Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 

“I said, leave me alone!” Without hesitation, you threw a shard of a mirror you had just broken. Your eyes narrowed as Peter caught the glass in the nick of time, the shard just barely touching the skin of his neck. 

“It’s not nice to throw things, [y/n].” He said in his arrogant tone of voice. 

Your jaw clenched, “If you don’t leave me the hell alone, I will kill you.” 

Smirking, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, love.” 



Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
(It’s so sloppy :/ why am i like this)