I imagine in some Pitch Perfect/Teen Titans AU, that Beca is Raven and Chloe is Starfire. Beca’s a small, angry ball of sarcasm and hatred from a broken family. She’s mature and distant, and likes spending her free time alone. Chloe’s a sweet, perpetually happy Tamaranian just trying to understand Earth culture. She’s super friendly and social, and always tries to get Raven to do things with her. They live together, fight crime, AND MAYBE THEY END UP TOGETHER BECAUSE DUH.

You know when someone has a nickname that everyone knows them by and usually call them by, like some people don’t even know the full name because everyone uses the nickname, but then that persons significant other uses the full name and it’s just ugh. It’s so cute and precious and perfect when they say the full name that people don’t usually recognize and they say it so lovingly and softly and it’s perfect and I love it

Show Me Love 3

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Dr. Barnes should really know better than to show up in clothing that is sex incarnate.  Honestly, you can’t control yourself when he looks like that.  But really, who can?

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), sexual tension, teensy bit of dirty talk, POV change again!

A/N: Here’s a longer part to make up for my short last chapter 😘  The gif is not mine.  Bucky’s look that is described in this chapter is from Sebastian’s Salt Lake City Comic Con pannel because fuck if that isn’t my favorite look of his.  Just look at him in that gif, I swear. (just check out this set and his cheek bones, and his perfection. UGH. I can’t.)

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Most of your Tuesday is spent in bed, laptop in hand, and a mug of coffee on your bedside table.  You get most of your work out of the way early, knocking out two essays that aren’t due until sometime next week, before settling in to search for anything and everything you can find of The Howling Commandos.  Natasha pokes her head in a couple of times, teasing you for your obsessive search and asking if you wanted dinner. 

You weren’t quite sure when you passed out, but by the way your eyes are practically dried shut, you can guess that it was really late.  After a slow rise and even slower getting ready, you shamble into the kitchen to await Natasha so the two of you can make your way to campus.  A whistle from the hallway catches your attention.

“Damn.  Now that’s a skirt,”  Natasha giggled, sliding to the cupboard beside you and pouring herself a coffee.  “What made you decide to dress up like that?”

The shit eating grin on her face tells you she already knows the answer.

“Because I didn’t feel like putting pants on.”  You fib all too easily.

“Oh?  You sure it’s not because you’ve thought about Dr. Barnes bending you over, flipping it up and taking you across his desk in it?”  Hot liquid scalds your throat as you sputter at her response.  Your glare is simply met by her casually sipping her coffee.

“Would you stop that!”  You hiss.

“Stop what?”

“Making me choke on my drinks with your nastiness!”

It’s quiet for a moment after Natasha puts her hands up in mock surrender.  It’s when she’s placing her mug in the sink that you hear her whisper under her breath.

“I know something else you’d like to choke on…”

“Nat!” You snap.

“Y/N!” She responds.

“Wanda!” Both of you spin toward the door where the voice has originated from.  Sure enough, there’s Wanda, hands on her hips and rolling her eyes.  “Now that I have you ladies’ attention,” she giggles, motioning to the open door behind her, “stop fighting, and let’s go!  You have to fill me in on everything.”

Over the course of the ride to campus, Natasha spilled all about your little crush on Dr. Barnes and her insane meddling, to which Wanda was howling at, while you sat silently in the back seat - shaking your head and rolling you eyes.

The three of you parted ways once you found a parking spot, promising to meet up there after classes ended - as usual.  Wanda sped off toward her class, hand in hand with Vision, while Natasha jogged off to find Clint.  This, of course, left you grumbling as you walked alone to your first class of the day.

It also left you as the only one not getting laid.

You settled into your seat in the lecture hall, pulling out your notebook and laptop, ready to have a successful class full of notes and not zoning out to thoughts of Dr. Barnes.  Nope, today was going to go off without a hitch.

That is until he walked in dressed like that.

Your jaw all but unhinged the second he walked in in a tight deep grey shirt that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. That, paired with black jeans that were practically painted on, you didn’t stand a chance at focusing today.

So, with a huff of annoyance - or arousal, who knew - you flicked your laptop shut just as Natasha found her seat next to yours.

“You alright there, babe?”  She asked with narrowed eyes that darted between you and Dr. Barnes.  He’d even left his hair down today and you could tell he’d showered that morning with the way it shined just so when the light hit it.

“Nope!”  You answered, jabbing your thumb in the direction of the specimen man that was making your life harder with each passing second.  “How the hell am I supposed to pass this class when he dresses like that?”

Natasha is all but bursting at the seams as you growl in frustration.  Before you, Dr. Barnes is reaching up to write on the whiteboard, one hand curled around the open book in his hand, the other stretched out successfully engaging every muscle in sight and setting your blood on fire.  When your eyes dart down to the small band of skin that is exposed from his position, your bottom lip somehow finds it’s way between your teeth.

“Careful, Y/N,” Natasha whispers as Dr. Barnes recaps his dry erase pen and sets it in the silver grooves at the bottom of the whiteboard.  The way your blood pumps in your ears as you watch him makes it impossible to fully hear what Natasha’s saying, but you’re able to catch a few words “-he’ll see those bedroom eyes if you keep biting your lips like that.”

As if she had just predicted the future, blue eyes rise from the desk where he’s just deposited his book and lock on yours.  It’s like a shock of electricity shoots through your veins as his eyes flicker down to the lip caught between your teeth.  Pupils blow wide and you’re helplessly watching his Adam’s Apple bob in his throat as he swallows heavily.  A long pink tongue flicks out from between full, dry lips to wet them and you’re lost in the movement.  He was completely undoing you, and he was barely doing a damn thing.  

A foreign confidence takes hold of you as you lock eyes once more and before you can fight it back, you’re rolling your bottom lip suggestively, then passing your tongue over the tingling skin.

“Oh…my god,” Natasha whispers beside you.  Your eyes flicker to her for a moment, breaking the trance that has successfully taken both of you out of that classroom.  When you look to him again, he’s cleared his throat and is rubbing damp palms on the thighs of his pants in a desperate attempt to shake the effect you have on him.  “You…you just pulled a Natasha!”  Nat stage whispers as she throws her arms around your neck.  “I’m so proud of you!”

“I did?” You ask, only slightly playing dumb.  You’re honestly still trying to figure out what the hell came over you.

“Yes!  Y/N, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen you do!  I knew you had it in you!”  Nat is giggling as you desperately try to shush her and hide the red that’s creeping onto your cheeks.

“Alright guys,” Dr. Barnes’s deep voice suddenly cuts through the lecture hall, and you immediately snap your mouth shut and turn towards him.  The movement doesn’t go unnoticed, you realize, when his eyes drag over you once more.  They hitch on your legs peeking out from underneath your skirt and you have to force yourself to swallow with how dry your throat just became.  “So, uum..” You smirk for a moment, thrilled that you’ve thrown off his train of thought by just looking at him.  With a shake of his head, he’s back on track.  “So, when we last left off -”

Did his mouth always look so inviting when he spoke?

“Now what do I do?”  You lean over to the sex-legend next to you, hoping that somehow she’ll have the exact answer you’re looking for.  A perfect red eyebrow arches at you.  “Natasha, please!”

Your hissing fishes a smirk from the redhead and she rolls her eyes in response.

“I’m tempted to just let you figure out what to do on your own, baby girl.  This is incredibly entertaining.”  Now that causes you to scowl.

“Oh, fuck me.” You growl to yourself.

“Maybe you should be asking Dr. Barnes that?”  Giggling quietly, you smack her arm.

“Girls? Am I interrupting?”  You both freeze at the angry, masculine voice and turn to the source.  All eyes are on the two of you as Dr. Barnes stands at the front, arms crossed across his broad chest and eyebrows cocked.

Wait…he’s not angry…he’s…turned on.

The sound of you swallowing thickly rumbles in your ears and you look to Natasha for help.  She has the audacity to shrug at you.

So with all the courage you can muster, you turn to him and give your best flirtatious smile.

“Not at all, Dr.”  You answer, batting your eyelashes.  Neither he nor Nat is expecting this from you and you merely meet their wide gazes with a smile and a shrug.  Dr. Barnes recovers quicker than Natasha, turning back to the board with a sigh.  All the eyes that had been burning into you return back to your professor.  All, except for Natasha’s.  “What?”

“Darling, you are a fast learner.”  She giggles, elbowing you in the side.  A surge of pride bubbles up in you at her words and as the lecture continues, you find yourself teasing Dr. Barnes every chance you get.

This is the longest lecture of Bucky’s life.

He thought he may have just been imagining the way you were eyeing him at the beginning of the hour, but as time drug on, he knew you were doing it on purpose.  He does his best to ignore it, really he does, but with the way you’re looking at him like you’re about to drag him to the nearest flat surface and ride him until he’s moaning your name…well, he has to take a moment.

He’s pretty much got himself under control.  

That is until you giggle.  

The sound dances up his spine and he’s beyond thankful that he isn’t facing the class at this point.  If he had been, they’d have seen the way he ran his tongue over his teeth as his eyes rolled back.

“Girls?  Am I interrupting?”  He growls out and the way you tense doesn’t escape his notice.  When you don’t answer right away, only to turn to Natasha, his curiosity grows.

But nothing could prepare him for what came next.

“Not at all, Dr.”  The little vixen purrs and batts her fucking eyelashes.  Fucking hell, Barnes.  Get it together.  But at this point, words aren’t possible.  So he rolls sighs heavily his eyes and turns back to his previous task of writing…what was he writing on the board again?

He does his best to ignore you, really he does, but you’re relentless.

Every time he so much as glances at you, you find a way to get under his skin.  Twisting at strands of your hair as you give him bedroom eyes, playing with the hem of your skirt, and licking your lips.  At one point you even bring your pen up to your lips to drag it between your lips, chewing oh-so-innocently’ on it.

That one gets him, and it gets him good.

He feels the press of his jeans as he hardens under your hot gaze and he sits all too quickly.

“Alright, guys don’t say I never do anything for you.  I’ll see you all on Friday.”  Dr. Barnes rushes, flicking his hand toward the door.  Everyone picks up on his meaning fairly quickly, grabbing their belongings as they dash towards the door he’s just dismissed them through - twenty minutes early.

When Natasha and you make your way down the steps to the front of the room, he speaks up.

“Not you.”

Dr. Barnes’s voice roots your feet to the floor right where your standing.  Your eyes widen as you look to Natasha for help.  What greets you is a smirk and a wink as she hastily makes her way to the door and shuts it behind her.

You summon all the strength you can and turn toward the man you’ve been teasing for the past forty minutes.

“Yes, Dr. Barnes?”  He remains silent as you speak up, his long legs draped open as he stares at you from behind his desk.  “Is everything alright?”

“You tell me.”  His voice is low, rough, as he stands and - oh!  “I never pegged you for a trouble maker.”  He grunts, crossing his arms over the thick muscles of his chest again.  Your eyes dart to the door, noting Natasha had pulled the shade over the window on her way out.  

No one could see you now.

And god, if that wasn’t thrilling.

“Troublemaker?  Me?”  You ask, bringing your hands up to rest on your cleavage as you speak.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The dark chuckle you’re gifted with causes your thighs to instinctively press together.

And then he’s stalking out from behind the desk - right at you.

“Sure you don’t.”  He mutters, coming to stand in front of you.

His tall figure looms over you and you’re suddenly fully aware of everything around you.  

“So you weren’t eye fucking me through the whole lecture?”  He asks and where the hell is your voice?  Probably off hiding with the surge of confidence that has long left you.

“I…no, I…”  C’mon, Y/N! Speak English!

“You’re not the only one that can tease, y’know.”  Dr. Barnes mumbles as he circles you, stalking you like some kind of prey.  “Tell me, Ms. Y/L/N.  What were you hoping to achieve with your antics today?”  His breath ghosting up the back of your throat spreads goosebumps across your skin like wildfire.  “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?”

You spin to him, eyes wide, with every intent to run or deny everything - but he’s looking at you.  His eyes are running all over your body, from the tight and low cut tank top to the flowing skirt that tickles the tops of your thighs.  

Then his dark eyes meet yours.

And you have to remind yourself to breathe.

“No, you knew I would notice.  You were hoping it, even.”  He murmurs, stepping into you.  Your feet immediately step back and it becomes a dance as he drives you back.  All too soon, the back of your thighs meet his desk and he’s right there. Staring down at you, undressing you with his eyes.

If you were dreaming, you would punch the person who woke you up.

“You wanted me to notice, didn’t you?  What do you want, Y/N?  Do you want me to lay back on my desk so you can have your way with me?  The way you were biting that pen leads me to believe so.  Or maybe you want me to bend you over and hike up your skirt, hmm?”  Large hands come to rest on either side of you on his desk, and although he isn’t touching you, your body is absolutely thrumming.  “Do you want me to fuck you, baby girl?  Baby girl?”

“Baby girl?  Y/N, wake up!”  Natasha is all but stabbing you in the side with her pointer finger and as your eyes flew open, you knew you were going to kill her.

“Natasha.  What. the. fuck?”  You snarled, prompting your best friend to put her hands up in defeat.

“Sorry, jesus!  Dr. Barnes just let us out.  You passed out about forty minutes in, you idiot.”  Your jaw opens and closes uselessly as you process the information.

“So…I was dreaming?”  A rather unattractive snort escapes her and you have to wonder how she seduces anyone.  Then she flashes you her brilliant smile, and you remember.

“If you’re talking about your epic seduction, no you weren’t.  You kind of passed out right after you mouthed at the pen like it was a dick.”  She ducks as you swing your fist high, giggling all the while.  “What!  It was perfect!  Got him all hot and bothered.  Dr. Barnes had to hide behind his desk for the rest of the lecture.”  She says, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

“Wait, seriously?”

She nods to the front of the room where, sure enough, Dr. Barnes is tucked behind his desk, a hand raised to pinch at the point between his eyes.

“Oh god, this is beyond embarrassing. I’ve got to get out of here.”

“Aw, c’mon! It was hot!  I’m so proud.”  She grunts under her breath as she follows you down to the front of the room.

When you reach the door, a wave of guilt all but consumes you and you turn back to the huffing man behind his desk.  This would be the first time in weeks that you hadn’t stayed after class to talk to him.  You felt incredibly guilty, but after a dream like that, there was no way you could trust yourself in the same room with him.

“See you later, Dr. Barnes!”  You called from the door, hoping he wouldn’t hate you for ducking out on your daily talks.

But then he looks up at you, and his eyes are dark - feral - and you have to remind yourself to breathe.

He recovers quickly when he notices the effect he has on you, and smiles brightly at you as if nothing had happened.

“See you later, Y/N.”

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don’t think about Hope and Lightning going on their first date in the new world and being all shy about it since neither of them had a typical teenage dating experience

don’t think about him giving her pink roses, because “they were pretty and match [your] hair”

don’t think about that little moment of hesitation before their first kiss, where they just kind of hold their breaths and glance at each other’s lips before slowly leaning in

don’t think about their lazy Sunday dates when they order takeout and sit in front of their Netflix queue, making random comments about whatever they’re watching

don’t think about Lightning needing to look up at Hope when they’re standing up; seriously, when did he get so tall??

don’t think about the first time she spends the night at his place, and it’s a little strange because this is the first time she’s shared a bed with someone since she and Serah were kids, but Hope lets her toss and turn until she finally admits that she’s most comfortable snuggled up against him

don’t think about Hope being little spoon

don’t think about Hope working on some sort of project for his job and getting a little stressed about it, so Lightning takes his mind off it for awhile with a date night

don’t think about her staring at him when he’s asleep and wondering if he’s always had all those freckles

don’t think about them traveling around together, taking silly touristy pictures and a bunch of selfies

don’t think about the first time he tells her that he loves her - in a perfectly romantic moment under the stars

don’t think about the first time she says it - just blurts it out seemingly outta nowhere: “I can’t believe you spend more time on your hair than I do; you’re lucky I love you or this might be a deal breaker.”

don’t think about him giving her a key to his place

don’t think about him easily grabbing her hand when they’re out together, their fingers slotting together so naturally it’s a wonder they were ever apart at all

don’t think about his arm automatically sliding around her shoulders when they’re on the couch and her leaning against him without even thinking about it

don’t think about them dozing off together, with Lightning’s head on Hope’s chest, and nothing is more soothing than the steady thudding of his heart as he holds her close

don’t think about these two idiots in love forever and always with not even death parting them because their bond literally survived through different worlds and lives and nothing will keep them apart ever again

Rami Malek’s eyes

Me:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit