masterpost of iconic lines/moments in Froot (2015) by Marina and the Diamonds


  • when the chorus effect starts on the line “melted away like I was free” and my soul escaped my body, went to hell, and was immediately forgiven by the benevolent god that is marina diamandis
  • “I realize to be happy, maybe I need a little company” and I started crying one minute and forty seconds into the album
  • the sheer force with which my head was ejected from my body when she hits the high note on “I believe someone’s watching over me”
  • the chord changes in the bridge making me feel melancholy realness, honey
  • invented the piano, invented happy songs that sound sad, invented music
  • I’ve fallen asleep crying to this song an uncountable amount of times


  • THE FUCKING BASS RIFF IN THE FIRST TWO SECONDS which precisely and methodically severed my ear canal from my cranium
  • everything about this song
  • “ju-u-u-uice, la la la la la la la” >>> the entire discography of the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, and all of your dusty-ass “iconic” faves 
  • the sultriness of the fucking low G she hits perfectly and consistently throughout the verses
  • “but I ain’t in a patient phase” probably the most iconic modern music will get
  • the way she sings “come on fill your cup uuuuuuuUUUUUPP” shattering my femur
  • “i’ve been saving all my summers for you” assassinates all of the poetry by William Shakespeare combined
  • every part of the second verse, especially “baby I am plump and ripe, I’m pinker than shepard’s delight, sweet like honeysuckle late at night” which was better sex-ed than I received throughout my entire adolescent academic career
  • “birds and worms will come for me, the cycle of life is complete” making fucking DECOMPOSITION the sexiest thing anyone has ever said in the compendium of human history
  • The Fucking Bridge Melody that she sings well beyond the troposphere, above the stratosphere, and sitting sexily in the mesosphere
  • “oh my body is ready, yeah it’s ready, yeah it’s ready”

I’m a Ruin

  • marina single-handedly addressing the complexities of young-adult relationships with “I could treat you better but I’m not that smart”
  • the insane degree to which I scream “yeah yeah, uh huh, woo hoo, yeah yeah” at the end of the chorus, thus startling my neighbors and setting off car alarms
  • “It’s difficult to move on when nothing was right and nothing was wrong” making me spray tears out of my eyes like a machine gun
  • the way the back up vocals come in on “I’ve had my share of beautiful men, but I’m still young and I want to love again”
  • the dichotomy of “I’ll ruin you” and “I’m a ruin” are proven to be one and the same, thus ending the careers of marriage counselors across the world


  • the iconic and instantly-memorable backing track
  • the continuity between the themes of the last song with the opening line “we’ve broken up and now I regret it”
  • the FORESHADOWING of “and I don’t know why but I can’t forget it” which alludes to the themes of the NEXT song, Forget, basically proving Marina doesn’t need references to any body of literature but her own goddamn songs
  • “gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem” ejecting my wig at mach 3 into another dimension
  • the sheer craftsmanship of the pre-chorus, which is perfectly catchy and memorable while refraining from cliches
  • the way the beat picks up on the chorus and I demand my non-existent ex to “gimme one more night”
  • “I’m sick of looking after you, I need a man to hold on to, I’m bored of everything we do, but I just keep coming back to you” proving marina is just as fed up with fuckboys as we are, but is just as flawed and hypocritical as us, showing her imperfections and making her more worthy of our worship
  • ending the song on the pre-chorus like the fucking INNOVATOR of MODERN MUSIC she is??? like please tell me WHEN will your fave


  • this list doesn’t include the visuals from the music videos but I will make an exception for the ICONIC wig she wears in the video
  • the vocals for “never heal” sending me into a tailspin and crashing into a ditch at 70 mph
  • 50% of the chorus is the word “forget” and it is STILL the height of modern literature
  • after her mention of an “abacus” in the second verse, abacus sales went up 2000% and surpassed their unprecedented popularity in ancient Greece
  • “yeah it’s time to be letting go, yeah baby you know what I’m talking about” probably the most iconique start to a bridge physically possible in this dimension
  • the way she fucking develops the lyrics of the chorus throughout the song and makes each line the best life lesson you ever heard??? who is this woman?????


  • by FAR the most underrated song on the album for no goddamn reason like, have you demons even listened to it?? hmmmmm????
  • i have no idea how the accompaniment was made for the song but whoever did it was a genius and needs to be remembered for the rest of time
  • “doesn’t matter long as I am your star, sta-AAARRRR” melodically groundbreaking, please take notes everyone
  • “don’t think i want what I used to want, don’t think I need what i used to need” addressing the pains of growing out of old friendships and passions in a fun approach
  • “you can’t take away the Midas touch, so you better make way for a GREEK GOLD RUSH” YES MAMA REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY LIKE THE GODDESS YOU AAAARE
  • knew she could rhyme “El Dorado” with “Colorado” and fucking did
  • the fade out at the end of the song painting her as a con-artist or corrupt gold-dealer being hauled off to jail while reveling in the near success of her schemes is what???? I C O N I C

Can’t Pin Me Down

  • this song is direct proof that marina is a straight up motherfucking KUNT in charge of her destiny. the album is labeled as explicit because of this ONE song and only ONE line: “you might think I’m one thing, but I am another. You can’t call my bluff, TIME TO BACKUP MOTHERFUCKER” like not only is this the most badass line in the history of language, but this line was so important to her that she made the album explicit JUST FOR THIS ONE LINE. SHE IS AN ICON. END OF STORY.
  • she is a feminist! BUT! “Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem, I’m happy in the kitchen cooking dinner for my husband” proving that you do NOT know this bitch. she is nothing you think she is. except that she is an I C O N.
  • the meter of “just another girl in the twenty-first century” has me unpredictably and immeasurably shook because she is just! that! kind! of! girl!
  • “You think I’m like the others, boy you need to get your eyes che-e-e-e-e-e-ecked, che-e-e-e-e-e-e-ecked” blew the skin clean off of my face
  • “i can be your russian doll” like,,,, gag
  • the entire concept and existence of this song is revolutionary and cements her position as the strongest female artist of our generation


  • holy FUCK you guys love to hate amazing songs, don’t you?? this song is without a doubt one of my favorites and you fuckers have the NERVE
  • the production on this song is one of a kind and continues to prove her versatility in style on this album. any reservations you had about her from electra heart better be EVAPORATED by this point.
  • the melodies on this song are, besides Froot, the catchiest on the album for me. they are so well crafted and inventive, i am shaking
  • “hard like a rock, cold like stone, white like a diamond, black like coal, cut like a jewel, yeah I repair myself when you’re not there” is such an amazing pre-chorus for this song like it could no possibly be better than that
  • the way the mood shifts from the verse to the chorus cut off my arms with raw blunt force
  • the flourish on the line “and I’ll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent” gave me an aneurysm
  • holy fucking SHIT the end of the bridge is for sure a highlight on the album. “but I’m not cursed, i’m not cursed, I was just covered in dirt” like damn marina go all the way off
  • the extra-dimensional high notes on this song are second to none, babes

Better Than That

  • “You’re just another in a long line of men she screwed” is the FUCKING WAY TO START A SONG, GIRLS. ARE YOU JOTTING THIS DOWN??
  • “So why’s she looking like a cat who got the cream?” ugh marina is so perfect I cannot deal with this bitch anymore
  • the sheer vocal talent on the chorus, like how high can this girl go? someday she’s going to rupture my eardrums and I will thank her personally
  • “with an angel voice, devil in disguise” the vocal production for this is perfect and successfully made me shit myself
  • “and she’ll network till her dreams come true, even if it means getting in a bed with you” miss marina is out for BLOOD everyone, the music industry is cowering in fear of her objective talent and lack of fucks
  • “i’m not passing judgment on her sexual life, I’m passing judgement on the way she always stuck her knife in my back” whoever this woman is she is getting READ for FILTH by lady diamandis and you all need to watch your backs


  • this song is straight out of a sappy rom-com and I am fully living for it
  • “but it keeps growing back like WEEDS” I am currently screaming please give me a moment
  • “and God knows what sex is, a way to feel a bit, a little bit less lonely” marina chose sex to be a prominent theme on this album but she has shown she can handle it in the moment mature way any woman in the industry can. it’s subtle, it’s methodical, it isn’t vulgar, it’s just straight real and honest and such an important thing to discuss! this song is another aspect of how sex can be important in our lives. she better preach tbh
  • the aesthetics can reserved character on this song are a beautiful contrast that the album needed. filler tracks who???


  • full disclosure, this song blew a hole right through my body with the sheer impact of its lyrics and chorus
  • there are so many fucking good lyrics on this song, it’s truly baffling that anyone has a career in the music industry after this was dropped
  • “I’m not afraid of God, I am afraid of man” I am Screeching
  • the first beat of the chorus, my bodily fluids are already dripping from the ceiling and my bones are crushed into a fine powder
  • “underneath it all, we’re just savages hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages” she is prophet, the chosen one, the woman who will deliver us from our mortal coils
  • “another day, another tale of rape, another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate” Marina is fully aware of the important problems our nation is facing at the time the album was released and even to today. she isn’t a shallow artist like the persona she created in electra heart, she has become almost the exact opposite. She is taking on these issues with a clear judgment and grace and I am so proud and appreciative of her work.
  • “are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?” YES YOU BETTER ASSASSINATE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS
  • the buildup in the last chorus to the E T H E R E A L ending is clearly the climax of modern pop music


  • you could play this song for me and tell me it’s a message from an angel and I would 200% believe you
  • the melody on this track is so fucking pristine it’s like a glacier melting in your mouth
  • it continues the themes of humanity from Savages but looks at a completely different issue about it. this album is cohesive, planned out, and a complete and full body of work
  • the moment the chorus hits with “I’m forever chasing after time” my limbs are being forcibly extended by a device of love and torture
  • “but if the earth ends in fire, and the seas are frozen in time, there will be just one survivor, the memory that I was yours and you were mine” ok not kidding anymore this is STRAIGHT up MOTHER fucking POETIC genius and innovation at its most concentrated and talented moment
  • when she says “twice” on the high note in the chorus, it’s like the most beautiful bell shattering in my ear, tbqh
  • THE FUCKING BRIDGE is actual art. “I just wanna be able to say the I live my life” the way she executes this melody is cold-blooded and frankly she should be charged with manslaughter for it

bottom line, Marina Diamandis released the biggest breakthrough in pop music to date in 2015 and all of you demons let it flop. if you have the nerve to call this album a failure, I have literally 0 respect for you and no one is ever going to love you

You know that feeling at the end of the day, when the anxiety of that-which-I-must-do falls away and, for maybe the first time that day, you see, with some clarity, the people you love and the ways you have, during that day, slightly ignored them, turned away from them to get back to what you were doing, blurted out some mildly hurtful thing, projected, instead of the deep love you really feel, a surge of defensiveness or self-protection or suspicion? That moment when you think, Oh God, what have I done with this day? And what am I doing with my life? And how must I change to avoid catastrophic end-of-life regrets?

I feel like that now: tired of the Me I’ve always been, tired of making the same mistakes, repetitively stumbling after the same small ego strokes, being caught in the same loops of anxiety and defensiveness. At the end of my life, I know I won’t be wishing I’d held more back, been less effusive, more often stood on ceremony, forgiven less, spent more days oblivious to the secret wishes and fears of the people around me…

—  George Saunders, The Braindead Megaphone

@thearcanagame has consumed my days. This lovely lady is my MC for the game and my character Maisynira, or “Mai” from my Arcana fic “Snake Charmer”.

@warie-lym awesomely accepted my spontaneous commission, they were so kind and amazing and look! They made my small sassy little fortune teller (in training) so gorgeous I could cry. With that look, someone either is getting a kiss or is about to find a bunch of frogs in their bed. Or she stole Asra’s tarot deck. Again.

Anyway check out Warie-lym’s art. Everything is so amazing and I love how they use colors, the style alone is fantastic. Their Arcana art is a balm to my soul between chapters in the game.

riddlesfromtheunderworld  asked:

Hey, I just went through your February playlist on Spotify, and it's not what I usually listen to, but I really like it so far ! Even your tastes in music are great, ugh, why must you be so perfect?

Ahhh I love that you love them!! I really try to switch up the selection! I’m finding some fun songs I had never heard before either! You’re very sweet!

i keep thinking ab how eleanor spent all of s1 being like “ugh tahani is so perfect” and then it eventually kinda morphed into “like yeah she is so perfect and i can’t even hate her for it” and now we know that tahani is actually in the bad place and she’s not perfect At All eleanor just perceived her that way and that’s beautiful they’re in love. 

Tell me Anything, doll

Summary: Steve comforts the reader during a time where she feels insecure. How emotional things get test their ability to just be friends. 

Word Count: 3527

Authors note: This is my first plus size imagine so PLEASE let me know what you guys think!! I think this came out beautifully, ugh Steve was so perfect for this one !!

You were currently laying in your bed, unable to shake all the bad thoughts coming into your head. The relationship you had with your body was a love hate relationship, you wouldn’t trade your curves for anything but sometimes you couldn’t help but question everything about yourself.

You’d been so deep in thought that you hadn’t heard the knock on your door, it wasn’t until you felt the weight on the bed shift that you looked up. There sat Steve, looking down at you with his beautiful blue eyes, “What’s wrong (y/n), did Bucky prank-”.

When Steve really looked at you, he could tell that something was wrong. It wasn’t normal for that infectious smile of yours to not be present, you didn’t even look happy to see him. Steve knew you too well, he could tell that something was wrong.

He shifted to face you, “Is it the last mission? Tony was only joking around with you-”. You shook your head, but avoided eye contact. Softly you said, “ It’s not the mission..I just..”.

Steve sat there waiting to figure out what was wrong, because all he wanted to do was make it better. His concern grew when he realized you were on the verge of tears, “You can tell me anything doll”.

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drunk confessions || afi

This may turn out to be rubbish because it is literally the first imagine I’ve written in almost a year, but bare with me as I try and start writing again :)

Also, I have no idea what it feels like to be drunk so this may be inaccurate af but oh well I wanted to write and this is the idea I came up with. ❤ 

Ashton’s strong arms held on to you as you leaned on him and stumbled into your shared apartment. You were completely drunk and were incapable of doing even the simplest tasks. Your boyfriend had to physically drag you out of the party before you could pass out from all the alcohol. But you were finally in the safety of your home and Ashton could finally put you to sleep. 

“Okay, let’s take off your heels, yeah?” Ashton said. 

“Mmm…” You replied as you sloppily slid off the heels from your aching feet. 

You almost fell because of your imbalance but Ashton caught you as you giggled. 


He couldn’t help but crack a smile. 

“C’mon Y/N let’s get you to bed.”

He gently took your hand and guided you towards the bedroom.

“You want me to go to bed with you?” You slurred. “That’s gross! I have a boyfriend!”

“I’m sure your boyfriend would want you to be safe and in bed.” He chuckled. 

By now you’ve reached the bedroom and Ashton was ushering you inside and getting you to sit on the bed. But he completely failed and you ended up being sprawled across the entire bed; but hey, at least you were in bed, right?

“My boyfriend is the best…” You mumbled. 

“Oh really?” Ashton laughed. “He thinks you’re the best too.”

“Awwww thaaaanks!”

You rolled over onto your stomach, now laying on the very end of the bed. 

“You know, my boyfriend is so sweet. He’s the cutest and he always does these cute little gestures for me and ugh, he’s so perfect.” You rambled so lowly Ashton could barely hear you. 

“I’m in love with him.” You then stated matter-of-factly. 

Ashton paused. This was the first time either of you had said the L-word, and you were saying it while you were drunk? Did you really mean it?

Suddenly, you gasped. “Oh my god I’ve never said that out loud before.”

You lifted up your head to look at the blurry figure you had no idea was your boyfriend. You lifted a finger up to your lips and said, “Shhh…. Don’t tell him…. You’ll scare him!”

Ashton nodded but said nothing. You then sighed and exasperatedly said, “I wanna sleep.”

“Okay.” Ashton whispered. 

He repositioned you on the bed so that you could be comfortable. Once he was done, he came up to your face and said, “Y/N, I’m gonna undress you so you can sleep, okay? This dress must be so uncomfortable.” He murmured that last part. 

When you didn’t answer, he slowly began to unzip your dress, but as soon as he did so, you began to whine. 

“What are you doing? Do you want to see me naked? I told you I have a boyfriend!”

“Y/N, Y/N relax. I am your boyfriend.”

“No, no! You’re just saying that!”

At this point you began to cry. “Ashton!” You called out. 

Ashton gently cupped your face with one hand and held your hand with the other. “Y/N. Y/N….” He cooed. You were still whining, so he gently captured your lips in his and slowly kissed you. You began to immediately relax at his touch and moaned, “Mmm… Ashton.”

He pulled away and you fell asleep instantly. He finished taking your dress off and decided that he wasn’t going to attempt putting clothes on you while you were sleeping. He pulled the covers up and tucked you in like a little kid. Ashton pressed a longing kiss on your forehead then turned out the light. 

He took the couch that night and left you to have the entire bed. But the entire night he was thinking about what you said. 

Does she really love me?

She’s drunk, Ash she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

But drunk words are sober thoughts, right?

Do I love her?

He began to think about his feelings for you. How every time he sees your smile he gets this rush of happiness spreading through his veins. How your laugh gives him an entire zoo inside his stomach. And how when he holds you in his arms, it feels like he’s holding everything that’s beautiful and precious in the world. But was that truly love?

The next morning, Ashton rose up bright and early. He took a cup of water and some aspirin up to your room and set them on the counter next to your bed. He sat down next to you and studied you. How peaceful you looked. And how he so eagerly wanted to kiss you right then and there and wake you up. 

But when you wake up, would you even remember last night? Would you remember your confession to him? Would you still feel the same?

He tucked some loose hair behind your hair and you began to stir. Ashton’s heart rate rose seeing you closer to waking up. He didn’t know what was worse: you remembering what you said last night or you forgetting everything about last night. Either way, he had no idea how to handle it. 

Your eyes flickered opened and you immediately groaned from your pounding headache. 


“Yes, baby?”

“Never. Ever. Allow me to drink that much again.”

Ashton laughed as he handed you the water and pills. 

You downed everything and immediately went back under the covers. You slid over to Ashton leaned on him from underneath and groaned again. Ashton lifted the covers and got underneath them with you and began to hold you in his arms. The two of you cuddled for a bit before you spoke up and asked, “Ash? What happened last night?”

Oh. She doesn’t remember. 

“Uh. Well…” He trailed off awkwardly. “We went to Mike’s party and you got shitfaced drunk. You went all crazy and started dancing all over the place.”

“Oh no…”

“Oh, yes.” Ashton laughed. “And um. You were puking outside and I was trying to take you home, but you wanted to stay and said you could handle your alcohol.”

“Psh. Clearly not.”

“And then we got home… And you didn’t know I was your boyfriend. And you kept on gushing about how awesome I was.”

“I did not!”

“Yes, you did!”

You squealed from embarrassment as you hid your face in his chest. 

And then you told me you loved me.

“What else?” You asked.

The words were on the very tip of Ashton’s tongue. He was mentally battling himself going back and forth of whether or not he should just say it. But in the end, he leaned down and kissed you. 

I love her… lips on mine. 

I love her body against mine.

I love her hair.

I love her smile.

I love her laugh. 

I love… her

Ashton broke away from the kiss and stared longingly into your eyes. 

“No. Nothing else. You were really just a funny drunk.”

You laughed and once again hid your face in his chest. 

God she is so cute. 

You looked back up to see him staring down on you with the biggest grin on his face. “What?” You giggled. 

“I just… I just really love you.”

You didn’t hesitate to reply with a firm, “I love you, too.” a split second later. 

The two of you immediately engaged into another kiss that ended with smiles as big as they can be. 

Wow. She really meant it.