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ø: Our muses cuddle by the fireplace with hot cocoa.

“One for you, one with extra marshmallows for me.”

Sophie held out one of the mugs that she was holding so that Parker could take it, after turning off the lights in the kitchen. She had a habit of making herself at home wherever she was and since this was practically her second home, it was no exception. Hence the reason that she had commandeered the kitchen while kicking him out, insisting that he made a fire in the fireplace that she loved so much and would have in her apartment if she had a choice. 

Carefully sitting down next to him on the couch she tried her hardest not to spill any of the hot drink, failing to do so as soon as she thought she was safe as a few drops managed to find their way to her sweater. Sophie chose to ignore that as she pulled one of the blankets off of the couch behind them and spread it out over their legs, wasting no time in intertwining her body with his while she tried to keep her drink upright. She sighed contentedly as she finally got settled, taking a sip of the hot chocolate before she blew across the top of it to cool it down.

“You know we need to decorate this place soon and I’m not taking no for an answer,” she told Parker, looking up at him. “Can you imagine how gorgeous that fireplace would look with garland over it? I might just move in permanently.” She spoke without thinking, her lips back on the rim of the mug before she realized what she had said.

Sophie’s eyes widened as it finally sank in, taking his silence as not a good response. “Can you just erase that last sentence? It never happened.” Taking another sip of the drink she set it down on the coffee table in front of them before turning back to face him. “Or I can just make you forget…” she trailed off, leaning in to kiss him softly. 

“Merry Christmas, Par.”

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you round gamora out! so !! much !!! you make her 3-dimensional and REAL and relatable and you make her so much more than her typical traits. you see beyond the tropes and what lies ontop of the surface and you dig into her core and you are just a fANTASTIC GAMORA AND I WILL WORSHIP U FORE VE R

internally screaming??????

"well, you're pretty. Of course you'll get hit on.", "Oh. Seems like people flirt with you a lot. Honestly some people might think you're a little loose.", "Oh, take it as a compliment. You're beautiful, so it's natural."

I never realized before how tiresome jealousy, as an emotion, actually was.

Like, okay- I am a twenty-something blonde girl with a certain body type in a society that values twenty-something blonde girls with certain body types. Due to the unwarranted fetishization of my age and the objectification that comes with just existing as a woman? I’m going to occasionally receive unwarranted advances; every so often, I’m gonna get hit on.

But can we please get rid of the idea that if a woman gets flirted with a lot, she’s necessarily A.) enjoying/encouraging it or B.) flirting back? Or that there’s some kind of tally system for male attention that we’re keeping score of the points for?

Sure, I like getting compliments at times, from certain people, especially those I find attractive. Who doesn’t?

But, most of the time, getting constantly cat-called or flirted with is irritating- I usually feel super self conscious and nervous because I don’t know these people. In the evening, especially, I feel unsafe too.

I couldn’t care less about who thinks I look like what. I’m trying to get to the grocery store or to class and back. And (this will sound bitchy) do you know how many men I encounter on a regular walk in the street? Take the world’s populace into account and go from there- I pass a lot of dudes. And I don’t have time to anticipate their reactions, or to even *give* a shit about them.

Someone flirting with me does not automatically mean me flirting back. Honest to God, it’s so arrogant to assume that my self worth is SO contingent on a man finding me attractive that a single compliment will have me running to him. Like, hon, I have a mirror. Thank you.

If you tell a woman that she should be grateful to be catcalled or flirted with so much (because male validation is SUCH a blessing, right.), you’re part of the problem.

If you tell a woman to stop complaining about feeling uncomfortable, you’re part of the problem.

If you’re one of the dudes being a creeper on the streets, you’re part of the problem.

If you’re a boyfriend or spouse who immediately reacts with nothing but jealousy or insinuates your partner actually LIKES it when she clearly doesn’t, you are part of the problem.

I feel so selfish having crushes on famous people.
There’s no reason for me to like them that much… it’s selfish to want them to pay attention to me.
It’s unfair to ask for special attention when they have tons of other fans.

I mean..
It’s not like they even know I exist.

MY HALF SISTER RESPONDED. Her and her younger sister (well mine too, its weird saying that) want to meet! give me a few minutes to get all emotional. ugh i might cry. i dont know about my dad yet, but this something so far.

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How was the concert, what was it like seeing them?

The concert was the most exciting amazing thing ever! They slayed every single song they performed but THGNS slayed my soul so hard! There were some fans that were trying to sing Rette Mich instead of Rescue Me but they did not succeed 😄!! The lights, the sound, and the vibe was really really good! and holy fuck they are so perfect too! Like their complexion is 😍😍😍 perfect! Georg and Gustav looked so good and they were so nicee! the twins are also much more taller than I thought! &can i cry about how perfect Bills smile is😭😭💕!! Ugh he was killing me when he was performing cus he kept touching himself like…alot and we were like 😮😮😆😆 lol! I had a really good ass time and im so excited to see them again!! They definitely know how to wind up a crowd! they were breathtaking and I cried during the DITD VIP and i just loved every single second of yesterdays concert!! 😍😍😍