ugh your lips

“Eyelashes” - Digital Oil Painting

Extreme closeup of Sebastian Stan to showcase those completely unfair eyelashes. I wanted him to look soft and kissable, but it wasn’t difficult, because he very much IS. The funky lighting was just a bonus, LOL.

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“Dean, what are you doing?”

“Just touching those beautiful lips of yours… I’ve been watching you talk all day, just waiting for Sam to get lost so I could do this.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, Winchester? Kiss me.”

“Don’t rush me, I’m going to enjoy this… nice and slow.”

uxnmei  asked:

"You left this at the guild" Canas tone soft as things between the two had still be a little touchy, for lack of words. It had been his read coat and this had cause worry to arise within the brunette. "Is everything okay?"

      Freed took the coat from her feeling the familiar fabric between his fingers. His gaze lingered on the crimson color for a couple of heartbeats before he glanced up, gazing squarely into lavender eyes. Perhaps he was a little jazzed still… Or a little much. Perhaps he had fled, though this time for a different reason. He was not… one hundred percent certain.

     “I did, huh…When had he ever forgotten an object that was of value to him? It was a very very rare occurrence so he couldn’t blame Cana for her concern. She had become one of the persons closest to him and that meant that she also got better at reading or interpreting his behavior - even though his characteristic unreadable facades still seemed to cause her troubles often enough.

     “Thank you, Freed replied softly and nodded before attempting to focus on her query. Was everything okay? No, he wouldn’t say that it was ‘okay’. Their situation was not entirely solved and there were bits of confusion still. However… there was one thing he was certain of and perhaps this one thing had been the reason for his abrupt disappearance.

     “I assure you that I am alright. I apologize if I have caused you any worry…He obviously had, he could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.It’s just… God, no. Saying it could raise false conclusions but… He had sworn to himself to be sincere with her considering their relationship (whatever it was right now) from now on. I’m yearning for your closeness. So there it was, and Freed had to avert his eyes for a moment. He feared that this statment would give her the wrong impression, the exact one he did not want her to have. Namely, that there was merely desire brewing within him and nothing more while in fact he had started to develop a need for physical and emotional closeness with her in fact. And both combined would be even better…