He just freezes; he honest to god looks like he can’t remember what he’s even supposed to be doing the second he looks into Louis’ eyes. Heck you can see him lose his train of thought the second he realises Louis is turning to look at him.

Harry Styles is hopelessly adorably in love

Rocketeer || Peter Parker x Reader

I have every intention of working on requests and/or finishing up my own personal projects for my dA, only to lose muse for all of them as I go back to writing for Peter.

I’m so mad at myself (;﹏;)

also a side note, rocketeer, because this song reminds me of peter

warnings: none

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


{with you right here/ i’m a rocketeer/ let’s fly}

Your boyfriend had cancelled your date again, leaving you feeling more than a little upset. You had wasted a good portion of your day getting ready, wanting to look good for him.

So when he called you, becoming a stuttering mess when he told you he had to cancel, you didn’t answer him. You simply hung up your phone with a huff, feeling the hot tears moisten your eyes as you angrily wiped the makeup off your face.

Peeling off your clothes, you throw them to the side of your room, not giving a damn if they got wrinkled. You pull out your drawers and put on your favorite sweater and sweatpants, running a hand through your hair as you nearly pulled its strands out.

You honestly wanted to cry in frustration.

Did Peter not like you enough? Why did he always have to do this to you? At Midtown, he seemed fine with being with you, but outside of school??

It’s like he couldn’t stand to be seen with you, which was what prompted him to bail on you each time you had plans together.

Feeling defeated, you force yourself out of your room and apartment, taking the stairs as it lead you all the way to the rooftop.

Pushing the double doors open, you felt the city air fill your lungs as you shivered and looked up at the night sky. You admire the sight of the half moon settled against the inky darkness, not tearing your gaze away from it as the moonlight seemed to beckon you closer.

You took a step closer toward the edge, only to have your movements halted when you felt a hand on your arm. With a gasp, you look back to see a familiar hero beside you.

“Spider-Man?” When did he get here? Why was he here? And how come you didn’t hear him? These questions all clouded your mind, yet you couldn’t find the courage to voice them aloud.

You felt the young superhero slide a gloved hand down the length of your arm, gently tugging at the sleeve of your sweater. This causes you to land against his chest, feeling his muscular arms wrap tightly around you before going toward the edge of the building, “What are you-”

The rest of the question dies within your throat when Spider-Man suddenly falls off the building with you in his arms. The wind rushing past your face makes you scream as you held on tighter to the webslinger. Without even missing a beat, you saw his web shooters stick to the next building, bringing you upwards as your fear quickly turned into exhilaration.

You laugh while Spider-Man seemed to fly around the city with you in his arms. Feeling all of your anger and sadness melt away, you clung to the masked boy, not letting go even when he landed safely on an open rooftop.

You were both silent, with you staring at the front of his suit while he had his arms loosely wrapped around your back. After a few seconds, you sigh and hide your face within his chest, causing the hero to stiffen, “I should probably pull away from you, since I have a boyfriend but…I don’t want to. Something about you reminds me of Peter, haha, ugh, I’m pathetic.” You felt the tears form within your eyes again, “Even after that amazing trip around the city, I’m still thinking about him.”

You realize that throughout this whole evening, Spider-Man was oddly quiet, not saying a word to you as you continued to nervously ramble, “I know Peter will be upset to know that I was with some other guy, even if I don’t know his identity. And I wanna say that my boyfriend will beat you up for taking me away, but I highly doubt if he can do that. Peter is just too soft and sweet.”

Your words finally manage to get a laugh out of him, and you hear him answer, “Yeah, I don’t think I can beat myself up.”

You stiffen, recognizing that slightly nasally voice anywhere when you look up at him. He still keeps an arm around you when he lifted his mask, revealing messy locks of brown hair as his sweet eyes narrowed down at you with love, “H-Hey.”

“Peter Parker, it’s you…” You lift up your hand to touch at his face for a few seconds before immediately pinching them. This makes Peter wince with pain in response as you continued to pull and stretch at his cheeks.

“Argh! Baby, I’m shorry!! Prease-!!” You let go of his face, stopping your painful pinches when you kiss him. Lifting your hands again, you gently caress his cheeks in a silent apology for hurting him. You frame his face with your two hands, not saying a word while you observed Peter’s face.

His brown eyes were darker than usual, evident of his anxiety as he began to chew at his bottom lip, “Are you mad at me? Y-You know, for ditching you and s-stuff?”

You let out a huff, forcing him down to kiss him again. Instead of it being short and sweet, you gently bit down on his lips, earning a gasp of pain from him, “Oh, I’m mad alright. Just consider yourself lucky that I adore Spider-Man and completely support his cause.”

He gives you a pout and nuzzles his face against the palm of your hand, “I’m sorry, for not telling you the truth sooner. I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Forgive me?”

Ugh, just seeing those puppy dog eyes were making you weak. How could you possibly stay mad at him?

Wrapping your arms around the back of his neck, you murmur, “I forgive you, only because I love you too much. I can’t stay mad at you.” Peter’s eyes lit up at your words before holding you closer to him again. He dons his mask and tells you, “Come on, let’s explore the city again. The night is still young.”

You laugh while remaining in his arms as he swings across Queens, not sure how you got so lucky when it came to having a boyfriend like Peter Parker.

{let’s fly, fly, fly, fly/ up, up here we go/ where we stop nobody knows}


you know that feeling when you’re kissing someone you really like, or you’re about to kiss them and you feel really super duper crazy excited-giddy that you can’t help but laugh a little? like you’re a soda can that’s been shaken and that press of their lips to yours is the popping release of the can and all the feelings come bubbling out of you in an ear-to-ear grin and a bit of laughter, then you close your eyes and you kiss some more and it’s just kinda fun, and it’s nice, and you’re happy right where you are with that person you’re with. yeah, i like that feeling

How many Scarecrows can you fit on a 12x18 inch sheet?

21. 21 Scarecrows.

It’s been so hot lately. Hotter than it’s ever been around LA with temperatures up to 110°F. It’s a new record here.

The living room has AC and I don’t dare use my laptop to produce more heat, so I sat there and took to doodling a bunch of Scarecrows to distract me and pass the time quicker while at home, (though it wasn’t much. Why doesn’t time pass quickly when you want it to?).

Before moving to the living room I was in my room. Which of course was quite warm and my inks kept drying out almost immediately on my palette if too thin. Or they would become tacky and goopy if too thick and mess up my brushes. It was annoying. Haha. Ugh.

It’s gotten “cooler” now. Back to good ol’ 95°F. But I can’t even imagine how much worse these temperatures are going to get in the future. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

How do you people in hot climates deal?? 😩😖


Finished one of my midterm assignments! We had to recreate a movie poster of our choice, but replaced it with animals haha. I got lazy with the background and replaced it with a cat version of Tetsuo lol.

anonymous asked:

So my brother in a totally non malicious but teenage boy-y way keeps calling me gay and idk how to tell him that I am actually gay and i want him to stop because i don't want others to know yet.... idk it's a weird situation haha

Ugh, I know the feeling. I just had a similar conversation with my little brother. It was… interesting, to say the least…

Bro: *playing LoZ:BotW* The Great Fairy looks like a drag queen.
Me: It’s not nice to make fun of drag queens, you know.
Bro: Okay… The Great Fairy looks like a lesbian.
Me: *in a tone icier than Antarctica* “Lesbian” is not an insult. There is nothing wrong with being gay.
Bro: It’s weird, though.
Me: No, it’s not. I guarantee you know someone who’s gay, but doesn’t want to tell you because of stuff like that. I never want to hear you use “lesbian” as an insult again.
Bro: I just won’t say it around you, then.

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guys who's the most ticklish out of all of you *cough* just so i know who to torture *cough*

… I didn’t expect to write it this way… (;^◇^;)ゝ



They’re both staring at Kanato mischievously

♥Kanato: …What are you looking at?

♥Laito: Hold him, Ayato-kun!~


Kanato starts convulsing in Ayato’s arms the moment Laito starts tickling him

♥Ayato: Heh, you are a cheeky kid after all!

♥Laito: Come on, Kanato-kun! Laugh for your little brother Laito-kun~


♥Ayato: Hey, Laito! When was the last time we did this?!

♥Laito: Last time was so long ago… Nfu~ It makes me feel nostalgic~

♥Kanato: -on the verge of tears- …Stop, stooop, I can b-AHAHAAH! i can’t breathe…!

Meanwhile, the Mukami brothers…

♥Kou: Nee, Yuma, I remember you once told us you were kinda ticklish…

♥Azusa: Yes… I remember too. You were half asleep…

♥Yuma: …So? Why do you brought this up so suddenly?


♥Yuma: Argh!… Wha- hah! S,stop! Kou you…! HAHAH! I’m gonna kill ya if– Ugh!

♥Kou: Haha I knew it! The tough guy is pretty sensitive~!

♥Azusa: Heh… You enjoy this after all…

♥Yuma: Azusa don’t just stay there watching! HAAH! K,Kou for fuck sake-!! Heh-! STOP IT!

Yuma started to throw random punches in the air, hitting a vase and sending it flying. A loud, cracking sound could be heard in the room.

♥Ruki, yelling from afar: Guys, what exactly was that sound?!



♥Azusa: …You should have punched me instead, Yuma-kun.