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Ok. So requests are closed and I know you're busy with "the thing" but I just see Nat and Wanda sharing a cup of coffee, complaining about "the boys" for International Women's Day.... as soon as I pictured it I thought of your adorable sketches! Have a great day you wonderful woman! Love, anm

This was originally going to be posted some time next week but since it’s your birthday today, I’m posting as soon as it is done! Happy Birthday @avenger-nerd-mom!!!

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I just think back to S6 Calzona. Where we got to watch them fall in love, have scenes where they held hands and joked. We saw a flash of them being domestic cooking thanksgiving dinner. We saw Arizona be the big spoon to a chicken pox covered Callie. We saw Callie get excited as she made a medical breakthrough and one of the first things she thought out loud was her future with Arizona. We saw their first big fight, watched them struggle to bend for one another. We watched Callie stand in front of a gunman to protect Arizona and a patient. Saw Arizona prove her love for Callie by changing a piece of herself for Callie’s dream. We were so lucky to watch them grow and I miss that so much. 


The FC Barcelona 17-18 home kit has finally been leaked. Made by Nike and sponsored by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for the very first time, the Barcelona 2017-2018 jersey is set to be released at the same time as last year.

The Barcelona 2017-18 jersey features a totally new fading stripes design after the current home shirt re-introduced classic Blaugrana stripes. Besides the dominant stripe theme, the Barcelona 17-18 kit also returns to darker shades of blue and red after the classics-inspired 2016-17 edition.