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Little Storm Cloud

Title: Little Storm Cloud

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader (friends) 

Warning: adorable Winchester cuddles

A/N: I’m a grumpy little storm cloud today, just in a funk I guess. I also don’t feel like paying attention in class so I wrote this instead :) Enjoy!

Today had just been crappy from the second you got up. You’d stubbed your toe on the bedroom door. Your shower was twice as long because your mind kept wondering making you forget if you’d shampooed your hair. The boys had eaten the rest of your favorite cereal. It was just a shit day all around

Slamming your bedroom door, you stomped to the kitchen grumbling under your breath about having to go on a ridiculously long walk just to get a snack. Walking into the kitchen your hands balled into fists at the leftover food on the counter from lunch.

“Seriously!? Does no one in this godforsaken place know how to put food away!”

Opening the kitchen cabinet to grab a Tupperware you pulled one and the avalanche of plastic hit your face. “God fucking damnit!!” you start slamming things, jamming the mess of Tupperware back into the cabinet, slamming it shut.

“Woah, Y/N, what did the Tupperware do you to?”

“Shut up Sam,” you snapped, running your hands over your face. “UGH I hate today! Everything is so stupid!” Sam just stared as you stomp past him heading for your room.

Groaning you roll over in bed when you hear a knock on your door.

“Y/N? Can I come in?”

“Leave me alone Sam. I’m not in the mood to talk.”

“I know, I just brought you some blankets.” Hesitantly pushing open the door Sam walked to the side of your bed, covering you gently with your favorite blankets.

“Thanks Sam,” you mumbled as he walks out.

“Any time.”

When Dean got home he walked around the library looking for you when Sam came back from a run. “Where’s Y/N? I thought she was making dinner for us?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mention that to her, I can make us something.”

“Why what’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s a little pissed off storm cloud at the moment. I’d stay out of her way if I were you.”

Dean thought for a minute before heading to his room.

He knocked twice on your door, not waiting for an answer when he came in.

“Go away Dean, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“Good thing we aren’t going to talk then. Scoot over.” Dean shoved at you, laughing as you lazily swatted back at him.

“Knock it off asshat! This is my bed!”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, sheesh.” Dean put his favorite mix CD in your stereo and then fit himself behind you on your bed, burying himself under your covers and pulling you in tight to him.

The two of you laid there, and at some point you drifted off in his arms.

When you woke up Sam had wedged his way in bed too. Sam sat with his back against your headboard and your head was using his thigh as a pillow, one of his hands reached down to hold yours. Dean had an arm draped over you and was nuzzling into your neck.

“Guys, guys what are you doing?” Both of the boys wiped their eyes, stretching as woke up. “What’s with the cuddle puddle in my bed?”

“You were a storm cloud,” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, the only way to cure the grumpy storm cloud is to cuddle the grump out of you.” Dean laughed as he stretched out his arms.

“What? I was not!” The boys laughed and Sam pulled you tight to his chest.

“Y/N, you almost started world war three with the Tupperware. You were a little angry storm could.”

“Don’t worry,” Dean pressed a kiss into your temple, “we still love you though.”

Sam pressed a kiss into the top of your head. “We love our little storm cloud.” 


( feel free to change the pronouns as you please! )

❛ the gods are real. ❜
❛ those kids have issues. ❜
❛ you never listen to me! ❜
❛ i didn’t want to cause trouble… ❜
❛ dude, what was that? ❜
❛ why do you have peanut butter in your hair? ❜
❛ dude, i’m your only friend. ❜
❛ hey, don’t talk about my mom / dad! ❜
❛ this was your final warning. ❜
❛ you think i’m trouble. just like everybody else. ❜
❛ yeah, well, i’m sorry i let you down. ❜
❛ yeah, he sounds like a real winner. ❜
❛ he didn’t have a choice. ❜
❛ everyone has issues they’re dealing with. ❜
❛ if you’re weird, you’re weak. ❜
❛ the things that make you different are the very things that make you strong. ❜
❛ you’re destined for great things. ❜
❛ yes, ____, you are special. ❜
❛ be strong. ❜
❛ when i say run…run. ❜
❛ i love you so much. ❜
❛ don’t pass out! ❜
❛ am i dead? ❜
❛ i must be dreaming. ❜
❛ you drool in your sleep. ❜
❛ oh. you’re alive. ❜
❛ yeah, and i half-care. ❜
❛ oh, great, she’s crying. ❜
❛ the best thing to do is break up with the guy. ❜
❛ what are you doing here? ❜
❛ i need a drink. ❜
❛ you mustn’t blame yourself. ❜
❛ no one can blame you for holding a grudge. ❜
❛ you’re gonna be fine. ❜
❛ it’s gonna be bloody murder she wrote. ❜
❛ i’ll put you in your place. ❜
❛ is the food here really that bad? ❜
❛ …and i ran away. ❜
❛ wait, is that true? ❜
❛ things couldn’t be worse when your parents run the universe. ❜
❛ i got a fern in some dumb mason jar. ❜
❛ she steals my mascara and all of my dates! ❜
❛ if i tried to sing, i’ll probably cause an avalanche. ❜
❛ we’re all friends here. ❜
❛ he’s doing it wrong. ❜
❛ is anyone up here? hello? ❜
❛ approach, and face your destiny. ❜
❛ you shall be betrayed by one who calls you friend. ❜
❛ you shall fail to save what matters most. ❜
❛ everything i ever do is wrong. ❜
❛ i never try to do anything. i never mean to hurt anyone. ❜
❛ i swear that i’m a good kid. ❜
❛ guess i’m good for nothing at all. ❜
❛ the only family that mattered, well —— she vanished into the air. ❜
❛ no ever ever tells me that they’re proud. ❜
❛ all i need is one last chance. ❜
❛ i’m good enough for someone. ❜
❛ you’re my best friend, dude. ❜
❛ if you’re going to save the world, i’m the best person to keep you from messing up. ❜
❛ ____, are you coming too? ❜
❛ don’t get eaten by monsters. ❜
❛ we just exploded a bus! ❜
❛ all our food was in there…all our clothes were in there…all our food was in there! ❜
❛ we’re lost, and it’s cold, and it won’t stop raining! ❜
❛ we’re lost in the woods! ❜
❛ it’s not safe to stay out here in the open. ❜
❛ how are we gonna survive? ❜
❛ you hurt his feelings. ❜
❛ tell the squirrel you’re sorry. ❜
❛ i think the gods are trying to tell me they hate me. ❜
❛ the world is freaking awful. ❜
❛ do you ever even listen? ❜
❛ my grand plan is that i will be remembered. ❜
❛ i intend to stand my ground. ❜
❛ i will be great. just wait and see. ❜
❛ look how far we’ve come; we can’t give in! ❜
❛ people are counting on us. ❜
❛ i’m counting on you. ❜
❛ no fates are ever gonna cut our string. ❜
❛ if you hadn’t bought all those dam snacks —— ❜
❛ i was hungry! ❜
❛ why are we fighting? ❜
❛ i never felt like i was worth a damn. ❜
❛ i need a place to sleep. ❜
❛ are you sure that’s a good idea? ❜
❛ sacrifice is necessary to remake the world. ❜
❛ maybe if i’d been a little bit braver…maybe if i’d stayed behind to fight —— ❜
❛ “maybe” doesn’t let me go back and save her. ❜
❛ “maybe” doesn’t make it alright. ❜
❛ here’s a tip: you ain’t gettin’ out. ❜
❛ what do you think of my song? ❜
❛ you’re dead! ❜
❛ you ain’t ever gonna save what matters. ❜
❛ you ain’t ever gonna protect your friends. ❜
❛ you ain’t ever gonna be remembered. ❜
❛ this is where your story ends. ❜
❛ what belongs to the sea can always return. ❜
❛ that’s life, and life ain’t fair. ❜
❛ i’ll come back for you ____, i promise! ❜
❛ he’ll have to go through me. ❜
❛ i’ll make this right. ❜
❛ i’m gonna wipe that stupid head off of your stupid face. ❜
❛ ugh! what’s my deal? ❜
❛ where do you go when it’s over? ❜
❛ whatever! ❜
❛ sometimes, family is worth the trouble. believe me. ❜
❛ i’ve barely seen you since i got back. you avoiding me? ❜
❛ it’s time to make the world our own. ❜
❛ i don’t care if i hurt anyone. ❜
❛ it doesn’t pay to be a good kid. ❜
❛ things will be bad before they get better. ❜
❛ are we ever gonna once have it easy? ❜
❛ there’ll be times when your faith is shaken. ❜
❛ when it’s time to rise and stand your ground, we don’t have to go it alone. ❜
❛ i’ll make mistakes, but my own. and it frees me. ❜
❛ i’ll be back next summer. ❜


I cannot understand why I have 40 S. Queen Pectus’ and only 2 S. Queen Jaws after fighting it what feels like a billion times, when the supposed percentage drops are completely opposite of what I’ve gotten. Ugh. Stupid bug, I need your face parts. Giiiiimmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The clumsy and the grumpy (Part 6)

Based on: imagine 1 and imagine 2 from @imaginexhobbit.

Yes!!….. It’s finally here, yeah!!

Warnings: a lot of people screaming. Thorin is a brooding hen.

“THE CLUMSY AND THE GRUMPY” series: all the episodes

Originally posted by circusgifs

You have been dozing off for just a few minutes, at least you think so, with your head resting on Thorin’s shoulder, when the door of your cell opens and two guards enter. One of them places on the floor two steaming bowls while the other drops two blankets on Thorin’s lap. The Dwarf King growls in response and puts the blankets aside, not deigning to look at the Elves; he has been sitting silently on the floor, with his back against the wall and you sleeping at his side for what seems hours. To be real, you don’t know how much time has really passed since you and Thorin have been thrown in that cell.

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   " ugh, ’ is your stupid face ’, what is up with me ??– that was SO fucking /pathetic/ ?? i know i can do better then that but it just !!– “
 >> [insert vague frantic hand gestures here, aka he doesn’t completely know how to explain it. he huffs as he pauses and stares at his hands.] 

   ” –am i like. straight up dying, or some shit, like i don’t GET IT ??– “
 >> [no max, that’d be a magical thing called emotions, chill out, would ya ??]

Oil Sykes Smut - Long Distance

*a/n my own interpretation of a request I hope it’s okay*

“Ugh, I just want to be with you and kiss your stupid face” Oli said down the phone to you.
“Not as much as I want to, believe me” you trace the scars on your arm with your finger. You had been clean for a few years, but whenever you felt you needed to, you rang Oli, he always distracted you.
You had lived together at the beginning of your relationship but he was touring and it had been long distance for over a year due to him constantly touring and having to go places to promote and during that you’d only seen each other for a few days.
“I love you so much, please remember that ‘y/n’ I’m sorry I can’t be there for you” he sounded sad and tired down the phone.
“I will always remember that and I love you too, you don’t need to apologise its not your fault, you’ll be home soon anyway?” You asked, remembering him saying something about having a break.
“I don’t know, we have a few shoots in the next month which means a lot of flying too, but I’d do anything to be in that bed with you, kissing your neck, tracing circles on your back”
He slightly moaned down the phone to you, trying to change the subject.
“Oh, we’ll please don’t over work yourself” you didn’t want to sound needy although you did need him, you really did.
The two if you finished your conversation and you just laid in bed, the love of your life was half way around the world with thousands of adoring and probably very pretty fans and then there was you in bed, on tumblr with one of Oli’s t-shirts on.
“Great, I’m such a keeper” you said sarcastically looking at the black screen on your laptop to see a reflection of yourself.
A few moments later you were asleep. Obviously you dreamt about Oliver, about his touch, the way he wrapped his arm around you and how slot your head in his shoulder. It felt so real.
You woke up to something slightly wet on your head, thinking it was the dog, you moved your arm up to feel him, still with your eyes half open. Half asleep.
Instead of getting licked somebody had touched you, you froze rigid slightly scared, until you heard a familiar voice.
“Hey, it’s me, baby girl, it’s me” he whispered. It was Oli.
“Oli?” You said tearily, and turned around properly to see him. Suddenly you felt awake, and alive again. You were nearly crying tears of joy.
You sat up and kissed him, pushing yourself on top of him.
“Oh I’ve missed you” he said into your ear.
“Why are you home? I’m not complaining” you were still kissing him.
“I wanted to surprise you, it was nearly killing me but I wanted to”
He took your top off and kissed you gently.
“Can we?” He said.
You nodded.
He moved you around so he was on top of you, and took your bra off. He caressed your cheek and smiled at you lovingly before moving his hands down your pants, making you grind on him.
He bit your collar bone and moved two fingers inside of you, the very little space between you and your clothing made it more intense.
You let out sighs and curses, it had been so long since he had touched you, you were already close to an orgasm. He rubbed your clit hard with his thumb and you bucked your hips at his touch. You couldn’t even warm him before you came on his fingers. You whined and moaned and he sped up whilst you rode it out.
“Good girl” he said and winked at you.
You moved your hands down to his jeans and undid them slowly, winding him up as you brushed against his hard cock.
Pulling his underwear down, you licked the tip of him, looking up and admiring his tattoos at the same time.
He pulled your hair back for you and you started to suck him, he moaned your name and you massaged him with your hand. Rubbing him and sucking him at the same time.
His moans were getting louder, turning you on.
He was pushing your head down firmly pushing his cock further down your throat, he was tensing up, so you stopped.
He pulled a face at you, “why did you stop ‘y/n’ I wanted to come on that beautiful face” you ignored him and just laid yourself down on the bed, opening your legs and began playing with yourself.
“Oh, you’re going to play it that way” Oli smiled at you.
He moved over and hovered over you, without warning slammed himself into you “fuck ‘y/n’” he was in absolute ecstasy.
After a few thrust of intense pleasure, he got sloppier, he was close. You clawed your hands into his back and moved with his rhythm, he moaned your name and came inside you, months of sexual frustration realised from him.
You were both covered in the smell of sweat and sex. “Thank you baby” Oli said to you. Although you were both in need if showering you rested your head in the crook of his neck and cuddle into him, both completely exposed, but the safest you had felt in a long time.
“I love you” you said to him.
“I love you more”

Killer Animagus Forms

Harry: I think you almost had it that time. Try again.

Draco: You better watch out. If I turn into something poisonous or sharp, I’m totally going to kill you, Potter.

Harry: Shut up, you git. No, you won’t. Now try again. 

Draco: No, for real, if my animagus form is a dragon or a giant scorpion I am going to kill you and then I don’t have to look at your stupid face any more.


Draco: FINE. 


Harry: *dead*

Whose Cutie Are You?

Type: One Shot
Genre: Fluff, Light Suggestive (NO SMUT), Thriller, Assassin!AU
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 1,842
A/N: I just had to…Inspired by scoupsanti’s post I had reblogged a week back.

You look around the room, lightly clicking your tongue. Quite fancy actually. White marble flooring with matching ghost white walls and gold decorations and a minibar off to the side. The chandelier above you shone brightly and nearly blinds you with its lavish crystal fixtures. Hell, there was even a small pool behind you with a running mini fountain in it.

“Whose cutie are you?”

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Preference #42: You Have Sex For The First Time

A/N: Happy Thirsty Thursday Lovelies.

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Own Risk!!!

Will: He was a virgin, and you weren’t. You had lost your virginity to your last boyfriend, which was a total mistake because he left you right after. When you met Will, he was everything you could dream of, he was sweet, protective, and caring. You both have been together for two years now, and it was going great. You were coming home from a date, and Will was staying over your place for the night. When you made it inside, the both of you decided to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie, a sex scene started to play. You were starting to get very aroused, and so was Will. He shifted in his seat, and soon he was kissing your neck. You giggled, “What are you doing?” you asked through giggles. Will kept kissing you, and it was turning you on even more. He started nibbling on your neck, and hit your sweet spot making you moan. Will pulled away blushing a bit. “Sorry,” he mumbled staring back at the movie. “Fuck it,” he said pulling you into a passionate kiss. You deepened it, and straddled him. “What’s happening here?” you asked him breathlessly. He bit his lip, and you could feel his hard on growing. “I’m uh,” he started blushing more. “Ready to take the next step in our relationship….with sex.” You looked at him, “I’m sure,” he reassured. You smiled, and kissed him again soon your clothes were being thrown across the living room. Will picked you up, and carried you to your room. You’ve seen each other naked before, so he wasn’t that nervous. Will was inexperienced, so the whole foreplay thing he was lost at. Luckily, you were wet enough, and he was hard enough that you could go without the foreplay. He rummaged through your nightstand, and produced a condom. You ripped the packet open, and slid it down on his hard on. Just a single touch from you had Will moaning. You kissed again, and he lined himself up with your entrance. You sucked in a breath as he pushed into you. You both moaned, and he stayed in you for a while, so you could adjust to his size. “Move,” you said, Will nodded, and started to thrust into you. “Fuck you’re tight,” he moaned into your hair. You gripped onto him, Will was on the brink of losing it, and you just started. “WILL!” you yelled out as he hit your g-spot, he growled, and started to go faster. “Shit, I’m close,” Will moaned, you both were staring at each other. You started to clench around him, and he couldn’t hold it anymore, “FUCK Y/N!” Will shouted, releasing into the condom. He kept thrusting, and soon you came afterwards. Will rolled off of you, panting. You cuddled into his side, trying to catch your breath, “That was amazing,” he managed to say. You giggled, and kissed him, slowly falling asleep.

Cole: Both of you weren’t virgins. You two never had sex, but you did fool around. You wanted to take your relationship to the next level, and what better way to do that than having birthday sex on Cole’s birthday. You wanted to spice things up, even thought it’ll be your first time having sex, why not make it fun. Once everyone left the party, you were helping Cole clean up. “Babe, why don’t you go to bed, I’ll finish up here,” Cole said. “Are you sure?” you asked, he nodded, and you sighed. “Alright, be up in thirty minutes,” you said, not wanting him to clean that long. You took this time to get everything set up, once you had it up, you grabbed the lingerie, and headed to the bathroom. Once you had it on, you washed your face, and brushed your teeth. You could hear noise in the room, and assumed Cole was in there. “BABE!” Cole yelled, you let out a deep breath, and opened the door, leaning against it seductively. “Happy birthday Cole,” you said, he turned to look at you, and chuckled a bit. “What?” he said still chuckling, you thought he was laughing at you, and hid your face. “Ugh I knew this was a stupid idea,” you groaned. Cole shook his head, “No, no no,” he said, “This is amazing, and you look-” He looked you up, and down, “Hot, thank you for setting this up, but uh,” he was lost for words. “Do what the card said, whatever you want with my body,” you said. Cole’s eyes darkened with lust after you said that, and he grabbed you, kissing you hard. “As much as I love this,” he said gesturing to what you’re wearing, “It’s going to have to come off.” With that said, he ripped off your lingerie, and soon his clothes followed. After all the foreplay, Cole put on a condom, and laid back on the bed. “Ride me baby,” he demanded, you were getting wet all over again, and straddled him. You were teasing him, and he couldn’t take it, grabbing onto your hips, Cole thrust up into your heat. You let out a half pleasurably, half painful moan. “Fuck,” Cole groaned, you sat there for a bit adjusting to his size. After adjusting, you lifted your hips, and swiveled down on him. He let out a throaty groan. Cole started thrusting up, meeting your hips. You started grinding in figure eights which drove him mad. “COLE FUCKING HELL!” you shouted scratching down his chest. Soon, you both came undone at the same time. You collapsed on his chest, and he was breathing heavily. “Best present ever,” he said kissing the top of your head. You giggled, and rolled off of him, cuddling each other to sleep.

Dana: Your first time together wasn’t exactly romantic. It was a heat in the moment type sex, but at the same time an experience. You had a key to Dana’s house, and since he was on tour, he asked you to house sit. That meant he wanted you to stay at his house until he got back. You, and Dana never had any sexual activity in your relationship, and at times you got horny from seeing all the smut on tumblr. You were currently reading one at the moment, and was extremely aroused since this was the sixth one you read. Luckily you had brought your vibrator with you, and got it out. All your clothes were removed, and you teased yourself slightly then clicked the button. You moaned loudly, and threw your head back, closing your eyes. “DANA!” you moaned still pleasuring yourself. “Fuck,” you heard a voice say, startling you. You gasped, and opened your eyes to see Dana standing in the doorway staring at you. He was getting a hard on from watching you. “I t-thought y-you w-wouldn’t be back until n-next week,” you stuttered. He bit his bottom lip, lust clouding over his eyes, “We finished early,” he muttered. You stared at each other, and soon Dana was hovering over you. “Fuck you look so hot pleasuring yourself,” he said kissing you deeply. His hand trailed down to your heat, and rubbed over your clit, you moaned at his touch. Soon his clothes were thrown across the room, and he had a condom on. Without wasting anytime, Dana pushed into you. You let out strangled moans, “God I missed you,” he said sucking a hickey into the side of your neck. All you could do was moan, you were close, your earlier action catching up with you. “Dana,” you groaned, he smirked down at you. “Shit, you look so hot,” he moaned. His hand trailed down, and started rubbing your clit fast making you a moaning mess underneath him. “DANA!” you shouted, he went deeper, and you clenched around him. “Let go,” he said, and that’s what you did cumming all around him. Dana road out your high, and a few minutes later he came. “SHIT Y/N!” he moaned, spilling into the condom. He caught his breath, and rolled off you. “Welcome home,” you managed to say. He chuckled, and kissed your head. “Let’s shower,” he said picking you up, and heading to the bathroom for round two.

Gabe: You were a virgin, and he wasn’t. He had been very accepting of this fact, and you were surprised he waited this long. You were ready, and pretty sure Gabe was too. You heard him masturbating to you once, which he didn’t know you knew. You were currently at a dinner with the guys, and for some reason you were extremely horny. Smirking, you decided to have some fun, and place your hand on Gabe’s thigh. He looked at you, and gave a confused look. You just smiled, and moved your hand up more, and started to palm him through his pants. “What are you doing?” Gabe whispered in your ear, you gave him an innocent look, and kept palming him. He was trying to hold back his groans, and soon he caught on to what you weren’t saying. “Are you sure?” Gabe asked, you nodded, and he quickly made an excuse to get home. Once you walked through the door, Gabe slammed it shut, and grabbed you. “Teasing me in public wasn’t a good idea,” he growled. You were getting turned on. “Since this is our first time, I’ll punish you another time,” he said, connecting his lips to your neck. You moaned, and started to unbuckle his belt. His hands traveled down your skirt, and he rubbed you over your panties. “Who made you this wet?” he questioned, sucking a hickey into your shoulder. “You,” you moaned, he smirked against your skin, and picked you up, carrying you to your room. Gabe took it slow, he didn’t want to tease you, but it sure seemed like it. “Are you sure?” Gabe asked once he was lined up with your entrance. You nodded, he kissed you hard before pushing in, trying to distract you from the pain. You cringed, and he stayed in place, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. “You can move now,” you squeaked once the pain had subsided. He let out a breath, and pulled out thrusting back into you. Gabe moaned, and soon the pleasure started to hit you. “Oh god yes!” you moaned clutching onto him. He rolled his hips, and pushed into you deeper, “You feel so good,” Gabe said against your neck. You could feel something in the pit of your stomach, and from the way you were clenching around him; Gabe knew you were close. “SHIT!” Gabe shouted feeling himself starting to come undone, you were a withering mess underneath him, as you came also. Once the both of you came down from your highs, he kissed all over your face, and cuddled you to sleep.

David: You both had just gotten married. You, and David hadn’t had sex, even though you both weren’t virgins, you wanted to wait with him, and wait he did. David opened the door to your hotel room, and you walked in gasping at the site. “This is beautiful!” you exclaimed looking around the suite. The bags came, and David laid down on the bed. “I’m going to take a shower,” you told him, feeling sticky from the long plane ride. You started the shower, and stepped in moaning at the warmth of the water. You sighed in content, “May I join?” you heard David ask a while later. You smiled, “Took you long enough,” you told him. David chuckled, and stepped into the shower behind you. “Mrs. Scarzone,” he said scanning you up, and down. “Mr. Scarzone,” you repeated, turning back around, giggling. David wrapped his arms around your waist, and nuzzled his head into your shoulder. He started kissing your shoulder, trailing up until his lips met yours. The two of you kept kissing, and you felt his hands roaming. You moaned over his lips as he stuck a finger inside of you. “Stop teasing, and take me already,” you whined. David smirked against your lips, “Jump,” he grumbled. Doing as told, you jumped, and he grabbed onto your thighs. You both kept kissing, and soon he slammed into you. Moans erupted from the both of you, and without waiting for you to adjust, he started thrusting. “DAVID FUCK!” you shouted, as he went faster. “I’ve waited so long to do this,” he groaned sucking hickeys into your skin. You moaned at his words, clawing down his back. David hissed, and clutched onto you, “Fuck you’re so tight,” he groaned, pulling all the way out, and slamming back into you. You were a moaning mess, and soon came undone. “Shit, shit, shit,” David moaned releasing right after you. He pulled out, and you caught your breath, the water still running down over the two of you. “How about a bath instead,” David suggested switching the faucets. You nodded, and he sat down, you resting against his chest.