4x08: Smash the Mirror
Are you alright? Of course, love, why? If you look at me any harder you’re going to drill a hole in my head.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #70

percysunicorn  asked:

what do you like about stalia or better what makes you ship it?

sorry this too me a long time to answer but I liked how stalia started. 

They were both in really low places and met in a psych ward. I liked that they could bond over their traumatic experiences. Stiles went through a lot when he was Void stiles and he found comfort in Malia, he felt like she could understand him and wouldn’t judge him. Malia was so angry and had such a hard time adjusting to being human again but Stiles was there for her, he was patient with her and protective of her. She had no family and no real sense of what it was like to be human but she had stiles there to embrace her, he helped her adjust and helped her not feel alone. I liked them because they both got what they needed from a relationship with each other. They had tenderness, they had devotion, they had love. I shipped it because when I saw then I saw two people who understood each and and were devoted to each other. I saw two people who went through an intense darkness but found the light together. I saw two people who were never judgmental or unkind to each other, two people who weren’t afraid of not being perfect and accepting on imperfection on their partner.  I saw two people who helped each other grow, two people who matured together. I shipped them because I knew the moment they met that Stiles belonged with Malia and Malia belong with Stiles and their story, which got ZERO justice and was screwed over for fanservice, proved that I was right. 


1.[Intro] Sorry You Waited So Long, SM Won’t Let Us Have A Comeback
2. I Think We Should Sue
3. The Dungeon (Title Track)
4. Why Did Y'all Let My Solo Flop? (Luna Solo)
5. 5 Walls ft. Sulli
6. My Sister Deserved Better (Krystal Solo)
7. Glitter Truly Was The Worst Song In 4 Walls
9. I’m Super Tired (Victoria Solo)
10. The Fact That Teyeon Cancelled Our Performance Caught Me Off Guard Too But Never Accept Rejection As Failure ft. Wiz Khalifa
12. Why Won’t They Listen To Me? (Amber Solo)
13. Yeogi Buteora
14. Buy Free Somebody On iTunes
15. [Outro] Goodbye, See You Again in About a Decade

Things i want to know about Patsy and Delia

• The story of how they met (even a brief mention or like a little memory)

• Who came out to each other first (probably Delia?)

• Who asked out who

• Their first kiss and who initiated first (again probably Delia, but we saw how brave Patsy was to kiss Delia in the street in the finale of s6 so, debatable.)

•Their backstory basically.