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In the beginning when Lexa was still an asshole to Clarke it was all just a con to deny her feelings. In reality though, she'd go home and gush to Anya and talk about how pretty Clarke was and how she just really wants her to be happy. Then Anya is like 🙄 then stood being a dick to her. Then Lexa's like noo I'm not enough for her she deserves the entire world and ugh she's so perfect. Anya is over here plotting a way to get them together calling Aden and shit.

Lexa was such a loser like she used to take extra long in the mornings to get ready and Anya would roll her eyes bc she’s taking SO long to get ready just to impress Clarke lmao

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I really really miss Camila ! I don't know why, even if she doesn't even know me, it's crazy. I think i'm crazy hahahahahaha. Seriously, I love this girl, not sexually, I mean I LOVE her like a fool hahahahahahaha

Gurll i’m crazy too!! like seriously how can you not be in love with her I mean just look at her.. God I’d sell my soul for her..

She’s the love of my life! 😍

shadowhunters 2x13 thoughts
  • ok but everything about her character is so ugh. she’s not perfect and honestly there are moments that I wanna scream at her but then there are moments that I wanna kiss her and that’s so perfect???? she’s such a well rounded character? everything about maia this ep was on point tho. she stood up for herself and her own rights!!! what a badass!! but she was still sympathetic and fun!!! what a babe!!!
  • also isabelle recovering from drug addiction!!!
  • alec supporting her through it!!! (because we all know her parents aren’t gonna do it)
  • I wish they addressed what happened to magnus more. I would have liked to see him at least seriously talk to alec. I know I told the fans to calm down because we have all the pieces, but I think magnus should be allowed to be upset or at least a bit more hurt. But I’m happy he at least seems wary and angry at the clave and all its followers, alec included, after what happened last ep. At least it shows he hasn’t completely forgotten what’s happened and still feels betrayed
  • glad the downworlders were all calling out the clave’s bullshit–even if they’re friends
  • actual, serious mentions of the holocaust and racism against black people from a jewish man and a black woman? yes?
  • on one hand, I was very sympathetic to jace trying to live up to finally having a family after having a rough few weeks. on the other hand, I’m glad that everyone ended up calling him out at some point, he devolved so quickly. I’m also glad he realized what he was doing wrong in the end
  • not a huge clary fan but she killed it today too
  • I can already taste the dot hate
  • she didn’t even do anything tho? she and magnus were mutually flirting and having a good time so she took it to the next level and tried to kiss him. he said no and she immediately backed off.
  • I don’t see anything wrong with that
  • plus it was a bit of fun which the two of them desperately needed more than anyone else
  • Yes to alec finally standing up for what he believes in!!!! I knew you could do it!!!
  • something better not happen to maxFUCKING CALLED IT
  • I get that the writers were trying to make the moment between alec and magnus sweet but I would have been ok with them cutting out the kiss and having alec apologize instead. Everything was set up for it and it would have been totally in character. I’m not exactly upset the writers went the romance rout, it’s just that it’d have been nice to have an apology after everything. I understand his lines were meant to imply it but still. Guess they figured they’d have jace have the apology scene this week since alec had it last week
  • why do all of jace’s apologies end in sex?
  • i hope that inquisitor is gone for good

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There's this girl at my school named Rebecca. She is kinda chubby, not that that is a bad thing, and she's really cute. She has black and red hair. She has these really thick black glasses that make her look adorable. She is bi, so Im not worried about that. She is always sticking up for her friends and I have never heard her say anything negivtive about any one.She loves reading and writing. Ugh god she's perfect I like her so much. Her smile makes me feel all good inside. IM SO SCREWD

Aaaaaa she sounds amazing!! I say go for it nonnie! You could end up with a rlly gr9 girlfriend 💕

Louise Pentland does not get enough credit because she just released this GORGEOUS plus size line that’s actually in style and not in beige.  Plus she is such a good role model for any one.  I am twenty years old and I take her life advice to heart because she is so relatable.  Like holy shit she just went through such a tough year and none of us knew and she was able to hold so much poise and ugh she is honestly so perfect I love her and want great things for her

What Natsu thinks of Lucy
  • Natsu: How the hell are her boobs so big
  • Natsu: Ugh she's too perfect!!
  • Natsu: What is this feeling?? Is it love?!?
  • Natsu: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs
  • Natsu: So smart, it's confusing me
  • Natsu: I wonder if I'll see her naked again today
  • Natsu: Loke better not steal her away from me!!
  • Natsu: I hope she doesn't like strippers because I'm NOT acting like Gray
  • Natsu: SO CUTE!
  • Natsu: I hope she wont summon Loke today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna break into her house today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna watch her sleep tonight jk or am I?!?
  • Natsu: IM ALL FIRED UP!!!