happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

can i just say i absolutely hate when people say to stop using said in writing?? and to use other words?? like no. be quiet. using said is good. using it males it more special when you decide to use other words.

keep using said!! use it as much as your heart wants!!!! don’t listen to people when they say it’s overused or not to use it, it’s a basic word for when someone is speaking. it’s supposed to be used in dialogue.

I can’t relate though I absolutely realized it was the case that because of compulsory heterosexuality I thought I had much more of an attraction to men than I do and that I never liked the men I dated and that they were the hugest source of conflict in my life that always brought negative energy to my life and I was chasing them and revolving parts of my life around engaging them all for naught. It’s fine though live and learn

Just so we're clear

Braun would not be over without Roman. Roman is doing Braun a favor. They’re cheering for Braun because they want to cheer anyone who isn’t Roman. I can pretty much guarantee in that Brock/Braun feud they’ll go back to not giving a flying fck about Braun. Let me be quiet though ….

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I was slow to walk, you know… the doctors, even Father, they told Mother I would be fine in my own time. It would happen one day. But “one day” wasn’t fast enough for her. She couldn’t be the queen with the crippled, slow son. Not after Coriane gave the kingdom a prince like Cal, always smiling and talking and laughing and perfect. She had my nurse discarded, blamed her for my shortcomings, and took it upon herself to make me stand.

I don’t remember it, but she told me the story so many times. She thought it showed how much she loved me.


there’s no excuse. he’s as well rested as he could possibly be, he’s free of illness, and there’s no personal problems going on in his life. if it were a lack of practice it’d still be nothing but his own fault, and it’s not like he hasn’t put hours upon hours of effort into memorizing the song and its lyrics and all the little critiques the trainers had given him.

seokjin has sung the song maybe a thousand times by the time he’s up in front of the coaches for the evaluation. he thinks he knows it by heart, that he could sing it even in his sleep.

oh boy, was he wrong.

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