4x16 "On the Head of A Pin"

“You don’t want me to doing this. Trust me.”

While re-watching some scenes of 4x16 to properly reply to an ask, I once again was struck by how much in love I am with how this episode utilized the shadow-light play. And not just in this scene, but the whole episode through, because it tells half the story without any words needed. I mean, what better visual could you use for duality and an inner struggle than showing half of Dean’s face shrouded in darkness, one of his eyes practically looking black while he remembers hell, what he did and what he was close to becoming. Just… Ugh, this show is just so good when it comes to silent storytelling.

I feel like Stanley’s mother took it really hard when he got kicked out of the house. Since Earlier in the episode she said what bout our little free spirit Stanley. She worried about him, even when Stanley felt inadequate to his brother his mom will tell him he has personality that’s all that matter. She always looked out for him even though there was good news for one of the twins she didn’t want to split them up she knew how much his brother meant to Stanley and she didn’t want him to go through that. She probably thought too that Stanford couldn’t make without his brother, since when they were kids and older his twin was his only support structure when people bullied and picked on him. On top of that when she heard that Stanford had a likely chance to end up in a collage across the country she never looked happy through the conversation. It crushed her to know she was loosing her son to school,but then to have to deal with her husband kicking her lil’ free spirit out probably killed her even more. His mother and Stanley both cared most about was family.They didn’t care about how smart and successful you were they cared about loving and supporting each other being there when times were tough and sharing joy when they weren’t. Which makes the story so much sadder.

So my favorite part of the episode has to be this part

during Blaine’s showcase he says “theres nothing more passionate about then my fiance” and Kurt’s mouth just DROPS and its such a perfect moment and ugh so good I love it so much 

you can just see the shock/excitement/love in this tiny little look 

and god they love each other so much