ugh zayn why you do that to me

me stuck in the elevator with Larry Stylinson:
  • me: so you know what I don't understand?
  • larry: *is silent*
  • me: like if Larry wasn't real, why don't Louis and Harry just deny it?
  • larry: *still silent*
  • me: I mean do you know how easy it was for louis to deny zouis? and how easy it was for louis to deny that him and eleanor are engaged?
  • me: like, he was like "just to be clear, me and zayn are not dating we got separate girlfriends"
  • me: and the interview asked Louis if him and eleanor are engaged and he was like "NO! no" and Harry looked
  • so smug and ugh I hate them
  • me: and like why do they have matching tattoos if Larry wasn't real? like why is Louis's dagger tattoo is in the same place as Harry's rose tattoo????
  • me: like, obviously the rose and dagger go together why are they like this?
  • me: and not only the rose and dagger match but also other tattoos like COULD THEY BE ANYMORE STUBLE?????
  • me: why are they like this if Larry isn't real, like god fuck ugh
  • *elevator door opens*
  • me: k see you two. lArry is real
  • me: *walks out of elevator*
  • *elevator doors close, louis and Harry are alone and the elevator goes up*
  • louis: love fans that are like that
  • harry: me too lou me too
8 months later

The I Don’t Wanna Live Forever music video gave me some inspiration to write a fanfic. Even though I’m a bit prude I really like the video. I didn’t like the first movie (Fifty Shades Of Grey) so I was a bit nervous over the song and even more over the video, but I think they made it really hot, but at the same time very honest. After watching it around ten times and texting my friends like crazy I started to think about my favorite of all Taylor’s exes, Adam. How he feels about this, not because Taylor should care, but I really like him so it was just a thought that popped up in my head. I started typing in my thoughts as a text, but realized I could do so much more with it. So here you go, hope y'all like it.


*Adam’s pov*

That day started out pretty chill. I drove to my gym and filmed a few videos to my snapchat story. It was a bit cold outside, or that will say if we’re talking about the normal California temperature. Nothing I couldn’t handle thought, I mean I’m from Scotland, it’s pretty windy, rainy and cold there.

When I was done with the training I headed back to my place, but I had no idea at this point that this day would destroy me.

*Taylor’s pov*

26th January, today our music video would go up on the internet. I looked forward to it a lot, but to be honest, I was also a bit scared. Afraid that people would hate me because of the whole “it’s with your best friends boyfriend” thing. A few years ago I never thought I would do anything like this. I remember the time Zayn wrote mean stuff about me on twitter and how Adam stood up for me in front of the whole world. That was the moment I knew Adam was the one. Ugh Taylor why do you even think about this today, I said out loud to myself. Why do I think about the fight, why do I think about Adam? He wasn’t the man I hoped he would be. He was all sweet and romantic in the start, but then at one point it was like he just changed. I heard from one of my friends that he was so sad when Little Big Town said that I was the one who had written their song Better Man. Because that was the moment he knew I had written it about him. We decided to keep in touch and be friends, but for some reason it’s so much harder than it is with Joe. Maybe I just have to give it a little time, but on the other hand I can’t help wondering if he’s the one I should marry and have kids with. I remember how much I wanted that once.

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call, the screen light up “Mother <3”. I picked up the phone and took a deep breath before I answered. “Hello honey” I heard my mama say with a calm voice. “Hey you” I answered. “Honey, what’s wrong? Is it the video, because if it is just call if off” I heard from the other side of the phone. “It’s not the video mom, it’’s…it’s nothing, okay?” I said, although I knew she wouldn’t let it go before I told her the truth. “Darling, remember how it always end when you don’t tell me the truth. This is your big day, so be honest with me”. It all sounded so wrong “Mom, it’s not like I’m getting married. It’s just a music video and if you have to know I’m just…eh…thinking about Adam”. It immediately became quiet. “Oh Taylor” was all she said. “I know it’s stupid…….I just can’t help it. I really have to go, can I call you back in a hour or so?” I asked when tears started streaming down from my face. “Of course, I’ll talk to you later. I love you”. She hadn’t notice my tears, and if she did she wouldn’t hang up so I quickly said “I love you too” and hung up the phone.

Did I still have feelings for him, did I still love him? Why am I doing this when I know he don’t care. I only was in his way and he’s probably happy that I’m gone. So why can’t I feel the same?

*Adam’s pov*

I felt stuck, like I didn’t have anything to write about. Like all the sounds were worthless so I decided to start a live stream on my instagram because that usually gets me in a better mood. I had to end the first one so I started another and I talked with my fans for awhile. A lot of the people who were watching had names like "Lovinghimwasred” or “itsalovestorybabyjustsayyes” and a picture of Taylor. It hurt me a bit to see that all the time, because I can’t help thinking that maybe we should have end up together. Maybe she’s the one. But I try to stop think about it, because I know she doesn’t love me, she wrote that in her song Better Man. “We might still be in love, if you were a better man”. Her feelings were gone so why weren’t mine? I see that a lot of the accounts with Taylor’s face wrote IDWLF and something about how they were so excited and asked if I were okay. I didn’t get it at first, until one person asked “Calvin, do you look forward to see Taylor’s new music video?” That was it, she was releasing her music video for the Fifty Shades Darker. That song she recorded together with Zayn, ugh I never really liked him, but I remember our fight over Taylor and how he pressed her down and I stood up for her. That was the first time Taylor told me she wanted to marry me. I said I wanted to marry her too, but wait a bit. She told me she wanted to wait too, but maybe if I had asked her that night, just maybe she still would’ve been mine.

I thought of Taylor all day long, and to be honest she helped me get some inspiration for a new song. This one is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written. It’s about a person who can’t forget about his one true love, just like the way I can’t forget about Taylor.

I took up my phone and clicked on Instagram. I searched for her name, “Ta” was all I had to write in to find her name and face on my screen. I clicked on her profile and then on her last thing, that was a video.The caption said “Video tomorrow night midnight est #idontwannaliveforever #fiftyshadesdarker” and when I turned on the sound and looked at the video it was a clip from the music video and Taylor looked hot. I looked at when she had post it and it was yesterday, I then looked at my screens clock and realized that the it already was 8pm. The video would be out in one hour. I decided to go and cook some food.

The video would be out in two minutes and I sat on my couch, super nervous. Taylor and I watched the first movie together, I didn’t really like it, but she thought it was hot. I was now kind of scared, because I had no idea of how much she would show off in this video and the worst thing was that my opinion didn’t matter. Taylor could do exactly what she wanted to do and I couldn’t say that I wanted to be the only one to see that much of her. I couldn’t say that I was the luckiest man in the world because of her, I couldn’t do anything. 9pm. I put on my television and clicked on youtube. Searched for the video and there it was. I clicked on it and immediately I regret my decision. Zayn stepped out of a car and when he started to sing I felt the words burning against me “Been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping you’d call”, did she want me to call her? “And I don’t wanna fit wherever. I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home” Did she want me in her life? I knew she had written this song. And then Taylor was on the screen. She looks so sad and even though it’s just for the music video, I couldn’t help thinking maybe this really is a big problem for her. Her hair is longer, but otherwise she looks pretty much the same. She looked like my Taylor.

WOW. I so wasn’t expect that, was the first thought that came to me when Taylor starts singing “I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places” and then when she lays down on the bed I got an even bigger lump in the stomach. I though I was the only one who would see that side of her. The video ended and I sat there with tears in my eyes. I’m not the kind of guy that cries, but after seeing this video I felt a tear fall down from my cheek, because I realized Taylor isn’t mine anymore. That I’ve lost the best thing I’ve ever had and that I can’t get it back. I took up my phone and wrote in her name. I click at the contact that now is named “Taylor” but before was named “The One”. I start typing, but I don’t really know what I wanna say. I just feel like saying something.

*Taylor’s pov*

I was sitting there with Zayn, Gigi and some other friends and when we had watched the whole video our friends said stuff like “omg it’s so good”. Gigi hugged Zayn and started kissing him. If I didn’t knew them I would probably say get a room, but I was happy for them. Because they were in love, like Adam and I were once. Now I’ve just released a song about how I still love him and I hope he doesn’t hate me for it. I picked up my phone and pressed text messages. I wrote “Adam” this time instead of “The Love Of My Life <3” like I had typed in the time we were together. When I clicked on his name I saw three dots. He’s writing to me. He had probably seen the video. He still remember me. From nowhere those dots disappeared and my eyes started tearing up. I excused myself from the room and went up to the bathroom that belongs to my bedroom. I sat there and stared down at my phone as I was waiting for the dots to show up again, but they never did. The tears fell down from my cheeks. This was it, I had lost the love of my life.


Did you like it? And do you want a second part?

okay so. i posted a snippet of zayn and niall make a porno about a year ago, and i’ve added about 9k to it. it was going to be finished for big bang, clearly that did not happen and i just don’t see myself finishing it anytime soon. i very much hope to do so, because i’ve been wanting to write this for three years now, BUUUUT it isn’t happening right now. i don’t want to post it on ao3 because that feels like a promise i’m not certain i’ll keep in a timely manner (#tbt the kurt x sam gl*e wip that i finished after not posting the last chapter for LITERALLY three and a half years) but i don’t want to sit on it because then i know i’ll never finish it ever.

so here’s all 13k of it so far.

“Shit,” Zayn says, clicking through his bank account on their shared laptop. It’s his month to pay rent and he was kind of supposed to take care of that like, yesterday. “We’re like, poor as fuck.”

“I know,” Niall says, from the kitchen table. He’s got a tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth and he’s leaning over something that looks suspiciously like –

“Is that weed?” Zayn asks, frowning and sitting up, shutting the laptop, peering at Niall.

“Yeah,” Niall says, crumbling it into the rolling papers with his fingertips. “I got it with our gas money for the month since the car’s a piece of shit and we can’t afford repairs, anyway.”

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Preference #53: Getting out of the "Friendzone"

Harry: You were frustrated with everything. Life, school, work, boys. Especially boys.
You just thought that by now you’d at least be happy, maybe have a decent guy.
But nope. Everything was just crappy.
And you told all this to your best friend.
“Mm hm.” He responded tiredly now beginning to sound slightly annoyed.
“Oh god. I’m sorry Harry. I’ve just been rambling on. I’ll stop now.” You said taking a sip of your drink.
“I just… there’s no guy in your life. None at all? No “decent” guy in your life whatsoever?”
You thought for a second, and looked at him, why is he asking this?
“Well I mean. I have you Harry, but that’s about it. Everyone else sucks.” You watched as he made for a small smile, but at the same time he seemed disappointed, “Are you okay Harry?”
“Well… it’s just, have you ever thought of me as a “decent” guy?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
He sighed, “I mean, would you ever consider going out with me? Instead of those other losers that don’t even treat you right?”
You stared at him dumbfounded; usually you could tell when someone liked you. This was a first.
You thought about it for a second, “You’re right. You are a “decent” guy”, more than that, “and I think I’d like to go out with one for a change.”

Liam: There was a rom-com marathon on TV, and since Liam had just recently lost a bet with you, the wager being whatever the winner wanted, you decided to annoy Liam as much as you possibly could.
“Aw. Isn’t that cute.” You said sarcastically, as you glanced over at Liam who looked like he was slowly dying.
“Can we please shut this off?”
“Nope. A bets a bet.” You smiled.
“I hate you.”
“No you don’t.”
“Yeah I do.” He said bitterly.
You just laughed turning your attention to the TV.
You weren’t the biggest fan of romantic comedies, but sometimes you could indulge in a cute/cheesy romance.
“Come on Liam. Just look at them. It’s cute.”
“Yeah. I guess.” He said still annoyed at his defeat.”
“Don’t you wish you could find someone like that? To just be, so in love?” you said only half-sarcastically.
“Yeah, but it seems like they’re always friends first.”
“Yeah… falling in love with your best friend… that only happens in movies and storybooks though… doesn’t it?”
It suddenly became silent, and you looked at him, noticing his stare, and took your hand in his.
“Not always.” He smiled.

Louis: It wasn’t as if you were a bad person, you just had high standards when it came to guys. You wanted the best, and you didn’t want to just settle.
You went on dates, but the guys were either jerks or not what you were looking for, so for the most part you were single, and always looking to mingle.
That is until your last date that ended up being a giant bust, and just absolutely horrible.
“That’s it. I am DONE with guys. DONE.” You stated finally, and you saw Louis’ look to you.
“Oh. This sounds official.”
“It is!”
“Yeah. But you say that every time you have a bad date.”
“Yeah. And those have become more often then I’d like them to be. Maybe if I had a good date for once, then I’d reconsider… again.”
“Then… I think I could show you a good time.” He said half nervously.
You looked at him wondering if he was kidding or not. It didn’t seem like he was.
“Wait, Really? Are you… are you asking me out?”
“Yeah. Actually. I am.”
“Are… Are you being serious Louis?”
“Is that a no?”
“No! I mean. I just didn’t think you liked me that way.”
“Yeah… I guess I’m just not great at showing it. But I do. I really do. So… is that a yes then?”
You thought for a second, and began to smile, “Yeah Louis. I have faith in you that you’d make me… reconsider.”

Niall: “Come on [Y/N]!”
“What do you want now Niall?” you replied back annoyed.
“Come sit with me?” he asked from the couch giving you a wide eyed look.
“You’re so annoying sometimes.” You sighed, walking over and taking the seat next to him.
“God, you guys are like a married couple.” Your roommate stated more annoyed than either both of you, I’m gonna go now. I gotta date. Later Horans.” They said with a wave as you just gave them a look.
“Pfft. ‘The Horans’. We’re just close friend right Ni?”
“So who cares if we like to cuddle sometimes? Normal friends do that.”
“Of course.”
“And so, what if we say ‘I love you’… I love you. We’re friends. It just means that I care about you a lot.”
You suddenly became silent and thought for a second…
Wait. What?
You felt lost in a trance and stared into space.
You turned up and looked up at him, “Yea-” and he immediately leant in and softly pressed your lips together, and you found yourself kissing him back.
You pulled away and looked at him, “Niall…”
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He said.
You felt yourself smile as you leant in and kissed him again.

Zayn: You were crying and just felt so incredibly angry at him. But at the same time, you couldn’t stand it. He was your best friend.
It hurt you to have a fight with him, and it especially hurt because it was him.
“That’s it. I’m leaving. Goodbye [Y/N].”
You were speechless beyond belief as he walked out on you.
“Zayn! Ugh!” you yelled out falling onto the couch.
Things between you two, for some reason, had changed.
Zayn seemed to have become distant, and for some reason didn’t seem to want to talk to you anymore.
And when you confronted him about it… well, it obviously didn’t go well.
What went wrong?
You looked up angrily, “What do you want now?”
“I’m. I’m sorry.”
“Too little too late Zayn. You just walked out on me, and I don’t even know why. You’ve been so mad at me lately. Why do you hate me?”
“I…” and he let out a frustrated sigh, “I don’t hate you [Y/N]. It’s the complete opposite.”
You looked up and gave him a confused look, “What are you saying?”
He sighed again, “I think I’ve… been… feeling things [Y/N]… like. I really like you. I could never hate you [Y/N]. I guess I was scared and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. If you didn’t feel the same. But if this fight is the end. Then I’d rather you know that.”
You stared at him, not knowing what to say, it was a lot of information to take in.
“Okay then. I’m sorry [Y/N].” and he turned to leave.
“No. Zayn.” And you ran to him and turned him around, and stared at all of him, before leaning in and giving him a kiss. 

Preference # 21: Friendly Teasing

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Louis: “You’re an idiot”
“Tell me something I don’t know” Louis said flashing you a smile. You rolled your eyes.
“You’re such a-”
“What? What am I?”
Your mouth stayed closed. You couldn’t think of an answer.
“Well, you’re speechless. I guess that means I’m amazing.” He said now raising his eyebrow, enjoying teasing you… as he always did.
“Shut up! I don’t know. You’re… you’re… I don’t know! This is an unfair question! Don’t be so full of yourself!”
“How is it unfair? And you know you like it. You love me.”
“Actually. I don’t.”
“Then how come you can’t find any possible word EVER to finish your “you’re such a” sentence? How else am I supposed to interpret that other than how amazing I am? You never finish with anything bad to say, so it has to mean I’m great” He continued to tease.
“Because!…” You bit your lip and looked down embarrassed. You still had no answer.
“Besides. If you hate me so much then how come you always come and talk to me and want to hang out with me huh?” he continued to say, you just sat there, not figuring out what to say to that.
“Idiot.” He said under his breath.

Harry: “Hey! Where did-” You looked around the table looking now for your missing plate of food, and then you heard a munching coming from behind.
“Harry!” you said annoyed as he continued to keep eating and walking away. “Nuh-uh Styles. Get back here. And stop eating my food!” you yelled getting up which worked since he made his way back and gave you the plate.
“Sorry but… it’s so good!!!!” he said flashing you a cute smile.
You just stared back at him, secretly flattered that he liked your cooking but at the same time, he’s a grown man he can get things himself.
“Aw… is Harry hungry?” you said in a baby voice.
He nodded his head eagerly, “Does Harry want some of my food?” he nodded again keeping up his “cute”charade.
You made to give him back the plate as he was about to take it back from you, but you pulled it back quickly.
“Get your own plate Styles.”

Zayn: It was the last day before Zayn was back out on the world stage- literally. And you decided a lazy day at your place would do. What’s better than just watching a bunch of movies and doing nothing; all day? You texted him about it, and according to his reply, he’d be here any minute. And once the popcorn was finished, he was there.
“Zayn!” you yelled jumping into his arms for a hug. It’d been a while since the last time you were able to do that.
“Hey [Y/N]. I missed you.”
“Ditto!” you said happily pulling away from him.
“So did you get my text?”
You gave him a puzzling look, “Um Yes? The one that said you were coming? I replied back.”
“Yeah… and I replied back to that.”
You checked your phone and saw his reply, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” was all it said. “What?”
Zayn came over and pointed to your last text, “Okay gut. I though you weren’t going too show up?’ [Y/N] did you pass English?”
“Ugh Zayn! Who cares I missed a letter and I added a letter, and spell check is mean. It’s not that bad. Why do you always do this?”
He just continued laughing at you “It’s alright [Y/N]. Clearly between you and me who was better in that class?”
“ ‘You and I.’ If you want to play grammar police; then I think I just got a point!”
He just laughed again, “As much fun as that sounds, I’d rather just do something else. Do I smell popcorn?” And with that he disappeared to find it.

Liam: You sat watching Liam on the side as he was working out. The view… well could you ask for a better one? He lay on the floor counting between breaths and push-ups not knowing you were even there.
“Hey you” you finally said watching him get up to take a swig from his water bottle, at the same time your eyes scanning his body up and down.
“Hey. How long have you been there?”
“Oh… maybe 5 minutes or so.” You said as he now stood in front of you.
“Hm. I didn’t even notice.” He said taking another drink, you continued to stare at him.
“It’s because you were so concentrated on what you were doing. Why would I want to interrupt?” you said so sweetly. Liam chuckled, most likely because he could see your thoughts through your eyes and tone of voice.
“Hm. Yeah.” He said coming even closer to you, and your heart quickened.
“Care to see if you could beat me?” he said moving back to his spot from before.
“What? Seriously?”
“Yeah. Whoever wins… well… will decide what to do about the other after” he said with a wink knowing you weren’t gonna pass down that wager.
“Fine.” You said getting up and facing him and getting on the floor ready to do some push ups, already knowing how this was going to turn out, and your prediction went how you’d expected it to.
“I win.” He said simply, getting up. You got up slowly in the unanimous defeat.
“Yeah you knew that was gonna happen. You know you’re a million times stronger than me.”
“Yeah. You knew it too though. You could’ve said no. Besides, you’re ultimately the winner here aren’t you?” he teased and you gave him a confused look. “Remember our wager?”
And before you fully realized it, Liam was already attacking your lips.

Niall: Niall had come by your place for a visit…well more of a surprise take over since he needed a place to stay for a bit, and after the day before, well everything was a bit of a blur, as you woke up to a headache and Niall’s laughter.
You were both also in the living room for some reason.
“What the hell?”
“Oh! Morning [Y/N]!”
“Ah! Niall. Silence please.” You said bringing a hand to your head. “What happened last night?”
“Um… my goodbye party? You were the one who threw it?”
“Oh. Yeah. Now I remember. It wasn’t a party. Just people. Over.”
Niall began to laugh, “Yeah, and when someone drinks and gets drunk, that’s when you consider it a party.”
“Oh crap” you said under your breath, making Niall laugh harder. “Niall! Quiet!” your own yelling now irritating you.
“Sorry [Y/N]” he said now attempting to contain his laughter. “You just look like an idiot in these”
“Was I the only one to make a fool of myself?”
He shook his head solemnly; “Nope” and he played a video on the TV screen so you could both watch the horror. It was the both you and Niall together having drunk conversations with people.
“Liam was filming us, everyone else seems sober. At least telling from the videos anyway.”
“Oh shit.” You said embarrassed.
“Don’t worry [Y/N]. It looks as if all the teasing and joking is towards me. I’m getting a million texts right now.” He said staring at his phone. “Thank god someone took my phone. I drunk texted a lot of people last night.”
You watched him go through it, his face making different expressions at each one.
“Ugh, we’re idiots.” You said having your head fall back down.
“Nah, we’re just best friends.”

A Tribute As To Why Zayn Malik Will Be Paying For My Therapy

This is from the “Ama-Zayn Malik” File. Here are the past three: Liam Niall Harry

And to start:

You  could honestly kill someone with your jaw. Like look at that thing. You could cut diamond with your jaw. It’s unreal. And you’re wearing. a. jean. vest. Do you and Liam know that it’s been 16 years since the 90s? Stop. Your hair is so beautiful. Every part of you is beautiful.

I wasn’t ready for this and I’ll never be:

You have 0 chill Zayn Malik. I threw my laptop in the street when I saw this picture. I need you to tone it down about 502 notches. (P.S. you’ll always be my batman)


1) I hate your sweater 2) your hair 3) your scruffy jaw 4) your lips. I could write poems about your lips holy cow. Back in 2011 and 2012 whenever you were called vain you are so welcome to be. If I were you I would stare at me in the mirror all day. I love you. Gorgeous


NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. If you punched me in the face I would thank you. This should be illegal. Why. How. I’m so upset.

Like seriously, please:

I like this because it goes through a bunch of different hair phases and clothing but essentially repeats the same thing…YOU ARE A GOD AND YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED.



That’s enough Zayn:

Who gave you the right? Honestly. My ovaries are exploding. Please. Like stop this hurts so much. You’re an angel with babies. I’m going to go sob in the corner.


Like, why:

It’s a good thing Perrie is so beautiful and as perfect as you or she’d explode if you looked at her like this. How about you never do this again?




You’re literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You’re the 8th Wonder of the World and I will fight anyone that says differently. You’re 35% tattoos, 60% god, and 5% jawline, like you need to be put on house arrest.



2012 was a rough year:

Do you know how uncalled for this was? My mom had to bring me chocolate while I cried on the floor. STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS AND NEVER EVER PUT A STREAK OF BLOND IN YOUR HAIR EVER AGAIN. THIS WAS AGONIZING.

Bye-bye self-esteem:

You know what Zayn, I didn’t like breathing anyway. It’s not necessary, right? What the hell. You’re literally breathtaking. I will have this picture put on my living room wall so everyone who sits in there feels as inadequate as I do when I look at this.


WHO SAID THIS WAS OKAY?! I know you like sleep, but you’re not allowed to have a teddy bear. I’m crying. I feel like death.



Just kill me now:

Kill me with your jaw. That’s the only way I want to go. Stop. Stop smiling, stop giggling. Stop I can’t take it.

Like. no:



Same. I creep quite regularly too. I hope you creep and see this. I have something in common with you. I have something in common with Zayn Javad Malik and it’s that we’re ridiculously creepy. What a win.


Someone should explain physics to you because when you take a hat off you’re supposed to have static and look like you just rolled out of bed. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE AN HERBAL ESSENCE COMMERCIAL. YOU BROKE PHYSICS ZAYN STOP.


STOP STICKING YOUR TONGUE OUT NOW. Why are you so beautiful? Can you like give me a perfume of your sweat so hopefully it’ll make me more like you and I’ll be an eighth as beautiful? UGH ZAYN STOP I’M GOING TO DIE.


Zayn. I’m gonna need you to burn those glasses. How do you sleep looking like a model? Everyone should aspire to look like you. It’s inZayn. I’m so jealous.

I love you so much <3

How I Fell In Love Chapter 10 (Harry Styles Fanfic Sequel)


My chest hurt at the words that Y/N spat out at me. It was true though. All of it. She trusted me enough to open up to me, and I just couldn’t do the same. My pride was too important. And as much as it hurt to admit that, I still couldn’t get myself to tell her the truth.

She turned her face to the wall and wiped away her tears, so I wouldn’t see that she was hurting.

“Y/N, please…You can’t let me marry her,” I begged.

She looked at me with a mad and confused expression, “You’re begging me to stop you from marrying her?”

I gulped loudly, not really sure how to respond.

“Do it yourself!” she spat out, “If you love me as much as you say you do…then you would stop all of this. You would tell me what’s really going on. You would trust me…unless you love her more…”

“I don’t!” I shook my head quickly, “I love you, Y/N.”

She backed away, “How can you love someone you don’t eve trust? I love you, Harry…but it always hurts to love you…” She turned her back and walked away.

“No, please, Y/N,” I said quickly and tried to chase after her, “I can’t lose you again…please.”

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her, causing her to turn and crash gently into my chest and arms, “Please…I’m so sorry.”

She pried herself out of my grasp and gave me one final look with watery eyes and ran down the hallway to leave me with my hands rubbing over my heated face.


Your POV

It’s now been 3 days and I still haven’t heard from Harry. Rebecca came to my door yesterday and handed me a wedding invitation, which I gladly burned in the fire place. Grams and Gramps even got an invitation, and Grams didn’t take it to well, neither than Jason. This was all moving so fast, and I only hoped that it would end in turmoil.

As much as I hated to admit it, but I missed Harry. I missed him so much that it hurt more to not see him. I was alone every night.

My phone rang and brought me out of my thoughts, “Hello?”

“Y/N?” I recognized Zayn’s voice.

“Hey, is everything alright?” I said concerned.

“No, it’s Harry,” he panicked.

“Zayn, I don’t want anything to do with Harry,” I wanted to hang up right then and there.

“Y/N, he’s drunk!” Zayn replied quickly causing me to freeze.

“That’s…that’s not my problem,” I stuttered.

“Y/N, he doesn’t want anybody else,” he said with a worried tone.

“I’m sorry, Zayn. I can’t help you,” my voice was small now.

“You don’t understand. Harry is uncontrollable when he’s drunk,” I could hear Harry’s voice in the background, loud and hollering at who I assume are strangers, “He’s crazy…and I just don’t want him to get violent and hurt himself…Please. I don’t know what to do with him.”

I cursed myself under my breath, “Fine…where are you guys at?”


I parked my car across the street from the bar that Zayn had told me about. I stepped out of the car and jogged across the street and walked into the dark place.

“Y/N!” I heard Zayn shout from across the room.

I paced over to where a terrified Zayn stood and a slumped over Harry.

“He’s passed out…” Zayn mumbled, “Big guy punched him for being annoying…”

“Ugh…” I poked Harry’s arm but he didn’t budge, “Harry, why are you so stupid?”

“I’ll help you,” Zayn said and threw Harry’s arm over his shoulder and I took the other side.

“Y/N?” Harry mumbled when I held onto his side, “You came for me?”

“I came to help Zayn,” I said as we stumbled through the bar and out the door with Harry’s legs dragging from behind.

“Where’s your car?” I asked Zayn.

“I live on the opposite side of town…I figured you should take him home…since you live next to each other,” Zayn said raising his shoulders.

I clicked my tongue in disbelief, “Fine…only because you have your wife and kids you need to attend to…”

I nodded towards the direction of my car and we dragged Harry’s practically lifeless body to the passenger seat of the car.

“Thank you so much!” Zayn said placing Harry in to the seat and buckled him in as I climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Don’t mention it…” I mumbled and he shut the door.

A few minutes had gone by and Harry still hadn’t said anything, let alone move at all. I poked his cheek to make sure he was still alive when I came to a red light.

His head shifted, “Y/N…”

There were no cars around. It was the dead of night. But then again who goes out to get drunk on a Sunday night.

We finally arrived to his house and I unbuckled his seat belt, “Hey…get up…We’re home…”

He rubbed his drunken eyes, “We live together?”

“No,” I stated, “You’re fiance is waiting inside for you…”

He looked out the window at the lit up porches and started to cry, “Don’t let me go…”

“What are you talking about?” I questioned with annoyance clearly in my voice.

“I won’t go home if she’s there…” he mumbled and turned to me. His eyes red from lack of sleep and the amount of alcohol he had consumed hours earlier.

I bit my lips to keep them from saying anything I might regret.

“Please, Y/N…” he mumbled and suddenly inched closer to me. I could now smell the heavy alcohol in his breath.

“Harry…I’m not sure…” I whispered. His nose was now touching mine and his alcohol induced breath stung when it hit me. He had never gotten this drunk before and I could tell something was wrong.

His eyes were tired and drooping. His bottom lip quivered from terror.

“What has she done to you?” I took his face into my hands. I wanted to cry seeing the brokeness in his eyes. I wanted to know what she’s done to the beautiful boy that I had madly fallen in love with, but he won’t tell me.

I pressed my lips to his forehead that was hot and slightly salty from sweat, “Come on…let’s go inside.”

I opened my car door and stepped out to jog over and open his door and help him stumble out. We quietly maneuvered out onto the lawn and up my porch steps. I quietly opened the door and tossed my keys on the couch before helping Harry up my stairs and into my bedroom. He collapsed on my bed and quickly cuddled his head onto my pillows.

I bent over and slid his shoes off. I forced him to turn onto his back. His eyes were closed, but I could tell he was still awake; his eyes didn’t flutter like they did when he fell asleep.

“Y/N…” he mumbled again.

“I’m just taking off your coat, so you can sleep comfortably…” I whispered. I leaned over and snaked my hands under his arm to peel off his heavy trench coat.

“I hate that you have to see me like this…” he mumbled in a broken voice.

“It’s okay…” I said quietly, “I’m glad your okay…I’m gonna go get ice for your black eye…”

He reached up to his left eye and winced when it hurt to even carefully trace his cheekbone.

I went downstairs quickly to retrieve the ice pack and then back upstairs to see Harry sitting up on the bed facing the door, “You okay?”

He turned to look across the room, “No…”

I went to sit by him so he’d be looking at me, even with his head turned. But his eyes avoided mine. I reached up to sweep his curly hair out of his eyes and carefully pressed the ice pack to his bruised left eye.

He winced and I pressed my hand to the back of his neck so that he wouldn’t try to budge out of my grasp. He finally looked me in the eyes, the same agony in his eyes as before, but this time it was softer.

“You’ve never gotten this drunk before…even when you were a stupid 16 year old on your shitty boat…” I mumbled still pressing the ice pack to his eye.

He didn’t say anything. He just looked sad.

“You should get some sleep…” I whispered and let him take the ice pack into his own hands. I stood up from the bed and turned to the door. Harry’s hand grabbed mine and he pulled me. The swift movement made me lose my balance and I was suddenly straddling Harry at the foot of the bed. My face was centimeters away from his. My breathing got deeper and Harry still had that same frozen expression.

“Sleep here with me…” he whispered.

“Harry…” I whispered back nervously.

“Please…You’re the only one who can help me…” he pleaded.

I didn’t respond, but he already knew my answer. I straightened my body and leveled our lips. He slowly leaned in and I slowly met him halfway. Our lips finally touching after endless days of trying to forget one another.

They moved together perfectly, they were one. We were one.

He is doing drugs like smoking marijauna and u catch him then you leave him but he tries to apologize

Liam:  I decided to surprise Liam on tour so I came to their hotel. Harry helped me set it up so he took me to Liam room to leave my bags.“Where is he?” “He is downstairs at the pool” I nodded and was excited to see him. I looked for him and then found him but he didn’t see me since his back was facing me. I slowly walked over and started to smell Marijuana. Who will be smoking in by kids? When I got closer to Liam the smell got stronger. He Couldn’t be! I walked in front of him and saw he had a blunt in his lips when he saw me he stood up and threw it away “Babe” I moved away before he could get close “I can’t believe this”“Babe let me explain” “No you know how I feel about drugs and your doing this” I walked away from him as fast, I heard him call me but I walked out the hotel and got in a cab “Take me away from here” was all i said before it started to drive, i turned around and saw Liam stop as the taxi drove. ** Couple Hours Later** I came back to the hotel once it was night. I walked in and saw Liam with the boys in the lobby, Liam saw me and rushed over to me embracing me in a hug “I was worried sick Y/n” he whispered as I pushed him away. I kept was making my way to the elevator until Liam grabbed my wrist “Babe I’m so sorry I just needed something to relieve the stress” “Liam why Smoke you know what that does to you” “I know baby and I’m sorry please” he lifted my chin for I can look at him “I love you and it was a one time thing” “I love you to but if your stress talk to me not this” he nodded and kissed me.

Niall:  I came back home earlier than expected so I was hoping Niall will be home. I unlocked the door and called out for Niall after I turned off the stereo Once I saw he was in the back I walked over. Once I opened the back door my nose got a familiar smell “Niall you better not be doing what i think your doing!” he turned around quickly and threw hide ‘it’ behind his back “Babe your home” “Niall are you serious?” “Babe I’m so sorry I just needed some-” I put my hand up for he could stop talking “I can’t believe you Niall! I just got over my addiction and you do this in Our house” “Babe I-” “No don’t explain I’m leaving” I rushed out the door to my car and pulled out the driveway. I drove for what seem for hours until I walked in an empty park. I sat in the park bench thinking about my past. Then Someone sat next to me i slowly looked and it was Niall “I knew you would be here” I didn’t respond and looked ahead “Babe I’m sorry I shouldn’t have smoked I didn’t know what i was doing”“Niall you knew how hard this was for me and you do this”“I know babe I am so sorry it was just one time thing”“How can I believe you?” “Because you love me and I love you and i won’t ever do it again” he was now in front of me “Promise” “Promise" 

Louis:  I took the kids to the park and let Louis to be with the boys for a while. We headed home when Ian was tired, I carried Ian and hold Jasmine hand as we walked in. Jasmine ran inside and went upstairs, I put Ian in my bed and walked around to go see where Louis was. Once I went to the basement I saw him and the boys smoking "LOUIS” He jumped up and looked at me “Babe” “I can’t believe you will do this in our house” “Babe I’m sorry it just happened” “And you guys are old mens who have family and doing this” I shook my head and went up stairs to get the kids. “Where you going?” “I’m not letting my kids near this” Jasmine already buckled into her seat and Ian was still sleeping. I got in the driver seat and drove to a friends house.“I can’t believe he will do it in our house” “Me either” she responded as she handed me a cup of tea. We talked for a bit before the door bell rang “If it’s him don’t let him in” she nodded and went to the door. I brought my knees to my chest once I heard them yell. Then Louis barged in “Baby please let me explain” “No Louis you brought drugs into our house and smoked it in our house what will have happened if it was Jasmine walking in” “I know babe it was irresponsible of me to do that but don’t leave me” “How can I know you won’t do it in front of our kids” “I won’t babe I will never do that in front of the kids” he grabbed my hand “I love you baby and this won’t happen again please come home” before I can respond Jasmine ran in and hugged Louis “Daddy” “Hi baby” “Are you okay?” “Yeah go back with Ian” “Okay” he kissed her forehead and turned to me “Please” i nodded and got up “Let’s go home" 

Harry:  I was baby sitting my niece while Harry was in the back working on music. I finished feeding her and set her down on the floor. She walked to the back and opened the door. Our dog Sunshine ran out first then she did "Grace Come ba-” I cut my self off when I saw Harry. He wasn’t writing music. I instantly grabbed Grace and ran back inside with her “Y/N” Harry called out but I just rushed into the car. I put grave in the car and went to the driver seat and drove. Threw out the day Harry kept calling me but I just ignored it. Why will he smoke in our house with my little niece in the house? I dropped off Grace and just decided to wander around, i wasn’t going to go home. I finally stopped at a cafe and drank a coffee. My phone rang again it was Harry “Stop calling me Harry” “babe just let me explain” “No Harry you were smoking with Grace in the house you know the risk of that” “I know babe but please don’t leave me” “I already did” “No baby I love you I promise i won’t do it again” “How do I know that Harry?” “Do you trust me?” “Yes” “Then please come home" 

Zayn:  I brought Zayn some lunch since I knew he would be at the studio all day. I was walking in when I ran into Harry "Hey Y/n” “Hey is Zayn inside?” “No he just went out back” i nodded and walked outside. I opened the door and his back was facing me. “Babe” he turned around with wide eyes and threw something at the corner. I went to hug  him when I smell a familiar smell “Zayn you didn’t” I tried to look what he threw but he blocked it “Let me see” “No” “MOVE” he slowly move and I saw a blunt on the ground. I shoved him the bag of food and rushed out of there “Y/n” he called out but ignored him.Once I was outside with the fans I rushed to my car and drove home. He promised he wouldn’t smoke. He lied! I pulled over the road and got out the car. Another car pulled behind mine it was Zayn’s. “Zayn please leave me alone” “Babe let me explain” “Zayn you broke our promise”“ I know baby but I was craving it” “And you know what your suppose to do when you crave it” “I know but I just..Ugh it’s hard to stop” “That’s why i’m here Zayn to help you through this” “Babe I know and I’m sorry please don’t leave me” “I don’t know” “Please I love you and if i lose you i will go insane” He wrapped his arms around me. “I love you” he whispered into my hair “ I love you too”

theres nothing cuter than one direction with babies

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