ugh your perfection makes me want to cry


Scorpionhoney, your silmarillion art makes me weep 

happy birthday!


I wanna cry, I’ve been fanning myself cause I’m blushing really badly right now omg

JESUS THANK YOU  you drew them so perfectly omg this is so incredibly sweet, you’re are wonderful T^T I just want to cover you in flower petals

tell me what to feel

I can’t even start.

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first of, that infamous chapter more like a bad fanfiction I can’t even believe it was made by the author. over that, Rukia was sidelined for years, I am not complaining that other characters get some action. I mean cool we get developments for other characters but what about characters that matter – well erhm like Ishida Uryuu? #happinessforUryuu2k16 It’s the freaking thousand blood war arc I was expecting some thing that could whelp have us gain some sympathy for the quincys like not all quincy is bad. or where the heck did they come from or I have just long been dejected of Bleach that I didn’t read about that that would have been a better focus on light novels

this is getting long so i better make a list

  1. my NOTP gets canon - still begs validity
  2. Rukia gets sidelined for years - she still popular
  3. volume 74 cover and title - poor content
  4. RR wedding - gorgeous Rukia in the cover
  5. what utter OOC by the author - basically shouts it was overall bad

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pissed-off-and-perfect-deactiva  asked:

okay okay you've heard this a lot today I know but I've just gotta say it. you are so absolutely gorgeous. you have the cutest nose and gorgeous eyes and suck luscious lips and your hair is amazing and honestly I could write fucking poetry about you because you are amazingly beautiful. like I saw your selfies and I was just taken aback. the first thought I had was "holy shit, this person is so attractive". and like?? how can anyone think otherwise??? you're just so damn pretty just wowie..<3 uwu

i’m shaking and crying and just ugh !!! thank you for being so sweet and writing such a nice message. i always wanted to think that i could be someones muse for poetry; the fact alone that you said that you could makes me feel all giddy and happy inside. ty!!!!