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“Eyelashes” - Digital Oil Painting

Extreme closeup of Sebastian Stan to showcase those completely unfair eyelashes. I wanted him to look soft and kissable, but it wasn’t difficult, because he very much IS. The funky lighting was just a bonus, LOL.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a Peter Parker drabble with that thing where one of them is putting on a new chapstick and the other asks to try it bc they wanna taste it, but instead of borrowing the chapstick they kiss them? With them being best friends please?

Finally, exams were over. You and your best friend, Peter, were celebrating by spending the day in the park with a picnic, courtesy of May.

You glanced to your left, where Peter was lying on his back with his eyes closed. His white t-shirt had ridden up a little bit to expose his toned stomach, and you forced yourself to look away before he could catch you staring and blushing.

It was difficult having a crush on your best friend. You two had known each other since you were toddlers, and he was so affectionate and sweet around you that it was impossible to tell whether he actually liked you.

“You okay?”

You looked back at Peter, his warm brown eyes now open and watching you in concern. You smiled softly.

“Yeah, just thinking,” you replied as he sat up slowly and used his hand to shield his eyes from the bright sun.

“About good stuff?” he asked, turning his head to keep looking at you. You smiled reassuringly.

“About good stuff.”

The pair of you fell into an easy silence, just enjoying each other’s company. The gentle warmth of the sun on your face, the joyful singing of birds in the trees, and your favourite person in the world beside you brought a content smile to your lips.

“Ugh I’m so tired,” Peter announced dramatically, falling backwards against you. You laughed as his back landed against your chest, and wrapped your arms around his torso without thinking.

“You’re so heavy,” you teased, tickling his sides gently. He squealed, sitting upright again and pretending to glare at you.

“I thought I could trust you, (Nickname),” he declared in a mock-hurt tone. “I thought what we had was special.”

You rolled your eyes, unfolding your legs from beneath you and resting them in his lap as you leaned back on your hands.

“You love me really.”

His eyes softened, and a strangely small smile tugged at his thin lips.

“Yeah I do,” he admitted, and your heart skipped a beat. You knew he didn’t mean it the way you wanted him to, but there was something about the look on his face…

You cleared your throat and looked away, pretending to be watching the birds in the trees as you prayed for the redness in your cheeks to fade.

Peter reached into his pocket and pulled out a chapstick, needing something to distract himself. Had he been too obvious when he’d said that? You two said you loved each other all the time, but your reaction had been strange. Were you beginning to realise he liked you?

You glanced over at Peter as he put on his chapstick.

“New flavour?” you asked, smiling knowingly. Peter had a slight obsession with flavoured chapsticks. He chuckled.

“Cherry. Wanna taste?” he asked jokingly, wiggling his eyebrows and pouting. You giggled, shifting closer to him.

“Yeah, alright.”

He held the chapstick out to you, but you ignored it. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you held his chin gently with your thumb and forefinger and guided his lips to yours.

You kept your lips pressed to his gently, not daring to move. You were about to pull away in embarrassment, when you felt Peter’s hand on your cheek and his lips moved against yours tentatively.

His lips were soft and careful, and the faint taste of cherry made you smile a little into the kiss. His fingertips ghosted over your cheek softly, and his long nose bumped against yours gently.

You pulled away reluctantly, your nose still nuzzling Peter’s. His eyes were wide and soft as they stared at you, and you giggled quietly as he bit his lip.

“Hey,” you breathed, moving your fingers away from his chin slowly. He caught your hand in his, lacing his fingers with yours.

“Hey,” he replied quietly, a broad smile taking over his face. “That was unexpected.”

You chuckled. “Just a bit.”

Trouble with a Capital T ~ Theo Raeken


#2  Your knees are gonna be black and blue

#11 Belts have multiple purposes 

Everyone always told you that Theo was trouble. They said he was the bad guy but who doesn’t like a bit of trouble once in awhile. That’s how you ended up in his house, just the two of you.

You sit on his bed eyeing him as he gets changed. His back, his abs, his smell , his cockiness, everything about him intoxicates you. You know the pack wouldn’t be happy but you couldn’t care less.

“So what’s the secret side of the mysterious Theo Raeken?” you tease eyeing him up and down. 

“Oh I’d bet you’d like to know sweetheart.” he smirks meeting your gaze.

You decide to take the sexual tension up a notch. You pull a lollipop out of your pocked and bring it to your lips. Your smirk on the inside as you can see him watching intently.  You keep his gaze as you take it in your mouth, you suck it for awhile before he breaks eye contact. You throw it away and stand up as The approaches you.

He pushes your top off your shoulders as you shiver underneath his touch, become entirely him. You push your hair back, giving him full access to your neck. 

He smirks, “Look at you, so needy and desperate. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t turn me on.” 

You whimper against him, nails scratching his bare back as he sucks on your skin leaving harsh purple marks in his wake all along your chest neck and shoulders. He is marking you. He is showing you were his.

In two swift movements he rips off your clothes leaving you in your already soaked underwear and your bra. 

“You’re already soaked… You could probably cum just by me telling you what I want to do to you.” he says fingertips ghosting over your soaked core. You try to grind on his hand for more friction but he pulls away.

“We’re gonna play a game Y/N. You can suck but you can’t touch.”

“What happens if I do?” you cock an eyebrow.

“Bad girls get punished.”

You flutter your eyelashes innocently as you get to your knees.

Your knees are gonna be black and blue

He pulls down his jeans and underwear as gathers your hair into a messy ponytail. This turns you on even more.

You start by swirling your tongue around the tip tasting the pre cum. You feel his grip on your hair tighten as he sucks in a breath. You flatten your tongue against the underside of his cock feeling a vein throb against your tongue. He lets out a low growl as you begin to gently suck. You squeeze your thighs together trying to create some friction. He begins to thrust slightly, cock hitting the back of your throat. Without thinking you grab the base of his cock to bring him closer to the edge. He swiftly pulls you up by your wrist.

“Did you forget about the rule babygirl.”

“Yes Theo.” say avoiding eye contact.

“Yes what?”

“Yes daddy.” you gulp.

He turns around and roots in the drawer before he pulls out a belt. He sits on the bed, beckoning you over.

“Belts have multiple purposes”

He lays you over his knees, your bare ass exposed to him. He uses a tie to secure your hands behind your back. He soothes your ass before bringing the belt down hard.

You squirm beneath him only becoming wetter by the minute.

He brings the belt down harder each time. He soothes your ass with the gentle caress of his palm. 

“Theo please….fuck me…..” you whine. He raises an eyebrow. “Daddy please…”

“Ride me baby.” he growls as he pulls on top of him. You could probably orgasm right there and then.

You sink down slowly. You begin rocking your hips. Whimpers falling from your mouth as Theo grips your hips. You see a sheen of sweat cover his muscular chestas it rises and fall. 

“Oh fuck…you feel so good.” he breathes pressing a hungry kiss to your lips.

“Ugh yes daddy fuck….like that!” you pant as he thrusts into you. You let go completely as you clutch Theo, riding out every second of your high.

“Yes fuck…..babygirl like that oh my god!” he says as his thrusts get sloppier. You feel him release inside you with a growl as he grips your hips. Your name falls from his lips like a silent prayer.

You both roll over panting.

“I forgot how good it feels to be bad.”

‘Ugh, Keith, your lips are really dry,’ Lance complains, staring down at Keith’s dry lips, his nose wrinkled in disgust. He’s seated on the edge of Keith’s desk, watching as Keith looks over his homework. 

 'Thanks,’ Keith says, scribbling something in his notebook, then returns to chewing on the end of his pen as he pores over his next sum.

 'Don’t worry!’ Lance says, like Keith had been worried (or shown any interest at all in rectifying the issue), 'Your problem is about to be solved!’ Lance cheers, whipping out his favourite chapstick. In an unexpected move, to everyone in the classroom but Keith, he smears the strawberry flavoured gloss over his own lips and loudly smacks them together.

Keith doesn’t even look up, just removes his pen from his mouth and tilts his chin up when Lance leans down, like it’s something he expects, like it’s something they’ve done before. Lance puts a hand to Keith’s cheek and presses their lips together; he parts their mouths, brushing his tongue over Keith’s bottom lip as he makes sure to cover every centimetre of Keith’s lips with his own. 

 A moment later, he pulls back and smiles. 'There!’ he says, 'All better.' 

 Keith licks over his lips, tasting strawberry. 'Thanks, Lance.' 

 'No problem, Keith,’ Lance says easily, he rubs his thumb over Keith’s bottom lip, smiles triumphantly and then turns back to his own homework - both completely unaware of the silent chaos they have brought down on the classroom.

 – from a new fic I’m working on in which Lance and Keith apparently aren’t a couple, even though they act like one (until they totally are a couple) - that i will be posting on my ao3 

unworthy of love // zach herron

Pairing: Zach Herron x reader

Warnings: mentions of child neglect 

Requested: by anon

Summary/Sentence: “i don’t deserve to be loved” - from my prompt list

Word Count: 525

Written by: Jayde - @itrytobesocial

not edited

Every bone in your body ached as you ran even further from your home. The rain drenched your clothes yet your throat still craved water. Your breathing was becoming more and more irregular; the further you ran, the less breath you would have.

Thoughts of the previously occurring event kept making their way back into your mind.

“You spend too much time with that boy.”

“Mum, ‘that boy’s’ name is Zach. I love him.”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes I do!”

“He doesn’t love you! No one does! Now leave, if he ‘loves you so much’.”

That’s where you were headed. The Why Don’t We household was one where you felt safe, secure and at home. Your parents never gave you that feeling. After years of neglect, they’d kicked you out and left you abandoned. The only place you knew to go was Zach’s.

Your body was becoming weaker by the minute. With the house in your eye sight, you dragged your body closer towards it. Your feet ached and your body shivered from the cold. You forced yourself to take those few extra steps to comfort.

You finally reached the door. Taking the deepest breath you could manage, you bring your fist up to the door and faintly knock with the rest of your energy. Your vision began to blur, and the last thing you saw was a curly haired boy opening the door and screaming your name.


Hands traced the creases of your palm. It was the first thing you felt before your eyes fluttered open. There sat Zach, his eyes fixated on your hand, which was gently placed in his. His hair was messy, his eyes puffy and his nose sniffled. You lay on the bed next to him, your body wrapped in one of his shirts and a pair of his sweatpants.


His head snapped up at the sound of your voice. A small smile crawled upon his face as he shuffled his delicate body closer towards yours.

“Oh y/n, thank god you’re okay. I was so worried; what happened?”

Your breath hitched at the question as the memories flooded back into your mind.

“Oh, y/n, I didn’t mean-“

“No, it’s fine Zach. My parents kicked me out.”

A small gasp left his lips. He stood up, moved your body over (being extremely precious with it), and laid down next to you.

“Do you wanna talk about it?’ He whispered delicately in your ear.

You shook your head, shoving your face into the crook of his neck.

I don’t deserve to be loved.” You cried into his neck, letting a few tears fall onto his shirt.

“Hey,” he lifted your face away from his neck, wiping the tears falling from your eyes “, you are perfect. You deserve all of the love in the world. I’m going to give you all of mine even if you don’t want me to.”

He brought your face closer to his, and placed a passionate kiss on your lips.

“Ugh, I just wanted to check if y/n was okay, not to witness what I think was about to be child por-“

“Shut up, Jack!”

Home - Jamie Benn

Requested by anon: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re married and have 3 kids and he’s been spending quality time with them the whole summer. His older son who’s 5 is starting to get upset that school is starting and that daddy is going off to work soon.

A/N: I hope you like it!

Word count: 1309

Warnings: none.

Master list

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“Jamie, knock it off!” You scream from the kitchen window, giving your husband a warning look.

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when bae is mad at you | jean x reader

A/N: I got inspired by those ‘when bae is mad at you’ memes so here you go. Also, you can come up with a reason why you think you’re mad at jean. I left it up to the reader. I like to imagine he was making fun of my height but its up to youu. As you can see, I’m trash at titles

Originally posted by couplenotes

“Babe! You can’t really be mad at me right now.“ Jean said through his laughter. You just simply crossed your arms and pouted watching him recover from his laughter.

"Stop laughing!” You said in a frustrated tone stomping your foot on the ground. Jean had the biggest smirk on his face. He really couldn’t take you seriously when you call yourself being angry with him. You were just too cute especially when you did that pouty thing with your lip.

“Ugh.” You rolled your eyes and started to walk away until you felt a hand pull you back– Jean’s hand. You stumbled a bit as he pulled you back towards his chest but you put up a little fight by trying to break away from him. Pushing his chest away then getting a little far until he was pulling you back again.

“Jean, stop!” You whined as he latched himself onto your waist resting his head in between your neck and shoulder. “Let me go. I’m mad at you.” You crossed your arms yet again.
“Tell me why and I’ll stop.” Jean said. This vibrations from his voice ticking your neck.
“Don’t play, Jean. You know why.” You said and turned your head from his direction.

“Tell me why.” Jean said in a singsong voice. You didn’t reply so he gave you a raspberry on your neck. You tried oh so hard not to laugh then and there. You shut your eyes tightly and scrunched your nose up trying to hold your laugh in.

“You know you want to laugh.” Jean said through a smile.
“You’re so childish!” Your voice was giving away that you were very amused and in the verge of laughing. Jean started to leave kisses on your neck and ear until you finally broke away from him.

“Don’t kiss me when I’m mad at you!” You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked up at him.
“Aw, babe. You and I both know I can’t take you seriously when your ‘mad’ at me,” Jean walked closer to you and grabbed both sides of your face. “Are you upset because of what I said back there?”

You rolled your eyes and looked away from him.

“Hey,” He smiled and you turned your attention towards him once more. “You know I didn’t mean it.” Jean’s voice was gentle and his smile made your knees weak. He took his hand and pinched your nose playfully causing your face to scrunch up and a small smile to appear on your lips.

“Ah, there’s that smile.” He said leaning in and giving you a chaste kiss on the lips.

Trouble Part 2 (Tom)

Part One

Requested- You should definitely do a Part 2 to Trouble! It was amazing😍

- - -

One week had passed since the heated encounter of you and Tom. You hadn’t had a chance to talk to or be with him privately, but you wanted to. You could feel the boy’s gaze lingering on you during classes, and yes, you were staring at him, too. You found yourself dozing off during class, which was unusual as Potions was your favourite class in Hogwarts. The bell rang, and the class was dismissed. You stood up, gathering your belongings. “Ms. y/l/n?” Professor Slughorn called. 

“Yes, professor?” You looked up at him, and he was smiling with Tom on his side. 

“I was just telling Tom, m’boy, here that I’ll hold a party tonight. You should come, too, it will be great to have you there! So proud to have you in my Slytherin house.” Slughorn replied cheerfully, patting Tom on the shoulder. “Oh and, Ms. y/l/n, don’t forget, you are allowed to invite a date,” he chuckled. Beside the man, Tom was smirking like usual with his hands in his pocket, and you felt your cheeks slightly heated.

“I-” You started, but was immediately interrupted by the professor. 

“Great, we will see you tonight, then!” He said, eyeing you happily. “Tom, you may leave now, sorry to take so much of your precious time.” The dark-haired boy smiled politely, “it was nothing, sir, I’m glad to.” Slughorn patted his back again and entered his own office. You stood frozen, aware that you were alone with the incredibly handsome yet graceful boy in front of you. “A party, huh?”

“A rather useful one,” he spoke, appearing to be thinking deeply.

“You still haven’t answered my question from last time.” You stated curiously, “what was it that you were thinking about?” 

Tom narrowed his eyes. The corners of his lips were lifted up, “why are you so interested in me?”

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“Dean, what are you doing?”

“Just touching those beautiful lips of yours… I’ve been watching you talk all day, just waiting for Sam to get lost so I could do this.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, Winchester? Kiss me.”

“Don’t rush me, I’m going to enjoy this… nice and slow.”

Day off.

-Hanbin x reader

-Images and Gifs are not mine. I credited where everything was originally posted.

-Fluff + smut

-Please skip if mature content offense you. Some cuss words were used, mostly F bombs.

-You were both enjoying the rare chance your day off coincide with each other when a simple banter turns into something more.


It was rare that you didn’t have to rush out the door in the morning for work but today was one of those day. You had decided to just spend the morning bumming around in bed after sleeping in till almost midday. It was even better that Hanbin also had a rare day with no schedule, even though he did came home at almost 3 AM last night. There was no real plan for today, you both wanted a day to just chill and relax. Still in PJ, hair in a messy bun, you were laying on your belly surfing tumblr waiting for Hanbin to be finish with the bathroom so you can get ready for lunch. You had gone on tumblr with the intention of checking out what they did in their last tour. A handful of old college friends had gone to the concert and your phone had been blowing up with comments about the show all last night and this morning. Something about your boyfriend was practically half naked prancing around caught your attention. Ever since you guys got together, the Ikon content on you dashboard had increased exponentially. Sure you were always a big fan girl of them since the Win day but it was never this bad. 

- ”Yah! B.I ssi, do you have to take your shirt off every time you perform? I mean what’s with this unbelievable amount of half naked pictures and gifs on my feed? Not only that, people i know had been blowing up my phone too.”

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Genre: high school au, mild violence(?), hints of mental illness?, love triangle?!?!

Featuring: Mark, Jackson, and Jaebum

A/N: new mini series?!?! I got super inspired from some tv the other day to write this, and I’m hoping you all like this first part! Give me some feedback maybe?

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The Arrow Necklace: Legolas Imagine

Legolas fluff imagine for: naryamirie

Legolas x reader

Word count: 670

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it! :) Remember, requests are open! :D (Also, I have not read through this, so sorry for any errors. I’m not from an English speaking country, so please be nice) This is the first time I have ever written something about Legolas, so if it’s crap, please be nice.

You stood on a rock out in the forest nearby Mirkwood. You liked being out here, you knew you were on duty to look after the royal family, but it was so nice out here. The sun was shining and you sat down on the rock and looked out at the river next to you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You lived for days like these. Just as you were about to lay down you heard a movement behind you. You were quick to get your bow ready with an arrow and you turned around. It was Legolas. You put your bow and arrow down.

“Good.” he said and walked towards you. “You’re getting quicker.” You smiled at him.

“Thank you.”  You said while you put your bow and arrow back. He sat down next to you. This was nice. You liked Legolas, you really did. You had grown up together, always been good friends. However, you knew Legolas liked you, really liked you. One time you had overheard a conversation he had had with his father, Thranduil, where he had admitted his love for you, but Thranduil was not so happy to hear that his son had fallen in love with “just a simple guard”. Ever since then you could not stop thinking about it. It was always in the back of your mind. You liked him too that way, but you knew you could not be with Legolas because of Thranduil.

None of you had said a word. Legolas didn’t know you liked him. You had tried to figure out a way to tell him, but no time was right for that kind of confession. You bet your lip. Ugh, if I could just tell him already… You thought to yourself. You felt Legolas looking at you. You turned your head to him. For a few seconds you were just stirring at each other; you took a deep breath. Now or never.

“There is something-“ you both said at the same time. You shook your head slightly. “You first” you gestured to him. You looked at him while he was taking out a small box from his pocket. He opened the box. Inside there was a small golden arrow necklace.

“I got this made for you.” He said and handed the box over to you. You slightly blushed as you received it.

“Legolas, it’s- it’s beautiful. Thank you.” You smiled and picked the necklace out of the box.

“Here, let me.” He said and took the necklace and put it on around your neck. You felt the arrow with your fingers.

“It’s a very nice gift,” you said. “But why?” you asked. He looked at you with his clear light blue eyes. He sighed very slowly or took a deep breath; you were not sure which one. He looked out at the river.

“Well, I have wanted to tell you for a long time now about my feelings for you.” He said and you could feel your heart beating faster.

“When I got that necklace for you, I thought as well I would give it to you and tell you.” He continued. “I really like you, no, forget that. I think I actually love you, (Y/N)” he said as he looked back at you again. Your were sure that your heart was about to jump out of your chest. You felt your cheeks heating up, you wanted to turn away from him but you couldn’t, you just couldn’t.

You looked him in the eyes. “I think I do too, I think I love you too.” You said, not even knowing you had said it. It was like your heart was speaking by itself. Legolas’ eyes lit up. You moved closer to him, and he moved closer to you until you were so close to each other that you were sure he could hear your thoughts and your heart beating. Then you kissed. It was sweet, but passionate.

The Five Times Eisuke’s Daughter Broke his Heart.

I wish you were my daddy Baba.

Ten minutes - that was how long you said you’d be, yet Eisuke had counted an hour so far on his rolex. You had just headed to the nearby grocery store to pick up some vitamins for Kayo and he could think of no reason why such a simple thing would have taken an entire hour. He was growing rather impatient waiting on you to relinquish him from his babysitting duties, He had work to do, important work - he hadn’t the time to watch over a clingy three-year old, no matter how much he loved her. 

He crossed his legs on the sofa as he watched Kayo toddle about with her teddy bear tight in her grip. It was a tatty old thing that Baba had given her when she just born, it was long-since ruined and far too imperfect for his daughter. He recalled how he had bought a thousand other cuddly toys in the hopes of replacing it, all hand-crafted by the best toy-makers that money could buy. No matter how soft or pretty the toys he bought her were however she would still gravitate toward that one-eyed scruffy plush for a reason that eluded him completely. He set his eyes back on the laptop on his knee, sighing.

He had five business contracts to conjure up by the end of the night and the distraction of Kayo talking to her stuffed animals incessantly was throwing a spanner in the works. “Kayo, daddy’s trying to work can you be quiet.” He asked, she didn’t answer but fell silent in response.

He managed to get ten minutes of typing done before he felt a little hand pull on the leg of his trousers. He turned his gaze to find his daughter looking at him pleadingly, his little princess who looked so very much like you did with your big doe-eyes and red cheeks. He adored her, he just didn’t know how to show it. “Daddy… I’m bored.” She looked to her feet, almost as if scared of him.

“What do you want me to do about that?” He asked her questioningly. “Do you not have enough toys, will I buy you some more? Is that what’s wrong?”

“No… I… I don’t want more toys.” She spoke clutching her teddy tighter to her. She bent down and picked up her stuffed dog and handed it to him. Ota had made it for her, another favourite of hers, she called it Koro… “I want you to play with me… l-like uncle Baba does!”

He didn’t know how to play. He couldn’t recall ever playing as child. Baffled by the notion he set the toy back down.

“Mummy will be back soon and she’ll play with you. I’m very busy with work Kayo.” He forced a gentle tone to his voice, yet that did nothing to soothe the disappointment that washed over her little cherub face.

She toddled over to the television and horror filled him. He’d read an article about a television falling over and injuring a toddler in the newspaper a few weeks ago and that had been just forty inch one - he didn’t want to think about what a hundred inch television could have done to his little ball of light. “Come back here Kayo, where I can see you - I don’t want you to break the television.”

She didn’t complain, disappointment still plastered across her face as she settled safely at his feet with her stuffed teddy in tow. He ruffled her hair with his hand, letting his fingers linger on her tiny scalp for a moment. It felt a little dry and he found himself googling the causes for a dry scalp instead of writing business contracts. After a thorough search of mumsnet, he’d ordered a special shampoo that would rectify the problem with prolonged use. She let out a soft little sigh and he felt his brows squint.

“You know Kayo if you want to play with me so much then I guess I could take a little break-” He was cut off by the penthouse door swinging open. He thought it was you at first until he caught sight of Baba with that annoying hat of his in hand. He inwardly groaned as his daughter’s face lit up.

“Unca Baba!” She hurried into his waiting arms. Baba twirled her around with enthusiasm, catching her nose with his thieving fingers. “Give me back my nose! I need it to smell!”

“Oh do you now? But princesses don’t need to smell…” He twirled her around again under Eisuke’s scrutiny. He was twirling her too fast… she could fall and hurt herself, worry washed through Eisuke at the thought.

“Baba. Be careful, Soryu’s little dragons still haven’t moved all the auction junk, I don’t want you knocking anything over.” Eisuke spoke coldly.

“Daddy knows just how to steal his princess’ fun doesn’t he?” Baba chuckled, twirling a piece of Kayo’s brown hair around his finger, she giggled as he did so. “Don’t worry brave knight Baba will ensure you have fun.”

Eisuke watched them play together for a while, happy at least that Baba could bring a smile to her face and could distract her from annoying him, then he heard a horrible sentence leave his daughter’s lips

“I wish you were my daddy Baba.”

I just wanted you.

You were beyond livid at your husband. You knew he would have had a good reason for being in London at such a time, you’d learnt over the years that Eisuke always had a more selfless cause at the root of many of his actions. Whatever he was doing in London was important you knew that, but was your daughter’s birthday not important as well? 

You tried not to feel angry as you watched your daughter sift through her presents sadly. Eisuke had taken charge of the shopping as he usually did and you dreaded to think how much money he’d spent on all the toys that were now  scattered messily on the floor. Kayo already had a full to bursting toy room and you imagined that she would soon be in need of another. Your daughter had everything in the world except the one things she wanted - her daddy.  

“Will daddy be back in time for my dinner?” She asked with a flicker of hope.

“His flight isn’t till late at night Kayo, but he’s going to video-chat with us before you go to your bed.” You told her trying to lessen the blow. She nodded numbly, a resigned look on her face and it struck you that a five-year old shouldn’t look so miserable on her birthday.

The dinner went okay. Soryu bought her a set of kid’s books, all custom-bound with her initials on them while Mamoru gave her a packet of candy cigarettes and a water gun. Ota made her a sparkling necklace with a jewel-encrusted tiara pendant and Baba bought her a bouncy castle. There were no kids to play on it with her of course. Eisuke had insisted that she be home-schooled by a tutor as apparently it would be better for her in the long-run. As a result Kayo didn’t have any friends, ones her age at least.

“Eisuke not back until tomorrow?” Soryu asked you during a silent moment as Kayo showed Baba all of her new toys. You nodded your head. “He wouldn’t miss this unless it was really important. You understand that right?”

“I do. But Kayo doesn’t.” You spoke sadly.

Once they were all away you flipped open your laptop and settled Kayo on your knee. She was smoking one of her candy cigarettes trying emulate her “cool” uncle Mamoru. You quickly set up a video-chat with Eisuke, who was in a hotel room, still dressed in his work suit with a tired look on his face. He had stayed up to see her. “Happy birthday.” He instantly forced a smile on his face when he caught sight of Kayo cuddled into you. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t there today.” 

“Are you going to thank your daddy for all the presents Kayo?” You smiled at your husband as your daughter chewed the end of her white cigarette morosely. She was perfectly embodying Mamoru - it was rather frightening.

“Thank you daddy.” A dutiful voice.

“Did you like them all? Did you get everything you wanted?” He asked, concerned by her less than jovial spirit. She looked shy all of a sudden and shook her head. “Tell me what it is and I’ll pick it up for you on the way home? I’ll have it for you tomorrow, Kayo… what have I missed?”

“I can’t have this thing… I can only have it tonight otherwise it doesn’t count…” Her little voice carried and you kissed her temple slowly. 

“What is it sweetheart?” You prompted. “Daddy will try his best to get you it.”

“I wanted…” She was shy again. “I w-w-wanted daddy to be with me on my birthday.” She set her gaze on the blurry image of Eisuke. “I just wanted you.” 

Monkeys make better fathers.

It was a blisteringly hot day and the zoo was packed full as a result. Eisuke had offered to have the whole zoo vacated so Kayo had a free-run of the place but you had rejected that offer on behalf of your little girl. 

What Kayo wanted was a minutes’ normalcy, to be just like the other little girls. She wanted to sit on her father’s shoulders just to see over the crowds of people. She wanted to wait in a the mile-long queue for an over-priced teddy and a pencil sharpener. She didn’t want to be special. You would give her that today - or at least try your very hardest.

“What do you want to see first Kayo?” Eisuke took her little hand in his, being careful not to lose her in the crowds of people. She was wearing a bright yellow top with a sunflower on it’s front, she looked adorable, yet she looked adorable in anything she wore. Her father had chosen her outfit today, arguing that if they were to lose her in the bustle of the zoo the brightly-coloured hue would make her much more easy to spot. “Today is your day.”

Because five years worth of days before hadn’t been.

“Unicorns.” She spoke in all seriousness and Eisuke looked at you helplessly. You held of a laugh. Your daughter always seemed to want impossible things.

“Kayo…” He started breathlessly.

“I don’t think they have unicorns here.” You finished for him carefully, kneeling down to your daughter’s level and tying her untied shoelace. “They have horses-”

“But horses are just unicorns without the sparkles and the horns. They’re boring.” She complained. You laughed.

“How about we start of with the elephants?” You countered happily. She nodded but grudgingly. Kayo was difficult and she sure as hell hadn’t got that from you.

“You wait here with her just a moment, I’m going to nip to the… the ugh toilet.” Eisuke kissed your lips quickly before vanishing off, wallet in tow. Your brow squinted in confusion wondering what your husband was up to, Kayo however pulled your attention away from that query.

“Do you think daddy will buy me an ice cream later?” She asked tentatively, clutching at your hand. You followed her gaze to find a father wiping ice cream of his daughter’s chin. They were both smiling widely.

“I think your daddy would buy you anything you wanted.” She grinned at that. “Everything he does is for me and you, even his work. Sometimes daddy just shows his love in weird ways… always remember that.”

“He is weird.” She giggled. Eisuke returned and slipped his wallet back into his pocket. He took Kayo’s other hand and he guided you down the path that led to the horses, being

sure to keep his pace slow enough so as not to tire Kayo.

“Eisuke… the elephants were the other way, I thought we were going to see them first?” You asked quietly. Eisuke shook his head and kept his silence. He didn’t say anything, but you knew what his gaze meant. Trust me.

The pair of you walked with Kayo wedged between you, every so often you’d hoist her into the air and she’d giggle away legs dangling. She was already having fun, giddy with excitement. You approached the horse enclosure. Eisuke had his trademark smirk on his face.

Then you saw why. The horses had glitter in their hair and horns strapped around their foreheads. Unicorns. Kayo broke out of your grip and ran toward the railings. You grinned over at your husband. “You’re…impossible do you know that?” You kissed his cheek firmly.

“I just want you both to be happy.” A rare moment of honesty. The small sentence took your breath away.

“Well I’m happy and judging by the squeals of delight currently emitting from our little peanut I’d say she is too.” A little peanut, that’s what Eisuke had called her when she had been in your belly. At the start of your pregnancy it hadn’t been used as a term of endearment - he hadn’t wanted the baby. He had saw it as a nuisance, a little parasite that was draining life from your weak body.

A peanut - something small and irrelevant.

Then he’d heard the heartbeat and saw your belly swell and felt feet and elbows moving underneath his hand then all of a sudden his eyes would go more gentle when talking about his little peanut. You’d awake at night with his hands splayed around the swell of your child protectively, sweat dripping from his forehead from a particularly unpleasant dream - he never told you what those nightmares were about but you knew deep down - losing the baby.   

A peanut - something small but infinitely important.

“Enough of the unicorns. We’ve got other animals to see Kayo.” You grinned at the thought, taking your daughter’s hand and practically dragging her away.

You eventually reached the monkey enclosure. There were crowds of people in front of it and Kayo was unable to see over the heads. She looked up at her father pleadingly.

“Can you not see anything Kayo? I’ll get all these people to move if you give me a second.” He told her carefully, already looking for a member of staff to bribe. You rolled your eyes and picked her up.

“You want to go on your daddy’s shoulders don’t you?” You grinned, not allowing Eisuke a moment to protest before you set your nodding daughter on top of his shoulders. He held her legs stationary and she gripped at his hair to keep her balance. “Now you can see, take her a little bit closer ‘Suke, while I run to the toilet.”

“Hold on tight Kayo, people will think I’m a bad father if I drop you.” He chuckled, Kayo put her hands around his neck and preened her head to get a better view of the monkeys. “That daddy monkey has it’s baby monkey on it’s shoulders too.” She pointed excitedly.

“Yes he does doesn’t he?” Eisuke chuckled. “And look over there, there’s Uncle Mamoru and Uncle Soryu as well.”

Your daughter’s gaze followed his finger to land on two squabbling monkeys stealing bananas from eachother. She laughed lightly and the sound was music to him.

“Unca Mamo got the banana from Sor and now he’s sleeping!” She laughed again but Eisuke wasn’t looking at the monkey versions of his friends. He was looking at the father monkey and the baby monkey - marvelling at how the parent was ever so cautious not to drop the child. A good father.

“Daddy! Look! There is the penguin parade!” She was excited all of a sudden, moving frantically to catch sight of the parade and twisting herself around fartoo quickly. Eisuke held on to her tightly but it already was too late.

She had slipped from his grip.

Tears came from her the moment she hit the concrete, a bump on her head already forming and a bloody graze on her knee. Eisuke’s heart thumped hard against his chest as he fell to her side to check on her. “I want mummy.”

She wanted you - not him - never him. 

He gathered her into his arms regardless and went to look for you, her tears soaking his shirt. He rubbed her back soothingly before he cast one last look at the father monkey - it’s baby still safe on his shoulders. As guilt washed over him he realized that even a monkey would make a better father.

The father you deserve.

Eisuke crossed his legs on his desk, phone pressed to his ear and his fingers twirling around a ballpoint pen. “Call Soryu Kenzaki, he’ll see to it that the man is removed from my building.” He spoke confidently to the manager on the other end of the phone. A professional gambler had been counting cards down in the casino and Eisuke was eager to get rid of him. Cheaters weren’t good for business. He set the phone back down and returned to his emails. 

He had an inbox of over a thousand - he’d really let them build up during the last auction. He’d have to dedicate the rest of his weekend to sorting them out. His mood soured at the thought that time with his family would have to come second for a little while. He opened a particularly interesting email from his Italian partner Mr Bucci and read it at his usual lightning pace - once he had let the information it contained soak in he set about creating a response. He was interrupted however by the door nudging open. 

“Daddy…” Kayo’s soft little voice came. Her hair was tied down her back in a little braid that he expected you had spent an hour on this morning. Sometimes he envied the amount of time you and Kayo had with eachother. 

“Remember what I said about never interrupting me when I’m in my office.” Eisuke tried to sound strict yet soft at the same time and failed. Her eyes sunk. 

“I’m sorry… b-but uncle Ota said it would be okay just this once…” Her voice trailed off and Eisuke returned to typing his email, making note to raise the issue with Ota later. “He helped me make a drawing for you. He did some of the p-pictures, but I did all the writing by myself!” 

Her voice was excited at first, but slowly decreased in enthusiasm as Eisuke continued to type. “Thanks Kayo but I’m a little busy right now.” He spoke devoid. “Just leave it on my desk there and I’ll look at it later alright?” 

She slowly set the crumpled piece of paper down on the desk and turned her back and left - braid whipping after her. It was another hour before Eisuke finally got the chance to look at the drawing between phone calls and video conferences. The tattered piece of paper had been worked upon very hard, harsh dents where a pencil had been pressed in to deep. It was a rather simple drawing of a little girl, Kayo, he presumed, holding hands with a taller man with a phone to his ear, which he figured was him. He could clearly see the parts which Ota had drawn and the parts that Kayo had - the six year old scribbles next to word-class sketches was rather odd he had to admit. 

The picture wasn’t what captivated him however, it was the writing, the messy and barely discernible writing; 

I love you daddy, even though you’re always working.

He shut his laptop sighing. He took his ball point pen and intricately scribbled a few words of his own under his daughter’s.

I love you too little peanut, more than I can express.

He made no promise to work less. He couldn’t make that promise. Drawing to his feet he walked to Kayo’s bedroom, the door was shut and he realized it was her nap-time. He simply slipped the drawing under the door for her to find later, he returned to his office, to his work. “I can never be the father you deserve.” He spoke to himself, before typing away diligently. 

I always knew.

Kayo looked beautiful in her white dress. It was more ivory than white in truth, a slight contrast to her creamy skin - but it was beautiful nonetheless. She looked very much like you had on your wedding day, except she was younger, too young to be getting married. Eisuke thought of his daughter’s choice of groom, Shuichi Hishikura’s son of all people. She could have done so much better - yet like her mother she had settled for a man who could never be worthy. 

“Dad what if I fall?” She asked, staring down at the intimidatingly long aisle. Eisuke chuckled. As if he would let that happen, he’d let her fall once… he wouldn’t do it again. “What if I trip on my dress and make a fool out of myself-”

“I won’t let that happen.” He assured her. He looked at his rolex, they were fashionably late bordering on unreasonably late. “Kayo. We really have to go now. Unless you want to jilt your groom in which case I am in full approval.” 

“I’m not jilting Jin.”  Kayo laughed before taking a deep breath. “Right let’s go.” 

She pulled her hands out of her pockets and linked arms with him. A dress with pockets - he wondered if there was a reason for that. Eisuke mastered his stony impression as he walked with her down the aisle, the music complementing their every step. He was giving her away. Handing her over to a Hishikura - it was wrong, yet Kayo had wanted to be wrong. 

They reached the top and he found himself unwilling to hand her over. Jin coughed a little and Kayo laughed. “Dad you can let go now.” 

“Kayo I-” He held a little tighter for a moment. “You know that I-” 

“I know dad.” She smiled at him. She put her hand in her pocket and withdrew a folded piece of aged paper and forced it into his palm. “I always knew.” 

You put a hand on your husband’s shoulders and drew him back to stand with you. As Kayo exchanged her vows with Jin he unfolded the piece of paper and felt his eyes grow watery. It was the drawing she had made him years ago, that drawing of her holding hands with him, a phone pressed to his ear. He looked at the words he had wrote - those words he had been able to convey more easily in writing than he had in person - 

I love you little peanut, more than I can express.