“Through all the ups and downs in the band, Christine and I stuck together. I miss her funny English humour every day. It is lonely for me without her, but she just didn’t want any part of the rock lifestyle anymore. We all tried everything we could to make her change her mind. We even offered to build her a kitchen on the road to make it feel like home, but she wouldn’t have it. She was done.” - Stevie Nicks, 2003

ok these are some things im looking forward to on am6:

  • it could have some of the knee socks/stop the world.. vibe since theyre different from the rest of the album so they could be foreshadowing Something New
  • some crazy ass vocals
  • some crazy ass backing vocals by josh homme
  • and nick!!
  • better lyrics than am 
  • cool artwork!!!!!!!
  • miles kane. i have no idea why. we just need miles kane again. play the guitar miles. come on in and play the motherfuckin tambourine like the good and ol’ tlsp times for all i care. we need you for like. one song only. like on fwn. please
  • a GIANT anthem like fluorescent adolescent and 505
  • could be released by the end of 2k16?
  • beautiful new haircuts !! i will break into alex’s house and DRINK all of his hair gel so his hair is FREE. forever.
  • more of this humbug/sias clothes revival?? i like this concept ! a lot !!
  • if they do it right am6 could be a major breaking point. like. a bigger one than humbug was. i wanna see people RIOTING on the STREETS because of am6

i miss my children ple as e come back. now.