How to make someone go away from my dash foreve,,,,r???? 8))))???,,,
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things im currently crying over and cant stop

  • haikyuu ch 210, page 20
  • tendou shares his manga with ushi
  • ushi reads the ads instead of the actual manga
  • tendou knows this and calls him a “doof” (my heart……)
  • tendou just barges into ushi’s room with no warning
  • ushi doesn’t appear to have any problem with this
  • is this a thing that happens normally or regularly?
  • if this is normal: how fucking precious is that
  • he said “wakatoshi~” again…….
  • tendou looks really fucking cute in a hoodie and my heart can’t take it
  • tendou also looks like the happiest nerd on the planet and my heart also can’t take that…..

miraculousharunahimawari  asked:

*SLAMS HANDS ON A TABLE* mORE OF KEITHS MOMMY AND DAD THACE! I BREATH THIS AND MaN, I JuST LOVE HOW YOU DRAW HER??? PLS, I need more of them being??? SO????? CUtE?!?!? *coughs* maaybbee with baby keith.... *cOUGHS*

im always game for baby keith


“what if there was only one choice, and all the other ones were wrong, and there were signs along the way to pay attention to?”

7.17 the end of ‘all things’

[ favorite things ]


Oh I could throw you in the lake
Or feed you poisoned birthday cake
I won’t deny I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone
Oh I could bury you alive
But you might crawl out with a knife
And kill me when I’m sleeping THAT’S WHY~


My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?


I feel like James Bond. And you are my mysterious femme fatale that I’ve been partnered with… Maxi Pads.
Go get her, Bond. Thanks, Maxi Pads!