Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Anon Request “How about one where Dean has had feelings for the reader for a while and one day he goes to take a shower but she’s already in there and she’s singing like Paint It Black or Highway to Hell or something and Dean just gets really frustrated and goes to talk to Sam all like ‘ugh she’s perfect, I’ve never met another girl like her’ and she happens to be walking round the corner after just finishing in the shower, hearing what he said and fluff ensues? x”

Words: 714

Warnings: Hinting smut?

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What Natsu thinks of Lucy
  • Natsu: How the hell are her boobs so big
  • Natsu: Ugh she's too perfect!!
  • Natsu: What is this feeling?? Is it love?!?
  • Natsu: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs
  • Natsu: So smart, it's confusing me
  • Natsu: I wonder if I'll see her naked again today
  • Natsu: Loke better not steal her away from me!!
  • Natsu: I hope she doesn't like strippers because I'm NOT acting like Gray
  • Natsu: SO CUTE!
  • Natsu: I hope she wont summon Loke today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna break into her house today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna watch her sleep tonight jk or am I?!?
  • Natsu: IM ALL FIRED UP!!!