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Imagine Thranduil viewing Legolas quest with the fellowship. I wonder what his comments would be.

warning: this conversation takes only into consideration that thranduil would watch legolas and wherever he might be, so hobbits far away are sadly neglected.

this might not be exactly in character either



*annoyed elf noises*

“i bet i could have passed that snowy mountain”


“why are you going through this black pit do you wish to die?”

“told you”

*looks at gandalf falling down after the balrog* “whoop where he goes

“galadriel ugh, she’s so overrated”



“can’t you just push the dwarf out of the boat?”


“aaaand mithrandir is back. greeeeat” *rolls eyes*

*annoyed elf noises*

“ok that dwarf might not be that bad*

“i can fight better than aragorn”

“oh did boromir die? i didnt notice”

“that was 4 weeks ago? huh”


“at least you won the drinking contest”

“don’t go into that terrible mountain did you learn nothing from mithrandir’s mistakes”

“at least you went before that dwarf hahaha”

“ok this place is creepy as fuck”

“at least aragorn has some balls”

*to gloin* “my son can kill oliphants better than your son ahahaha”

“i always knew the hobbit would make it” *receives glares from readers* “what? I totally did!”

“now i’m gonna totally not hug my son to show that i have totally not missed him”

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okay i was going through my tags and i came back to that post where ame and pearl are about to hold hands and i thought of something. WHAT IF they were ALREADY holding hands??? it looks like pearl was pulling her hand away. and amethyst was disappointed in the following frames because ugh they were having a moment and pearl had get all bird mom on steven

it’s really possible! i can see that being as to why amethyst’s arm got pulled up too. pearl ripped her ass out of that gay moment

this is makin me sad

ColdFlash heist/professor fic concept

Ok, so I still can’t get this idea out of my head…and I think I now have at least a vague idea of where I want it to go, and (prolly more importantly) how I want it to end. So here’s a prologue/teaser because I’m much more likely to follow through if I actually start it in the first place.

Ugh, not sure how to do the ‘keep reading’ thing on mobile, sorry!!

Untitled for now

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people invading your privacy once you’ve told them not to is literally so fucking disrespectful and creepy 

don’t fucking go on my blog if i’ve told you not to REPEATEDLY i don’t care if this is “public domain” why the hell do you even still have this url after all this time?? i can literally see your ip creeping through my entire selfie tag oh my fucking god ugh

So apparently I am allergic / always have a bad reacting to midol. I looked up the side effects and it lists everything I am going through right now I am never taking midol again.

You know what I don’t get. Why do I keep comparing myself to others? Why do I keep comparing my experiences to others only to make myself feel worse in the end? 

Yes I’ve been through shit and there are people currently going through shit 10X worse than me…I really need to just learn that just because someone else is having a rougher time, doesn’t invalidate my own feelings towards what happened to me.

Hoo boy, just got back onto this account after a few days and it feels like I’m just starting out all over again. Heh. Ugh, why must I ramble at 1:46 AM like this? I have to go play the piano in a church tomorrow and if I stay up too long I’ll think it’s a good idea to shout “IT BURNS” when I walk through the door (though that’s a hella good idea.) Why do I even play the piano at a church? Well it’s more sanitary than my regular job (and I don’t have to buy as many condoms.) Inane rambling over.

I need help!

So our one year anniversary is coming up October 5th and I honestly have absolutely no idea what to do! We’re planning on going to frightfest (our first date was at a haunted house, so I figured we’d do that and go there to celebrate) but I have no idea what I should do! I don’t have much time left to get something figured out and have reached a block on what to do. I did the 52 reasons why i love you cards for Valentine’s Day & with everything we’ve been through this past year as a couple I feel like I have to do something but just don’t know what. If anyone has any ideas at all, I’d really appreciate it!!

Thanks in advance :)

why does all this happen like why why why mental illnesses and disorders are the worst and I get so freaking furious all the time that this somehow happened that so many people have it that so many people are struggling with it and it’s crap and I can’t help them and I hate that they’re going through this no one deserves any of it no deserves to feel everything that is a mental illness/disorder I just alsjdlslajd

i wrote 1500 words in the last 4 hours and i still have at least 3000 more to go ahaa i think i can do it by tomorrow especially if i don’t work tomorrow night [not sure yet] 

there are two major events and i think one minor one that i need to get through before “the big confrontation” happens, which i have literally no real handle on as far as progression goes because i didn’t know what the villain’s state of mind would be for it until just now and it’s not at all what i was planning so we’ll see what happens as far as THAT goes

the rest of the story is gonna be FAIRLY straightforward but also my outline is somewhat nebulous so there’s gonna be a lot of room for uncertainty which may help [i can make up what i don’t know] or may set me back [not being able to choose between different options]

i should have done work on this yesterday

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questions for the mun

Do you like writing angst? Why or why not?

Angst is the the genre that I prefer, so of course I do! To be honest, it’s one of the easiest for me to write. It’s just that it allows me and my muse to simply flow through the actions and whatnot. I don’t see why one would not enjoy having their muse go through hell and back tbh. It’s constructive and it offers plenty of development imo. I have yet to experience a broken Crocodile, but I am kind of afraid of what’s to come. He’s already distrusting with people. It’d be amazing omg.

♪♩♫ Does music inspire your muse? What’s one song on your playlist that reminds you of your muse?

Mooore or less? It all varies on the mood or the genre I’m approaching. It can all go from classical music to aggressive dubstep (?) As for a song Johnny Cash - God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Who has been your favorite muse to play so far? Why?

I can’t exactly pick between Crocodile and my oc Akira. They’ve both offered me a wide range of emotions that I can’t simply overlook tbh. Akira was my first muse on tumblr and that kind of give him a special place in my heart, but Crocodile was my first canon muse which equals that. I’ll just say that as far as enjoyment goes, they both satisfied me accordingly!

Ugh, how was she going to explain this sudden event in her life? Then again, being pregnant in one’s twenties wasn’t that abnormal. What was abnormal was the father wouldn’t be involved. It doesn’t matter anymore…I can do this, I have my friends to support me. I hope… Raidon let out a sigh as she glanced over to the kitchen, she was feeling a little hungry…but she felt all these emotions going through her.

Tears were in her eyes, she didn’t even know why. Damnit, hormones…then again, it is not just those…Raidon shook her head and then wiped away the tears. She quickly slapped her cheeks and straightened up, there was no need to be crying right now!

I’m so frustrated right now. Shipping rates are going through the roof. I have to raise my shipping rates to the United States AND to Australia. I charge my customers exactly what I pay at the post office, and I’m worried I’m going to lose all my customers over these insane costs. I love my customers. They pay for my pens and for me to keep making zines. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I barely charge enough for the zines already, and I can’t afford to cover the shipping difference on my own. UGH. Why does it cost 1.50 more to send zines to Australia in Cochrane than it does to send them in Lethbridge, which is only 300 km away. 

You belong with me

So confused..honestly don’t even know anymore
I’ll see you soon..
I know how important it is for me to see you and honestly I kno you don’t even wanna see me or want anything from me but maybe we need this..
I’m just at a low point in my life and it’s been months
I know what I go through is nothing to what I put you through and what you have to deal with
You even say you don’t want me like why am I still around?.. Ugh
Can you believe if I kissed another guys hand but not in a romantic way… Damn u would kill me, like 1st of all why would I even think of kissing someone? Why would I even do it!?
I was a bitch yeah.. I wish I could take it all back but I can’t and I’m going to fix us, please let me
I wish you weren’t doing this to another person
I miss the days we wanted to see each other so bad
I fucking miss you
I will never hurt you, ever.. I can’t do that to you. You’re my whole world.
Take care of yourself..
I wish I was falling asleep to you and waking up seeing your handsome face
I fucking love you
You’re my angel.

– cookie