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Ugh sorry for making all of these so long @imagine-sterek I just dont want to bombard your inbox with a headcanon that takes up 10 asks

Okay so imagine grandma Hale being the sweetest granny ever. I’m talking baking cookies, giving her grandchildren candies behind Talia’s back, making them ugly sweaters for Christmas, showering them in kisses whenever she visits, etc. Everyone in the family loves her and respects her and all her little grankiddies would die to make her happy (especially Derek)

Then Derek, granny’s favorite little puppy, brings home his new boyfriend Stiles over to a family dinner for the ‘meet the parents’ that everyone has to suffer through. Stiles easily charms the entire family, including grandma Hale which is something none of Derek’s previous dates have ever accomplished.

Now we all know that Stiles doesn’t really have a functional brain to mouth filter so naturally he makes a sexual innuendo without realizing it until everyone freezes and looks completely shocked because grandma Hale is sitting NEXT TO STILES and there is no way she didn’t hear what Stiles just said. Granny Hale doesn’t really pay it any mind until she sees everyone’s shocked face and then she looks at her family, making sure she has everyone’s attention before saying: “Oh stop embarrassing the poor boy, sex is a natural part of life. None of you would even exist if I hadn’t gotten laid, I’m not a nun.”

From that moment on, granny Hale has been Stiles’ favorite Hale family member ever (just don’t tell Derek)


Kiramune Company | Namikawa Daisuke’s Kira-line | Theme: school

This part made me laugh so hard so I made a photoset! Translation isn’t 100% correct since it’s my translation lol

I just want to be okay nothing more nothing less.

I hope that one day I’ll look in the mirror and be okay with the person in there. I don’t even wish to love the person staring back at me anymore. being okay with myself is all I want from now on. Because hating yourself in every way possible is a horrible way to live. But it’s the only one I know. So just okay will do for me…

I don’t know why I even talk to you, you always make me feel fucking terrible

I don’t know why I get so excited when you text me after weeks even though I know you won’t reply to my response

I don’t know why I fake that I don’t have a crush on you when it’s so obvious to everyone except you


I decided to write fluffy minkey and it made me v happy!!


Rating: G

Pairing: MinKey

Kibum was tired. He had 8 shows this week and after 2 shows today, he came home late and exhausted. It was just one of those days where he seemed to have clouds in his head and just felt sad and lonely. He picked up his cell phone and texted his best friend.

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