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This one for solangelo: "Who writes a diary/journal in which they confess their feelings for their bestie, who gets a little tipsy and reads it accidentally-on purpose"?.



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“Since coconuts have hair and produce milk, are they mammals?”

Will asked to no one in particular as he brought the fifth, maybe sixth, cup of cheap tasting beer to his lips, but a hand took it away.

“That is enough for you.”, Nico’s eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t want you puking all over the place when we get back to the flat.”

Nico kept talking, but the words were drowned out by the loud music and the fact that Will was very distracted by how good Nico looked. .

No. He’s your best friend. You can’t do that, Solace.

He’s your very pretty best friend that you want to be your boyfriend and kiss and cuddle and…

“Are you even listening, Will?”, Nico’s fingers snapped in front of his face, “Come on. I told you going to this party was a bad idea. You have a class tomorrow, for the gods’ sake. If you throw up in the car, I’ll kill you.”

Will puked on the ride home.

Will was half unconcious when Nico dragged him into their flat.

His eyes suddenly opened when he landed on a bed with an oomph.

“Stay there. I’m gonna shower, because someone puked all over me and my car.” Nico turned his back from Will’s reeking body.

“I said I’m sorry.”, Will said, which was muffled by the cushions, so it sounded like ‘I seumsowee.’

Their shared shower started running.

Nico took long showers. Will remembered it was Random Nico Fact #48.

Will turned so he laid on his back . He was still a little tipsy, but he just noticed they were in Nico’s room.

Then, he suddenly had a horrible realization.

Where was his phone?

It wasn’t like he neeeded his phone in his hand 24/7, but he didn’t know where it was and he couldn’t afford a new one. A college student with plans on going to med school can’t afford to lose thier phone and buy a new one.

He double checked his pockets and his jacket. Nothing.

Then, he noticed a drawer in Nico’s dresser open. He probably put in there.

A wave of relief overtook Will’s mind.

It was sat there next to Nico’s phone and a small handsized notebook.

He’s never seen the notebook before, and Will never snooped around in anyone’s buisness ever, but something about him made him want to see what the pages held.

He flipped through the tiny book. The pages were covered in Nico’s neat slanted writing. From the dates, Will connected the dots and realized that Nico kept a diary. It was strangely endearing. He found an entry relitavely recent, about two weeks ago.

Feb. 16

I can’t get him out of my mind.

Will took a sharp breath. Who the hell was ‘he?’

He’s so beautiful in every single way, but so damn clueless.

Jealousy raced through his veins. This guy couldn’t possibly deserve Nico. No one deserved Nico.

I wanna tell him how I feel, but I just can’t. I’ll ruin everything. I can’t, but sometimes I just want to grab his face and kiss him. And say, “I love you Will.”

The little notebook slipped from his fingers. That little diary entry sobered him right up. Millions of thoughts raced through his head.

Nico loved him.

He loved him.

Nico di Angelo loved him.

And Will loved Nico, too.

The bathroom door opened, and a steam poured out into the bedroom.

“Will, what happned you okay?”, Nico voice interrupted his thoughts.

Will bent down and picked up the diary. He heard Nico take in a sharp breath.

“What are you doing with that, Will?”, Nico’s voiced, heavy with fear.

Will turned to face him. Nico looked stunning. He only wore a white tank top and baggy sweats, which to Will’s delight were his. His hair still dripping from the shower. He was absoluetly enchanting.

“I’m sorry for reading it, Neeks, but- Well, I just wanted to say- I promise you that I’m not drunk anymore. I wanted to tell you this for so long… Fuck it, I love you, too.”, Will said, heart racing.

Nico stared at him with those big brown eyes.

He stared and stared.

Will’s stomach clenched with every passing second.

Did he get it wrong?

Was it another Will?

Since when did Nico know another Will?

Just as he opened his mouth to say that it was all a mistake, that he had it all wrong, a blur of dark hair raced towards Will.

Nico hugged him, softly laughing. “So it took you reading my diary to finally confess? You’re so typical, Solace, and I love you.”

Will’s shoulders relaxed from carrying the weight of the world. A crazed giddy smiled painted his face.

He hugged the smaller boy, breathing in his fresh scent.

“Can I kiss you?”, he ran his hands through Nico’s hair.

“No. You smell.”, Nico said, lightly pushing Will away.

Will pouted. “So after I shower?”

“I’ll think about it.”, Nico smiled up at him.

Will never got up to shower so fast. His hurry to get to the bathroom made a laugh bubble out of NIco’s throat, “Someone’s excited.”

Just as the door to the bathroom closed, “Don’t forget you’re cleanign my car tomorrow, Solace. Just because you’re my boyfriend now, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.”


He liked the sound of that.

AHHHH. I’m DONE. I really hope it’s good.

Hope you guys liked it.

Ari xxx

Can anyone recommend me jonerys fics? 

I prefer: 

  1. Either one of them are jealous of each other…the scorpio in me loves it lol;
  2. Smutty WITH plot, without plot is easy to find lol;
  3. Jon’s parentage reveal affecting them;
  4. Pregnancy reveal; 
  5. AUs;

the other day I read one where Rhaegar and Lyanna actually married from day 1, like he never married Elia, no rebellion, never…and Jon and Dany were bethroted…it was so beautiful…BUT I LOST THE LINK AND I STILL CAN’T FIND IT AND I WASNT DONE WITH IT…ugh :((( 

anyway, I’d love indications, guys…I’d appreciate it with all my heart and soul. 
It can be here or at at Archive of Our Own. 
I prefer finalized, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. 

Thanks so much, love y’all <3

here have some jackshitsbits

(set in this universe, during year 3 ep. 4)

“I miss your flow,” Bitty said, running his hands through Shitty’s hair. They were up in Bitty’s room as the party raged downstairs, shoes kicked off and kissing softly, waiting for Jack to sneak away.

“Me too, Bits,” Shitty sighed, lips pressed against Bitty’s neck. “Harvard brats aren’t as fun as I’d hoped.”

“I hate to say this,” Bitty said, sliding his hands down to the back of Shitty’s neck. “But I think you’re a Harvard brat, too, baby.”

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If.. If Niall isn't circumcised that means he is really sensitive 😏 omg he's totally a moaner. But not just any moaner, an overly sensitive moaner! Ugh I love when guys moan it's super hot. I need to sleep with Niall like NOW!

When He's Away

A/N: Y’all my last reactions has reached 200+ notes?? Thank you! Ugh I love y’all! I hope you guys like this one as well! If you haven’t already, check out my other posts too yeah? 

Hyunwoo (Shownu) 

Originally posted by trainingpanda

When he’s away, he would send you random text messages throughout the day. You would get them randomly throughout the day saying things like, “You know what? You’re beautiful” or “We still have to see that movie at the theater when I get back.” It’d be just any random text. He wants you to be assured that you’re always on his mind. 

 Hoseok (Wonho)

Originally posted by maleidolnet

He’d be all cheesy when he was leaving, hugging you so tight as you say goodbye; however, once he’s gone he’d always send random snapchats with his shirt off, being such a tease. He’d text you things like, “Just wait until I get back.” You would keep things interesting and tease him as well. This would only frustrate him, which is good for you when he gets back. If you know what I mean. Wink, wink.


Originally posted by beastdw

When he was gone he would often FaceTime you, basically whenever he has the opportunity, even if it’s only for five minute increments or his little time off between schedules. On FaceTime he’d ask you things like, “Jagiya you miss me right? You’re not having too much fun without me, are you?”  


Originally posted by hyungwonniex

When he’s gone he’d send you random long, heartfelt text messages telling you what you mean to him. He’d be super cheesy, not refraining from saying all the cheesy stuff he’d be embarrassed to say in person. Then when he gets back you’d say something like, “I didn’t know you could be so cute.” Of course he’d just try to deny everything.

Changkyun (I.M.) 

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This boy would call you first thing in the morning to ask you if you slept well and he’d call you every single night before you fell asleep. You may not here from him often throughout the day, but he’d never miss a call at night. You two would talk for hours until one of you fall asleep.  


Originally posted by yooneroos

When he’d call he’d always start off conversations saying stuff like, “You miss Oppa right? You’re just dying without me.” You’d get choked up because in actuality you really did miss him a lot. He’d take notice to the change in your voice and tell you, “Sleep with my pillow so that it’s almost like I’m laying with you.”


Originally posted by kihyonie

He’d constantly send you video messages, sometimes they’d be as short as two seconds just saying, “Saranghae” or they’d be longer, but they’d be quite pointless. He’d just show you what’s going on so it almost feels like you were there. “Wish you were here baby,” he’d say often. 

Blindspot 3x03 recap

(Aka the Patterson and Rich show lol)


I LOVED this episode. Cute Jeller, supportive team, and of course, PATTERSON AND RICH BEING KICKASS BESTIES. Can the whole season be just like this ep bc good lord it is totally up there with my fave eps of this show ever and ugh I just loved it so much guys

Which in a way is kind of a bad thing because it means this review is gonna take me like 6 hours on account of all the screaming, but ah well. Worth it. 

And to the lovely Anon– I may very possibly struggle to do these from now on due to my travelling, but I’ll try my best to keep them happening if I can. Thankfully none of the other people in my hostel dorm here in Madrid have minded my hectic late-night typing for the last couple of hours lol…

Anyhow, more gushing below the cut.

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If you attack someone and insult them over something as stupid as a fictional ship you REALLY need to get off the internet and grow up. I’m sick of seeing all these lovely people I follow get attacked for nothing. Get over yourself, you’re a tiny little speckle of decaying lifeform and your opinion means jack shit. Why bring people down over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Also, if anybody needs to vent my inbox is open.


omg ♥. This…. this plays to my weaknesses 100%. Damn you.
Okay so the main couple is so far not going anywhere (and maybe won’t) but Hotsuma x Shusei, those precious bbs they are so perfect ugh I love them so much… ;__;

Guys, I am so, so weak for a good chibi shoneni-ai flashback. And bratty blonde boys getting depressed about their chibi shonen-ai flashbacks is just… *tears*

yo a quick message to my OG’s

I feel like you know who you are, you’ve been around since the very very beginning, like the first chapters of Recruit and TCY, and you have stuck around.

About three of you have messaged me like encouraging me but not pressuring me about the Epilogue of Mistake and I just…. Ugh, I love you guys very much. I appreciate you guys very much. And I am so very grateful for your respect for my process. I just want this stuff to be perfect for you handful who have stuck by me from the inception of this blog.

again, you know who you are, and you should know how much I appreciate you.

Why Can't Anyone Hear Me? (Part 3)

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Angst, Fluff (More fluff this chapter)

Warnings: Rape, Depression, Mental Issues, Cursing

Words: 2,025

Summary: Summary: Dan and Phil have a healthy, happy relationship that has been on going for five years and one day when they get into a fight, Dan wonders off to a bar to be hit on by a stranger.

A/N: Okay so I got more than 30 notes on the last chapter so here is the promised chapter 3. I really didn’t want to write this in third person so I switched to Dan’s POV so please don’t murder me oh my god. I know people prefer third person but I have an easier time writing it in a certain persons point of view ok this will probably make it less amazing. Sidenote, I loved those anons I got from you guys. They were fkn adorable omfg you’re all so sweet and supporting and I can’t thank you enough. If you want to check out my other phanfics, click here. This will probably be the last chapter, but even if I decide to write a chapter 4 (which is not unlikely) it will be later on this month. Much later. I’ve been getting bad grades and my mom is trying to make me do better by taking away my laptop. Algebra is fucking hard. Ugh but I love you guys and thanks for reading.

Okay and for the rest of the story, click on these links.

Part 1 Part 2

I also don’t feel like this was good. Idk when I was writing, I kept getting annoyed at myself.

If this gets to maybe 60 notes (say whaaaaaat i know that’s a lot) then I’ll force my mom to let me on the computer for a little while longer and hopefully get another chapter done possibly. Sorry this one was short. I’ma stop talking now ok bye


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Jumin Han Fic Ch 6

Helloooooooo my babies~ Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. ME. I am so sorry that I have been kinda not been posting- I was sick and then I had final exams and such and it’s just been hard D: This chapter had been long overdue and it has literally been sitting on my desktop so yeah. WELP HERE IT IS INSTALLMENT 6 OF THE FIC~
If you have not caught up then fear, not my kiddies- here are the previous chapters;

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5




He couldn’t believe his eyes. Here he was, Jumin Han, Director of C & R International, standing outside of her house. If someone had told him that he was going to be doing so, six months ago he would have laughed in their face and possibly even sued them for even coming up with that ridiculous idea. Him? Pining for a woman so much that he goes out of his way to meet them? Non-sense.

Yet here he was, he sacrificed the comfort of his dear Elizabeth to that monster, Luciel, in order to find this girl, his ears craved hearing her smile, his eyes begged to see her smile just one more time. He was desperate, becoming greedy, needing to see her, wanting her.

He rang the doorbell of a worn down home. It was so tattered it was practically falling apart. He wondered if Luciel had given him the wrong address, surely MC did not live here, in such harsh conditions?

The door opened and he felt his heart possibly stop beating. Attractive women were always throwing themselves at him but he never felt any sort of pull towards them. Here she was, standing there her hair tied and in casual clothing, looking more appealing to him than any woman had in his entire life. He became that he was staring at her once again, mesmerized by her beauty, he cleared his throat and fiddled with his tie, “You hadn’t shown up to class this week, so as a courtesy I brought you some notes. I believe a thank you is in the works? Or do you commoners simply not use that word?”

He kicked himself, knowing that surely that would annoy her. She went on and on about how she hated him and how he had money, acting entitled would not get him anywhere. He was about to clarify and hope to rephrase his previous statement when two children popped out from behind MC. “OOOH who’s that your boyfriend?” they asked curiously.

Jumin felt all the blood rush to his head, the thought of becoming her significant other made him incredibly happy for some reason. Was this why he felt so desperate and greedy for her attention? Had he begun to fall in love with her? He heard her let out a small laugh affectionately at the two boys and his heart soared with desire, oh how he wished he could be the source of her joy, of her smile.

He felt a tug on his hand, and saw that he was looking into the same beautiful big brown eyes that MC had on her own face, the little boy looked strikingly similar to MC, and he hoped that it was her sibling. The little boy pulled him into her home and she asked him if it was okay. He simply looked at her, feeling an overwhelming urge to kiss her but he restrained himself and his urge and strode into the house. “Being in love is quite vexing,” he thought to himself.

Surprisingly, Jumin found himself, enjoying himself. His home was probably triple the size of this one but he never felt so comfortable before. There was a warm aura surrounding him. He spoke to the children, growing quite fond of them and spoke to MC. He was already quite fond of her as well, but yet again he felt himself hunger for more. He was caught in a trance, thoughts of her filling his mind when the children once again pulled him.

“Hey Mister, do you like like my sister” the young girl whispered in his ear, a devilish smirk appearing on her face.

He looked at the four kids, as he felt a deep blush creep onto his face once again. He slowly nodded, losing the ability to speak. The simple action sent the kids squealing, MC scolded them and sent them on their way. She turned to him and he felt his heart pitter-patter as it often did when he was with her. “Would you like to stay for dinner? It may not be some five-star restaurant food but it doesn’t taste so bad?”

He agreed. He had never had a home cooked meal before it couldn’t hurt to try. He watched as MC began making plates for him and the kids. He couldn’t but imagine how it must be to eat her cooking every day, to be on the receiving end of her love and affection.

“MC, I really appreciate this. I am sorry to impose on you but thank you for the meal.” He saw a pink flush lightly twinge her chubby cheeks before she briskly turned around, he felt the urge to only tease her more but he contained himself. It would be all too selfish to force his emotions onto her, he did not even know how to express himself clearly, how could he possibly expect her to reciprocate them. He needed to earn and become worthy of her affection. He had all the money in the world but for once even money couldn’t solve his problem and that only made him crave for her more.

The four children barreling down the stairs interrupted his thoughts; MC placed a bowl in front of him, filled to the brim with some noodle dish. He looked at it quizzically as the children seated themselves around him. “What’s wrong mister? You don’t like ramen? Our sister makes the best ramen in the whole wide world!” the youngest boy, who he was growing quite fond of, exclaimed with a dimpled smile.

“I apologize, but my chef has never prepared ramen for me before. It will be my first time trying it. You are sure it tastes good? Because if not I will be holding you personally responsible young man” he said as he lightly tapped the young boy’s nose, which left him squealing.

It was funny, even with one of the most renowned chef’s in the world, he had never tasted something so delicious before in his entire life. He felt himself shoveling more food into his mouth, copying the children as they hurriedly slurped their noodles. MC had quite the look on her face, Jumin felt that pressing urge to kiss her once again. She was looking at him was gentle eyes and a soft smile. He felt the need to clutch his chest. “Oh, what that girl does to me!” he thought to himself.

He found himself laughing with the children after enjoying the meal. He always ate his meals alone, in his giant penthouse. Sometimes if he was lucky, Elizabeth would accompany him as well. Even so, he felt something oddly fulfilling eating in this tiny home with MC and her little family. He had never experienced such joy before in his life. He never wanted to leave, he pined to spend more time with the kids and MC, he wanted to eat more meals with them and spend more time with them. He felt a twinge in his heart, sure he had his father, but he was never really able to experience a family and spending quality time with them.

As the children piled out, he watched as MC began cleaning up. He felt extremely guilty, here he is, imposing on her and she has to go through all of this extra work. “MC, please, take this money, as compensation for my encumbrance” he said as he pulled out a wad of bills from his wallet.

“Ah, it seems, I have yet again said the wrong this” he thought to himself as received her cold glare. However, it was short-lived, much to his surprise.

“Jumin, if you would like to repay me, why don’t you come over and help me wash the dishes? I’ll wash, you dry?” she said, as she turned back again.

First, the spontaneous visit, then the ramen and now Jumin Han was going to be doing household work. Something he never attempted before. He was experiencing many “firsts” with MC, he found himself enjoying himself. Expanding his horizon, now if only he could find a way for her to reciprocate his feeling, he wouldn’t ask for anything else after that.

WHOOO. So thanks for readin the fic, you amazing lovely creature you. So while I was bedridden and dying, I actually came up with quite a few AU idea’s. Unfortunately the majority of them are for our deep story characters! and one for possibly Choi Twins but idk yet. So as always thank you so so much for sending me requests and showing me so much support it seriously means SO MUCH <3 UGH I LOVE YOU GUYS AND IF YOU EVER WANNA CHAT OR VENT OR WHATEVER I GOTCHU GUYS, MUAH XOXO.

i read the statement jesse lacey put out and idk dude like…ugh…i loved this guy. this guy wrote and sang songs that helped walk me down from the edge. like not to be some loser but brand new saved me and this shit happens and augh. i hope the girls that he victimized could heal and cope and i’ve been that girl, i’ve had dudes like that in my life and it’s disgusting and it’s like someone i saw as a hero was that dude to some girl…some girls.