The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows… compassion.


Endless list of OTPs Anakin & Padme (Star Wars)

You love me? I thought we had decided not to fall in love. That we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives. I think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. I truly… deeply… love you… and before we die I want you to know.

Sex with JB

So whenever Jaebum was in the mood he would be very subtle like you guys would be chilling on the couch and then he’d just tell you to come sit in his lap and while you were sitting he would kiss you on like your shoulders and neck and hands while whispering how beautiful you are and showering you in compliments and he’d just casually slide you back on his hard on until you catch the idea


Dom/Sub roles
Hair pulling
Slut shaming

Dom/Sub roles
Okay everybody knows how daddy JB is like there is no doubt about it this boy would love to be in control and have you follow his orders like a good girl he would punish you which is something he absolutely loves

And speaking of punishing his favorite would be spanking, if you were to ever mouth off at Jaebum he would love to take you over his knee spanking would just be his favorite and sometimes he would he would want to change it up and use a flogger or crop whip with you on your hands and knees on the bed with him circling you dragging it across your body with a devilish smirk on his face

Hair pulling
I can just see Jaebum always loving to thread his fingers through your hair especially if he was taking you from behind he would wrap his hands in your hair and pull as he pounded you relentlessly or when you were on your knees sucking him off like a “good girl” he would thread his fingers in your hair to control your speed and occasionally pulling at your hair roughly to pull you back for air before shoving you back on his cock

He would love overstimulation but he wouldn’t use it as a punishment he would do it for fun bc Jaebums a little shit he would make you cum over and over and when your completely fucked out and you tell him you can’t take anymore he’ll smirk and lean down and whisper “C’mon just one more for me baby girl” and of course you do it because its daddy and you have to listen like a good girl Jaebum and how can you say no to that beautiful smile

Slut shaming
I’m not talking about the bad kind this is that good shit like it would come out in random spurts like when he was taking you from behind and his hand are wrapped in your hair and hes close he would say “Your such a good little slut taking my cock so well” and whenever he was right on the edge he would grunt “Your Daddy’s little slut aren’t you?” making you shout it or he would stop what he was doing

Rough v Passionate
Rough sex with JB is very frequent and amazing like it would either start over jealousy or you guys fought or just because you looked really good that day you never really now when JB is going to pounce and during sex hes very fast with his thrusts quickly snapping in and out of you til you can barely catch your breath there’s lots of teasing and hes vocal whether hes grunting or dirty talking and whenever he is close he slows his thrusts down so he can go even deeper so he can make you cum before he lets go 
Passionate sex with is soft and cute he gives you small kisses on your shoulders and neck and up and down your arms with a small smile on his face and of course he goes down on and hes very slow so he can savour every moment and he softly pecks your thighs and looks at you with a look of adoration and once he finally starts eating you out he countinusly tells you how amazing you taste and how beautiful you are and once hes done he kisses his way up and its time for the main event, he goes very slow but its hard so he can drive into you and his arms are pulling your body closer to his body as his mouth explores your neck until both of you finish together

Aftercare with JB is the cutest thing ever like he would hop up and get a washcloth and start to clean you up and if he were to see a bruise he left he would shyly smile and apologize and the entire time he would be smiling and you wouldn’t know why so you would ask why he’s smiling and he would say it was nothing but in reality he’s smiling at how much he loves and adores you and after he’s done cleaning you up he would run to the kitchen to get you a bottle of water and a snack and cuddle you while stroking your hair whispering how great and amazing you are with that stupid smile on his face

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A very belated birthday to @petalloso, im sorry I started this over a month ago but i’ve been out of it and i could of done way better but here is nearly 2k of your soft andreil with slight?? angst. bc i cant do fluff apparently xxx

There was something to be said for waking up beside the person who made you feel the most grounded.

There was also something to be said for sleeping beside someone in a small dorm bed.

Warmth completely surrounded Neil down from his chest to his legs. He could feel the sunlight streaming through the window behind his closed eyelids, the weight next to him a solid presence.

Slowly without moving, he opened his eyes to the sight of Andrew asleep, face not too far from his own.  Lips quirking, Neil remembered why they were in bed in the middle of the day in the first place.

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Stefan, why did you send Damon to come look for me instead of you? I sent him because lately it seems like he’s able to get through to you in ways that I can’t. You listen to him, you trust him… even when you can’t trust me. I didn’t mean to not… Come on, Elena. I mean, after everything we’ve been through… you can admit it. You’ve been so strong for me, helping me, fighting for that girl who chose you, the girl that I was when I died on the bridge. And I love you so much for wanting to find this cure, because I’d like nothing more than to get her back. Because the girl that she’s become, that I’ve become, is different somehow… darker. Who I am, what I want… What you want or who you want?

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RFA + V + Saeran, reaction to an MC with very intimidating parents, and theyre meeting them by spending a whole day with them? Like, their professions or previous knowledge are definitely good enough to know how to commit the perfect murder, and since MC is their only child they're a little over-protective. They try to intimidate all night until it's time for them to leave, where they suddenly get all cheery and approve of the relationship? Srry it's so specific lol

Don’t worry! Its kind of better when its more specific actually ^_^ 

(sorry if this is kind of long)


  • He was ready™ for the day you were going to spend with your parents
  • He had everything planned out: they were going to arrive early in the afternoon, as planned, and he was going to be as polite and gentlemanly as possible. Pulling out the chairs for them, pouring them the wine, the whole thing. 
  • What he had NOT planned though, was how to react when your parents were so intimidating and judging. He was used to people fawning over him and loving him, so he was very nervous when your parents seemed to judge his every move
  • He tried to hide how intimidated he was with his °˖✧natural charm✧˖° and confidence, but it was getting pretty hard when your parents eyed him so suspiciously and basically mentally stepped on him
  • By dinnertime, he was getting tired from keeping up the pleasant attitude while your parents only replied with judgement. Still, he smiled at them and tried to be as calm as possible
  • Your father however, kept talking about how if he dared to hurt their only child, he would have to face the consequences
  • This, of course, terrified Zen. Were they actually past assassins or something? It honestly wouldn’t even surprise him at this point
  • When the day was almost over, and it was time for your parents to leave, he was exhausted. He was about to lose hope, thinking your parents would never accept him, when what he though to be a miracle happened
  • Your parents both genuinely smiled, and your mother took his hand while telling him to be true, before wishing you luck on your relationship
  • He was stunned, but he grinned and waved at them as they left
  • “I think they liked me”


  • He was already nervous to meet your parents, but you had still agreed to invite them over for dinner
  • It wasn’t anything fancy, but he still wanted to do his best to impress your parents
  • When they arrived he had everything prepared, but he was still a nervous wreck. You just smiled apologetically at him, knowing how your parents could be with things like this
  • As soon as they locked eyes with him, you could feel the tension in the room grow by the second.
  • He awkwardly started to initiate some small-talk, but everything he started talking about just became threats and warnings from your parents about how if he dared to hurt you, they would make sure he could never hurt anybody ever again. He tightly took ahold of your hand, and looked at you with tears forming in his eyes
  • At this point he was terrified, and he started mumbling incoherently before leading then to the dinner table
  • He was no master chef, but cooking was one of the things he was proud of. He ate in silence while eyeing your parents who judged every inch of the plate they were served
  • As the hours went by, it was time for them to leave. He politely followed them to the doorstep, still holding your hand tightly.
  • Your parents then looked him in the eyes and smiled. They told him he seemed like a responsible young man, and they looked forward to seeing their relationship bloom
  • He gave you a tight hug after they left, and all he could do was sigh in relief 


  • He had arranged a very fancy evening with a three-course meal
  • He made sure his best chefs made the food, and that everything was as it should be
  • He was hardly nervous really, he knew that he had the ability to charm people if he wanted to, and he intended to be as polite as he possibly could
  • When your parents ringed the doorbell, he had to admit to himself that he was actually a little more nervous than he thought
  • He greeted them both nicely, but he recognised the judging look in their eyes as they shook his hand. His butler then lead them to the table with their already served dinner
  • Your parents couldn’t help feeling impressed, but they still maintained their intimidating aura.
  • Jumin was getting more and more nervous. Did they not like the food? Did they not like him? Did he forget something? Were they suspicious of him because he was the heir of a large company?
  • By the time the desserts had arrived, they had managed to intimidate him so much he was certain they must have been mafia-leaders or something
  • He had to convince them three times that he was not dating their child for the mere purpose of profiting his company
  • As the evening went on, the two of you followed them to their car. Jumin was still upset at the thought of your parents disliking him, as family had always been really important to him
  • He kept up his polite demeanour though, and when your parents finally gave him a smile and accepted his as “part of the family” he was shocked, to say the least. But he was mostly just happy that your parents approved of him


  • He was scared of what your parents would think of him, since he wanted to make a good impression. Still, he decided to meet his fears, and spend the day with you and your parents  
  • He was not prepared. Nothing could prepare him
  • When he finally met your parents, he expected them to be nice and accepting (They are your parents, after all), but oh no
  • They constantly looked him straight in the eyes, and they did not exactly look ecstatic. They seemed to be analysing everything he did, and he was so scared to do something wrong
  • He hardly believes you accept him for who he is, how can he expect your parents to! Especially with the way they look at him… It was as if they knew he was afraid to be judged
  • They managed to intimidate him alright. You thought he would be more joking and chill, but he had so much respect for your parents, and he was so scared they might be against your relationship
  • The day went on like that; Your parents kept up the intimidating act, trying to scare him (smh) while he tried to be as nice and polite as he could. He couldn’t live with himself if your parents hated him, he told you
  • When it was finally time for them to leave, he thought they were going to say something against you two being together, but they just smiled
  • He was very confused. He whispered a silent “What?”, before your parents walked over to him and told him that they trusted he would take good care of you
  • He was so happy, he hugged them both while exhaling in relief. Your parents luckily just found it charming, and they waved their goodbyes before leaving


  • He wouldn’t admit that he was nervous, and honestly your parents could think whatever they wanted about him, and he wouldn’t really mind
  • Because of the way he grew up (for those of you who played the secret ending), he was more worried about what you think of him, and not your parents
  • You had still managed to convince him to spend the day with you and your parents, and they were to arrive that afternoon
  • When they did arrive, ten minutes early mind you, he instantly tensed up
  • Even though he said he didn’t really care about your parents opinion of him, you could see the worry in his eyes
  • Their judging look and intimidating glares did not help his worry at all. He still pretended not to care, and could probably have treated them with a bit more respect, but it was just his defence-melanism 
  • It ended up being more of a staring-competition than anything 
  • After a long evening of what seemed like just tension and awkward silences, you walked them to the door
  • They looked at Saeran, and Saeran looked at them (guys, don’t start this again)
  • Your father then sighs, and tells him
  • “Well, at least you’re not being arrogant or bad, so I guess you will take good care of our child”
  • He was so shocked and confused. He just stood there in silence before mouthing “really?” , and you could all see the hope in his eyes
  • After they left, he was so tired that he just lied down on the couch before he started smiling like an idiot
  • “They don’t hate me”


  • He was prepared to have a pleasant day with your parents, and he was feeling pretty confident
  • That is, before your parents actually arrived
  • He opened the door to greet them, and told them to follow him inside. He started some innocent small-talking, but he noticed the condescending looks your parents gave him. He decided to ignore it though, as he didn’t want to seem disrespectful on front of your parents 
  • He kept trying to be polite, but they were making it difficult for him
  • Their judging stares had already intimidated him, and his confidence was now long-gone
  • They started making comments about how he had better take good care of you, and he had to reassure them several times that he did, and he would do anything to protect you. At that your parents found it hard to keep being intimidating to this poor sweet man
  • He had to hold you hand as your parent kept talking to him about everything from respect to consequences 
  • He was legitimately scared of what your parents might do to him
  • At the end of the day, they had to go home. V and you walked with them all the way to their car, and your parent both looked at each other before nodding and walking over to V
  • They both embraced him in a big hug, ad they told him that he seems perfectly capable of taking care of you, and they both trusted him with your well-being
  • He was so surprised that he didn’t say anything at the time being, but once they left he teared up and hugged you tight
  • “I’m so happy MC!”

(Also, sorry for the wait on this ^-^;) 

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Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what's going on with Pledis + Seventeen? :(

it isn’t really brand new info but fans are bringing up the fact that pledis hasn’t been treating seventeen right for a really long time (like, since their trainee days) 

some fansites have noticed too often that the support presents that they buy for the members end up being worn by the managers… like the fansite letters to romeo bought vernon special limited edition shoes but they found photos of svt’s manager wearing his shoes instead and was pretty pissed about that… and a DK fansite found out that their choreographer was wearing the custom-made bag that they gave him and when some fans were trying to take photos of her wearing it for evidence, she turned it around to hide it. there were a lot of other examples of managers wearing/using things that were clearly presents for the members.

the fans are also bringing up the fact that pledis didnt include the members who participated in the choreo making in the copyright list + DK & Seungkwan were apparently not paid for writing “say yes”. fans claim that they heard staff saying rude things about seungkwan and yelling at the members infront of fans for simply saying hello. they also brought to light the boys’ 17tv days and how the staff would scold & punish them (apparently they even hit seungkwan on the head once telling him to lose weight)…

yeah it’s a lot of stuff being brought back into light and i guess fans are tired of pledis ignoring their requests for feedback or some sort of comment on this issue, so they’re all boycotting by going on rest (and some fansites have even closed down). 

it really sucks though that they decided this was something they should do during the boys’ comeback……… :\

Shameless S7E10

mickey coming back

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Gallavich kissing and cuddling and being the #1 otp

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V and Fiona getting over their petty fight and making up

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Frank and Monica’s existence

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and a special message for trevor now that mickey’s back

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