cute things

it’s more or less pouring rain outside in the middle of the afternoon. Person A, who has just come down with a cold, is sitting in bed with their duvet around their shoulders and a warm cup of tea in their hands. Even though it’s cold outside, they’re warm, but they can’t help but feel lonely.

Lucky for them, there’s a knock on the door before Person B enters and steps in, soaking wet. They make their way into A’s room despite the fact that puddles are forming wherever they walk. A isn’t expecting such a treat and is even more surprised by the take away bag they have in their hands. “Hey, darling,” B says with a smile, still dripping wet and voice thick with congestion. “I brought you your favorite s-soup..Heh… Hh'ItGSsh! Snff! Ugh. And I think I’ve caught your cold.”

Smiling softly, A pats the spot next to them tells B to get changed and then climb into bed for some much needed cuddling. A decides to apologize for getting B sick whenever they’re done changing into A’s extra clothes, and happily thinks about how theyre in for a nice rainy day of conjoined sick cuddling

falls over on the dash i am so tired i did so much walking today in italy but I saw all the hannibal locations which was AMAZEBALLS. i just have to go to the ufizzi gallery and find the big boar statue from the 2001 movie. I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE BUT ITALY IS ALSO VERY HUMID AND I’VE LIVED IN THE DESERT TOO LONG I FORGOT WHAT THAT FELT LIKE EWWWW. 

But this is literally a trip of a lifetime for me. I have loved Hannibal for half of my life, and my parents are Opera singers so Italy has always been a really big Must See. I saved up for an entire year on the auspice of bringing my two friends and playing tour guide to my favourite city in Europe(Berlin). I lost my job in March, so I only was able to save enough for myself(plus a little extra). After purchasing all the stuff I needed for Berlin, I had a LOT left over, so i found a cheap flight and hostel in Florence right off the Duomo–Hannibal’s favourite place in Florence), and boom. A literal trip of a lifetime. I’ve seen almost everything I’ve wanted to see so far, and I have a full day to spend tomorrow getting souvenirs and finishing the last couple of places on my list. I’ve been trying to get online, but my hostel in Berlin has really shite wifi ,so that’s why I’ve barely been able to do anything at all. I may not be back til the end of the month, guys, but I’ll try.

Anyway that’s my update, and since it’s Munday, here, have my face.

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