You know when someone has a nickname that everyone knows them by and usually call them by, like some people don’t even know the full name because everyone uses the nickname, but then that persons significant other uses the full name and it’s just ugh. It’s so cute and precious and perfect when they say the full name that people don’t usually recognize and they say it so lovingly and softly and it’s perfect and I love it

don’t think about Hope and Lightning going on their first date in the new world and being all shy about it since neither of them had a typical teenage dating experience

don’t think about him giving her pink roses, because “they were pretty and match [your] hair”

don’t think about that little moment of hesitation before their first kiss, where they just kind of hold their breaths and glance at each other’s lips before slowly leaning in

don’t think about their lazy Sunday dates when they order takeout and sit in front of their Netflix queue, making random comments about whatever they’re watching

don’t think about Lightning needing to look up at Hope when they’re standing up; seriously, when did he get so tall??

don’t think about the first time she spends the night at his place, and it’s a little strange because this is the first time she’s shared a bed with someone since she and Serah were kids, but Hope lets her toss and turn until she finally admits that she’s most comfortable snuggled up against him

don’t think about Hope being little spoon

don’t think about Hope working on some sort of project for his job and getting a little stressed about it, so Lightning takes his mind off it for awhile with a date night

don’t think about her staring at him when he’s asleep and wondering if he’s always had all those freckles

don’t think about them traveling around together, taking silly touristy pictures and a bunch of selfies

don’t think about the first time he tells her that he loves her - in a perfectly romantic moment under the stars

don’t think about the first time she says it - just blurts it out seemingly outta nowhere: “I can’t believe you spend more time on your hair than I do; you’re lucky I love you or this might be a deal breaker.”

don’t think about him giving her a key to his place

don’t think about him easily grabbing her hand when they’re out together, their fingers slotting together so naturally it’s a wonder they were ever apart at all

don’t think about his arm automatically sliding around her shoulders when they’re on the couch and her leaning against him without even thinking about it

don’t think about them dozing off together, with Lightning’s head on Hope’s chest, and nothing is more soothing than the steady thudding of his heart as he holds her close

don’t think about these two idiots in love forever and always with not even death parting them because their bond literally survived through different worlds and lives and nothing will keep them apart ever again