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I've been really scared and worried atm because I'm going to be a senior in September and I want to go to an art school but I haven't finished my portfolio yet because I'm still coming up with ideas and I feel under pressure but I've had some art block so it isn't always easy to find inspiration lately and ugh i don't know what to do :(

Hi there love. 

Working towards a portfolio and having a deadline that’s eminent is so scary for artists, I totally understand. When I was a senior last year, I had to make a portfolio for a huge scholarship, and I can definitely say it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Forcing yourself isnt really conducive to being creative, but the sucky part, you gotta just plow through it in order to succeed. Sometimes being creative isn’t that awesome soaring feeling, it’s more of like a messy plow through muddy thoughts and emotions. Every single day, try drawing, taking photos, painting, or doing whatever your medium is, and if you don’t like it, destroy it. There’s something really satisfying in destroying artwork you really don’t like. Don’t be afraid of starting over, and over, and over. Ask for help and for other people’s opinions, but be wary & don’t let their opinions change your ideas and perspective, because this art is a representation of you and your creative soul. Try and go to the original source of what inspires you. Does going out into nature help you? Or maybe it’s drawing in the middle of a bustling coffee shop. You don’t have to like everything you do - the important thing is that you just keep on creating. You might end up not liking 19 out of 20 you create, and that’s totally okay and totally normal. Also, surrounding yourself with creative people can help too. You can draw inspiration from them & also bounce of ideas from them as well. 

You got this bug. I believe in you. And trust me, once you finish your portfolio, you’re going to feel amazing. It’s honestly such a great feeling to look at a completed body of your work and think “wow, I did that.” 


So Ben says I can quit my job and he will go back to work with his old boss! Ugh I love this man so much. He knows how depressed and stressed I’ve been and I think it’s been stressing him out just as much. Now there’s the problem of us not making the money I was which is gonna be difficult, I’ll have to figure out our plan before I quit. We will be making a little over half of what I am making now. Hmm.