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What Donna needs is a bunch of pictures sent to her of Babs TRYING to get along with David. She has tried to get along with him! Hell! Even for Kais Birthday Babs TRIED to put the shit behind em and go rent a cabin together.... But she’s just giving harsh truths.... NO! SHES TRIED! THEYVE REJECTED HER! THEY ARE TO BLAME! SHE HAS PUT EFFORT INTO FIXING THINGS! Ugh I know she isn’t perfect, but she’s attempted and they’ve always shut her down. Can’t fix something someone won’t let you fix.

That’s true.


Arcade Fire Web Gems: Wake Up (unplugged/acoustic/???) live at Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, England. June 7, 2017

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In the beginning when Lexa was still an asshole to Clarke it was all just a con to deny her feelings. In reality though, she'd go home and gush to Anya and talk about how pretty Clarke was and how she just really wants her to be happy. Then Anya is like 🙄 then stood being a dick to her. Then Lexa's like noo I'm not enough for her she deserves the entire world and ugh she's so perfect. Anya is over here plotting a way to get them together calling Aden and shit.

Lexa was such a loser like she used to take extra long in the mornings to get ready and Anya would roll her eyes bc she’s taking SO long to get ready just to impress Clarke lmao

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I really really miss Camila ! I don't know why, even if she doesn't even know me, it's crazy. I think i'm crazy hahahahahaha. Seriously, I love this girl, not sexually, I mean I LOVE her like a fool hahahahahahaha

Gurll i’m crazy too!! like seriously how can you not be in love with her I mean just look at her.. God I’d sell my soul for her..

She’s the love of my life! 😍

Louise Pentland does not get enough credit because she just released this GORGEOUS plus size line that’s actually in style and not in beige.  Plus she is such a good role model for any one.  I am twenty years old and I take her life advice to heart because she is so relatable.  Like holy shit she just went through such a tough year and none of us knew and she was able to hold so much poise and ugh she is honestly so perfect I love her and want great things for her

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Wendy giving Irene her blazer already killed me last night. I’m getting killed again over a photo of smiley Wendy in a bun interacting with a child. Ugh, she’s so perfect 😭😍😭😍 my ovaries can only take so much.

that was a photo of wendy with our child fsdgfhgsffdgsd my hands were shaking as i took that photo i love her so much