To my U.S. followers

So, a follower on instagram told me that they saw my mchanzo acrylic charm designs being sold at Youmacon. They didn’t have proof (the people at the booth wouldn’t let them take a picture) if this is true this is just so bad, like there are people profiting from my work and not even crediting me.

I hope this is not true, being an artist it’s already hard and even more if people are stealing your designs for their own profit.

if you know anything about a store at this con (Youmacon 2017, Detroit, Michigan) that was selling a lot of mchanzo acrylic charms, please do let me know. 

that sinking feeling when you’re scrolling down your dash and you start recognising the posts and realise you’ve run out of new things to look at so you have to face whatever it is you were procrastinating on in the first place

Okay, here I come, I am ready to out myself: To probably no surprise to anybody I am on the “I hope Robert is Sebastian’s father” train. I know this train has very few people on it, but I am on it and I am not leaving.

every time i hear that voicemail frank left for nancy i get like swimmingly mad

how you gonna just leave us this bread crumb full of amazing potential and character expansion and then just go out of business or some shit

literally ridiculous

the hype for mid is well and gone but i’m still over here fuming because they gave us this little hint for the possible future of some romantic conflict stuffed into another classic mystery and they took all my hope away

me: doing schoolwork

pauses, thinking: [darrow is just misunderstood. his partner was murdered like aelins parents, and he’s been holding Terrasen together since. and here comes this kid turned woman who believes she is entitled to a kingdom solely because of her bloodline. how should we expect him to understand her capabilities when this is the first time he’d ever met her? its up to her to change his mind]

do you ever think about how elodie was SO awestruck by enid and complimented her easily and probably said a lot of really encouraging and kind stuff to her and enid is sooo self-concious and isn’t used to that kind of attention

do you ever think about how enid thought she FINALLY had a friend who appreciated her and like, i bet LOVED her, only for said friend to basically tell her “jk actually it was all a lie!!!! you were the only one feeling all that!!!!!”

do you ever think about how elodie lied, yes, but not about their friendship and now their relationship has become much more complicated than she ever expected, and for all she knows enid still despises her (for good reason) and she might never get back her first and possibly only friend

because i do