Little rant of Josh’s perfectness

Okay, the fact that Joshua Dun is so attractive, bugs me. Sometimes, I’ll stare at a picture of him or will watch a video of him over and over again because he is so frickin adorable and attractive and then I feel really creepy. I’m not kidding, I feel like such a creep. Like I can’t help myself. He is so cute, beautiful, adorable, and attractive, inside and out. Like, how is he even real? I think my crush on him is getting out of hand. I don’t even know what I’d do if I were to ever meet him. I’ve never had such a big crush on anyone, it is pretty ridiculous at this point because I don’t even know him. Ugh, why is he so perfect?

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NOT A LETDOWN AT ALL. JAMIE, I LOVE IIIIIIITTT!!!!! Ugh, the way Ditto handles Tom - so perfect and sweet and packed with feels! Kids can understand so much, but they're also so literal. I love how you had her walk that tightrope. And "a kiss for a cone!" Too cute! Loving supportive Misha.

‘a kiss for a cone’ came from nowhere but i’m such Gen trash i had to keep it in lmao

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Thirteen

You know that feeling at the end of the day, when the anxiety of that-which-I-must-do falls away and, for maybe the first time that day, you see, with some clarity, the people you love and the ways you have, during that day, slightly ignored them, turned away from them to get back to what you were doing, blurted out some mildly hurtful thing, projected, instead of the deep love you really feel, a surge of defensiveness or self-protection or suspicion? That moment when you think, Oh God, what have I done with this day? And what am I doing with my life? And how must I change to avoid catastrophic end-of-life regrets?

I feel like that now: tired of the Me I’ve always been, tired of making the same mistakes, repetitively stumbling after the same small ego strokes, being caught in the same loops of anxiety and defensiveness. At the end of my life, I know I won’t be wishing I’d held more back, been less effusive, more often stood on ceremony, forgiven less, spent more days oblivious to the secret wishes and fears of the people around me…

—  George Saunders, The Braindead Megaphone

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Hey, I just went through your February playlist on Spotify, and it's not what I usually listen to, but I really like it so far ! Even your tastes in music are great, ugh, why must you be so perfect?

Ahhh I love that you love them!! I really try to switch up the selection! I’m finding some fun songs I had never heard before either! You’re very sweet!


I’m not sure if you have seen this video yet but if you haven’t seen it then I feel as if you’re doing a disservice to both your ears and your eyes which could have easily been blessed about a million seconds ago with this fucking perfect creation of art and majesty. 

aka: my favorite song from one of my favorite artists decides to do a music video and far outshines anything I’ve ever witnessed ever

aka: the one with the sparklers. 

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🌷 (the ask thingy)

🌷 = favourite blogs

Ooh this is going to be a long one. Like looonnngggg so it’s going under a cut. Also this is less of a favorites and more of a “all the blogs I love and why I love them”


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Whoa that was an intense episode, loved every minute of it. I was like Kevin during the “game”.

The diner scene, the diner scene, soo much perfect. Exposing their vulnerabilities and having the other accept them.

Bughead was great but OMG Betty Cooper. I love this character so much. And the acting just, wow, the scene in the diner was just, ugh, so perfect.

Why do we have to wait until April 27th to see more ?

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You’ve Got One Voicemail

Prompt: Imagine Spencer leaving you a message when he develops anthrax poisoning.

“Umm, hey, Y/N. I hoped I never would have to do this, but here it goes. If you’re getting this, it means things have turned for the worse. I’m leaving this for Garcia to send you only if it looks like I might not survive this. We’re looking for an unsub that is poisoning people with anthrax. I’ve had a vaccine, but if you get this it probably means that the vaccine didn’t work.

“I just wanted to call you to let you know, well, do you remember that night a few weeks ago when we were supposed to meet up for dinner, but I had a case? Instead of pressuring me to go out you showed up at my place with some take out and the Doctor Who box set and we just sat around and talked and watched tv. There was a point in the night when you had just fallen asleep leaning against me and I looked down and I realized that I loved you and I wanted to spend my life with you. I went out and got a ring the next day.

“I just wish I told you how much I loved you, Y/N. You’re amazing: you’re smart, beautiful, and all around perfect and for some reason you choose to be with me. I still don’t know why you do, but if I do get out of this I’m going to make sure to cherish you everyday and tell you in some way that I truly love you. If you do get this message, please don’t blame anybody but me for being reckless when I entered this house. I just wanted to make sure you know how much I love you. If you get this message, you should go into my top drawer at work and you’ll find a ring. Please take it and remember me, but still live your life. I just-I-I love you, Y/N. Alright, Garcia, I’m done.”

End of message.

For the past four years, I have watched you do whatever you had to, whatever it took, to stop the people threatening this city. How can you stand there and not ask me to do the same thing?

One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you were always willing to do what was right, no matter what the cost, even if it’s unbearably hard. It’s what makes you YOU. So how can I be any different? 

You have sacrificed your soul for the team and for the city and for me. You don’t have to carry that burden any longer. Let me do it.

—  Felicity’s perspective, Arrow 5x19