan this, Izu-chan that! Fuck, you’re infuriating,” Bakugou pushes you, albeit a little more forcefully than he meant to, but because Kirishima’s foot was in the way you tripped towards the match. Kirishima attempted to grab you before you could stumble out into the midst of battle, but his reflexes failed and you got in the way of the battle.

In these kinds of cases, Midoriya would be the one to run after you and make sure you weren’t hurt. But in this particular instance, Midoriya was the one who posed the danger. In that split second, he had activated his powers with a full on Texas Smash coming straight towards you at lightning fast speed.

“Oh my god,” Bakugou watched with exasperation as Midoriya was about to make the worst mistake in this life. He knew that Deku would never be able to forgive himself if he hurt you and become a sobbing mess which would ultimately piss Bakugou off, so he took it upon himself to send a very resonant explosion to knock the reality back into the poor boy. The blast makes impact, and Midoriya is knocked out of the ring as well as his punch being misdirected to the dirt ground. That must have hurt like a bitch.

You are propelled a few feet back but otherwise go unharmed, while Midoriya’s whole arm is battered from the strain of using his quirk. Once the mushroom cloud of dust and smoke dissipates, you sit up with a stunned expression on your face. Midoriya on the other hand was filled to the brim with anxiety that he might have hurt you somewhere.

“Oh no. I messed up. That was close, I could have killed you, I’m so so so so sorr-” he begins to frantically rant, but you cut him off with a reassuring pat on the head.

“It’s okay, Izu-chan! I’m fine,” you shine with a grin that seems like the sight of an angel to him.

He exhales in relief. “Oh thank god.” On the other hand, he was slightly embarrassed that he had this encounter with you. But he was glad that you were the still the kind and forgiving person you’ve always been.

“That was so cool though, Izuku!” you squeal in excitement, making him turn a shade of pink. Bakugou sticks a finger in his mouth as he gags in disgust, but the two of you ignore him as you give Midoriya a big hug that nearly bursts the circuits in poor Midoriya’s heart.

“Seriously, get married already.”

I hope that this satisfied! These two beans are so precious….

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Control Ch. 6 (NSFW)

You adjust the visor, trying to protect you face from the sun. It’s so bright it looks like the green of the grass turned into a mat shade of yellow.

“Remember to keep your arms steady but your hips a little loose.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. Oh, and don’t use your palm, try to grab it with your fingers.”  Jumin instructs you, watching intently as you focus and wiggle your hips. “Very good. Now hit it.”

You two watch as the ball falls down a curve and rolls slowly till it stops very far from the hole.

“Not bad for a beginner.”

“Too bad for such a critical teacher like you, going all soft on me.” You both chuckle and he narrow his eyes at you.

“I don’t expect you to be a great golf player in your first try. But… if the matter is softness, I can always be tougher on you.”

“How so?” you smirk teasingly, and he comes closer.

“I can show you no mercy and take that ball to the hole in less than 3 putts.” He says, adjusting his position and preparing to do his move. You two watch as the ball he putted flies way further than yours.

“Well played, I must admit. But what a coward, showing no mercy on this poor beginner…” you pout. And he laughs, wrapping an arm around you and bringing you closer.

“I suppose you can say I’m trying to show off a little. Now, your turn. Do it like you did before.”

You go to the ball, repositioning yourself the way Jumin taught you. But before you try to putt, you feel his arms covering yours, and his chest pressing against your back. He places a hand in your thigh.

“Remember to keep your legs in a parallel position.” His hands go on top of yours, gripping your fingers along the club. “Focus, MC… and… hit it.” He leads your movements, like the two of you are one player. “Very good.”

“Thanks. I… think I got it, you can let me go now.” You say wiggling your shoulder when you feel his chin leaning on it.

“Hum… I think I can provide much better lessons if we stay like this.” He leans his chin on your shoulder, and you both chuckle. “One more time, but slower now.”

“One more time, faster now, MC.” Seven moves backwards while your left hand hits his right, you begin a sequel of strikes. Left, right, left, right, crossed left! “Good girl! Faster!” you repeat the sequel of movements. “Now kick!”

“Isn’t this boxing?”

“Well, yeah… but neither of us are professional boxers, so give me a kick!” you kick his left hand. “Good girl! That was amazing, MC!”

You lean your hands on your knees, panting and letting the sweat droplets fall from your hair, then you look at Seven, who offers you his squeezer of water, that instead of taking a sip, you use it to splash water on your face as you sit on the mat, panting heavily. Seven sits beside you and you both chuckle breathlessly.

“Whew… I’m pretty rusty too, huh?” he says, plopping in the mat. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m pretty good, actually.”

“Yeah, I knew you would. Sometimes all we need is to punch some stuff to release stress.”

“Yes, when you call me to invite me to some sparring, I… have no idea it was exactly what I needed… I… been saying this too much lately, but thanks, Seven.”

“It’s fine. So… how are things with the internship?” should you mention what happened to Jumin the other day? Nah, it would look like you’re complaining and whining, and you don’t want to sound ungrateful to the guy who got you this internship, in the first place.

“It’s good.”

“Is Jumin giving you a hard time?”

“Don’t talk about Jumin, Seven.” You don’t really need other people to remind you of him, last days have been filled with thoughts of him. Sweet memories like the golf lesson alternating to when you two left, with you leaving his office and fighting your tears. Maybe there was a time you actually considered nothing of that was real, you weren’t in love for him, you were just pretending to Care for him in order to help somebody who desperately needed love and understanding, but… no, you’ve loved him. You still do, matter of fact. And how do you know that? Because of the fucking memories of the golf lesson, and how you would give everything to go back to those days.

Jumin knows there’s no turning back. Not on what you’ve done, and definitely not on what he said the last time you saw each other. He wasn’t fine with any of this, but if there was a little glimpse of comfort, it was on the fact he was pretty sure you were a cold woman acting like he was an unsatisfied client breaking a contract with you. But apparently, you were hurt too, as much as he was. And this pain is killing him, what could it have been doing to you?

He replayed that last arguing so much in his mind it’s giving him a headache. Your shocked eyes when he asked you about paying for the wedding dress with your filthy money. A filthy money you were willing to give up on when you two would get married. Ugh… you really were studying the exact moment to tell him about the domming ordeal, weren’t you? What on his actions could have possibly made you hold back for so long?

Elizabeth the 3rd finds her way to his lap, and he caresses her softly, rubbing her ears gently like you used to do. And though Jumin knows now she’s just a cat, she can’t know how complicated things got, he swears she’s suffering too and missing you,or what you pretended to be in front of them… maybe you weren’t pretending? You were really scared of his reaction? But he was changing for you, wasn’t he really worthy of, at least, the benefit of the doubt? Were you worthy of the benefit of the doubt? Ugh… see? Too many complicated thoughts a cat could never understand. Not even he understands, he just misses… the old days. And there’s no turning back.

“Zen would be a good power sub, don’t you agree?” he asks as you jab his hand again.

“Oh my God… no, we’re not doing this, Seven!”

“Ah, come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of us from this point of view…”

“I haven’t. I’m a professional, I would never take this out of the privates of my dungeon. But… I… thought how it would be if I tell the other RFA members about it.”

“Oh… yeah, that’s interesting too. But Zen being the power sub he probably is… would consider paying for a session after he finds out.”

“Oh… not trying to be a bitch, but Zen needs to get top notch roles in at least 3 or 4 musicals to afford one of my sessions…”

“Oh wow! If it is like this to Zen, just imagine to our poor little M Yoosung. Boy will never make his fantasies come true…”

“Yeah. Guess there are only two people in this group able to afford it, but one of them hates me and the other one is his best friend, who probably hates me as well.”

“What about me? I’m rich too!”

“Oh… and are you interested in one of my sessions, Seven?” you smirk, and he scratches the back of his head, blushing. “Kinky pervert!” you hit him lightly on his arm. “And here I was thinking you were a good catholic boy, tsk tsk…”

“You don’t know anything about me, MC.” He says, holding your wrist. “And if I may say, that’s the problem with people in your field, you label people too much.”

“The…  BDSM field?”

“No, the publicity field. Aren’t you getting a degree in publicity?” he smirks, Oh… what was the last time somebody remembered about this other job? Well, probably was with Jumin, but… “You label people in order to put them in groups so you’ll know to who you sell it, correct? Well, there are those people who you can’t really predict their patterns.”

“And you are one of those people?”

“Maybe. In the publicity and in the BDSM field. So… watch out for what you’re trying to sell it, you’ll never know if I want to buy it, at least not in the conditions you’re offering me.” Is he… is he flirting? Nah, it’s Seven! He can’t be really flirting at such a witty and provocative way, he’s too goofy for this, isn’t he?

“And what would be your conditions, then?” you place your hands on your hips.

“Hum… I’m not sure if I should talk about this when you’re still hooked on… Elly’s owner.”

“I’m not hooked on Jumin!” shit! You said his name again!

“Are you sure?” he asks, and you don’t really want to answer, so you start jabbing him again. Left, right, left, right, crossed left, uppercut, knock out. He falls with his back on the mat.

“Oh my God, Seven! I’m so sorry! I… I lost control, I…” once again, here you are hurting someone who has nothing to do with this just because one particular name has been brought up. It happened with your sub that time, and now it happened to your friend. How come Jumin has so much power over you even when he’s not around? “Ugh, I’m so stupid, I… Seven?” he looks at you and wipes the little trail of blood rolling from his upper lip to his chin, then he smiles.

“You have a good left.” He chuckles but immediately winces at the pain.

“Here, let me help you with your glasses.” You hold his arm and help him shift to a sitting position, taking his glasses off the mat and putting in his face.

He holds your wrist again, but not to stop you like he did before, is more like… he’s pulling you closer. His other hand holds your forearm as he brings his face closer to yours. Then you just feel the taste of the blood from his lips in your own, invading your mouth to be vanished by his tongue. He was flirting with you, here’s your answer, and it’s coming in the form of a very steamy kiss.

“Seven? I…” he kneels before you without breaking the kiss wrapping his arms around your waist. And you try to make a motion to pull him away placing a hand in his shoulder, but as he trails his lips down your jaw and nips it, whimpering, your hand balls into a fist, grasping his shirt as you let out a low moan.

Before you even know, he makes you straddle him and bites your neck, you tighten the grip on his hair, moaning. His hand slips to inside your shorts as his mouth reaches the cleavage of your top.

“Se-Seven, I…”

“Shhh… let yourself go, MC. When was the last time you had fun? No fighting for power, no worries about being in charge, just… having… fun?” he asks as he brushes the fabric of your underwear aside and slip one finger inside you, making you arch your back in response.

“I… nnnng, I…” you interrupt yourself taking your mouth to meet his again, sucking in the wound on his lip, making him whimper in pain and pleasure as his finger moves to your clit, drawing circles. Seven swallows each one of your moans, dwelling in the feelings you’re spreading to his whole body. And when you palm his erection and make him lay on his back, you know there is no turning back on what’s about to happen.

The two of you ended in your bed that afternoon. Now both of you staring at the ceiling. What is he thinking? You’ve always knew this was a very regular question when it comes to him, but right now, this is the first time you actually want an answer. What is he thinking? What are you thinking?

Right now? You’re thinking about his question. When was the last time you fucked for fun? No restrictions, no worries about losing control, just embracing who you are and how you truly feel? Well, it probably was a rhetorical question when it left Seven’s lips, but you actually had an answer:

It was after the golfing lesson, it was with…

“Jumin?” you ask, watching his name popping in the screen of your phone. “He is… he is calling me.”

“Aren’t you gonna answer?” Seven asks. Another great question coming from him today.

Who’s a terrible person? I’m a terrible person! It’s not personal, guys, it’s angst! Try not to hate me too much ;p

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 

You can see all the smut on the boxing ring here~

The Romanian wedding live blogging experience (or stuff we send to each because we are plicti)

🐚 I ate almost everything on the sweets table. At least sweets make me feel less miserable.
🐚 I feel like in one of those horror movies when the big town girl arrives in a creepy village and everyone looks at her as if they are considering how to murder her… which they actually do later.
🐚 I think the girl sitting next to me is my middle school bully. Should I hit her with a tray or pretend I don’t know her. Maybe it is not her… but do I want to risk being recognised?
🐚 What does Ani de liceu by Stela Enache has to do with this event?
🐚 I could have been home sleeping…
🐚 What do you mean no sarmale?
🐚 Can I just give no gift because the party just sucks? I could use the money to go out with you guys.
🐚 If people pay thousands of euros for a chick to yell and pretend to be singing, then I should change my career.
🐚 There are more people outside smoking than partying inside.
🐚 I can already recognize the peasantsTM because they do the manele dance movesTM no matter the genre.
🐚 Remind me to never get married.
🐚 Ugh why?
🐚 At least I am pretty and I feel pretty.
🐚 My ears hurt…

some plot bullet points

-Hazel is the Witch of the West, cursed by her mother’s greed

-Frank is literally a babe (aka Glinda)

-Leo is obvs the mechanic who everyone thinks is a wizard???

-To be accepted as a “good wizard”  Leo must find “The Wicked Witch” and destroy her

-He finds her with the help of his pet robot dragon and then he’s like nah you’re a babe???

-So instead he tries to help her prove herself

-And they hear of Frank from some farmer and they’re like maybe he can help us

-So they go on a long and confusing journey like wtf Oz ugh why does your geography change so much I thought that river was supposed to be in the east???

-And then they find him and they’re like WOW YOURE SUCH A BABE????? PRECIOUS CINNAMON BUN TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD????? WILL YOU MARRY US????

-And so they go back and dude everyone knows Frank

-They’re like WTF what are you doing here? With them? The Evil Magician and the Wicked Witch???

-And he’s just like yeah I’m married to them stfu

-And Oz is basically so fucking prejudiced

-And they don’t believe that Hazel is cursed

-Except Annabeth, a General in the army

-Annabeth tells them that Reyna, once queen of Oz, may be able to break the spell, but she disappeared about 10-11 years ago

-Reynabeth I’m just saying

-So they go on a quest to find her and Annabeth sends Jason with them

-Jason is obvs like a lieutenant or SOMETHING

-And then they meet Percy at some point

-Percy is a wandering warrior obvs

-Like he left Oz’s army because they were so corrupt and shit and dude everyone thought he was dead

-Like wow Jason is so FUCKING pissed

-Basically they have a lot of UST

-And it’s really funny because in contrast Frazeleo is just like all comfortable and married????

-Just because they’re married and have always been pretty open w each other doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy tho

-They’re v sexy

-Frazeleo teases Jasercy a LOT


-and jasercy is just all NO BUT HONOR???? DIGNITY???? WE hATE EACH OTHER?????

-And frazeleo is just sooooooo done

-Like wow

-Anyways after a few adventures they find Reyna trapped by Calypso

-Ok so reynalypso where at first Reyna totally hated Calypso but then she figured out that the entire thing was super set up and that calypso was under a spell and like

-they’re not in love exactly

-if I had to describe their relationship I’d say they’re like a couple that has been in an arranged marriage for a really long time and is like super comfortable and trusting and just?????

-I couldn’t decide who set it up but then I was like OCTAVIAN





-O H M Y G O D PERFECT!!!!!!

-and so after Reyna and Calypso tell them what happened they go to confront Octavian and they meet Drew

-Drew is the gatekeeper and she’s secretly on basically an underground revolution, whatever

-she helps them infiltrate the city with annabeth

-she’s basically super badass

-they capture Octavian and force him into freeing Calypso and Reyna

-reynabeth reunion smooching ensues

-Drew and Calypso meet and they’re like woah whaaat how are they so perfect

-Drew totally takes care of Calypso and keeps her company while she recuperates

-they’re super cute in love and everyone teases them


-Piper randomly shows up

-Piper is Dorothy

-Piper is obviously Dorothy






I need this off my chest

Ok, this rant is coming from an Animator, storyteller, video game lover, final fantasy lover and someone who loves to tell stories. 

I have followed Final Fantasy 15 since the beginning when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Noctis looked more like Sasuke Uchiha than he does now. The thing I want to rant about is Luna and Noctis’ relationship. 


So my first disclaimer is I did beat the game and I have seen all the ending cutscenes, blah blah blah~ I have seen Kingsglaive, the Brotherhood anime and I have a copy of Kings Tale (not that there are much spoilers in that but still have it) I have also played the platinum and duscae demos too! 

I would like to point my first order of buisness to the statment made by Hajime Tabata, “Noctis and Luna’s relationship is more of a platonic love…” this statement couldn’t be more true! If you are unsure what that means: “Platonic love is a type of love that is non-sexual. The term is named after Plato, who described a kind of love centered on same-gender relations and included sex which underwent a transformation during Renaissance (15th–16th centuries) to get its contemporary sense of asexual heterosexual love” 

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Having Magnus as an muse goes like:

“Magnus no you can’t reblog 100 cat pictures.” 
“If I hear one more joke about your sexuality I’m going to put my head down till you shut up.” 
“Why are we listening to this music could I have control back please.”
“I know I know you want all the threads don’t look at me.” 
“On scale of 1 to 10 your constant need for soft affections is always 8 your desire for carnal things usually an 10.”
“Yes I get it Alec’s hot he’s the most attractive shadowhunter you have ever seen you’d gladly have kids and get married ugh.”

It’s wild

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your blog. Can I have a ship? I'm 16, Danish and I'm a curvy girl and I don't have a flat stomach. I have semi long brown thick hair and really light blue eyes. I do MMA and I'm one of the most sarcastic people on earth. I love reading and my books are like literally my babies. Thanks <3

i ship u with ethan i can see yall sparring and shit omg. he’d always stare at your eyes and get lost in them bc theyre sooo stunning and just ugh get married

He is such a poet. But that’s the way he writes in general. So I hear it and of course my heart swells up. And I also know that he writes things like that on a daily basis…What a guy. He is a real Wordsworth.
—  Emma’s reaction to Andrew saying working with her is like diving into a thrilling, twisting river

ugh if I ever get married I’m probably not going to have a wedding??????

too many people, too much noise, the music is too loud

I don’t get into panic attacks or over-stimulated (like it takes A LOT to trigger those things for me) but last night was just too much that by the end I actually started crying………….

Answering my own asks PART TWO:

27. Pretend you are Naruto and write a short poem about Sasuke’s hair.

You should know Sasuke’s hair

stands up in the air

even when he tries to brush it

his hair throws a fit

and i’ll tell you a secret

when i wake up yawning

i give you this warning 

(you don’t wanna see his hair in the morning)

28. What is your second favorite SasuNaru moment?


29. Ramen or Tomatoes?

RAMEN, fight me, Sasuke! 

30. Do you like Sasuke’s spiky duck-butt hair or his slick-down hair better? Do you like Naruto’s hair shorter or longer better?


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