anonymous asked:

Hello!! I really like your blog <3 How was your day?

Hellow ! Thanks you so much, its so touchy everytime someone said this //u\ 

My day was special… the morning was normal and it was sunny so it make me felt happy but… Suddendly… The sky became so grey and boum, the weather change completly !!!! There was a big hail storm on my city i swear.. It was thunder and i thought all the windows will explosed… i covered my ears because the noise was fucking intense…And jizz.. I wasn’t able to hear my mom even if she was near at me omg… ;a; I was running everywhere to close all the windows and i looked how the sky became so angry today… ;-; The ice cubes was so big aaah, i just picked some but they fade after.. :(  … The show was terrible ugh

But now i’m okay but i keep loosing electricity because of the thunderstorm meeeh….