open at the close; 
i’ve figured out all the pieces and it now makes sense to me. my future has been set in stone and this end must come, for this must be done.


#this moment is so so important #you can see how apprehensive spencer is to fall asleep and relax in front of anybody #and why wouldnt she be shes being stalked by a psychopath every single day #and on top of that shes been taught to always be alert and prepared by her parents #shes never had a #safe place to land #she was born tense #but then toby came along and showed her it was okay to relax and gave her a place to be herself without judgement #essentially spencer letting herself sleep next to a fully awake toby is her saying ‘i trust you more than anyone else in the whole world’ 

i’m really dissapointed about what’s happening in spn right now. …like the plot is not even interesting now and i keep watching just because of destiel and relationship between brothers. and because of some f*cking qeer baiting it looks like we don’t even get destiel canon, even tho it’s so obvious. i hate that so much. like mr. robot, for example made their two male characters canon in 2 seasons. get on their level. don’t be so fucking scared. (and if u claim that tyrelliot is toxic, yes, that’s possible. but isn’t basically every realitonship on tv - and in real life - a little toxic? ) ugh..just please. i don’t even want to watch spn anymore. 

Andrew Scott signed my art and I’m more than happy that he did!!! ❤️

At first I did not want him to see what I have drawn and the fees were high so I thought, yes, let’s not give my art to him.

But then he was so lovely and I thank the people who encouraged me to show my work to him.

He didn’t just sign it, he actually talked to me. Like proper small talk! :)

At first he looked at my art for really long time but then he looked up, his eyes damn huge, and he asked me if I had made it because it is “incredible”! He saw right away that it’s ink and watercolour, he asked me if I did this as a job and he talked to me about how much he likes the Tate Modern and their new exhibition.
He was really sweet and he seemed to be actually interested. And damn, I’ve talked to Andrew! I’m really happy about that (even if he already forgot me, who knows) because I often struggle with what I’m doing but he really seemed to like the art which sort of makes me proud.

Andrew, if you ever read this: I’m always up for a meeting at the Tate! x

Anyway the reason I hate space dad so fucking much is because of how much it has helped normalize the way the fandom twsists shiro’s character by:

  • Undersexualizing him and literally treating him as a father figure that isn’t allowed to be sexual/fun/inappropriate (despite the fact that he’s… at max 25.. and most probably in his very early 20s!! so he is nOT A FATHER).
  • Treating any expression of shiro’ sexuality as inappropriate because he is a “father”? 
  • Eliminating Shiro’s position in the team as their leader, but ALSO their PEER and FRIEND. Shiro made the laser gun jokes, he teases lance and hunk - good leadership doesn’t remove you from the rest of your peers, in fact, it puts you CLOSER to them because to be a good leader you need to know everyone and consider their needs. 
  • Treating shiro like a literal parent narrative, in which if he’s not self-sacrificng for his kids or restraining himself for the sake of the “young-ones” he’s not worth our time or not being a  “good parent”, when he’s already suffered so fucking much and the last thing he needs is to act like  damn parent.
  • Good leadership =/= parenthood??? the fuck??
  • this shit has led to the most insane arguments in terms of how people perceive relationships and has twisted a lot of the discourse and people have literally used “SHIRO IS THEIR LITERAL FATHER FIGURE” as an argument 
  • invalidates his trauma so much bc despite the fact that it’s canon that shiro acts older than he actually is (probably bc trauma ages you!!) people think he’s ready to take on the role of parenthood and is emotionally available for 4 people as the ever-giving parent.
  • Ages him disproportionately, again, invalidating his trauma and making it seem less serious bc “he’s old” when he’s. n o t