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I have “Loathing” from Wicked on my VLD playlist for s1 Keith and Lance, and now I’m laughing about Lance pulling a Glinda and trying to give Keith a “Popular” makeover once they get along better.

Rant ahead

Everyone keeps telling me life gets harder. I don’t give a shit if life gets harder. Life is already hard. Everyone who tells me this knows that I feel life is already hard. What do you really think you’re accomplishing by telling me it just gets harder? Do you think I’ll suddenly drop everything and enjoy this shitshow called life? I’ll magically believe that life isn’t hard right now? Well, you’re wrong. All you’re doing is making me dread what’s to come. If life gets harder and I can’t even handle what I already have? Then what. So don’t tell me it gets harder. By now, I know that. Don’t tell me to just suck it up, because life isn’t fair. I’m a fucking child. It’s not supposed to be hard. It’s up to you, the adult, to make it easier. If you’re about to tell me to just move on because life only gets harder and then you die, I have two words for you. Fuck off.


  • me when I pass a mirror after trimming my hair the way I want it: ooh holy crap, it's me and I look good
  • me when I pass a mirror wearing my favorite hat: OH HOLY CRAP ITS ME AND I LOOK GOOD!!!!

siresnight  asked:

❛ did i not come to you on my knees with a kingdom in my hand? ❜

a   dare.    a   game.    a   blade   of   grass.    nothing,    but   those,    and   all.    a   pastime   of   hide   and   seek,    in   which   winning   is   not   an   option   &   in   all   scenarios   she   loses,    at   times   her   soul,    sometimes   her   heart   or,    even,    herself.    it’s   been   a   while   since   she   the   first   time   she   has   realized   that   forward   is   the   way    –    and   surely,    the   only   way    –    although   not   an   easy   one.          ❝     a   kingdom   without   a   queen   is   nothing   but   dust   in   history .  .  .    waiting,    begging   for   the   time   to   sweep   it   away.               the   raging   tone   is   surprising,    and   even   vanessa   is   amazed   by   the   way   the   words   choose   to   slip   from   her   lips.    he   releases   the   worst,    most   dreadful   things   there’s   in   her,    indeed.

no   more   hiding   behind   crucifixes,    no   more   whispers   as   the   night   falls   before   their   force.    her   power   is   no   bewilderment   to   her,    for   she’s   been   through   much,    hesitating   too   little.    however,   it   is   his   abilitiy,      HIS     DOMINANCE     OVER     HER     BEING     that   frightens   her   ( not   for   herself,    but   for   others ),    haunting   her   days   and   dreams.    despite   the   fear   that   consumes   her   lungs   and   anguishes   her   guts,    vanessa’s   eyebrows   come   together   in   anger   &   frustration,    urging   for   something   she   can’t   name.          ❝     that’s   my   wish   for   you,    for   all   of   this .  .  .    to   be   ephemeral.     

i. @siresnight :     DEATHLESS.

You know what I’m sick of? The world and people asking me a million questions about or nudgingly querying about or judging me about the fact that I’m not in a relationship.

Like that’s the endgame of my life. Like I am not enough just being myself. Like if I don’t find someone, I will be alone and sad forever. Like I don’t have friends and like I don’t have family and like I don’t enjoy my own company and that the world isn’t enormous and the sky isn’t full of stars and there is nothing more magical and wonderful in the world than me finding my other half.

I’m a whole person thank you very much.

I have places to see and dreams to have come true. I have stories to tell and poems to make me cry and a million sunsets to stare at in awe.

There is so so so much in the world for me.

So pls just stop asking me about finding someone gosh

Quick update: so the construction site is awesome, guys, I can’t believe it. It’s perfect. Sat there for like an hour just watching everything - looks like most of it’s automated, so it just runs 24/7, but nothing moves fast enough to be dangerous if you wanted to explore. I would’ve taken pictures ‘cept there was security everywhere and I didn’t want to use the flash on my phone to get a good shot.

Totally going back soon, though. Pics to come.

me: *sends video of the song “mine” (i’m so fucking happy you’re alive) to the guy that i lowkey have a crush on that graduated last year. but joke around too much for anyone to think i’m serious*

guy i have a crush on: it sucks not getting to see you everyday anymore

me: …*heart begins to blush even though i know he doesn’t see me the way i see him*


Humans are so boring and their ears are hideous