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(pt.2) and Alex won't let go of him so Aaron spends a good 5 minutes just holding Alex like the man-child he is, and after he realizes Alex isn't getting down anytime soon, he grabs his luggage and just heads out with Alex wrapped around him like he'll never seen him again and at this point, Alex is facetiming the kids and they tell him how much they missed him and ugh happy hamburr is so rare pls

SHIT I just saw this after I posted the first ask but Y E S to this too. And they get home and all the kids just attack Alexander with hugs and they make him give them piggy back rides around the house and afterwards they all cuddle on the couch and watch a movie and then Aaron and Alexander tuck all the kids into bed and go back out to watch another movie and they fall asleep tangled up in each other’s arms

its been over a year since ive met connor but i finally realized how to describe his hugs. for me i felt so safe when he hugged me and this may be because hes my favorite person in the world and ive looked up to him for so long and he makes me so so so happy and hes always there when i feel sad, but like i am small and he (obviously) has broader shoulders than me so when he hugged me i felt really tiny but in a safe way like when someone hugs you when your sad 


My boy was so cute