ugh but i had been meaning to make this for awhile now so

pretty sure this isn’t out of the blue cos it’s been weighing my mind for awhile now, i kinda have this thought that z doesn’t really like helena. i mean, helena was pretty friendly with paige and i love her with lexi but at the same time, whenever they hung out, z and langley were never there. while phases was still preparing for their debut, ry and z were tight like they always have been, ry even promoted the band and he was with the others when they did that roller skating party for phases (for the love of god i can’t seem to find the right words for this ugh). and when ryan started dating helena, it was just lesser to none interaction between ry and z. i mean, i get it, phases had their promotion activities, z is with her boyfriend and ry possibly at that time (and now, still, i hope) was/is making music so they have their own priorities to take care of and never been able to actually hang out. but still, you know, i always thought z and ry make great kind of friends (dan, too), the kind of friends where they know how fucked up you are and the reasons why and stay for the exact same things. i don’t know. now that they said ry and helena had broken up, i can’t help but to hope that z and ry would hang out together again, as friends, because that’s what they are (and always will be), most importantly.
oh, and also, since z hasn’t been around ry much, i kinda like the way langley took care of ry for a really short while and then there was dan and lexi and my most favourite, paige. she’s like solid eccentric sis/mom material, ha.
i know i’m not making any sense and probably would come back to edit fucking bunch of stuff in here so yeah i just feel like laying these weird thoughts out, every once in awhile.