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Summery: The reasons to why he saved your life all those times were selfish; he just wanted peace of mind for himself. You were completely oblivious to this part, and with the innocence Yoongi was amazed to find you possess, you believed with your whole heart that all those times he helped you made him your guardian angel. Yoongi almost chocked on air when he heard you say that to your friend over the phone the first time you voiced your feelings, feeling like a total idiot for going those lengths for you. Demon!AU

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Being a demon was actually a pretty challenging job. Human used to think it’s easy, just wondering around, possessing bodies and making them kill themselves or worse, kill others. All those stories are very nice, but false. Human heard of the existence of demons from strong hearted travelers who grew constantly tired from chasing beasts; of course those kinds of people won’t spill everything over beer at the local bar. The locals asked questions involving horrible deeds they didn’t want to associate with other humans, and when the travelers stared and drank more, they got a go to spreading such weird stories.

Now, Yoongi wasn’t a patient man to begin with, but when he hears ridiculous stories about his kind his blood boils. He frowned, wondering if he even had blood to boil. He was never hurt by demon hunters and he only heard stories of demons dying in a cloud of their own mist, but he never heard anything about demons shedding blood. Yoongi eyed the fork that stood in the small silver wear basket on the table in front of him, wondering if he should try his luck with it. It’s deeply doubted that this kind of cheap silver would even harm him, if he ever dared to try.

He reached his hand out and curiosity almost killed the cat right there. Luckily for him, you chose that exact moment to walk through the door.

Yoongi sighed and watched you as you took a seat at your favorite table at the little café, waving the barista who already knew you way too well to get your usual made for you. Yoongi watched the teenager behind the counter nod at you with a smile, hands already reaching for what he needed automatically.

The truth was demons didn’t walk around doing whatever they wanted. They had a purpose, a very clear one. Every generation each demon is given a name of a newborn human, craved with fire on the inside of their wrist. The demon then must find the human born into that name, and hunt them until they’re scared enough for the devil to be pleased. Sometimes it ends with the human’s death – from crossing the too-scared line, or suicide, mostly - and sometimes, it ended with a pleased demon that got to live a relatively peaceful life as the name on his wrist gets crossed off. When either of those options happens, the demon gets to live a short human life until their next target is born, usually decades older.

Yoongi craved to be at peace again. The thing is, he was good at being scary, and most humans that were chosen for him ended up dead. One girl got a heart attack on him, the boy tried to end his life about five times before he got it right. In his entire life, Yoongi got only two shots at being human. This cycle was somewhat strange to him, but that’s how Yoongi felt. That’s how most demons felt. He got to meet a few, unpleasant demons who just enjoyed getting their human into such despair they actually killed themselves willingly, those demons finding the devil in hopes of not living as humans not even for a second.

Yoongi never got that, actually. Demons can’t be seen by humans but they share the same world as them, it seems like an awfully lonely life. Of course Yoongi was a loner even in his human time, but he enjoyed the world as much as he could. He got to screw around and drink until he couldn’t feel his body anymore. He even had an episode of experiencing with different kinds of drugs, since he couldn’t take any as a demon. He lived the human life he was given to their fullest. That’s why he always made an effort to keep his humans alive after he’s done with them, handling them with somewhat soft gloves.

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“Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.” 

Nora Sakavic, The King’s Men

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Junkrat, McCree, 76 and Reaper consciously (or unconsciously) trying to impress their crush during combat and thinking that no one else has caught on (but literally everyone can tell).

Junkrat: probably yells out “Hey! (Name)! Watch this!” and explodes many, many things unnecessarily in front of them, until someone pulls him aside to have a talk about he’s 1. wasting supplies 2.  putting everyone in danger for no reason and 3. not impressing anyone (It’ll probably be McCree, cuz the cowboy understands.) In the end, he’ll probably drag them to see some crazy display he set up that’ll like, explode a trail of gasoline into a flaming “DATE ME” sign under the guise of pulling them away from a mine he’s planted.

McCree: isn’t as reckless as he is easily distracted, and will go out of hi way to get flashy kills in front of them. It bothers everyone how he’ll say some snappy old Western movie line after every shot, which he says is part of his ‘American charm.’ When he really gets out of hand, he’ll recede into his usual flirting style (which is summed up in the ‘Hey….you come here often?’ cliche.)

Soldier76: He’s probably the most subtle with it out of all of them, though that’s no saying much. He’ll end up frustrated every time they don’t notice when he makes a good shot or something, but will just take that anger out on the mission. That’s what everyone will notice- that he’s more aggressive than usual. When someone pulls him over and asks him to calm down, then he’ll admit what he’s doing and beat himself up over it a little bit over being such an idiot. At heart, he’s a nervous little teenager whose just more used to being chased than being the chaser. 

Reaper: Oh man. He tries so hard to impress everyone, all the time. It’s hard to tell who he’s aiming to impress at any given moment, but if his crush or s/o is on the battlefield, he changes the game. Instead of trying to impress them with extra flashy maneuvers or making it seem like flashy maneuvers are just his norm, he’ll try to downplay all his kills so that each one isn’t a big deal, but he rakes in a lot of bodies. Everyone will notice that he’s trying harder than usual but without bragging or making some awful Grim Reaper jokes about it, the silence will be disturbing. It’s honestly just as try-hard if not more try-hard than his usual edgy ways, but all he wants to do is seem like the effortless cool guy murderer in front of his crush in the hopes that they find it endearing.


Either way, I wouldn’t be here right now. With you.
                                                                     For 20 more minutes.

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Hannibal Advent: 2

1.2 - Amuse-Bouche:

(Okay, I didn’t really have anything for Amuse-Bouche, I’m just titling it with that for the sake of symmetry. Aesthetics are ethics, after all.)

So here we have the traditional alignment chart re: Hannibal and I know you have questions and considerations so I will forthwith present my arguments for these arrangements (also this took so much fucking longer than I wanted it to, please appreciate it even if you don’t 100% agree with my choices)

Lawful Good: Alana Bloom
Also: Bella Crawford
Alana wants to do things right because they’re right. She wants to do them by the book because she trusts the book. There is no stronger lawful good mentality, that is it in summary. Interestingly though, alignments on this show are not locked in, which is different from many other shows. By season 3, after being royally fucked (both definitions of the word) she is so traumatized she reverts to True Neutral: I want to keep me and mine safe, screw the rest of you. That big, justice-minded heart of hers gets so damaged that she goes from advocate to jailer. That’s powerful and not many shows have the guts to let characters change that much.

Neutral Good: Beverly Katz
Also: Miriam Lass, Brian Zeller, Jimmy Price
Beverly, as well as the whole team Sassy Science and Miriam Lass, is also interested in doing the right thing. But, they are willing to break the rules to do it. They’re willing to let personal bias guide them instead of holding themselves to an abstract concept of right and wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes this backfires. Although, to be fair, both Bev and Miriam actually found the Chesapeake Ripper, their rule breaking paid off. Just… don’t fuck with Neutral Evil.

Chaotic Good: Freddie Lounds
Also: Abigail Hobbs (though being groomed to become Neutral Evil)
I know what you’re thinking, how can Freddie Lounds be good when she’s only out for herself? Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. Yes, Freddie has an ego, but what does she want above all else? The truth. She’s actually a very good investigative journalist, her practices are disreputable and her personality is a bee sting, but she does in fact search for the truth. The ‘I’ll do anything to get what’s right’ mentality is her core. We may not agree with her definition of ‘right’ but nonetheless that is what she perceives herself to be doing. The Chaotic part I think goes without saying, have you seen her methods?

Lawful Neutral: Jack Crawford
Jack, too, is a very interesting choice. Because Jack has been known to break the rules, hasn’t he? Even for the right reasons… maybe. But Jack never gets his own hands dirty. He makes Will or Miriam break the rules and lets them face the consequences. And Jack experiences guilt over this, but it doesn’t stop him. He is not settled in his role as Lawful Neutral, but he holds it well. For example, while he does feel guilty, he holds himself to a lawful authority, not a moral one. Any moral questions are undiscussed in his character, his only fears are the reprimands from his job, not the beyond. Jack moralizes and rationalizes on a need-based system. He is a practical-minded administrator. One can argue he moves towards Neutral Good in season 3 when he is relieved of the burden of his position. But even then “maybe I need you to kill him”… maybe not.

True Neutral: Margot Verger
Also: Chiyo, Reba McClane
Margot is probably the definition of a True Neutral. She has no stakes in this game. She has no interest in the moral high ground. Neither is she interested in fucking anyone’s shit up. What she wants is freedom, she wants revenge against those who have wronged her, and she wants to protect those she cares about. But she does not care one whit for the larger games being played here and, if at all possible, would like out of it, please.

Chaotic Neutral: Will Graham
Also: Abel Gideon
Ohhhh, Will Graham. The unpredictable lynch-pin on which this great game rests. Will’s number one priority is to avoid being used. Of course, that works out splendidly, but nonetheless, it is his priority. Will isn’t afraid of using unorthodox means to achieve his ends and he also never consults a higher power or… anyone on his actions. Will feels guilt or doesn’t feel guilt based solely on his own evolving sense of right and wrong. In fact that may be an overstatement; Will has no right and wrong paradigm, he’s too subjective for that. There is only right and wrong in the moment, in the action itself. He only knows what the right thing to do is when he’s in the situation. He is a Neutral because all his motives are personal and unpredictable, intuitive; he is Chaotic because he will use any means for his motives, whether that’s killing or not killing or breaking a homicidal  megalomaniac out of jail.

Lawful Evil: Frederick Chilton
Also: Bedelia DuMaurier (though was previously probably Lawful Neutral before Hannibal got his hands on her)
Frederick likes nothing better than to rain on someone’s parade. There are many, many things he won’t do and he certainly plays by the rules. But he is chiefly motivated by a desire to cause misery in others and to elevate himself as much as possible. Because he is bound by fear of consequences, he’s never really a threat, at the same time, he’s never someone you could depend on to do the right thing because he wouldn’t. And you wouldn’t want to depend on anyway.

Neutral Evil: Hannibal Lecter
Evil that plans, evil that watches, evil that waits. Evil that insists on wearing a three-piece suit to murder people but is so afraid of stains, puts clear vinyl on over it so that you can still appreciate the suit without worrying about the clean up. There was never a more intimidating force of Neutral Evil in the world than Hannibal Lecter. The bad news is he does whatever he wants simply because he wants to. The worse news is he has the self-discipline and the patience not to get caught doing it. He controls his impulses (sort of) and waits for opportunities. Or I should say arranges opportunities as Hannibal is a master of manipulation. He does play by his own rules, which might incline one to put him in the Lawful Evil category, but Hannibal never balks over means. His goals are primary and if he has to change tactics, he will. That’s what makes him so good at presenting Lawful Good, taking moral umbrage even. Beware evil like him, it is insidious.

Chaotic Evil: Mason Verger
Also: Francis Dolarhyde
And on the other hand, we have the animal category. All of the carnal, selfish urges of Neutral Evil, none of the restraint or fear of the consequences. The good news about this is they’re relatively easy to catch, cage, overcome. Mason is lead solely by selfish desire, no matter how dangerous or perverse that desire is. And he has the means to obtain whatever he wants. As a result, he is narrow-minded in his pursuits, blind to the possibility of downfall, and so very easy to trap. Chaotic Evil is violently self-destructive and you just basically have to wait for the burnout. But lord, what a mess there will be in the mean time.


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16/30: Day 3 Watching A Movie

They’re both watching Nicholas Sparks movie and Lucy is willing to give Natsu the remote for a kiss.

My favorite thing in this picture is how Happy looks like he’s getting a massage.