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imageshack (.) com/a/img922/2497/xQT1iM (.) jpg why am i screaming at this?!

Ugh, this is always going to be problematic and infuriating.

I think it’s really lovely that he wants to trust his screen partner, wants them to feel comfortable, and is confident enough to tell them something like this.

I’d like to point out that he is interested in what the other person’s boundaries are; he didn’t say “I always have a frank conversation with the woman I’m working with and tell her what my boundaries are.”

That’s verra important.

Also…she got to lick his back.  And bump noses.  And dance with lots of lascivious fingers caressing.  Lucky girl.  

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  • Portia: We just ask that you find a way to contribute back to the house:)
  • Ariana: Yeah. They had me re-do the house Wifi when I was a pledge.
  • Portia: You wouldn't stop complaining about it!
  • Ariana: Because it was terrible!
  • Portia: Maybe if you hadn't been downloading so much!
  • Ariana: You told me to watch DW!
  • Portia: Not all of them! Just the one with pansexual subtext!
  • Ariana: I wanted to impress you, babe
  • ...
  • Ariana: uh I mean
  • Portia: Ariana, it's fine.

“Does it seem like Yurio is spending an awful amount of time with Otabek?” Yuuri asked Viktor.

Instead of dorms, the three of them were staying in an apartment owned by Lilia’s stepson near the rink and Yakov’s apartment. Viktor said since they’d be traveling so much this season he didn’t want to sign a lease and the majority of his furniture remained in storage. Otabek was staying at an extended stay hotel with his coach yet seemed to have become their fourth roommate. Well, sixth if you counted Makkachin and that ugly grey cat that kept leaving birds in Yuuri’s slippers.

“They’re friends,” Viktor shrugged it off.

He was always flippant about stuff like that.

“Here give me the remote, I want to watch my show—“ Yuri said, leaning across Otabek to grab the remote.

“That reality crap is bad for you, here watch the news you’ll learn something,” Otabek said, holding the remote out of reach.

“Give it!” Yuri said, climbing over him.

Otabek switched hands, keeping it above Yuri’s head. He leapt on top of him and wrestled him over the remote. Holding a cup of tea, Yuuri looked from the sight of flailing limbs back to Viktor with raised brows.

“Oh, I think I see it now,” Viktor said, walking over to the couch and sitting down between Yuri and Otabek, taking the remote and switching it over to soccer. “I like the shorts they wear in soccer, much more free flowing.”

“Ugh,” Yuri said crossing his arms over his chest.

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Do You Wanna Talk About Klaroline?
Do You Wanna Talk About Klaroline?

Do you wanna talk about Klaroline? Come on, we need to, please. We don’t get to see them anymore, it’s been awhile. Will we ever get them back? They use to be on the same screen. And now they’re not. I wish they could be again. Do you wanna to talk about Klaroline? I really just want Klaroline. Go away, emily. Okay, bye…