Taekwang, is like a puppy. Always waiting, always wanting to be with her, always thinking of her rather than himself. He finally found someone that he wants to be there for, someone he wants to do everything and anything for to make sure they’re okay or just give them a shoulder to cry on. It’s so sad because you see the puppy qualities. Liking someone so much and just wanting to be there, all the while being afraid of abandonment so waiting in silence regardless of rejection. 

like there’s this 8 pack of cute women’s boxer briefs on amazon for $15 and i really want them bc they’re SO cute but i already bought some underwear this week and ugh i’m so torn what do i do

well that was…uneventful

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The only good things the movies gave me was the cameo in the end credits of Bess,Lily,Rani,Fira and Beck and Bobble because he's precious. And Iridessa and Sil of course.-Nicole

I love the picture of the original girls in the umbrella yes omg.

Sil and Dess are the best. They ruined Vidia.

I like Bobble….but….he’s definitely not my fave. Clank is much sweeter imho.


So like, why do I like my crush even more when I came out to him and he explained how straight he was, like he wasn’t an ass and wasn’t telling me that I automatically like him because I’m gay, but he said it and ever since then I can’t quit thinking about him. But I’m also terrified to slip up or something and ruin the friendship. I’d rather be friends with him that run off and forget

wow the fuck missing noir m has one fucking episode left and im literally like ??? because it hasnt really been building up to a last episode but like it kinda has so im like ????????????