• Natasha: Tony, you like Steve?
  • Tony: What!? No!
  • Tony: Ugh, so gross. He's just so gorgeous...
  • Tony: I just wanna slap it... I wanna slap it!
  • Tony: I wanna slap his hideous, beautiful face!
  • Natasha: You mean kiss?
  • Tony: No, I mean slap.
  • Natasha: You got it bad...

anonymous asked:

Got my hair done last night and was talking to my stylist about 1D (he knows about my interest in the band, especially in H/L), and told him the steps toward the CO were happening more rapidly than we imagined. I showed him a pic of Louis and said, “Ugh, isn’t he just so gorgeous?” He replied, “Yeah, he’s pretty, but isn’t he a total douchebag?” It seems the only thing he really knows about 1D/Louis/Harry/etc. is that there were a few incidents over the years that established Louis as (+)

an asshole homophobe. I assured him that was the media talking and he was willing to listen to my argument, but he’s still skeptical. So that’s the setup (sorry so long!)…now I’m getting to the question. My stylist is 37, part of the LGBTQ community, has disposable income, enjoys exploring music (and plays it in the salon where lots of people could hear it!) - in short, he would be a dream new fan for the more mature 1D. But he is completely turned off by the image the media (+)

has built for Louis. And while a CO might help temper some of that distaste, won’t LGBTQ folks in particular need some explanation for all the dickish and hurtful things “Louis” has done? If they’re not on tumblr every day reading analyses from some of our great bloggers, they’re not going to get the full story. So how do they move past all the bullshit and allow themselves to be fans? Thanks for any insight!

I don’t think LGTBQIA+ people will have any problem understanding what’s really going on once they come out, we all have been closeted at one point or another and I think they’ll know that Louis (and/or his representatives) did what they had to do (most people won’t think that his team was purposely screwing him over). 

One my childhood besties (a gay man) used to hate Wentworth Miller because he always reacted pretty badly to the gay rumours and denied it in very aggressive ways, just the other day we were talking about him and he told me that he felt sympathy and love for him now because he understands how difficult accepting yourself can be. I think it’ll be the same with Louis: most people (specially LGTBQIA+) will understand that it wasn’t really him once they get to know the real Louis and the rest of them will think he was just a closet case. These things will be quickly forgotten.