ugh i want to hang out with them so much can you imagine

What is it about gaming stores?

Why… are they all filthy, poorly organized, have that funk of unwashed bodies about them? They don’t look so much like a game store so much as a junker store, where, you better know what you want, and ask for it in the right way, or be treated like some horrible alien invader…

I mean… I’ve been into so many game stores, where between the body funk, and grotesque food stains on every imaginable surface and ground into the rug, it’s a wonder they can attract any kind of clientele… :P

Probably just me though… ugh…

I went to a new one today, close to my apartment because, well, I’m looking for a place to game or hang out… and… it was cramped, the counters were covered in junk, the person behind the counter didn’t even acknowledge my existence, the wares were haphazardly stacked and poorly organized… it was impossible to move safely around because of chairs and tables arranged in a manner to obstruct as many paths as possible…

Almost like they don’t want new customers…

(Archie Andrews x Reader): Quality Time

Summary: OK so Jughead is a serpent and he’s hanging out at the bar with his foster sister when Archie and Betty come looking for Jug.

A/N: I’m just really looking forward to season 2 (apologies for any spelling and grammar mistakes)

Riverdale had always been your home, but you lived on the southside of town so you didn’t really know any of the crew until Jughead moved into your house as your new foster brother. The two of you had clicked right away, and had the start of what you thought was a pretty solid friendship.

You were hanging out at the Whyte Wyrm, chatting while watching some other kids from school play pool when the bar got weirdly quiet, you looked up from the game to see a preppy redhead boy and blonde girl walk in.

“Are they lost?” You muttered to Jughead with a chuckle.

“Sadly, no, they’re with me.” He replies with a sigh.

“What?” You ask, confused as the two walked over to you.

“Jughead, I need to talk to you.” The blonde girl says before the two of them walk a few feet away to have some semblance of privacy for whatever they want to talk about.

The redhead boy awkwardly stood a few feet away from you before glancing over at you. “I’m Archie’s, Jughead’s best friend,” He says, introducing himself to the girl, feeling a need to explain why he’s here.

“(Y/N), Jughead’s foster sister.” You reply with a slight smirk.

After a moment of hesitation Archie glances over at you again, “This place is just as terrifying as I remember.”

“Yeah, we tend to do that so that preppy kids from the northside stay away.” You reply with a eyeroll.

Archie chuckles slightly, “Fair enough, I guess it is your guy’s turf. We should really stop barging in on it.”

“You really should.” You reply before turning back to watch your friends play pool. Archie just continued to stand next to you awkwardly, unsure of what to do before he glanced over to see how Betty and Jughead were doing only to see that they were making out rather intensely against a wall.

“Oh.” Archie muttered, raising his eyebrows before realizing he was staring for a bit too long and turning away, “Guess you’ll be seeing a bit more of us then.”

“Great,” You grumbled as you glanced over your shoulder at the couple before looking back at Archie, “Can’t wait.”

“Jughead, I don’t want to come with you on your stupid date.” You reply from where you’re curled up on your bed, reading your book for english class. 

Jughead crosses his arms over his chest, “Too bad. Archie’s girlfriend broke up with him and we can’t let him stay home and mope so you have to keep him company.” 

“This is a waste of my time.” You whine as you set your book down.

“Stop being grumpy. It’s not like you have to start dating him, just make small talk so that I can have some time with Betty.” Jughead replies, “Please?” He begs, giving you that stupid puppy-dog look.

“Ugh, fine.” You reply as you push yourself off of your bed and walk over to your closet and grab your coat out, “I’m the best foster sister in existence. 

“Yes, yes you are.” He replies with a grin as he leads the way out of your room. 

“So I heard your girlfriend broke up with you,” You say as you slide into the booth across from Archie once you get to Pops.

“Uh- um…” He stutters out, looking over at you, confused as to why you’re here, as well as why you’re bringing that up.

“That sucks.” You finish as you glance over at him.

“How do you know that?” He asks, “And why are you here?”

“Jug.” You state simply, “On both accounts. I’m here to keep you company or whatever since you got dumped so that you don’t ruin things for the happy couple.” You add with a nod towards the booth a few down that Jughead and betty are sitting in, “Which seems kind of dumb.”

“Good to know that my friends don’t want to hang out with me.”

“This is what they were trying to avoid- shit- I probably shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Probably not,” Archie mutters before looking up at you, “But at least you were honest. They’re trying to be nice but I’d rather they just talked to me about it.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“My ex? There’s not much to tell. She was the new girl, really rich, and left me to be with the other resident rich girl, Cheryl.”

“Your girlfriend left you for Cheryl Blossom? That’s harsh.”

“Better than stringing me along though.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Anyway, since Jughead and Betty are fine now it looks like we’re going to be spending a lot more time together.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind too much if you keep your All-American thing to a minimum around me.”

“I’ll try my best.” He replies with a chuckle.

Maybe this won’t be the worst thing ever.

#16 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 , Part 15

I had writer’s block with this part so I hope it made sense. It’s a long read (~4k) with heaps of dialogue so yeah… I hope you all enjoy this and as always, any feedback is appreciated <3

Which doctor are you going to?

The one on the main street, opposite the big shopping centre. Call me if you can’t find it. 

Being alone in the office, Jay took out his phone and replied to her message. Jay looked at the three clocks that were hung in the office. One for Seoul, Seattle and New York. Oh how he wished, time would stop in all three countries. He looked through his previous messages from you as he scrolled up he noticed a pattern. The messages were mostly sent from you and he rarely replied back. He didn’t realise how much of an asshole he had been. Until now. Now he wished he could turn back time. 

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We’re So Different, You And I

Summary: While you and Peter are having one of your usual quarrels, Felix sees you both and comments on how opposite you two are.

Word Count:  876

Warnings: None

Inspired by the song Bitter Winter by San Cisco

“How could you say that?” You asked, bewildered.

“What? It’s the truth!” Peter shot back.

The two of you were sitting on the ground in a clearing in the forest. You were leaning against a tree with your back to the bark, and Peter’s legs were laying on top of yours so the two of you formed perpendicular lines.

“So, let me get this straight: you don’t believe in karma? Like, at all?”

Peter just shook his head. “Definitely not. If I want something, I get it. If I do something that someone considers bad, then that’s their problem. I live a life with of no regrets.”

You scoffed, and pushed his legs off of yours.

“Hey, what was that for?” He asked, leaning forward.

You pulled your knees to your chest instead. “I just don’t see how you can think that way. Like your actions don’t have any consequences.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Y/N, you can’t blame me. I’m a king, remember?”

Now you rolled your eyes. “Mmhm, yep, a king. Definitely. You’re a king. You, who has all the striking characteristics and nobility of, what, a criminal?”

He grinned at this description. “So what, my kingdom is a little…unorthodox.”

You gave him a look. “Your kingdom is a bunch of scraggly-looking juvenile delinquents.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Peter leaned back on his hands, absorbing the sunlight, and this time you stretched and crossed your legs over his. He placed a hand on your knee and started tracing light circles on your skin with his thumb. This, despite Peter’s big-headed nature, made you smile.

His sun bathing came to a halt when a big cloud moved in front of the sun, and you saw the sky slowly turning more and more gray.

“We should probably head in soon. I think it’s going to rain.”

Peter wrinkled his nose. “Ugh. I hate the rain. It smells all gross and then gets all humid. If I was the king of not only Neverland but also Neverland’s weather, I would make it endless sun, all day, every day.”

This boy. Honestly. Two words: mind-boggling.

How in the world do you hate the rain? It’s one of the most beautiful things about nature!”

He just shrugged.

“Plus,” you added, “you wouldn’t have any of your luscious green trees if it was only sun all the time.”

Peter shook his head again. “Nope. Don’t care. Not worth it. Another thing I’d do if I controlled topography: I’d make all of Neverland one big beach.”

You piled your head in your hands, exasperated with his horrible opinions on geography and natural (and spiritual) occurrences. “Your beliefs are whack.”

It was at this moment you heard rustling and saw Felix step out into the clearing. He was holding a dead bird in one hand, and his bow and arrow in the other.

The second he saw you two, he started smirking. “What, are you to at it again?”

“At what?” You and Peter asked in unison.

“The bickering!” Felix exclaimed. “It’s all we’re forced to hear! Every single day! ‘Oh, no, Peter, primrose is not nearly as poisonous as poison ivy!’ 'Oh, yes, Y/N, it is!’” Felix mocked both of your voices.

You narrowed your eyes at the tall blonde boy. “Don’t you have other things to be doing right now, Felix?” You gestured to the bird.

“Oh, this bird?” Felix held it up. “He was actually alive when I got here, but I think you two’s dumb fighting killed him.”

“Shut up!” You and Peter both said again at the same time.

“Fine!” Felix retorted. “But for the love of all that is holy, please settle your match here. The kids don’t need to see that kind of violence.”

That was ironic, considering the Lost Boys were out right now playing a game called “Whirl the Squirrel”, which, yes, was exactly as gross and vile a game as it sounded.

“Thank you very much, Felix. Off you go.” Peter shooed him away with his hand.

“No one understands why you two are together! You’re polar oppooossiittteeesss!” Felix called back, and then he was gone.

You thought for a moment, as Peter resumed the circle-tracing on your leg. “I mean, he’s got a point.”

“Okay, Y/N, I was confusing primrose with white snakeroot, I really thought we already settled this-”

You whacked his arm. “No, not that! I meant about the opposites thing.”

Peter paused. “Oh. Well, I mean. I guess.”

You waited for a further answer, but when there was nothing, you questioned, “And? That doesn’t concern you at all?”

He turned to you, his big, green eyes so familiar and comforting you could look into them for hours. “Y/N,” he started, “If I wanted someone like me, I’d just hang out with myself.”

You smiled, and just as you did, the first raindrop fell down right on the tip of Peter’s nose. You leaned in and kissed where it had landed, and Peter grinned, his eyebrows flicking up suggestively as the rain started to come down harder.

He leaned in, kissing you harder and pinning you against the ground.

“Peter!” You pulled back, laughing. “We’re gonna be soaked by the time we get back to camp!”

Peter, in response, just cocked his head to the side, looking down at you with pure adornment and want. “You know what? I think I kind of like the rain now.”

ah i was just in a fluff mood and wanted to write something original and light to break up some of the request one shots! i hope you guys like these types of short, pointless imagines-they’re so fun to write! as always, thank you for reading. i will never understand why you do! xoxo

Work Sucks

Just a little something to help boost my morale (kind of) after a rough weekend at work. Regular requests will resume tomorrow.

“UGH,” you groaned, slamming your front door shut.

You leaned against the door, shutting your eyes. It was currently five minutes to midnight on Father’s Day. Your boss had you work the whole weekend, expecting it to be slow at the small Mom and Pop Diner. Your boss had been completely wrong. Four unplanned parties, two Big Buck orders, and only one employee to shuffle back and forth: you. It didn’t help that you had to sweep and mop the entire store aside from restocking, dishwashing, and garbage, Needless to say, two double shifts in a row had  your body protesting quite loudly. It didn’t care how much you got in tips.

“Need a beer?” a gruff voice asked.

Your eyes snapped open. Your alert eased when you realized it was Dean Winchester. Playfully, you arched a brow at him.

“Honey, I could drink the whole damn store.”
He laughed. “That so?”

Dean turned back toward your kitchen. You smirked while slumping over to the couch. You plopped into the old piece of furniture with a squeak. A moment later, he handed you a beer bottle.

“So, no Sam?” you queried, “Or is he somewhere with my dad?”

Dean cocked his head, lifting your feet to sit on the couch. He took a sip of his own beer nodding.

“Yeah. Bobby and Sam went on a supply run.”
You smirked. “What are you hunting this time?”
Dean shook his head. “Eh, doesn’t matter. I wanna know why you’re so frustrated.”
“Dean-” you sighed.
“Uh uh. I want to hear what’s going on,” he insisted.
You let out a sigh with a smirk. “If you must know, Mr. Winchester, it has to do with my normal, provincial life job. Think you can handle listening to something so boring?”
Dean chuckled. “Yeah. I think I can handle it.”
You lowered your gaze. “I’m exhausted. I’ve worked two doubles in two days without so much as a lunch break because there wasn’t a break in the line. And, I was the only one available to wait on people today because I must be some horrible daughter not to hang out with my father on Father’s Day. 

“If I’m not a horrible daughter, I’d be a terrible employee even though I work my ass off only for my boss to get all snivelly and nitpicky and condescending about everything. I mean, I’m not going to say I’m the best worker, ‘cause I’m not, but I know how to do my job. Why can’t my boss just trust me to do my job, and why am I the only one willing to work these shifts? How is that even possible? I just want to sleep! Is that so much to ask? And maybe don’t treat me like I’m a 5 year old. That’d be a nice change in pace.”

Dean just watched with a slow nodding. He knew you’d rather just lay everything out before he said a word. He learned that the first time when the two of you ended up wrestling in your dad’s library because he had tried to offer some advice before you were done. That resulted in you taking it wrong, and the wrestling ensued. He arched a brow at your silence. You rolled your eyes and nodded.

“Well, you know you work hard?”
You nodded.
“Has your boss mentioned it?”
“Once or twice.”
“Have you mentioned the exhaustion?”
“About a month ago. Nothing’s changed.”
“Then,” Dean started with a wry smile, “quit. Your boss can take it and shove it up their ass.”

Your eyes widened as you looked at Dean with shock. This was not his usual response. He patted your leg, smile, and took a sip of beer. This only served to further confuse you.

“Where is Dean and what have you done with him?”
“What?” Dean inquired dramatically, “Would you rather I tell you to punch your way out of it?”
“No…It’s just a little suspicious that you’re making sense.”
He smirked. “Well, you gave your boss a chance. Maybe you need to stop giving them a million second chances.”

You started to shake your head while a smirk continued to grow across your face. Dean formed a lopsided grin as he took a sip in victory. You slowly sat up just as your heard the front door being fiddled with. Catching Dean’s eyes, you smirked deviously. He easily caught on the second the door opened.

“Y/N don’t-”
“Dad! I’m quitting my job because Dean told me to!” you yelled.
“The hell you are!”

Dean slapped his face in exasperation as your dad and Sam hurried into the living room. You were laughing. Sam couldn’t help but smirk slightly as his brother shook his own. You knew once you explained yourself, your dad would support you. In the moment, however, it was too funny to see your dad angry at Dean.

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Feeling Alive- Part 6

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Where the Sky Hangs OR Strip That Down

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 7/?: Where the Sky Hangs

Word count: 2590

Back up in the word count and racing ever onwards! Although I’m only halfway through chapter twelve, so I might have to ease off the gas a bit (not to mention my other fics are crying out for attention), but don’t worry- we’re going to get to the end of this! But, for now, simply enjoy ;)

The next week, an unexpected heatwave rolls across the country: weather forecasters fan themselves, insisting it’s just a flash in the pan, and the students stumbling into the library at all hours now carry sunglasses and moan about the missed opportunities outside. Trapped in your office during shifts, you can’t help but sympathise. Still, the discomfort is almost worth it for the moment you come through the door each evening, kicking off your shoes and pulling on a pair of shorts with the windows thrown open and music blasting from your laptop. A certain someone, however, is not enjoying it at all.

B: I’m melting

You’re slowly recalibrating your brain from James to Bucky. Changing his name in your contacts helped a bit.

B: I hate this

B: this is hell

In fact, you get a message complaining about the heat pretty much every day. It’s like a regular touch-base; something to be expected. It makes you feel a whole different kind of warm inside.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could you please do a Barry Allen imagine where the reader is friends with Team Flash but doesn't know that Barry is the Flash. The reader is a veterinarian and the team needs her help with a shape shifting meta

i was really going for that patty or linda type of vibe, because they too didn’t know about barry’s speedy whereabouts 

if being a veterinarian didn’t scream I love animals enough, the 5 dogs dragging her down the street sure as hell did. she entered jitters, papers and leashes in hands as she stumbled up to the board she usually hung up the lost and found posters. she did this in many places, her heart ached for all the missing pets and she was desperate to find all of them homes. barry watched from where he was seated with iris, the girl quickly following his gaze to see y/n admiring her work, legs tied up with various colored dog leashes. actually everyone in the shop was looking at her, you tend to attract attention when 5 huge animals are following you around.

barry smiled at her as she finally turned around, y/n waving to the two as she made her way to their table. “hey you guys!” she exclaimed cheerfully, it even made barry wonder if he’s ever seen the girl sad. she was always smiling, no — glowing. she was always glowing.

“hey, y/n. that’s a new one, right?” iris asked, pointing to the smallest of the pack.

“yes! just hung up posters, i’m hoping to find his owners soon. i’m trying my best not to get attached, he’s just so cute.”

“hey iris, could you give us a minute?” barry said, earning confused looks from both of the women, but iris nodded and got up to get some more coffee. y/n immediately felt uneasy, being left alone with the man. see, she was kind of really into him and just having him look directly at her made her cheeks burn. “would you like to have dinner on friday?”

“with you? like you and me? like barry allen and y/n y/l/n?

“haha yes, is that so bad?”

“no!” her cheeks turned even a darker shade of red, barry finding it incredibly cute while y/n wanted to hang herself in shame. “i mean yes! i would like to have dinner with you!”

“had me worried there for a moment.” he flashed her another smile. “i’ll pick you up at 7.”

a man turning into a cheetah in front of his own two eyes did score to the top of five of the weirdest things barry has ever seen.

“ugh guys, the meta can shape shift into animals.” he huffed into his com link as he tried his best to avoid getting ripped into shreds by the predators jaws. “how the hell— it disappeared!” barry stopped, looking around the place, only to find that the giant cat evaporated into thin air.

“so it can shape shift and go invisible? that makes no sense.” cisco muttered back the flash.

“or it didn’t go invisible— aha!” barry smirked to himself as he noted a spider crawling up his arm, but before he could do anything there was a giant lizard hanging from his forearm, latching onto his suit. “a lizard, seriously?” barry groaned, trying to shake the giant reptile of himself, but the shape shifter held on, letting go of the hero’s arm only after he took a giant bite of flesh with him. barry yelled out in pain, once again looking around that the villain disappeared.

“barry, what happened?” caitlin barely managed to squeeze out her worry before the flash was stood in front of her in the cortex, blood flooding from his arm. “oh my god.” as caitlin desperately tried to stop barry from bleeding out more, wrapping a second roll of gauze around his arm she also gave him stern look, seeing that the boy couldn’t hold still.

“so it was just a big lizard? that’s it?”

“yes. big and toothy, that’s it. what time is it?” caitlin frowned at his concern of time rather than his wound. “i have a date today with y/n.”

“that cute vet that always has at least 3 dogs with her everywhere she goes?” cisco piped up, wiggling his eyebrows at his friend.

“yeah, i have to pick her up—” he tried to stand up, his legs giving up on him as he stumbled for caitlin to catch him.

“i don’t think you can go, barry. what if the bite was poisonous, quick healing or not, I need to check your wound again, I don’t know much about animal bites.” the doctor scolded him, sitting him back down on the bed, but before he could respond his entire body started shaking. “he’s having a seizure, oh my god, cisco!” caitlin franticly yelled, rushing to the hero’s side to seduce him. cisco didn’t even ask caitlin if it was a good idea, he was already taking barry’s phone to call y/n.

“hey y/n, what do you know about reptiles?”

“please don’t ask questions, this is urgent.” caitlin explained as y/n followed her down the lab, her best dress hugging her curves perfectly, makeup half done and worn out sneakers scrunching as she was still getting ready for her and barry’s date when cisco called her. “do you think you could identify a sample of poison so I could make a remedy?”

“I hope so, cisco mentioned lizards?”

“ah, yes. the poison came from a lizard bite.”

“was it big?”


“like really big, like the largest lizard you’ve ever seen?”

“I think so, can’t really ask barry to confirm since he had a seizure and passed out—”


“I— yeah.” caitlin face palmed as she realized what she’s done. “just, can you help?”

“it was probably a komodo dragon then, for a long time it was thought that they infect with bacteria, but it’s actually plain old venom. how long has it been since the bite? people usually bleed out before the venom even gets them.” caitlin didn’t answer, she was already looking trough cabinets for the ingredients, cisco telling her the right measurements as he had already looked up the medicine while the two women talked.

y/n stood there awkwardly before following them into a room where caitlin injected barry with the cure. barry that was dressed as the flash. barry that was the flash. she frowned, trying to come up with a single reason why he could be wearing that. and how he was still alive with the pile of gauze wrapped around his arm.

he stirred. and then opened his eyes, squinting immediately to the harsh light, but nevertheless he was up and very much alive.

“aye good to see you, buddy, take it easy.” cisco patted him on the shoulder as he sat up, giving him a weak smile only for his eyes to land on y/n. “oh, yeah. we called y/n.”

“you called y/n.” caitlin interjected, crossing her arms on her chest.

“and you told her.” cisco shot back.

“I can just go, it’s no problem—”

“no!” barry stood up, caitlin trying to catch him yet again, but he held up his hands, signifying that he was okay.

“so, you’re the flash?” y/n smiled up at him as barry laughed, nodding a yeah.

“and you helped save me while looking so good?”

“not really, it was all cisco and caitlin, but hey, at least you didn’t stand me up.”

“I wouldn’t dare, it took me such a long time to gather up the courage to ask you out. I’m sorry it turned out this way.”

“you kidding? best day ever, I saw a dude survive a komodo dragon bite! where the hell did you even find a lizard?”

“how about I tell you all about it during dinner?”

anonymous asked:

You know the shower pic from ED in which they're splashing water happily? I want the beach episode they cut from the show! (Victor in a skimpy speedo am I right??)

AAAA HELLO! I want you to know that the Skimpy Speedo!Viktor is the more accurate headcanon I had ever heard. 

I don’t know if you wanted them to be at Hasetsu’s beach…but I changed it a bit! They went on vacation together :D (honeymoon, maybe?) Thanks for requesting! 

“What do you mean it isn’t a nudist beach??“

“Viktor, we talked about this”

“But Yuuri…I don’t want to get a tan line!”

“Love, I don’t know where the nearest nudist beach is, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near”

“Any beach can be a nudist beach if you try hard enough”

“Please, Viktor, all I ask for is peaceful holidays. I don’t want to get arrested”

“Well, I’ll take my speedo then”

“Honey, no”

Viktor packed his favorite red speedo. The skimpiest one, with a material so thin it let little to imagination. And Yuuri felt ready burry himself some few kilometers under the hot sand.

“Yuuri! Babe! Look at Makka splashing on the water!! Take us a picture!!”

The entirety of the beach was staring at him. How couldn’t they? Not every day you get to see someone as hot as Viktor fricking Nikiforov almost completely naked. Unless, of course, you are his husband. And instead of staring, his husband was shamefully covering his eyes.

“Viktor, put something on please”

“What’s the matter?” he asked, titling his head innocently like a little kid, but pointing at his crotch at the same time “it’s completely covered!”

“Viktor, it jiggles

“No it doesn’t!” he snorted, completely ignoring his husbands pleads, and the curious eyes of almost every other human at the shore’s area “Come on Makka!! Let’s go to the sea!!”

As Yuuri saw him running towards the water with the dog, he confirmed that it did, indeed, jiggle.

After a while though, when Viktor got himself deeper into the sea and let the water censor his holy parts, Yuuri calmed down a bit.

Unlike his husband, he wasn’t really a fan of exhibitionism, and he preferred to stay clothed for the occasion. Of course he was wearing his trunks, but his short-sleeved sweatshirt never left his body, and the mystery novel he had been reading never let his curious fingers.

“Yuuri, come swim with me!” Viktor called out for him from the sea, spitting a mouthful of salty water “The water is lovely! Aren’t you hot?”

“Uhm not really” He kind of was though, and the small drops of sweat beginning to form at his hairline gave him away “Maybe in a while”

“Nooo but, babe! I want to swim with you!”

“And I want my butt to stay sand-less, thank you very much”

“Yuuri!!” The water was rather wavy that day, and as Viktor complained, a wave hit him on the back of the head and got him choking on horrible sea water. Of course, Yuuri laughed “That’s not funny!”

“Believe me, it is” He said, putting his book apart on the sand.

“Are you going to swim with me or what?” Viktor insisted, and Makkachin barked behind him approvingly.

“I don’t know…”

“Come on!!”

Yuuri sighed, giving up, and taking off his glasses.

“Yes!! You’ll see how nice and fresh the water is!!”

He let the cloth of his sweatshirt slide down his arms, and he suddenly felt vulnerable. Viktor was right, any beach could be a nude beach since, right then, Yuuri felt naked. He knew he wasn’t in a tight, flashy speedo, but he also knew his body wasn’t as pleasing to look at as was Viktor’s was. Viktor didn’t have stretchmarks, Viktor didn’t have that little lump of fat between his hip and his ribs he just COULDN’T get rid of, and Viktor’s skin had neither pimples nor hair in awkward places. Viktor’s skin was flawless, pale and smooth, reflecting the sun with more intensity than the water, making him shine like some kind of treasure the current had pushed to the shore. He was beautiful. Waiting for him, with the water hanging around his hips, the waves hitting his back every now and then and leaving a halo of white foam around his stomach. White, but not as white as the blinding shine of his hair, and the perfect teeth of his heart-shaped smile.

“It’s cold” Yuuri shivered, head sunk between his tense shoulders, and a foot beginning to test the waters.

“No it’s not!” Viktor reached his arms forwards for him “Come on, don’t be a chicken!”

“Ugh I’m not a chicken” the way he wrapped his arms around his own body, covering from both the cold and the stares, said otherwise.

“Prove it, then” Viktor took his hand in his, slowly pulling him forwards and deeper into the sea “See? It’s not that bad”

Yuuri hissed, from the cold of the water reaching the sensitivity of his crotch and his stomach, and the freezing skin of his husband’s hands. Hands, that as soon as he was close enough, sunk their fingers on the flesh of his hips. Grabbing him, pulling him closer, forcing him into the fresh embrace of the ocean.

A small wave raised the water’s level almost all the way up their chests, and Yuuri threw himself onto Viktor’s arms, clinging from his shoulders like a kitten thrown in a bathtub, trying to keep himself as dry as possible.

“Easy there” Viktor giggled, taking advantage of the situation by hugging him close against his chest “You’ll get used to it, you just need to…” he cupped a handful of water in his hand, and splashed it on top of his dark hair “…get a bit wet!”

“Ah, fuck!” Yuuri yelped, jumping in his place, but never getting away from the embrace “I hate you!”

“You don’t” Viktor chuckled softly and pushed his hair back “You love me”

Yuuri hummed, clinging onto him with his life, wanting to absorb the heat under his freezing skin.

Makkachin got out of the sea and shook the water away, deciding to nap on the warm sand instead,  yet always keeping a guardian eye on his owners from afar.

“See? Even Makka is cold” Yuuri mocked.

“No he’s not. He’s just giving us some privacy” He smirked and planted salty kiss on his mouth, letting the lulling sway of the waves rock them to their gentle beat.

Yuuri felt an awkward clash of temperatures, from the coldness of the sea and Viktor’s icy skin, and its contrast with the swelling heat of his mouth and the blush beginning to spread on his own cheeks. Only then, pressed so close against him, feeling the naked skin of his thighs against him, he remembered they were almost naked. Only then, he began to get the tingles of modesty in him. And, only then, he could allow himself to turn that modesty into excitement, heat, the sensuality of the encounter and the roaming hands on his skin.

He deepened the kiss, greedily, wanting more of that bittersweet shame that tasted so good on his lips. Of course, Viktor complied, kneeling a little bit and sinking their bodies further into the water, enjoying how Yuuri heated up the touch in response to the cold. He was overwhelmed. High, on the smothering hum of the ocean, the scent of salt and seaweed, submerged into the surreal reality that was their wet, slippery skins.

When Viktor’s lips aimed for his neck, however, Yuuri had to protest.

“Hmm, we should leave that for later” he said against his own will “when we get back to the cottage”

“Why?” Viktor didn’t stop, at all, as he didn’t really got more objections “We are quite far from the shore”

“You never know when a snorkeling kid will pop up right beside you” They laughed and pressed the cold tips of their noses together “But I promise that, once we get back to our room…” he leaned into his ear, and heated his breath on purpose as he whispered “…you won’t want to keep that speedo on any longer”

None of them was cold anymore. At all.

When the sun began to set, the couple decided to go for a walk through the shore. They held hands, occasionally swinging their arms back and forth, or picking up the nicest seashells they came across the way. Because of the sandy wind (and maybe a bit of Yuuri’s pleads) Viktor had put on and old shirt, long enough to cover the speedo. Needless to say, his husband was grateful. And  so they both enjoyed the dreamlike paradise, that perfect entelechy: the roars of the waves and the coast’s wind blowing on their ears, the soft sand under their feet, and the thin layer of water reflecting the sunset, making them feel like they were splashing on a mirror. 

Makkachin was right behind them, his curly hair a mess, tangled and hardened by the sand.

They walked absentmindedly, way too lost in the moment to check the time. And, by the moment they realized, they were a few kilometers away from their beach umbrella.

“Hmm, we should get back” Yuuri let go of his hand to hug him by the waist instead, resting his head on his shoulder “night is about to fall”

“Yeah, you are right” Viktor kissed the top of his head, feeling the exhaustion of the day beginning to kick in, as they turned around to walk the way back. Of course, Makkachin follow obediently “I’m sort of tired”

“Me too. I can’t wait to get to the cottage and bathe…I have sand literally everywhere”

Viktor chuckled, tracing his fingers gently through the skin of his forearm.

“Maybe we can shower together” he gripped his shoulder tighter, massaging it a bit, sensually “How does that sound?”

“Pretty good” Yuuri purred, looking upwards and onto the beautiful sunset. But he wasn’t looking at the sky. He was looking at the glint of Viktor’s eyes, reflecting the last rays of sun. He was looking at the pink and orange lights tainting his messy hair like watercolors. He was looking at his smile, how genuinely pleased he looked, at ease, so much calmer than during practices and competitions. He was suddenly filled with a random sprout of love, bubbling and burning, almost painful, and he just had to stop middle track and kiss him.

He did it slowly, sweetly, titling his head to the side and letting his lips mold to Viktor’s, lose their shape and their shame, as he melted onto the touch.

However, as he took his hands to cup his cheeks, he immediately retracted them and broke the kiss, looking at Viktor with bugged eyes.

“Honey, your face!” he touched it again, this time with his knuckles “It’s burning!!”

“Is it?” Viktor blinked, taking his own hand to his forehead “I don’t feel it”

“Viktor…did you use sunblock?”


“Oh my fucking god” Yuuri sunk his head in his hands, already picturing his husband as red as a ripe tomato, not even beginning to tell where the speedo ended anymore “Your skin will turn so red in a few hours!! It’ll peel!!”

“It won’t, trust me! I know my skin!”

“Love, your skin is so thin and pale! It’ll hurt…a lot!”

Viktor snorted, rolling his eyes, and continued to walk his way to the cottage.



Yuuri didn’t know if he should laugh or cry out of the inevitable “I told you so” frustration, as he squeezed more aloe cream onto his hand and rubbed it on his husbands back. He decided to go for the first option, and laugh through all the process.

“Stay still, Vitya” He giggled. Was he teasing him? Viktor didn’t know, he just suffered “it won’t feel better if you don’t treat it”

“I look like a shrimp” Viktor whined, looking at the bright, furious read all over his skin. He pressed a finger on his arm, watching how the white print of his fingers turned pinkish once again as he let go “Ouch! I hate this!!”

“You said you didn’t want to get a tan line?” Yuuri took a mischievous finger to the elastic of Viktor’s boxers, and pulled it down a little to reveal a blinding-white pale butt.

“Hey!!” He tried to slap his hands away, but the contact hurt and his husband laughed even harder “You are so mean to me!!”

“You should have listened to me this morning when I told you to use sunblock” He fondly kissed his cheek, and watched the white stamp of his lips drawing on the hot skin “You still look cute though”

“I do??” Viktor smiled, full of hope.

“Well, cute for a shrimp”


thanks for reading yay!

Our little secret ♡ Ethan {smut}

Summary: You’re sexually frustrated since you’re single again and your ex-boyfriend looks a lot like Ethan. He kind of REALLY turns you on, which leads to an unexpected night.

Requested: Yes!

Weeks had passed by since you and your ex-boyfriend had broken up. You guys had dated for a little longer than two years and since the day he had dumped you, you were heart broken.

You had loved him a lot and he really had meant something special to you, but unfortunately the spark had disappeared and it hadn’t been the same between you two anymore the last few months. From time to time you were still very sad but you tried to keep in mind that time healed almost everything.

To forget your despressed thoughts and feelings you started hanging out more with one of your best friends: Ethan Dolan. You were the same age (although he looked way older than you) and you guys had become best friends since you started dating your (now) ex-boyfriend: his brother, Grayson. Of course you didn’t like it that they were twins and spent most of their time together, but luckily they both had their own apartment so you almost never saw him.

Apart from the fact that you sometimes felt sad about the breakup, you also (and you hated to admit it) felt sexually frustrated. Sex with Grayson was more than great and his body was one of the things you also had been craving since you were single again. And knowing that Ethan looked a lot like Grayson didn’t really help either. But you tried to ignore your annoying hormones; the last thing that you wanted was ruining your friendship with Ethan. He made you feel better and you appreciated that.

You had been spending time with Ethan for the entire day. In the morning he had picked you up and you went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Shirtless Ethan was a sight you didn’t want to miss - although it had kind of turned you on. Time flied by and before you knew it you had been staying there till late in the afternoon. After that you ate pizza at a local restaurant and now you were sitting in Ethan’s car, he driving to his house.

As the radio was playing loud music and the wind that came through the open window was playing with Ethan’s hair, you felt the sudden urge to grab his face and kiss him. When his strong fingers tighten the grip around the wheel, you have to look out of your window to hide your red cheeks. You can’t help but imagine how those hands would feel tracing your body or gripping your thighs. You immediately ignore that thought. How could you even think about that? For God’s sake, it was Ethan! You were disgusted with yourself. You didn’t want to do any of the stuff that was crossing your dirty mind right now… or did you?

When you arrive at Ethan’s apartment the sun had already set. Ethan opens the door and puts his car keys on the table. ‘So… Do you want to watch a movie or something?’ he asks. He stretches his back and arms and you notice his muscles tense underneath his tight shirt.

No. You didn’t want that. Or maybe you did want that, but it wasn´t a good idea. ‘Yeah, sure.’ The words had slipped your mouth before you could stop yourself. You hang your jacket up and throw yourself on the couch. ‘I’m ready,’ you smile and look at Ethan. He chuckles and shakes his head.

‘No Y-N… I meant upstairs.’ He plants his hands on the side of the couch, his head hovering above yours. ‘Oh. But I´m sooo tired. I don’t want to move. I can’t.’ You yawn and turn your body so that you get to lay on your belly, your face hidden between the pillows. Maybe you didn’t had those dirty thoughts if you didn’t see Ethan. Oh, who were you fooling?

Suddenly you feel two warm hands touching the skin just above your hips and Ethan quickly lifts you up like you didn’t weigh anything. ‘I guess I’ll have to carry you then.’ Ethan laughs and at first you think he’s joking, but before you know it he presses you against his chest and holds you like a baby in his big arms. ‘I guess you should,’ you say, cheeks pressed between Ethan’s shirt and arm.

It was almost completely dark in Ethan’s room, only a bit of light coming from the open window. It had already started to twilight. Your heart was pounding against your chest. Were you really the only one who was thinking more of this than just ‘carrying your friend’? The second he had entered the silent room the atmosphere had become very intimate.

His heavenly body scent and his soft breathing was turning you on and you couldn’t help it. Ethan slowly walks up to his bed and carefully puts you down, looking at you with big eyes. But instead of getting up he sets himself down next to you, his chin resting on his elbow that was placed next to your head. His presence so close next to you was making your nervous. His face was just a few inches removed from yours.

‘Ethan?’ you ask in a soft whisper. It didn’t felt right to speak out loud in this dark and silent room, afraid that this was all just a dream. ‘Hm?’ he murmurs, tucking your hair behind your ear. ‘There is no TV here,’ you say, trying to hold your giggle. ‘I know,’ he says, his face dead serious. You bite your lip. ‘So why did you brought me here, then?’ It is quiet for a moment, the silence filling up the tiny space that was still left between you.

You hope he couldn’t hear your heart beating like crazy. Instead of answering your question, he said something really unexpected. ‘Did I ever tell you how attractive I think you are?’ Ethan asks. ‘Ethan…’ you say slowly. Did he… like you? Or was this how every friend spent evenings together? In a dark room, almost laying on top of each other?

At first you hesitate, but his intentions were obviously clear. You lay a hand onto his cheek, feeling his pointy jaw against the inside of your hand. ‘Thank you,’ you respond almost inaudible, afraid that your voice would crack. You feel something tickle between your thighs when Ethan leans in and presses his lips hard against yours.

He puts his left hand on your neck, his long fingers slowly trailing down to your stomach and then to your thighs. He opens your lips and slides his tongue between them, deepening the kiss. His hand slowly crawls to your private area, only your jeans seperating from the place where your secretly wanted him the most. You try to stop him when he starts sucking your neck gently, but a loud gasp escapes from your mouth. Ethans lips curl into a proud smile.

You knew you shouldn’t be doing this. It just wasn’t right. Oh, but it felt so right… Every part from your body wanted him, but you were still convinced that this wasn’t a good idea. Ugh, you were so conflicted with yourself. ‘Ethan,’ you warn him when you feel him hardening against your thigh. ‘We shouldn´t do this,’ you whisper out of breath. Ethan pulls back. ‘Why not? Your body is telling me something else  Y/N, and you know it too,’ he grins seductively.

You chuckle. ‘I know. But it’s just… I don’t know. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I love you, but as a friend.’ Ethan entwines your fingers with his, sqeezing gently. ‘I understand what you’re saying. But what if we just keep this by one time, and one time only? Only you and me have to know about this. It can be our little secret. It doesn’t have to mean anything.’

You sigh, feeling relieved that he thought about it the same way you did. ‘Alright. But only this once, E.’ ‘Sure. But only if you want, Y/N. I don’t want to push you into anything, you know that right? I’ll respect your decision.’ You nod. ‘You actually have no idea how much I want this right now.’ Ethan’s lips curl into a smile as he bites his lips. God, why was he so sexy? 

You undo yourself from your clothes quickly and so does Ethan. Then you get comfortable in his bed why he puts a condom on. ‘You sure this is okay?’ Ethan asks for the third time this night. ‘Yes, E. It’s totally fine,’ you reassure him with a smile. He settles himself between your legs and places himself at your entrance. His arms were resting on each side of you.

He kisses you one last time and then enters you slowly, still making sure you were comfortable. You suck in a deep breath as your walls widen around him. ‘Hold on. It’ll get better soon,’ Ethan says calmly. He was right. After some time the pain fades away and he starts slowly thrusting into you. You let out a soft whimper and squeeze your legs against his hips.

‘Oh shit. You feel so good, Y/N,’ Ethan whispers in your ear, causing you to get goose bumps on your arms. He starts picking up the speed and slams his hips hard against yours on a steady rythm. You moan softly as he burries his face into your neck, sometimes leaving a wet kiss on your shoulder. His hair tickles against your cheeks and you grab his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. ‘Fuck…’ you desperately cry out. You look up to the ceiling as you throw your head back. God, how you had missed this amazing feeling.

‘Yeah, you like that, don’t you? I’m going to make you cum so hard,’ Ethan pants, his voice dripping of lust. Your hands trail down to his back, grabbing his shoulders and muscles. He lets out a loud groan as you scrape your nails up and down his strong and smooth back. You cry out embarrassing moans as you buck your hips upward.

‘Eth… Please,’ you whine when you feel yourself slowly reaching your orgasm. ‘I know, I know. Me too,’ Ethan responds breathlessly, lifting his face from your shoulder so your eyes meet. Your lips form an wide ‘o’ as a heavenly sensation spreads through your whole body, your legs and hands shaking. The orgasm wrecks your whole body as you feel Ethans member throbbing against your clit.

Ethan closes his eyes and frowns his eyebrows, a concentrating look on his face as he tries to hold his thrusts steady. The only sound is coming from Ethans hips and his member slamming into your core. The fact you were reaching your climax at the same time as Ethan was so erotic and you secretly loved it.

Ethan’s hair sticks to his forehead from sweating but it made him even more sexier than he already was. His thrusts get sloppier as he breaths unsteady into your neck. After he had slowly brought his movements to a stop he lowers his body on top of yours. You enjoy his naked skin against yours. When he lifts his face up you notice that his lips were all swollen and red; probably from biting them the whole time.

It takes a few minutes before you guys had get yourself together and Ethan props himself back onto his elbows. ‘Thank you,’ he says. ‘No, thank you,’ you chuckle. Ethan smiles and pulls out. He moves his body to the right so he gets to lay next to you, looking at you with a goofy smile. ‘So, what about that movie?’

Backyardigans / Cole Sprouse (brother x reader)

Hey, would you be able to write an imagine where the reader is Cole and Dylan’s little sister and she hasn’t seen Cole in ages since he has been away working on set. Dylan and Dayna hold like a small family dinner party or something and the reader sees Cole for the first time in months and it’s just rlly sweet cos he’s really protective of her and yeah lots of fluff, if that’s okay? And I’m love with your writing btw💞💞x

Warnings: idk. Fluff, I guess.

Word Count: 1,923

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Dayna Frazer, Matthew Sprouse


—- —-

You sat cross-legged on your bed, your laptop in front of you as you typed away, trying to finish your English and Lit class assignment before the 11:59pm  due date. (You procrastinated a lot. It was a bad habit). Taking a deep breath, you looked at your word count and let out a massive groan, starting to hit the keys a little harder. Sighing, you shut your laptop, getting off your bed and stretching your arms above your head. You grabbed your phone and then headed downstairs to the kitchen, seeing Dylan and his girlfriend, Dayna.

“Hey there, lovebirds.” You walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and looking for something to eat. You furrowed your eyebrows, hearing Dayna and Dylan whispering to each other as you continued to look for something to eat.

“We’re having a family gathering tomorrow night. Just letting you know,” Dylan spoke. You closed the fridge, looking at Dylan and nodding. “Alright, then.” You continued to look through the pantry for something to eat. Grinning as you found a packet of Doritos tucked away at the back, you reached up, trying to grab them. Dylan came up behind you and got them down for you, handing them to you.

“Who’s coming?” You asked, sitting on the bar stool, next to Dayna, opening the Doritos and offering your brother’s girlfriend some. She grabbed a handful and you put the packet on the marble counter, leaning forward on your elbows.

“Uh, I have no idea. Dayna’s organising it.” He looked at Dayna, making her roll her eyes. She sat up straight, turning and looking at you. “Well, your dad and step-mum are coming, obviously. Dylan and I and someone else. I think it’s a cousin or something. An aunt?” Dayna looked at Dylan and he shrugged. “Just, be ready by 4:30 tomorrow okay? You’re helping me with dessert.” Dayna smiled and you nodded, grabbing the packet of Doritos.

“I’ll be in my room. I need to ring Cole for some English help.” You grinned, bounding back up the stairs to your bedroom.


“I hate school. I’m going to drop out and start a stupid YouTube career,” you huffed, typing away on your laptop as you heard Cole’s laugh through your headphones. “I’m being serious! Every teenager has probably studied ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and no one can tell me one simple answer to a question about- Ugh!” You whined, pushing your laptop off your lap and getting off your bed and walking around the room.

“C’mon, kiddo. You’ll be fine. You’ve got 2 more years and then you can go to University and study to be a Vet, okay?” Cole spoke. You sighed, opening your balcony doors and stepping outside. You took a deep breath, pulling your phone out and logging into Instagram.

“Okay. How’s this. When I come home-“

“In like 5 months,” you murmured, pouting.

“Yes. When I come home, in 5 months, I’ll take you to the cinema and we can watch every movie that’s on that day and we can eat so much popcorn, and then I’ll take you to In-N-Out and we can order so much food and then we’ll go home and play video games all night. How’s that, kiddo?” Cole suggested, making you put your phone back in your pocket and smile.

“Promise?” You looked at the time, seeing it was 3pm, and you took a deep breath. “I should go. I need to send this assignment in before midnight.” You added, turning around to go back into your room.

“I promise, and alright, kiddo. I’ll talk to you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you smiled, hanging up the call.


You had finally finished your assignment, sending it in and now here you were, staring at the fairy lights that were strung above your bed. It was about 12:30 in the morning and you were exhausted –it was that point where you were too tired to close your eyes- and just wanted to sleep, but you couldn’t.

Getting off your bed, you pulled on your jacket and headed downstairs, your phone in hand as you used the flashlight so you didn’t wake anyone up when you turned all the lights on. Walking into the kitchen, you opened the fridge and sighed, leaning against the door, peering into the shelves.

“What are you doing up, kiddo?” You heard the voice of your dad, making you turn around and see him standing by the counter, wearing a pair of sweat pants and his old college shirt.

“I uh, I just finished my assignment not long ago and I’m hungry,” you laughed nervously, biting your lip. Your dad flicked the kitchen light on, making you wince at how bright it was. You turned back around, closing the fridge door and going to the pantry, grabbing the Cheetos (which you hated) and throwing the bag at your dad. “Thanks, kid.” He laughed, making you smile.

You and your father had a relationship that was different to Cole and Dylan’s, obviously. You were the last born, being the only girl in the family, you got a bit more spoilt, and since you were only 16, you still had a lot more spoiling to happen. You were the family princess.

Grabbing a packet of Fritos, you leant on the counter across from your dad, who was sitting on the chairs, you opened the corn chips and started to eat them.

“Cole told me you called him today. Something about dropping out of school and doing a YouTube career was mentioned.” He raised an eyebrow, making you giggle.

“I was having a bit of a meltdown. So many people have studies To Kill A Mockingbird and no one could give me a straight answer and I got mad. I’m definitely going to stay in school until Year 12 (im australian ok?) and I’m going to go to University.” You smiled, popping another chip into your mouth, looking at the glimmer of proudness in your dad’s eye.

“Well, you do you, Kiddo. I’m gonna head back up to bed. I love you.” He stood up, putting the Cheeto packet back in the pantry and kissed your head before heading up the stairs and disappearing onto the second floor. You sighed, grabbing a bottle of orange juice and going back upstairs to watch Vampire Diaries.


“(Y/N)! Get up!” You head a female voice shout, startling you from your sleep. You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes and looking at the figure at the end of your bed.

“Dayna? What on Earth are you doing? It’s like, 9 in the morning?” You groaned, falling backwards onto your pillows and looking at the ceiling. She had obviously opened your curtains, and your balcony door was also opened, letting the fresh air breeze into your room.

“No, (Y/N). It’s actually almost 1 in the afternoon. What time did you get to bed last night!?” She exclaimed, opening your closet doors and going through the clothes that were hanging up. She grabbed a grey hoodie and threw it on your bed. “I told you to be ready by 4:30, yes, but I expected you to come and save me from your brother and stop him from eating all the cookie dough!” She huffed, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “Get up!”

“Okay, okay! Calm down.” You sat up, huffing and watching her go through your drawers now, looking at various pairs of shorts. She grabbed a pair of your blue denim ones and threw them on the bed, along with an olive green bralette. “Why are you picking my clothes out?” You asked, looking at the grey hoodie, which was your cropped one that had a rose on the left side of the chest.

“Because I know you will take forever, and I can put an outfit together easily, so here you go! Oh, and wear your Adidas Superstars, too.” She nodded, turning to leave the room. “Chop chop!” She clapped her fingers, looking over her shoulder with a grin on her face.

(Outfit: )


You had gotten changed into the outfit Dayna had thrown together, and you were now throwing on your sneakers. Headed into the bathroom that was attached to both yours and Cole’s (old) room, you turned the light on and started to quickly put on some make up and spritz yourself with perfume before tucking your phone in your back pocket and jogging downstairs, hearing a commotion of people.

Once you walked into the kitchen, there were way more people than just your parents, Dayna and Cole and the unknown person. “Dylan!” You hissed as he walked past, grabbing his sleeve. “What happened to like, 6 people!?” You looked at the blonde brother who had a smudge of lipstick on his bottom lip.

“We may have lie- What are you doing?” He questioned as you rubbed at his lip with the sleeve of your hoodie. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms once you had gotten rid of the pink-y colour.

“Lipstick.” You simply said and walked out the back to look for either Dayna or your dad. There was a lot of people out the back, but since your family had a huge entertaining patio, they usually put it to good use. Especially when you had parties.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” You heard a very familiar voice call out, making you stop in your tracks and let out a whine. Turning around slowly and plastering a fake smile on your lips, you walked towards the aunt that your whole family dreaded, but she still showed up at these events.


You had managed to find your dad and step-mum, and now everyone was sat down. You were sat next to Dayna and your dad, chewing on a piece of meat as you listened to the chatter. You hated socialising, it just wasn’t your forte, so you usually just sat there quietly, nodding and smiling whenever you needed to.

“Hey, (Y/N). This is the part where you might wanna pay attention and turn around.” You heard your dad whisper in your ear, nudging your side. You furrowed your eyebrows, finishing your mouthful of food and swivelling around in the chair you were sitting on.

Standing near the gate, a bag slung over his shoulder and wearing the stripy red and white shirt you gave him, was your older brother, who was supposed to be home in 5 months.

Cole looked up, a grin on his face as he saw you, his beloved little sister. “I expected a little more excitement from you, missy.”

Your brows furrows a little, but the realisation struck as he walked closer, and your eyes widened. “Oh my god!” You exclaimed, scrambling up from your seat and slipping through the gap between the two chairs. You almost tripped over the leg of the chair (but the chair fell over instead). This was probably the only time you were going to run, but as soon as your arms were around Cole’s shoulders, you almost started crying. “You’re home? But- I- You.” You fumbled on your words, not pulling away from the hug, since it was a much needed hug.

“Someone told me you were a bit mopey without your favourite brother around and you were getting sick of beating Dylan at Mortal Combat all the time.” Cole laughed, his arms tightly around your torso.

“I just, I can’t believe it.” You pulled away from the hug, looking up at your brother. “You’re home.”

The Adventures of Todd and Granny

(Alternatively: “I Saw Granny Ethel with the Devil”)

(Repost for graphic addition)

Part I | Part II

writing-prompt-sAn old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon. She mistakes him for her gothic-phase teenage grandson and takes care of him. The demon decides to stay at his new home.

It isn’t uncommon for this particular demon to be summoned—from exhausting Halloween party pranks in abandoned barns to more legitimate (more exhausting) ceremonies in forests—but it has to admit, this is the first time it’s been called forth from its realm into a claustrophobic living room bathed in the dull orange-pink glow of old glass lamps and a multitude of wide-eyed, creepy antique porcelain dolls that could give Chucky a run for his money with all of their silent, seething stares combined. Accompanying those oddities are tea cup and saucer sets on shelves atop frilly doilies crocheted with the utmost care, and cross-stitched, colorful ‘Home Sweet Home’s hung across the wood-paneled walls.

It’s a mistake—a wrong number, per se. No witch it’s ever known has lived in such an, ah, dated, home. Furthermore, no practitioner that ever summoned it has been absent, as if they’d up and ding-dong ditched it. No, it didn’t work that way. Not at all. Not if they want to survive the encounter.

It hears the clinking of movement in the room adjacent—the kitchen, going by the pungent, bitter scent of cooled coffee and soggy, sweet sponge cakes, but more jarring is the smell of blood. It moves—feels something slip beneath its clawed foot as it does, and sees a crocheted blanket of whites and greys and deep black yarn, wound intricately, perfectly, into a summoning circle. Its summoning circle. There is a small splash of bright scarlet and sharp, jagged bits of a broken curio scattered on top, as if someone had dropped it, attempted to pick it up the pieces and pricked their finger. It would explain the blood. And it would explain the demon being brought into this strange place.

As it connects these pieces in its mind, the inhabitant of the house rounds the corner and exits the kitchen, holding a damp, white dish towel close to her hand and fumbling with the beaded bifocals hanging from her neck by a crocheted lanyard before stopping dead in her tracks.

Now, to be fair, the demon wouldn’t ordinarily second guess being face-to-face with a hunchbacked crone with a beaked nose, beady eyes and a peculiar lack of teeth, or a spidery shawl and ankle-length black dress, but there is definitely something amiss here. Especially when the old biddy lets her spectacles fall slack on her bosom and erupts into a wide, toothy (toothless) grin, eyes squinting and crinkling from the sheer effort of it.

“Todd! Todd, dear, I didn’t know you were visiting this year! You didn’t call, you didn’t write—but, oh, I’m so happy you’re here, dear! Would it have been too much to ask you to ring the doorbell? I almost had a heart attack. And don’t worry about the blood, here—I had an accident. My favorite figure toppled off of the table and cleanup didn’t go as expected. But I seem to recall you are quite into the bloodshed and ‘edgy’ stuff these days, so I don’t suppose you mind.” She releases a hearty, kind laugh, but it isn’t mocking, it’s sweet. Grandmotherly. The demon is by no means sentimental or maudlin, but the kindness, the familiarity, the genuine fondness, does pull a few dusty old nostalgic heartstrings. “Imagine if it leaves a scar! It’d be a bit ‘badass,’ as you teenagers say, wouldn’t it?”

She is as blind as a bat without her glasses, it would appear, because the demon is by no means a ‘Todd’ or a human at all, though humanoid, shrouded in sleek, black skin and hard spikes and sharp claws. But the demon humors her, if only because it had been caught off guard.

The old woman smiles still, before turning on her heel and shuffling into the hallway with a stiff gait revealing a poor hip. “Be a dear and make some more coffee, would you please? I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Yes, this is most definitely a mistake. One for the record books, for certain. For late-night trips to bars and conversations with colleagues, while others discuss how many souls they’d swindled in exchange for peanuts, or how many first-borns they’d been pledged for things idiot humans could have gained without divine intervention. Ugh. Sometimes it all just became so pedantic that little detours like this were a blessing—happy accidents, as the humans would say.

That’s why the demon does as asked, and plods slowly into the kitchen, careful to duck low and avoid the top of the doorframe. That’s why it gingerly takes the small glass pot and empties it of old, stale coffee and carefully, so carefully, takes a measuring scoop between its claws and fills the machine with fresh grounds. It’s as the hot water is percolating that the old woman returns, her index finger wrapped tight in a series of beige bandages.

“I’m surprised you’re so tall, Todd! I haven’t seen you since you were at my hip! But your mother mails photos all the time—you do love wearing all black, don’t you?” She takes a seat at the small round table in the corner and taps the glass lid of the cake plate with quaking, unsteady, aged hands. “I was starting to think you’d never visit. Your father and I have had our disagreements, but…I am glad you’re here, dear. Would you like some cake?” Before the demon has a chance to decline, she lifts the lid and cuts a generous slice from the near-complete circle that has scarcely been touched. It smells of citrus and cream and is, as assumed earlier, soggy, oversaturated with icing.

It was made for a special occasion, for guests, but it doesn’t seem this old woman receives much company in this musty, stagnant house that smells like an antique garage that hadn’t had its dust stirred in years.

Especially not from her absentee grandson, Todd.

The demon waits until the coffee pot is full, and takes two small mugs from the counter, filling them until steam is frothing over the rims. Then, and only then, does it accept the cake and sit, with some difficulty, in a small chair at the small table. It warbles out a polite ‘thank you,’ but it doesn’t suppose the woman understands. Manners are manners regardless.

“Oh, dear, I can hardly understand. Your voice has gotten so deep, just like your grandfather’s was. That, and I do recall you have an affinity for that gravelly, screaming music. Did your voice get strained? It’s alright, dear, I’ll do the talking. You just rest up. The coffee will help soothe.”

The demon merely nods—some communication can be understood without fail—and drinks the coffee and eats the cake with a too-small fork. It’s ordinary, mushy, but delicious because of the intent behind it and the love that must have gone into its creation.

“I hope you enjoyed all of the presents I sent you. You never write back—but I am aware most people use that fancy E-mail these days. I just can’t wrap my head around it. I do wish your mom and dad would visit sometime. I know of a wonderful little café down the street we can go to. I haven’t been; I wanted to visit it with Charles, before he…well.” She falls silent in her rambling, staring into her coffee with a small, melancholy smile. “I can’t believe it’s been ten years. You never had the chance to meet him. But never mind that.” Suddenly, and with surprising speed that has the demon concerned for her well being, she moves to her feet, bracing her hands on the edge of the table. “I may as well give you your birthday present, since you’re here. What timing! I only finished it this morning. I’ll be right back.”

When she returns, the white, grey and black crocheted work with the summoning circle is bundled in her arms.  

“I found these designs in an occult book I borrowed from the library. I thought you’d like them on a nice, warm blanket to fight off the winter chill—I hope you do like it.” With gentle hands, she spreads the blanket over the demon’s broad, spiky back like a shawl, smoothing it over craggy shoulders and patting its arms affectionately. “Happy birthday, Todd, dear.”

Well, that settles it. Whoever, wherever, Todd is, he’s clearly missing out. The demon will just have to be her grandson from now on.

Just That Simple - Shed Your Skin Part 4

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

A/N: Not my favourite thing I’ve ever written but it’s alright. If y’all don’t hate it too much I have an idea for part 5, I literally have no idea how this ended up so long it started out as two parts. 

Summary: Meeting the friends for the first time is always nerve wracking, even for a hardened gang member.

Word Count: 3,419

Warnings: Knives, swearing, gang mentions and I think that’s it.

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A surprise party for the twins? But they get all suspicious and MC is trying to hide the surprise in the best way she can. Sorry if m english is bad and this don't make sense, love your writing so much <3

Countdown to the Cake: 1

The Cake

“Hey, MC. You know I gave you that Arabic dictionary so you can come in here whenever you want, right?”

“Yes, I know, Saeyoung. I just forgot.” On purpose. You needed to buy more time, getting stuck on their door would do the trick for a while. “I was just so worried my laptop wasn’t working, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah… let me see the damage.” You take the laptop off your bag. “Well, I’m not familiar with Jurassic technology, but let’s see what I can do for you.” You knew keeping this old laptop in your closet could be useful one day. More time to buy.

“So, uhm… where’s Saeran?” you look around, trying to get a hold of him.

“In his bedroom, as usual.” He says, opening the laptop without any trouble.

“Oh… is he sleeping?” this could be a problem if he’s sleeping.

“Probably not… why?” he looks at you. Relax, MC… he doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t suspect a thing… calm down and act naturally.

“Nothing. I was just wondering if you two would like go out and hang a little after you do your little magic there.” Little magic? Ugh… what’s wrong with you?

“Oh, we can hang out right here.”

“Yeah, or… we could go out. I didn’t put on a nice dress to stay inside a bunker that smells like honey and soda. No offense.”

“Not taken.” And he goes back to the laptop’s circuits, whew… that was close.

“You really put on a nice dress, MC.” You look behind to find Saeran standing next to the door.

“Thank you…” even though you know he’s not really complimenting you, it’s more like an observation.

“And what did you do with your hair?” shit! You knew changing your hairstyle could make them suspect something…

“I… combed?” both twins nod and look at you. Shit…

“Makes sense.” Saeran says, heading out of the room. Whew! That was close… how long do you still need to stall?

That’s what you ask Yoosung over the phone when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. How long do you need to keep the twins distracted while the other RFA members organize the surprise party for their birthday?

“I don’t know, MC… we didn’t know Jumin ordered such a… handful decoration, so it’s taking a while to put things in place. You need to hold them a little more…”

“I’m trying. I even brought a laptop with Windows Vista on it, but… they’re suspecting something, Yoosung, I can tell!”

“I doubt it. They probably don’t even remember what day is today. Calm down and keep going with the plan, you’re the perfect bait!”

“Yeah, I should be used by now…” you hang up and go back to where Saeyoung is, only to find the laptop functioning normally. “What did you do?”

“I fixed it! Like you wanted.” He smiles widely. Shit! You forgot you’re dealing with a genius here.

“Oh… oh yeah! Thank you! Are you really sure it’s working?”

“Well, yeah! Are you doubting my skills, MC? I’m offended!” he does a dramatic gesture before smirking teasingly. “Now let’s get out of here, the world needs to see you in a pretty dress and combed hair.” No! Too soon!

Or maybe not… the plan was just holding the twins, there was nothing about keeping them inside their house. Maybe you can stall in another way…

“So what you wanna do, MC?” Saeyoung asks when the three of you go inside one of his cars. You look at both of them, Saeran isn’t happy about getting dragged out of the house, it took your persuasive abilities  (whine until he is tired of listening to your voice, that is) to convince him to come along. This is a party for the twins, you need them both there.

“Hum… I was wondering if we could go to uhm…” your phone starts buzzing, you look at who’s calling you “Zen?” you say out loud.

“Zen’s place? No! It’s too small there!” Saeran complains, that’s when you realize you said it out loud. Stupid!

“Z-Zen? Did I say Zen? No, uhm… that’s now what I meant, I… need to use your bathroom again, be right back!” you get out of the car and run inside the house again. “Hello?”

“Achew! Hey, babe! So, uhm… achew! Remember I was supposed to pick the cake at your place? Achew! Why didn’t you tell me your neighbor has a cat?” For fuck’s sake, you forgot about Mr. Cat Damon!

“Oh, Zen… I’m so sorry. Is everything okay?”

“With me? Achew! Yes, yes… my throat is just a little clog, you probably noticed my voice isn’t as soothing as usu… achew!”

“And the cake?” you feel bad for him, but now there’s a cake at stake! Well, not really, but still…

“Oh yes, it’s fine… you have a lovely decoration, by the way, it really suits you… achew!” oh yes, Zen. Perfect time to flirt… “I just couldn’t make it to the kitchen, because the cat was there, how did he get in?”

“Mr. Cat Damon always finds his way in… that sneaking little thief.”

“Oh, just like in Ocean’s 11?” Ahh, a reference to Matt Damon… clever, Zen… wait, there’s no time for this! “Anyway, I… I’m trying to reach Yoosung, Jaehee and Trustfund, but none of them are answering.” Of course, because they’re busy with the decoration!

You tell him to get out of there before his allergy gets worse and that you’ll find a solution. In the meantime, you call Jumin… nothing. Jaehee? No answer. Yoosung? Voicemail… what now? Well… it looks like you’ll have to discreetly get the cake, find a way to hide inside Saeyoung’s trunk, pray it doesn’t melt, and hope you’re not caught by two smart former hackers… god help you.

“I’m sorry we have to go back to my place, Saeyoung. It’s just… I really need to grab something I forgot there.”

“It’s fine, MC. Maybe we can come up and hang out there, then…”

“NO!” you yell, making both twins stare at you. CALM. DOWN! “I mean… no… my house is such a mess right now…”

“Ah, darn it! I thought I was finally going to see Mr. Cat Damon again… does he still breaks into your apartment?” Does he?

The ride to your building is silent. You’re worried about letting something spill everytime you open your mouth. Thankfully, the twins aren’t that talkative. You wonder if it is because they know what day is today, but they prefer avoiding thinking about it? Knowing everything you know about them now, you can’t even imagine what kind of sad memories revolve their birthday…

“We’re here!” Saeyoung states, that’s when you notice how much you were spacing out. Focus, MC! This party means a lot more than you can possibly think!

“So, uhm… can you do a favor for me? I need you to let the trunk door open…”

“Why?” both twins tilt their head in confusion.

“I… need to put something mine in there. It’s… personal…” well, you can’t use the bathroom excuse on this now, can you?

“Oh, I see what’s going on here…” Saeyoung looks at his brother and gives him this weird smile, no… shit! They know? “You’re on those lady days,  ain’t you?”

“What are you saying, idiot? Don’t make her uncomfortable!” Saeran says, blushing. Oh my God… they think you’re on your period? So embarrassing, this is… this is… perfect!

“It’ fine, Saeran. Yes, I… yes, I am. And I need to grab a bag with some spare clothes and… other things, in case of an… you know, an… accident…” this is more embarrassing than if you actually were on your period.

“Oh, things… as in tampons, right?” Saeran asks.

“Yes, Saeran. Tampons. So uhm… keep the trunk door open and whatever you two do, don’t leave this car, okay? I’ll bring… I’ll bring a lot of tampons, and it’s kinda embarrassing, so please…don’t look!” well, this is weird, but maybe will be enough to keep their curiosity away. For once, men’s lack of knowledge on how periods work will save the day.

You go to your place, and the cake is in the balcony, like you instructed the guy from the cake store to let. Okay… now you need a bag to put the box inside and pretend it’s a lot of tampons! What a genius plan! Now where is that bag? Maybe you have one big enough in your room. You go there and look for those old paper bags from fancy stores you kept to remind you bought something from a fancy store before, ugh… isn’t it amazing how your dorkiness is working in your favor for once?

You go back to the kitchen and when you’re about to place the box inside the bag… you hear Saeyoung’s voice next to the door.

“Come here, Mr. Cat Damon!” NOT THIS FUCKING CAT AGAIN!

“Ugh, that’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!” Is Saeran here too? Well, yeah, Saeyoung would never leave him alone with one of his babies, he’s so possessive with those cars!

Mr. Cat Damon comes in and meows at you. One of these days… Mr. Cat Damon, one of these days…

“MC? What’s going on?”

“I… I…” need to go to the bathroom? Forget it… there’s nowhere to run.

“What’s in the box?”


“Do you really think we’re that stupid?” Saeran asks, glaring at you. Uh oh… “You’re up to something, ain’t you?” Well… you can’t really keep on lying, can you?

“I… I am, and the other RFA members are too. Zen was here before, but Mr. Cat Damon showed up and made him sneeze, and nobody was answering because they were busy with the decoration, so I tried not to ruin the surprise because everybody put so much effort on making this a happy birthday for both of you, since you guys deserve so much after everything you’ve been through, and I want you too to be happy and loved, and protect you two because I care so much about you guys and… I’m not really on my period!” You say as you feel the tears rolling down. Saeyoung and Saeran look at each other completely lost.

“Oh… we… kinda forgot it was this day of the year?” Saeyoung asks his brother.

“Yeah… so used to not celebrating at all for all those years…” oh god…

“So… so… I just ruined the surprise?” more tears, and Saeyoung runs to you.

“Hey, it’s fine… you didn’t ruin anything. Well, except for Saeran’s innocence with that tampon thing, but… don’t worry, MC. The biggest surprise here is seeing how much you tried to make this day special, it’s so good to know we have someone so willing to make us happy.”

“Oh, but that’s no surprise! You already know how much RFA loves you, guys! The party was supposed to be a surprise!”

“I think surprises suck.” Saeran states, crossing his arms. “So stop crying and feeling so bad on yourself.” He glances at you quickly “… please.”

“Yeah, you can’t ruin your make up that goes along with the nice dress and the combed hair, girl!” Saeyoung shakes your shoulders lightly. “So, come on, I’ll help you put the cake in the trunk while we teach Saeran how to pretend he’s surprised.”

“Thank you, guys.” You smile at both of them, Saeyoung chuckles, and though you’re not sure, you think you saw Saeran smiling a little. “Yes, let’s take this cak…”

SPLASH! You just see the box with the cake hitting the floor and Mr. Cat Damon looking at what he did… then he looks at you like this was completely natural. You open your mouth in shock.

“This cat… is the incarnation of the evil! I’m going to kill him!” you go towards Mr. Cat Damon’s direction, yelling.

“Whoa, calm down, MC!  Calm… down!” Saeyoung holds you against him, you two lose balance and fall on the floor, splashing cake frosting everywhere.

“It’s… It’s ruined. Just like the whole surprise…” You say, your voice starts breaking again. 

“Oh no no no… It’s not your fault, MC. Don’t worry!” Saeyoung hurries in comforting you. 

“Yeah, silly. It’s just cake, we can get another one tomorrow or next year, whatever. There will be plenty of birthdays for us to have cake.” You and Saeyoung look at each other, then at Saeran. Did he just say he wants to celebrate in the years to come? 

“Awww MC, did you hear that? Saeran just said something sweet!” you two giggle, but he doesn’t look that happy. 

“Oh… So you like it sweet, huh brother?” He asks, kneeling before you two and grabbing a fistful of cake. “Is that sweet enough for you?” He shoves the cake on Saeyoung’s face. You look in shock and try to hold your laugh, but it’s impossible.

“Now what are you laughing at?” Saeyoung throws cake frosting on you, and before you know it, this is a food war. Your kitchen is a mess, and Mr. Cat Damon ran out of there, but you didn’t even notice, you were too busy laughing and having fun with the twins.

Which… was interrupted by a clearing throat sound, clearly made by Jumin. The three of you freeze as you see the other RFA members judging and watching this curiously.

“What the hell is happening here?” Jaehee asks, shocked.

None of you know what to say and just keep looking at each other, like “who’s gonna talk?”

“Well, uhm… surprise?” Saeran asks.

You can see the other days here!

Good morning, gorgeous!

Towel in one hand, water bottle in the other, Shawn leaves the gym of his L.A. mansion and steps into the hallway after his early morning workout.

A delicious smell lingers in the air, coming from the kitchen and he leaves his towel and his sweaty Adidas shirt in the laundry basket in one of the bathrooms. Stepping into the huge kitchen, he lays eyes on his girlfriend, standing at the stove, making pancakes, wearing hot pants and an oversized grey Metallica t-shirt on that hot July morning in the kitchen of their L.A. mansion they have rented out for the summer. He still feels amazed and overwhelmed by his luck. 

He could never have imagined to feel so deeply for someone as he feels for Kate. His love for her was all-consuming and so strong that he couldn’t put it into words. It was inexplicable. His world revolved around her, he would plan his schedules around hers, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. He couldn’t understand his friends that were breaking up with their girlfriends just because they “got bored” or have been “dating for too long”. 

Losing Kate was actually one of his biggest fears. He sometimes dreamed about her breaking up with him and he would wake up, heart racing in his chest, sweat on his forehead, slowly calming down after seeing her lying next to him, peacefully asleep. 

She hasn’t noticed him yet, as she is humming a random song, while closing the refrigerator and looking for something in the cupboard, standing on her tippy-toes. He glances at her from a distance. Wavy blonde hair, lean, long legs and svelte frame. Her body was so incredibly hot that he still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that she was his. But even more than her body he loved her personality. He loved how classy she was and that she was so kind and honest and the most genuine and humble person he knew, taking his breath away whenever she looked at him with her big blue eyes. 

He loved that they could talk about everything. He loved their hour-long deep conversations and small talk. He loved to make her laugh and her sense of humor. He loved that he knew everything about her and she about him. He knew her favorite dish (French fries and Brazilian picanha), her favorite color (blue), her favorite restaurants in L.A., London and New York (Gracias Madre, Sketch and Cipriani Downtown), her pet peeves (hypocrites) and biggest turn-ons (neck kisses!)
Being in a relationship with her was actually a dream coming true and he has to smile, as she is humming the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

“Good morning, baby,” he murmurs into Kate’s ear, while wrapping his arms around her waist.
Shawn finds it very sexy how she is looking focused at the pan in her hand, biting her full under lip as she flips the pancake around. But then he finds her sexy doing whatever she does, so that was nothing new.
“Good morning, darling,” she replies with a smile, “are you hungry?”
“I’m always hungry,” he replies, pulling her closer, taking in her scent and kissing her shoulder. “These pancakes smell amazing”
She glances at him. He is shirtless, wearing his Adidas shorts and trainers, looking very attractive with his reddish cheeks and lips, perfect pearly-white teeth and tousled hair.
“Have you been working out?”
“Yup,” he replies. “Early morning workouts are the best”
“You should have woken me up! I would have worked out with you!” she exclaims, pouting at him.
“I didn’t want to wake you up. You were so fast asleep and I thought you should get some rest after that night,” he grins at her and she bites her lip, shaking her head. „I really loved your special treatment last night. Amazing way to congratulate me on my award,“ he goes on, playing with her long blonde hair.
„Yeah, you did let me know that you enjoyed it,“ she smiles at him, caressing his cheek. “I am still so proud of you, baby. Where’s your Grammy, actually?” Kate asks.

“In the living room where I left it last night. It still feels so unreal”
“Yeah, last night was truly magical”
She lets the pancakes fall on a plate, handing them to him: “Voilá!”
“Thanks, wifey,” he winks at her.
She scrunches her nose: “Ugh, don’t call me that”
“But you are wifey material, though, I swear!”
He kisses her gently, pulling her close to him, hands on her hips, putting the plate on the kitchen counter.
“We should eat those before they get cold,” Kate remarks.
“Yeah, just one more kiss,” he whispers and presses his lips on hers.
“As if we haven’t been kissing the whole night,” Kate replies, smiling at him, inbetween soft kisses.
“I just can’t get enough,” he replies, sliding his hands under her grey shirt, making her shudder. He pins her against the kitchen counter, pressing himself against her. He loves how she feels against him and the way she looks up at him, her blue eyes gazing at his brown ones adoringly.

“Shawn,” she pants, as his hands wander down her waist to her hips down to her butt.
“You shouldn’t wear these hot pants around me, baby,” he whispers into her ear, gently kissing her neck. “It drives me crazy”
“And you should put a shirt on”
He raises his eyebrows at her: “Am I bothering you?”
“No! I mean yes um… I mean…,” she rambles, her cheeks turning red. Even though they have been dating for about half a year now, she would still get a little bit nervous around him. Especially when he was shirtless, showing off his broad chest and ripped abs, gym shorts hanging low on his hips, exposing his defined v line. She could feel her body react to him as her nipples harden instantly.

He bites his lip as soon as he notices them under the thin fabric of her shirt as she isn’t wearing a bra underneath.
“Fuck, Kate, you’re too hot,” he pants, grabbing her butt, pressing her against him. „See, that’s what you do to me,“ she can feel his erection against her abdomen and she’s starting to feel hot.
“We really should eat our breakfast, you’ll have to leave for the studio soon,” she gasps.
He sighs: “I know… what are your plans for today?” he asks, as he reluctantly pulls back.
“It’s my day off, I’ll probably just chill by the pool, answering some E Mails,” she replies, as their arousal is slowly fading away.
“Then you’re working anyway! You really should relax, sweetie, you’re always working so hard”
“I wouldn’t call it working when I have a bikini on, laying on a sun bed, though”
“Hmm I like that bikini concept,” he smirks at her.
“I might wear the black one, your favorite, or…,” she bats her eyelashes at him, gently tracing his abs with her fingertips, „no bikini at all“
“Good lord, Kate, you do realize that this is torture, right?” he says under his breath, looking down on her, his hazel eyes turning into a darker shade of brown.
“Then don’t leave! Camila can record her album alone,” Kate says, taking the plate and putting it on the table next to the avocado toasts and the can of orange juice.

„But I promised her! And we’ll have to work a lot on that new album. We’ve just started and we have so many ideas! I’m not going to let her down like that, you know me,“ he replies.
„Okay then, I’ll just chill by the pool all by myself in my tiny black bikini…,“ she shrugs innocently, pouring coffee into her mug.
He shakes his head, grinning at her: „Stop teasing me like that. I’m going to make up for it later,“ he says, licking his lip.
„Uh, someone’s feeling confident, huh?“ Kate replies and takes a bite from her pancake.
He chuckles: „Oh come on, I bet you can’t wait for me to come home to you“
„Hey, you’re not the only thing that’s on my mind, Mr. Cocky“ Okay, that was a lie. He actually was the only thing on her mind but he didn’t have to know that, right?
„There are some casting agents I’ll have to get back to“
He rolls her eyes at her: „Okay, whatever, Miss Victoria’s Secret“
He takes a huge bite of his pancake, making Kate grin at him: „Whoa, slow down. That pancake isn’t going anywhere“
„These are so good!“ he mumbles, sinking his teeth into the soft dough.
„We should order pizza later, what do you think?“
She laughs: „Only you could think about dinner during breakfast! But yeah, I’m down“
„Cool,“ he grins at her, taking a sip of orange juice.
„Pancakes in the morning, pizza in the evening… thank God, I don’t have a photoshoot in my underwear coming up!“ she remarks.
Shawn chuckles and takes another huge bite, finishing his pancake. „Okay, I gotta go take a shower and leave. I’m going to stay late at the studio but I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby,“ he leans over and takes her hand, pressing it against his lips.
„Can’t wait, either,“ she replies smiling.

He gets up, taking one last sip from his orange juice and goes upstairs.

Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 4

Back again with a new chapter!

Finally meeting Alex in this one ;) The ride is going to be wild girls, get ready for it!

You woke up by the sound of your phone ringing. You whimpered when you lifted your head from your matrass. “Ugh, shit…” You never had a headache worse than this one. The sun was already high in the sky and the light hurt your eyes. Squinting you took you phone and saw Marie had tried to call you four times already. “Hello…” you answered with a broken voice. “Finally! I was started to think you were dead!” Marie said at the other end. You moaned and held the phone further from your ears as her yelling felt like needles in your head. “I feel pretty dead right now Marie, please stop shouting. I’m having the worst hangover in my life”. After you told her what happened last night, Marie was more cheerful, happy that you were enjoying yourself. You talked for a while about your time apart. “I’m glad you’re having fun, you should send me pictures of these Danish boys because clearly I’m missing out! Don’t keep them all to yourself girl!”. As you thought of Peter and Elias a devilish grin appeared on your lips, enjoying the warm feeling you got thinking of their faces.

You got up and took a shower, taking something to ease your headache. When you got dressed you heard the familiar ‘ping’ of a message. “Hope you had fun last night! I sure did. Haven’t heard  from Peter or Elias, pretty sure they are still crashed LOL. They told me they would like to hang out again maybe later this week? If you’re interested….”. How could Nora be this cheerful after a night like that? You remembered she didn’t drink as much as you did. “They want to hang out again?” you thought to yourself, not being used to so much friendliness after hanging out only once.  “Honestly, I feel like my head is going to explode. I have no memory of half the night, but I def had fun! You guys know how to party J You don’t need to feel obliged to hang around with a lost tourist, I totally understand if you just want to hang out with your friends…” you texted back, not sure why these cool people wanted to hang out with someone like you. Within a minute Nora responded: “Why are you being so hard on yourself? We had fun, you had fun…Let’s hang out then, yes?! I’ll text you when I get off work”. Nora was at work?! You had barely managed to get out of bed.

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Stressed Out

Characters: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Mild Angst

Word Count: 4095 words

Plot: You and stress do not go well together. Things happen and you pass out.

You step into your apartment and let the door slam shut. If this happened a week ago, you’d have flinched at the sound of the door. But today isn’t how it was like last Thursday. Today is another day of stress.

You step out of your shoes and leave them on the rack. Walking into your room, you drop your bag onto the floor with a huff. Your stomach rumbles and you are suddenly hit with the realization of just how hungry you truly are. When was the last time you ate? Yesterday night? And what was the last meal you had? Instant noodles?

You sigh.

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I Know I Shouldn’t (Part 9)

Loki x OC

Warnings: Language, Angst

I stood stiffly in the dungeon, watching as Odin gazed at the broken cells. I’d only been back two days and I’d yet to see any other room.

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Meeting You

Originally posted by katiedtellez

Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Requested: @unsocialized-nerd

Summary: It’s your wedding day and you recall how you got here.​

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You met Antonio when he was still a detective for Intelligence. It was maybe your third or fourth week on your new job at firehouse 51 and this was your first time meeting your partners brother. You knew Gabby had a brother but you didn’t know how handsome he was. After dropping off a patient at Med Gabby had an errand to run which had something to do with her brother. You decided to wait in the ambulance and listen to the radio while she spoke to Antonio about something across the road as she got you both some coffee. After talking about what they needed to talk about Antonio finally asked. “So, how’s it going with your new partner?”

“Great, she’s great. It’s been what only a month and I feel like I have known her for ages.” Gabby gushed.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah, I guess she just has that affect on people.” They both looked toward the ambulance and Antonio noticed you were dancing and singing to whatever song was playing on the radio. Right then and there he knew he had to know you.


The next time he saw you again was in Molly’s. You decided to only stay for one drink as you don’t normally spend your Friday nights out, you much prefer to spend it in and watch a movie but you promised Gabby you would make an appearance so you did. When you walked up to the bar you noticed there was only one seat free but the occupant in the next seat had his coat on it. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” You asked the guy hoping he would remove his coat so you could sit down in the chair. He looked up at you and that’s when you noticed it was Antonio.

“Nope it’s free.” He said removing his coat so you can sit down. “What are you drinking?”

“Uhh I’ll have a beer.” You answered and Antonio signalled to Herrmann for two beers.

“A beer?” Giving you a quizzical look. You nodded in response. “I didn’t peg you for the beer type.”

“Oh really? What did you think I would drink? Wait, let me guess. Wine or some sort of fruity drink?”

“Or tequila.” He chuckled.

“Ugh not tequila.” You grimaced. “Last time I had tequila I was in college on holiday in Mexico. Let me put it this way, I woke up in LA and I couldn’t remember how I got there so no, I don’t drink tequila and never will again.” You laughed at the memory which in turn got Antonio laughing along. The rest of the night was just the two of you talking and getting to know each other until closing. You didn’t want the night to end and neither did he so you both agreed to do this again same time next week. During the whole night Gabby watched on smiling at the exchange between her brother and friend and in that moment she knew. She knew that you would be together for a long time.


Meeting up at the bar happened for the next two months or so until Antonio finally plucked up the courage to ask you out on a real date. The date was at Antonio’s place, he cooked dinner for the two of you and you picked the film you’d watch. He cooked one of his moms recipes and you picked out your favourite movie. Antonio thought it’d be some chick flick that his sister likes but it wasn’t, it was Guardians of the Galaxy which he has never seen. Turns out he loved it and even teared up a little at the end of the movie.

This went on for a while. You were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and did typical couple things. You went hiking, had movie nights, even went on double dates with Gabby and Matt. All between your busy work schedules. Of course you had ups and downs but you got through them and at the end came out even stronger. He got a new job at the States Attorneys office which meant you could see him more as it wasn’t that unpredictable unlike Intelligence so you weren’t complaining but at long as he was happy you were happy. With his new job and after years of dating he knew it was time to ask you to marry him.

He planned the proposal, with the help of Gabby, and it was perfect. He borrowed Molly’s for the night where the relationship between the two of you started. It had memories of the two of you hanging up around the place with fairy lights. You finally arrived looking stunning as usual and you didn’t expect Antonio to be standing there in the middle of the room surrounded by your memories together. He had this whole big speech planned and it was romantic. He asked you to marry him and you said yes.


Standing in front of the mirror in your wedding dress you were reminiscing about how you got here. Most people would be freaking out at this point of there wedding day but not you. No you were excited and you had no doubts that this would be the best choice you could ever make in your life. Your thoughts were interrupted by your maid of honour and soon to be sister in law Gabby. “You ready?” She asked whilst smoothing down your dress and making sure you looked perfect.

“As I’ll ever be.” And with that you practically rushed out of the door to go and start the rest of your life as Mrs Dawson.

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From Eden VII

Some more From Eden? Maybe a light chapter - big Hollywood movie star comes for dinner and meets Clarke’s parents? 

“Are you sure about this?”

“No, but I think it’s a bit late for second guessing.”

The highway lazily curved and bent through the trees, half trailing the edge of ocean on one side. The water was calm and still, the Atlantic not particularly interested in waking from its summer nap despite how late into the evening it was getting. From time to time, a house would appear, interjecting itself into the woods, a long driveway seen snaking up and disappearing. It was entirely foreign and new to the actress, and so despite her girlfriend’s worry, she was excited.

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Exam Season

Hi guys! I’m finally off of school so I’ll have time to write again! However, this oneshot is in solidarity with everyone busy with exams! Tom helps the reader relieve a little bit of stress, and like, I know that we could all use a little Tom support right now lol! Starts and ends sweet, but is very smutty in the middle! I hope that you guys like it!

Exam Season

The heels of her shoes clacked against the tile as she nervously kicked, jiggled, and rattled her legs. Her stomach growled but she’d been so anxious that for the last few days, all she’d had to eat was a slice of toast here and there, but she guzzled espresso as if it were water. She needed to know what her final grades were. If she didn’t meet certain marks, quality universities wouldn’t have her, and she was getting so wound up from all the nerves that she launched up from her seat and began to pace. Barely being able to keep her eyes open from lack of sleep, she paced straight into her boyfriend’s arms.

    “Darling, what are you doing? You’ve got a spot of crazy in your eyes right now. Did you fall back asleep this morning, or did you keep refreshing the college website?” He paused, waiting for her response, which she never uttered. Instead, she pinched the back of her hand and tried to move from Tom’s grasp. “Alright then, I’ll take that as a no,” He muttered.

    Tom understood that she was stressed out, but he also understood that she required water, food and sleep. For the past month or so, she’d been drowning in essays and exams, so they hadn’t really had time to spend together. She didn’t even give herself time to relax. Instead, she just chugged another cup of coffee or swallowed another caffeine pill. He was getting a little worried, Tom could tell that he needed to look after her better because she clearly wasn’t going to do so herself.

    “Let me take you to lunch, you need to eat, you must be hungry! I heard your stomach making angry noises last night baby.” Tom said, coming up behind her to press a soft kiss onto the back of her exposed neck. He loved when she wore her hair in a bun, he thought it made her look like a princess, plus, he had a much easier time gawking at the marvelous beauty that was her face.

    “Tom, I need to stay here. I need to know my test scores because I think that maybe I can drop the class if I don’t end up doing well enough.” She turned around to face him, ruffling one of her hands through his hair.

    “Darling,” Tom sighed, “I’m not trying to be insensitive, but you can only refresh the page so many times. You’re being obsessive and you need to take care of yourself. Let’s go to lunch, we can even go to that french restaurant that you’ve been dying to try!”

    “Tom,” She started, biting her lower lip, “School is just really important to me and I want to make sure that I’ve done the best that I can. I don’t know what I’ll do if I fail.” Her eyes began to water and Tom immediately scooped her up and into his arms. Walking backwards till his knees hit the soft cushions of her sofa, he sat and pulled her onto his lap.

    Pressing a tender kiss to her forehead, Tom said, “Sweetheart, there is no way that you’re going to have failed. You’ve been working so hard, and around the clock for so long. You need to give yourself a break or else you’re going to lose your mind.” He rubbed a soft hand up and down her back beneath her shirt, wanting to feel the warmth of her body on his bare skin.

    Beyond her being too busy to even hang out with him, he hadn’t really touched her in such a long time. His body craved hers and he thought about relieving her stress in so many different ways, most of them involving her screaming his name and clawing down his back when it was over.

    His favorite fantasy was simply yanking back her desk chair, where she sat, typing away, rushing to finish her essays. When she was open to him, Tom imagined dropping to his knees and crawling in between her spread thighs. He’d warm her up with soft, open mouthed kisses, which he’d trail across the length of her figure, only stopping when he finally reached what was in between her legs. In Tom’s mind, she would be aching and begging for him to touch her, to kiss her cloth-covered center until she came. He’d obviously wait until she explicitly said that he was allowed to peel away her panties, and then he’d go at her like he never had before. Tom wouldn’t stop at just one orgasm, she deserved more than that, he’d finish her off at least three times before he decided that she needed to rest.

    Then he’d go off to the bathroom and bring her a warm towel to clean her of the mess they had made, and he would gently tuck her into bed, where she would snuggle up to his chest and fall asleep.

    “But you don’t know that? Maybe my professor hated my essays, I ended up getting political in both of them and maybe I bashed his political party? I shouldn’t have done that, I’ve totally fucked everything up, oh no, oh no, oh no.” Her voice brought Tom back down to earth.

    “Were your points relevant?” Tom asked. “If they were and you provided ample evidence, which I’m positive you did, considering your works cited page was over two pages, everything will be fine. You did perfectly, darling. You’re absolutely perfect.” He licked a small spot on her neck, before lightly nipping at her skin.

    Tom couldn’t help it, he wanted her.

    She gasped softly, unconsciously tilting her head to give her boyfriend better access to her neck. “Tom, you’re being silly! What are you doing?” Her voice shook and her back arched as she spoke.

    Tom smiled and kissed her neck again, “You know you love it, sweetheart.” The hand that was rubbing soothing circled on her back halted its movements, and instead made it’s way down to toy with the edge of the skirt she had been wearing when she’d come home from her final class of the day.

    She sighed dreamily, “uh huh.”

    Tom smirked, knowing full well that he had her. Shifting her frame so that she was situated on his lap frontwards, instead of sideways like she had been, Tom spread his legs a bit so that she could nestle properly into him. His mouth didn’t wander away from her neck, but his hands slid up her body to squeeze her soft breasts.

    “Ugh, Tom,” She moaned out when his right hand moved away from her chest to instead scrape over the exposed skin of her collarbones.

    Tom then removed both of his hands from her body and brought them up to the bun that her hair was currently being constricted in. Doing his best not to hurt her, he finally plunked the rubber band out of her hair and watched as her hair fell softly down her back.

    Settling his hands onto the exposed skin of her thighs, Tom mumbled into her hair, “So pretty darling, so, so, so pretty. Can I do something for you?”

    Her hips twitched and Tom groaned as her bum rubbed against him. “Yes,” She whined, her eyes closing. She was exhausted, but Tom was making it feel so good, he was making her feel too good to stop.

    He chuckled, “But baby, you don’t even know what I wanna do to you yet. How do you know that you’re going to like it?” Tom was teasing her, but in truth, he didn’t know how long he could keep his hands off her. He knew what he wanted to do to her, and the only way that he was going to stop, was if she asked him to.

    “Tom, you’re not being nice.” Her hands tried to guide his own to her center, but he wasn’t budging yet.

    “I’ll be very, very nice to you soon, sweet girl. Maybe I’ll be nicer to you sooner if you tell me what you want.” Tom knew that he was being a tease, but he couldn’t help it. He loved listening to her honeyed, waning voice asking him to do dirty things to her while her hips shuddered in his hands.

    “Tom, please, touch me there.” She brought his fingertips to rest beneath her skirt, and onto the front of her panties. “Please, Tom. It feels like I’m going to combust if you don’t.” She leaned back into his touch, and Tom could feel her eyelashes tickling his jaw.

    “See, baby,” Tom brought a hand up to cup her cheek, “that’s all you needed to say.” And with that, he pressed his lips aggressively onto her own and slipped a finger into the silk panties that he could tell she was wearing.

    She gasped and the moment his finger brushed across her clit, her entire body went lax. “No, no, sweetheart. Kiss me.” Tom urged, holding her up to his chest.

    When she turned her head around, Tom teased a finger into her entrance. “Tom,” She cried, her voice shaking. One of her hands curled into the shirt he was wearing.

    “What’s up darling, do you feel good?” He asked, wanting to make sure that she was alright. Tom knew that she was weak right now, seeing as she hadn’t slept the night before and he couldn’t recall the last time she had something to eat, so he didn’t want to be too rough on her by accident.

    Nodding her head, she managed to stutter out, “I’m good, just more, please.” She kissed his jawline and Tom slid out from his place behind her, allowing the softness of her couch to embrace her. Her eyes opened and she frowned, “where are you going?”

    Tom dropped onto his knees and groaned as he took in her appearance. Her hair was softly waved from being so disheveled and her lips were bee-stung and pink, he knew that he was bound to be covered in her lipstick. “Just going to be down here baby, gonna go easier on you.”

    She cocked her head to the side in confusion but spread her legs for him all the same. “You’ve just been working so hard, and I don’t want to make you work for this too.” Tom said, lifting her skirt and moving her underwear down her legs. “Can I?” He asked, motioning his head in the direction of her exposed center.

    “Yes please,” She whispered airly.

    Tom moved forward, slipping her both of her legs onto his shoulders to help open her up for him. Her skirt was practically around her waist, so neither one of them bothered removing it. Tom kissed his way up her thighs, biting down gently on the flesh of her inner thigh. “Fuck,” he hissed underneath his breath. He had missed this so much.

    Pushing a soft hand through his curls, she wiggled her way a little bit lower on the couch so it would be easier for Tom to eat her out. “I love you,” Tom said, and not waiting for her response, he dove straight in.

    He held her thighs apart and licked and sucked at her mercilessly, doing his best to ease the stress exam season had caused her. When she came, not once, twice or even three times, on the fifth time Tom had finished her off, he decided that she was too sleepy to go on, and moved away from her spread legs.

    As she drifted back down to earth, she caught a hold of Tom’s hand and whispered, “I love you back.” Her eyes blinked themselves open, and then quickly shut. Tom could tell that she was too sleepy to even move.

    Helping her up and into his arms, Tom carried her off to the bedroom. Moving the covers of the bedspread back, and placing her body beneath them, Tom bustled about the room. He grabbed his comfiest, softest sweatshirt to dress her in, and found a pair of underwear for her to wear to sleep in.

    “I’m going to help get you ready for bed, alright my love?” Tom said, and did his very best not to gawk at her breasts when he removed her sweater, and her bra to clothe her in his sweatshirt. He slipped her panties on before he removed her skirt, and he tossed her boots aside as soon as he undid the zippers.

    Pulling the covers up under her chin, Tom hurried off into the bathroom where he spent a furious five minutes jacking himself off so that his excitement wouldn’t poke her in the back throughout her entire nap.

    When he came back, he was pleased to see that she hadn’t gone to retrieve her laptop to check the status of her grades. Instead, she had stayed exactly where Tom had left her. “Will you nap with me?” She asked softly, batting her eyes up at him.

    “Course I will, baby. Whenever you wake up, we’ll go and get dinner, alright?” Tom crawled into the bed behind her and curled and arm around her waist.

    “Thank you, Tom.” She said, tossing over to face him.

    “Thank you for what?” He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together.

    “For taking care of me.” She said softly, placing a kiss onto the tip of his nose.

    “I love you, darling, it’s what I do.” Tom smiled, moving her hair out of her face.

    “Love you forever.” She echoed, before finally allowing sleep to consume her.