Me and @tmntyaoi98 did this today I’m new on YouTube ;; help me grow up ugh///
(Lol I’m new on Tumblr too)
(I left all the credits on the description)

tumblr notes updates

I just noticed these two things, so sharing if anyone else wasn’t aware of them:

1. If someone @ mentions someone in a reply to a post, that person will now receive the @ mention notification (they did not before).

2. If someone reblogs a post from you and adds text, the ONLY place you will see that is if you click on notes for the post in dash view.  Tumblr will not tell you that someone reblogged and added to your post on the activity page, on the dash notifications, or if you click on the xkit view replies button.  That makes it nearly impossible to converse on a post back and forth.  Thanks, tumblr!

papi-serpiente replied to your post: UGH. NEW TUMBLR CODING SCREWED UP REPLIES EVEN…

This sucks

It does suck. I can now only reply to replies like this if I see it immediately when it was made. I can no longer go down through my activity and click reply once I find the message someone left like I used to be able to do.

The activity on my dash builds up REALLY FAST because of the amount of activity I get on my blog and thus deletes itself quickly as well, so I have no way of replying to someone who said something an hour ago, because it is now gone on my dash.

I don’t know if that makes sense, I know a lot of you are on tumblr mobile but… it sucks. A lot. 

Now all I’ll be able to do is screenshot them manually and then tag the person asking…. which is really annoying.


I should have known not to get closer to you.
Your flame, though to her, very little, was a forest fire to me.
I should have known that I would get burnt.
But what do I do?
I ignore all logic and reasoning.
Why did I get attached so easily?
But oh why can’t I be yours?
All I wanted was to feel a little love from you but you don’t care.
And now you’re sleeping soundly, dreaming of her,
And I’m here feeling like my heart was just ripped out of my chest.
Cliché I know, but I finally understand why they say that.
There’s a hole where my heart used to be.
You took it without knowing.
And honestly?
You can keep it.
It beats for you anyway.
- Happy fucking birthday (May 6th)