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This girl is in serious need of more love. In and out of universe. Like she doesn’t even have her own group of friends like a lot of the other characters in the series. I find that so sad.

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The New Princess - chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 4100ish… This got out of hand, but I did have something to make up for.

Warnings: nada

A/N: Hiya friends! The series is back and I hope this time without a 3 month break. In this time I reached 1300 followers (like what? You guys are insane!) so consider this extra long chapter as a celebration and as an apology for my awful timing skills. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to leave a like and a comment if you liked this chapter! Love y’all!

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The double doors creaked as Jo pushed against the wood, tiptoeing into Ellie’s bedroom, followed closely by Charlie. You hadn’t answered either of their calls, their attempts to wake you up being met by silence. Both of them were getting worried something was wrong. Maybe you had left, tired of this whole circus. What they didn’t expect was the sight before them. There you were, sprawled out across the mattress, fast asleep, still fully clothed.

“Jesus, Y/N, what happened?” the blonde shrieked when she came to a halt at the foot of the kingsize bed.

At her outburst you woke up, only now registering their presence in the room. “Shut up,” you grumbled into your pillow. Your new friends kept whispering back and forward rather loudly, prompting you to throw a cushion in their general direction.

“That was uncalled for,” Charlie replied and she catapulted the object right back at you. An irritated sigh left your lips as you sat up straight. The bright light of the early morning blinded you and you blinked a couple of times, your vision clearing up. You felt disoriented, the gears in your head spinning, searching for memories of yesterday evening and how you had gotten into bed.

That’s when your gaze landed on your body, clothes still on. “Why am I still in my clothes?” Charlie snickered at the frown forming on your face. “Ugh, and what’s that smell?” you questioned until it clicked in your head. “Oh wait, that’s me.” Both of your friends burst out laughing at the disgust written in your features, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

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Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.


Top 5 of my fav JB gif♡ -I actually shed some tears thinking about how far he’s come with Got7, and as their leader.😢🐦🐤-

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His Last Request - Pt. 8: An Exciting Breakfast

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: “Panic attack hangover,” nosy neighbors, fluff on fluff

Word Count: 5100ish

Summary: Dean and The Reader adjust to their new “apple-pie-life”

A/N: Thank you for being patient with me during my long hiatus. I’m not super proud of this chapter as I was a little rusty from my long break but hopefully its alright. It’s the fluffiest chapter I’ve written for this series so it felt a little awkward to me tbh Thank you @torn-and-frayed for helping me think up a name for the nosy neighbor OC haha Hope yall enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated!




You grimaced and scrunched your eyes together even harder as you felt tiny fingers poking your face.

“Wawa…Wawa! Wake up, Wawa!”

“Nooo, I don’t wanna go to Wawa…” You murmured sleepily, rolling your face into the pillow and away from the disturbance.

“Looks like she’s not budging, Jen,” You heard Dean’s voice pipe up. “Time to take some drastic measures.”

You heard Jenny giggle and your eyes shot open just as Dean yelled, “Baby Bomb!”

You felt a weight slam into your back and Jenny let out a chain of giggles in response to your “Oomph!”

“Wawa! Wake up!” She commanded, crawling up towards your head. You rolled over slowly and gently enough for Jenny to easily slide off of you and onto the mattress. You noticed Dean sitting at the edge of the bed laughing at you.

“What happened to ‘I got her, you just go back to sleep.’” You whined, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

“Breakfast happened,” Dean chuckled.

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Can you do an imagine where the S/O is a med student and asks UT sans or G sans to help with their skeleton anatomy school work, pretty please? Your work is so cool im literally hooked since the first time i read it!

(*I changed this up just a litttttttllllee bit to make it be about x-rays because I’ve always wanted to do something like this.)

G!Sans: Learning all the Positions

You’re standing in front of him, red-faced because he’s go that teasing smirk on his face.  You should have known better than to ask him for help with your anatomy and positioning.

“if you wanted to see me without my clothes, kitten, all you had to do was ask.”  His voice has that teasing lithe, and you roll your eyes, hoping to cover up your fluster.  

“It’s just for positioning help.  You’re more posable than a plastic skeleton.”

“sure.”  From his tone, you feel like he doesn’t believe you, but he still takes his cigarette from between his teeth and sets it in the ashtray.  With a casual shrug, he sheds his jacket, letting it fall in a heap on the floor, and then begins to pull his sweater above his head.  He pauses with it halfway up his sternum and eyes you with that smirk still in place.  "should i twirl it around my head?  do you wanna put some music on?“

"Shut. Up.”  You’re blushing way harder now, your jaw clenched.  

He chuckles and pulls off his shirt, letting it crumple on top of his jacket.  Without missing a beat, he starts to go for the zipper of his pants, and you flail your arms.  "The top-half is fine for now!“

He jumps all over that statement.  "for now?”

“Y-yeah, I just need to go over rib positioning and maybe the upper extremities.”  

He shrugs and holds his arms out.  "position away.“

Ugh, why does your face have to be so red right now?  Beyond flustered, you aren’t even sure where to start–and you can’t keep yourself from staring at his exposed ribs.  You’ve seen him only wear his jacket over his ribs before, but you’ve never seen him this exposed.  It feels so.. intimate.  

You end up walking behind him and gripping his shoulders.  He cranes his head to look back at you.  "whoa, from behind?  didn’t know you were so kinky.”

“It’s called a PA position.. well, an RAO.. I think.”

“are you just makin’ shit up as you go?”

“No..!  It’s a right.. anterior oblique. Here.”  You guide him toward the wall and turn his body slightly, so his right side becomes closer.  All the while, you’re looking through his ribs, focused on his sternum.  "The challenge is getting the sternum away from the spine, so you can see it clearly.. like this!  Yeah, this is perfect.“

"i’m glad i won’t ever need an x-ray because this seems like a hassle,” he comments, but he continues to comply as you take him through the various positions, rotating his arms, extending them to check which way shows the greater trochanter of his humerus for the shoulder positioning.

When you decide to move onto skull positioning, you make him sit on a chair and tilt his chin up with your thumb and index fingers, imagining your positioning lines and trying to figure out the perfect Waters view…

And then he pulls you into his lap.  

You squeak, your arms automatically going around his neck.  "ya'know, i noticed something while you were doing this.“

"Did you?”  You had noticed he had been watching you pretty intently the entire time, but thanks to his help, you were actually starting to figure out the proper positions.  It helped being able to actually see the bones.

“mmhmm.”  His arms tighten around you, and you’re suddenly aware of that fact that you’re straddling him while he’s shirtless.  "i noticed you seem to know all the positions.  so why don’t we create some of our own?“

Your blush gets even deeper, but you can’t help but laugh, a smirk crossing your lips.  "Well, it’s been said we do our best work in the dark.”

“c'mon. i think it’s time to move onto the pelvis positioning.”  He chuckles, winking and pulling your pelvis flush against his. “i’ll make sure you ace your next test.”  

Here’s The Catch

@ghostecutioner asked:  you know what i want khemi. you know what to give me

As my Yours Sincerely update is still in developmental hell, I will appease you with some other Dirkjohn content and hope it pleases you. John’s POV, no actual Dirk but a lot of talking about him, and a lot of Crockerbert bonding!

Send me 413 Drabble Requests!

Here’s how this goes.

It’s 4:13am.

Dirk Strider just proposed to you over snap chat and didn’t even give you the full ten seconds to process it.

Jane is beating down your door because you told her you were up for early morning hijinks to welcome in your joint birthday but then got derailed by some asshole proposing to you.

It’s dawning on you that you got distracted half way through dressing so are wearing a backwards shirt and half a pair of pants in this moment of deep internal crisis.

Here’s the catch.

Jane’s phone is the phone in your hand, because your hijinks were going to involve fucking with her contact list and sending Roxy some snap chats of dogs with tag lines about them being the superior pet.

You just got to see Dirk warming up to propose to you.

Dirk’s going to propose to you.

What the ever loving actual fuck do you do with this information???

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Little Storm Cloud

Title: Little Storm Cloud

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader (friends) 

Warning: adorable Winchester cuddles

A/N: I’m a grumpy little storm cloud today, just in a funk I guess. I also don’t feel like paying attention in class so I wrote this instead :) Enjoy!

Today had just been crappy from the second you got up. You’d stubbed your toe on the bedroom door. Your shower was twice as long because your mind kept wondering making you forget if you’d shampooed your hair. The boys had eaten the rest of your favorite cereal. It was just a shit day all around

Slamming your bedroom door, you stomped to the kitchen grumbling under your breath about having to go on a ridiculously long walk just to get a snack. Walking into the kitchen your hands balled into fists at the leftover food on the counter from lunch.

“Seriously!? Does no one in this godforsaken place know how to put food away!”

Opening the kitchen cabinet to grab a Tupperware you pulled one and the avalanche of plastic hit your face. “God fucking damnit!!” you start slamming things, jamming the mess of Tupperware back into the cabinet, slamming it shut.

“Woah, Y/N, what did the Tupperware do you to?”

“Shut up Sam,” you snapped, running your hands over your face. “UGH I hate today! Everything is so stupid!” Sam just stared as you stomp past him heading for your room.

Groaning you roll over in bed when you hear a knock on your door.

“Y/N? Can I come in?”

“Leave me alone Sam. I’m not in the mood to talk.”

“I know, I just brought you some blankets.” Hesitantly pushing open the door Sam walked to the side of your bed, covering you gently with your favorite blankets.

“Thanks Sam,” you mumbled as he walks out.

“Any time.”

When Dean got home he walked around the library looking for you when Sam came back from a run. “Where’s Y/N? I thought she was making dinner for us?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mention that to her, I can make us something.”

“Why what’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s a little pissed off storm cloud at the moment. I’d stay out of her way if I were you.”

Dean thought for a minute before heading to his room.

He knocked twice on your door, not waiting for an answer when he came in.

“Go away Dean, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“Good thing we aren’t going to talk then. Scoot over.” Dean shoved at you, laughing as you lazily swatted back at him.

“Knock it off asshat! This is my bed!”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, sheesh.” Dean put his favorite mix CD in your stereo and then fit himself behind you on your bed, burying himself under your covers and pulling you in tight to him.

The two of you laid there, and at some point you drifted off in his arms.

When you woke up Sam had wedged his way in bed too. Sam sat with his back against your headboard and your head was using his thigh as a pillow, one of his hands reached down to hold yours. Dean had an arm draped over you and was nuzzling into your neck.

“Guys, guys what are you doing?” Both of the boys wiped their eyes, stretching as woke up. “What’s with the cuddle puddle in my bed?”

“You were a storm cloud,” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, the only way to cure the grumpy storm cloud is to cuddle the grump out of you.” Dean laughed as he stretched out his arms.

“What? I was not!” The boys laughed and Sam pulled you tight to his chest.

“Y/N, you almost started world war three with the Tupperware. You were a little angry storm could.”

“Don’t worry,” Dean pressed a kiss into your temple, “we still love you though.”

Sam pressed a kiss into the top of your head. “We love our little storm cloud.” 

Request:  can i get the au “You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker… ugh, oops.” with jiho?

Pairing: Woo Jiho (Zico) / Reader

Genre: Not exactly fluff but nothing else I can think of??

A/N I hope you like this, Anon! Thank you for requesting UvU

You were seriously about to kill someone.

More specifically, the asshole who kept parking his car in your parking spot outside of your house for the past couple of days. The last thing you needed was the stubborn neighbor yelling at you because you had to move your car since your spot was being taken.

You sighed, giving up on today and getting in your car to go to your shitty day job at a cafe in the middle of downtown. You hoped by then whoever owned the car would get the common sense to move it out of your damn parking spot before you had a fit.

Work had been busy for you, lots of people going in and out of the small coffee shop you had come to love over the years. Though the whole “Cream and sugar?” question a thousand times a day did tend to get kind of old, really quick.

You pulled up to your house, sighing as soon as you got there, feeling the slight anger as it pulsed through your veins as you noticed the car from earlier was still parked in your spot.

Nearly slamming your own car door shut, you locked it and went up to the car that had been occupying your sidewalk space and just stared at it, eyeing the paint job closely as if it were the most interesting thing you’d ever seen.

Finally getting an idea, you pulled out a black permanent marker from your pocket that had been previously used to write on plastic cups for orders earlier in the day.

Pulling the cap off and hearing the pop sound, you started drawing on the car’s window, frustration taking over every aspect of your mind that told you doing this was a bad idea.


Your head shot up, your entire body froze in place as you looked at the man in front of you. He looked just as shocked as you, if not more so. The first thing you happened to notice however, is how attractive he was.

Tall, blonde hair, his dark brown roots showing through a bit while it was slicked back, a few pieces refusing to stay down properly. His ears were pierced on either sides. His eyes looked like they could light up a room if they had too.

Though that didn’t mean much of anything until he continued speaking to you.

“You do know that’s my car you’re drawing on, right?”

Sudden realization hit you straight in the face.

“You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house, and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker.” You froze for a second before an expression of apologetic and confusion plastered your face.


The man laughed a bit at your sudden confession to why you had been drawing on his window in the first place.

You quickly shoved the marker back into your pocket, though it wasn’t going to do you much good now since the man before you happened to catch you red handed.

“I’m sorry about the parking spot, I’m from out of town, visiting relatives. They don’t have any good parking across the street.” he explained, his hands moving along with the words he chose.

You glanced over, taking a mental note of how many goddamn cards your neighbors owned.

“My names Jiho, by the way.” You glanced over at the man, noticing he had his hand stretched out to shake yours after introducing himself.

You fixed your stance, adjusting one of your feet as you reached out your hand to meet his.

“My names Y/N.”

He smiled back at you, you noted how nice of a smile he had, soon enough you were mentally cursing yourself for even thinking it in the first place. Weren’t you supposed to be mad at him? He’s been stealing your parking spot and the neighbors have been giving you dirty looks for parking in theirs.

“I should be mad at you, you know.” You commented, watching his facial expression changed as he started chuckling slightly at your statement.

“But you’re not, right?” He asked, fixing his own stance so he was leaning against his car.

“How about I make it up to you. We could go out sometime, you know stealing your spot and all.” Jiho explained, you could see the glint of hopefulness in his eyes while he asked you.

You felt the sudden breeze through your mouth as you stood there jaw dropped before Jiho. You didn’t quite know what to say. He raised an eyebrow at you, wondering if you were alright.

“Y/N..?” His mid-tone voice broke the silence between you too as you finally snapped back to reality.

“Yes! Sorry I just didn’t expect that to be how you’d wanna make it up to me.” You explained, your hand rubbing the back of your neck in sudden nervousness as Jiho smiled at you.

“Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow night, say seven?” He asked, standing back up and fixing the jacket he had on.

“Yeah, sounds good, Jiho.”

He smiled at you once more before you saw him turn around to start going back to the house he was staying at across the street from you.

Then it hit you.

“Hey! You never moved your car!”