types of people who don’t think queer is a slur [anymore] and use it as an umbrella term:
- “i didn’t grow up in a homophobic environment so i’ve never heard it used in a derogatory manner before, so people saying it still is must be lying”
- “i’m 30+ and think i lived through lgbt history and get to make the rules and invalidate what i think is a group of entitled teenagers”
- “i literally have no concept of people having experiences different than mine so if i like the word everyone should like it”

WIPs (aka the fic folder of death)

I got called out tagged by @phoenixrei​ to make a list of my WIPs and i’ll probably cry making this but nevertheless here we go:

posted multi-chapter works that i’m currently updating, in no particular order:

  1. fake fake dating (aka set sail from sense) which is probably the next WIP i’m updating
  2. we’ll always have paris (wip #2 to update with ch.3, it’s taking longer than i wanted to write ch.3 b/c if i’m completely honest ch.2 took a LOT out of me)
  3. best of both worlds (hannah montana au) which i just posted this week but oh god i have a 10k+ doc of JUST planning so…there will be a lot more of this
  4. whatever the mess you are, you’re mine, i do have most of chapter 2 written i just have been distracted by (so many) other things

upcoming things

  1. one shot about yuuri’s college reunion which is hilarious and i technically started writing? oops
  2. the richter scale of UST which is what i’m working on at the moment, get ready to have your incredibly specific fic needs met @2iren
  3. a rival burlesque clubs au that i’m co-writing with @iwritevictuuri and the first chapter is close to done so i’m REALLY excited for that to go up. it’s ridiculously funny. 
  4. a D&D campaign one shot
  5. eventually a sequel to vanity plate with yuuri’s terrible ties becoming a meme
  6. my shameful avoidance of the legend of korra au that i started ages ago and then let sit forever b/c i was stuck
  7. night vale au episode 2
  8. ANOTHER fake dating fic because i have favorite tropes okay?
  9. another canon divergent fic
  10. yuuri’s victor impression goes viral
  11. a half formed space a/b/o au because my brain is garbage
  12. potentially a skatefam beer pong sequel
  13. some post-canon thing i haven’t looked at in a while
  14. at some point a time travel fic because i love those
  15. roman holiday au
  16. oceans eleven au
  17. victor and yuuri go to the triplet’s family day one-shot.
  18. oblivious heartbreaker yuuri at the pyeongchang olympics
  19. one about victor and yakov bonding watching teen movies this is actually something i’ve had sitting around for a while sadly
  20. an outsider POV fic from the perspective of victor and yuuri’s postman in st. petersburg and all the weird shit they order

THIS IS TERRIFYING OH MY GOD. *runs from my own list*

if there are specific things on this list you want to see written asap, let me know since i’m CLEARLY terrible at making decisions.

tagging @pencilwalla and @iwritevictuuri