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I MISS MY TABLET but I couldn’t not doodle this when it came to mind, apologies for the slightly blurry quality 3

Remembered reading he is one to train, though idk if he’s ticklish, I doubt anyone has the guts to try it out like 99% of the time. Either way: Trust no one not even your gf who is helping you train weights, especially that actually.

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Little Storm Cloud

Title: Little Storm Cloud

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader (friends) 

Warning: adorable Winchester cuddles

A/N: I’m a grumpy little storm cloud today, just in a funk I guess. I also don’t feel like paying attention in class so I wrote this instead :) Enjoy!

Today had just been crappy from the second you got up. You’d stubbed your toe on the bedroom door. Your shower was twice as long because your mind kept wondering making you forget if you’d shampooed your hair. The boys had eaten the rest of your favorite cereal. It was just a shit day all around

Slamming your bedroom door, you stomped to the kitchen grumbling under your breath about having to go on a ridiculously long walk just to get a snack. Walking into the kitchen your hands balled into fists at the leftover food on the counter from lunch.

“Seriously!? Does no one in this godforsaken place know how to put food away!”

Opening the kitchen cabinet to grab a Tupperware you pulled one and the avalanche of plastic hit your face. “God fucking damnit!!” you start slamming things, jamming the mess of Tupperware back into the cabinet, slamming it shut.

“Woah, Y/N, what did the Tupperware do you to?”

“Shut up Sam,” you snapped, running your hands over your face. “UGH I hate today! Everything is so stupid!” Sam just stared as you stomp past him heading for your room.

Groaning you roll over in bed when you hear a knock on your door.

“Y/N? Can I come in?”

“Leave me alone Sam. I’m not in the mood to talk.”

“I know, I just brought you some blankets.” Hesitantly pushing open the door Sam walked to the side of your bed, covering you gently with your favorite blankets.

“Thanks Sam,” you mumbled as he walks out.

“Any time.”

When Dean got home he walked around the library looking for you when Sam came back from a run. “Where’s Y/N? I thought she was making dinner for us?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mention that to her, I can make us something.”

“Why what’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s a little pissed off storm cloud at the moment. I’d stay out of her way if I were you.”

Dean thought for a minute before heading to his room.

He knocked twice on your door, not waiting for an answer when he came in.

“Go away Dean, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“Good thing we aren’t going to talk then. Scoot over.” Dean shoved at you, laughing as you lazily swatted back at him.

“Knock it off asshat! This is my bed!”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, sheesh.” Dean put his favorite mix CD in your stereo and then fit himself behind you on your bed, burying himself under your covers and pulling you in tight to him.

The two of you laid there, and at some point you drifted off in his arms.

When you woke up Sam had wedged his way in bed too. Sam sat with his back against your headboard and your head was using his thigh as a pillow, one of his hands reached down to hold yours. Dean had an arm draped over you and was nuzzling into your neck.

“Guys, guys what are you doing?” Both of the boys wiped their eyes, stretching as woke up. “What’s with the cuddle puddle in my bed?”

“You were a storm cloud,” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, the only way to cure the grumpy storm cloud is to cuddle the grump out of you.” Dean laughed as he stretched out his arms.

“What? I was not!” The boys laughed and Sam pulled you tight to his chest.

“Y/N, you almost started world war three with the Tupperware. You were a little angry storm could.”

“Don’t worry,” Dean pressed a kiss into your temple, “we still love you though.”

Sam pressed a kiss into the top of your head. “We love our little storm cloud.” 


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

Things to never say to a Hirsute girl:

Or in general, to anyone who is suffering from excess hair, whether that be trans/PCOS/or any other type of medical condition. (I understand some are more directed towards females.)

1. “Is that hair on your _________ ?”
2. “What is that rash on your _____/______ ?”
3. “Do you not get scared when it comes to being intimate with your partner?”
4. “Does your partner mind that you’re hairy?”
5. “You’re so brave, I would of killed myself if this was happening to me.”
6. “Even though you’re hairy, you still look like a girl.”
7. “You may think being hairy is the end of the world, but someone out there is worse off than you.”
8. “My Mother’s friend’s daughter has hirsutism and her’s is worse than yours.”
9. “Have you thought of lazer hair removal/ electrolysis/ shaving with a razor/ waxing/ threading/ plucking/ bleaching?
10. “So, can you get pregnant?”
11. “If you had a baby, would you be scared that it would also have abnormal hair growth, you should know better than anyone that it would be cruel to have a baby under those circumstances!”
12. “Why is your makeup so heavy - you would look so much better if it was natural!!”
13. “My friend takes _____ to control her hirsutism, why don’t you try that?”
14. “Ha ha ha, you could always join the circus as a bearded lady!!!”
15. “It’s just a little hair, it could be SO much worse, you are overreacting!”
16. “You wear such baggy clothes that cover up everything, it’s so depressing, stop being lazy, shave your body and wear something more revealing!
17. “Does your partner see you when you’re hairy?”
18. “Does it not scare you to wake up next to your partner every morning with a full face of stubble!?!?!?”
19. “Asking for laser hair removal on the NHS/Insurance would be selfish, it’s a cosmetic thing, not for actually bettering your life!”
20. “You’re such a spoil sport, you’re hairy, so what, stop making everything about you!”
21. “You know I can still see your hair through your makeup?”
22. “Maybe if you lost some weight like the doctors say, the hair would stop.”
23. “You always have to make everything about you, no one cares that you’re hairy, you’re being OTT.”
24. “Have you thought about buying a NoNo? I hear great things about them!”
25. “Maybe if you stopped buying yourself things, you could afford laser hair removal. 
26. “Ugh, I just felt your stubble brush up against my face!!!”
27. “You know, in old middle eastern history, hairy women were a sign of femininity and extreme beauty.”
28. “You should be greatful the hair is only on _____ and ______ it could be so much worse.”
29. “Did you see that bearded woman on the news the other day? That will be you in 5 years!!! Ha ha ha.”
30. “Aw no, don’t be upset, you know I’m only joking, my hairy friend!!”
31. “Your hair is getting kinda long…. Do you not thing it’s time to shave/wax/whatever it yet?”
32. “I can shave your hair for you if you want…”
33. “You would look so much better and prettier if you weren’t hairy.”
34. “Have you tried drinking _____ and eating ______ …. I read on Google it can stop excess hair growth!”
35. “It annoys me that you waste GP time going to see your doc about your hair, It is only hair.”
36. “You’re hairy because you have more male hormones, than female ones? Does that mean you are going to grow a penis lol?”
37. “Happy Birthday!!!! We bought you a gift voucher to the local spa for a full body wax! Hope you like it.”
38. “A lot of girls have this issue, you’re not the only one, relax.”
39. “I read that hirsutism means that you aren’t as developed as other humans, and are more like monkeys, is that right?”
40. “You’re a great friend, I love you and everything, but I find your hair so gross, I wish you would just control it better and take some pride in yourself!”

After having severe hirsutism for the best part of 10 years, these are just a handful of the extremely hurtful things that have been said/happened to me. Some of them were clearly meant in good taste, but a safe thing is that, unless the hirsute person brings up their hair, don’t bring it up yourself. 

- A Hirsutim sufferer


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

~20 minute, unedited free writing exercise. 832 words. (And all of it is nothing but purple prose. Be gentle, I’m hella rusty.)

The tram glides soundlessly in the dark underbelly of the Nexus.

The car in which he sits is empty, save for the incessant buzz of the fluorescent lights, like a swarm of lightning bugs, surrounding him- he can all but feel the pins and needles of their tiny legs tickling his face and neck, crawling gently under the collar of his uniform, filling his body until the white noise becomes him. In fact, if his skin suddenly turned transparent, he would have a belly full of nothing but Christmas lights and fragile wings.

Well. Probably. Maybe that’s why he feels so oddly light in his seat, so oddly still. Not even his ever-restless fingers are drumming their rhythmless beat on his knees and thighs, not even his eyes wander from the blurry regiment of lines that separate each wall panel rushing by on the inside of the tunnel. No, the lightning bugs in his stomach do the drumming for him.

The first time he came, it was a trip fueled by pure curiosity and a bellyful of shitty drinks, when the inertia of her words dragged him back to where he had sworn he would never return, not even if he has to be carried there kicking and screaming.

He couldn’t help it. She had sung odes and spun many a tall tale about that boy, and that despondent, lonely look in her eyes, he just couldn’t resist the nagging voice in the back of his mind. He had to see the face of the man from whom she was never apart, not even in the womb, and without whom she says she feels like half a giant.

And he never even told her that he did. It felt too much like he was stealing something from her. Like every breath that escaped through those chapped-parted lips was somehow also half hers, still in perfect sync even after the months he had spent stranded in time, and neither of them had asked for permission to share. But even so, he had spent a good fifteen minutes there, basking in the bubble of peace that sleeping face drew around itself. 

It was strange, as if even the doctors had been sleepwalking, their feet barely touching the ground as they noiselessly floated with their long, white coats flowing like chiffon dresses behind them.

The smooth, gentle female voice suddenly announces arrival to nobody in particular, and Gil flinches, spilling all the courage he has managed to gather, and it scatters like a fistful of marbles all over the metal floor.

The door swishes open with the same soundless grace as the tram itself, revealing the brightly lit cavern of the antechamber separating the sardine-can pods and rows of hospital-white beds from the casual observer, and the bugs now pool in his feet as he takes step after faux-confident step towards the belly of the ark. (He’s not at all bothered by the oil stain on his sleeve that yawns almost insultingly, lazily at the pristine, hospital-whiteness of the Ark’s interior. Not at all.)

He has half a mind to just turn around and go back. He has plenty of better, more useful things to do than to gawk at a boy he has never met but with whose face he’s already so familiar, he could draw it from memory.

Seriously. He could. The stern line of a strong forehead, the hawk-nose that looks like it had been broken at least once before, the swooping lines of those impossibly long lashes- every one feature could have overpowered any average face, but somehow, in their mismatched glory, they all managed to coexist in harmony on this ransom note of a face. (And she dared protest when he asked if they look alike. Bullshit, they’re like blurred mirror images of one another. Well, he understandably more handsome than her, and she, prettier, but same difference.)

Before Gil even knows it, his leaden, bug-filled feet have carried him to the entrance, and then, before he would have had time to search his pockets for one last courage-marble, through it. The rows of fluorescent lights overhead are now a plague of locusts. Harry barely raises his head from the charts and nods in his direction once, but other than that, nobody seems to react to the mechanic suddenly waltzing into the cryo bay.

Nobody, except one patient, with a bright pink spoonful of vanilla pudding halted halfway between the cup and his lips.

Gil was wrong. His eyes aren’t the same light, almost golden brown as his sister’s, but rather dark like fertile Earthen soil, and he finds himself walking towards them despite every lightning bug in his body now buzzing in his head, lifting him higher, higher until his feet are kicking inches above the ground.

It is through a metric ton of that rain-kissed soil and the deafening flutters of a thousand pairs of wings when he finally speaks.

“Good to see you finally awake, Lieutenant Ryder.”

things a person suffering from acne gets tired of hearing

-you should wash your face more often
-try this product
-don’t pop them
-try eating healthy food
-don’t touch them
-go to a doctor
-i hear this home remedy works
-ugh i have a pimple
-do you wash your face?
-its just puberty
-it will vanish once you grow up
-wow pop it, its huge
-its just acne, some people have it worse
:-) don’t say any of these things to ppl suffering from acne pls :-)

I Lick All Your Faces!!!

Gah! I just adore you all so much! Thank you for making me feel accepted and laughing at my terrible humour and just being you!! I want to smooch all of you!! Why you all have to live so far away!? 😭

You are all an incredible bunch of people and I’m so glad I fell into this hell and that there is no escape, because I don’t want to escape!! Ever!! I want to stay here and burn with you all!!

And remember, you’re amazing with such beautiful souls and you are enough!! You are enough! Let that sink in because I wish to god someone had told me that over the years. So this is me telling you that you are enough. Just as you are 😘

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

Daily Problem

 Oftentimes, her glares scared him.

 “Um…W-White?” Shakily he asked, dull grey eyes focused on the brunette. “Did I do something wrong?” Long fingers twiddled nervously on his front. He blinked once when White huffed shortly. He flinched openly when she shot another glare.

 “You know something, N?” Arms firmly crossed against her chest, she tipped her head upwards. “I really,” Right before the next words were about to slur out, shades of red began spiralling each tanned cheek, “really wanted to kiss you today.”

 Oftentimes, the stuff she said baffled him.

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heyo its your favorite gay have these super old cool seflies as we celebrate the slow death of summer

anonymous asked:

Daddy I just wanted to say you look so good hmm 😋😍😍but daddy I just wanted to say I wanna suck you up till you Moan and bust in my face and I lick it off my face while smack your big dick across my face daddy ugh I just wanna suck you up 😍😋😻💕🤤

Freak nastyyyy🤤

Drought in the Bahamas.

I leaned back in the beach chair I was in, my sunglasses protecting my eyes from the heavy sun beaming down on me while my iPad sat in my lap. Julian was sitting right in front of me with a smile on his face as he waited for me to speak.

I had his email opened and of course there was some long dramatic letter from his ex that he had allowed me to read and so I did. I had to be a bit dramatic myself and read it aloud rather than silently to myself.

“Dear Julian, how are you? I hope you are doing well. It seems like so long since we have last talked which is weird considering how long we’ve known each other. I’ve kept up with you though. The papers seem to never stop talking about you and your success. It’s really great to see. My mother says hello. I’m sure you miss her baking. Haha.” I made sure to be dramatic while mimicking her written laughter and that caused Julian to roll his eyes slightly, leaning back on his elbows.

I was sure he didn’t want me to continue on reading but of course I continued. “I also see you have a new muse.” That was when I took my attention from reading and exclaimed, “Muse!? She says that like I’m some temporary love fling.”

I didn’t give Julian time to protest or calm me down. I continued on reading. “I hope you are happy. I can’t lie and say I’m all that happy. Things are so…different. I’m used to being able to just call you and text you whenever I please but I see that contact isn’t so much welcomed anymore because of your new girlfriend.”

I sat the iPad down for a moment and stood up, taking a dramatic bow before I pretended to give a graceful wave to the audience I had pictured in front of me.

That contact definitely wasn’t welcomed and Lena, his ex, had to learn that the hard way when she decided to barge into Julian’s text one day with loads of ‘I miss you’s’ and heart emojis that I just didn’t find acceptable.

Call me the jealous girlfriend. I was definitely that. I was quite protective of Julian Draxler. I knew loads of women wanted him, far more than the number of men who lusted after me, and I wouldn’t tolerate the idea of some girl encroaching on what was mine.

So I did what any smart girlfriend would in that situation; I text her back that she better watch how she texts my boyfriend in the future.

I couldn’t make Julian completely stop talking to her. He would just complain that I was being too overbearing and that he couldn’t stop speaking to Lena because they had a ton of history and blah blah blah so I tolerated it but I always kept a watchful eye on the two. That pretty much explained why Julian had coughed up this email to me before I could find out on my own.

I sat back down but Julian had snatched the iPad into his lap now. “Alright. Enough reading of this. We’re on a vacation. Vacation. We shouldn’t be sitting on this beach reading emails from my ex or reading emails at all for that matter.”

The view from where we sat of the outlay of the beach was nearly breathtaking. To celebrate our one year anniversary, Julian decided to surprise me with a trip to the Bahamas that I gladly accepted and now here we were, soaking up all of the sun possible.

Julian shut off the electronic device and shoved it into my beach bag before he lay back and placed his head in my lap, staring up at the sky above us.

I looked at him tucked between my legs comfortably. “Ugh. I wish you’d just roll over and put your face where it belongs.” He chuckled and nodded his head back to look at me.


Julian had this wacky idea that abstaining from sex would somehow make our relationship stronger and prove we were more than sex and all those other cliché words he had used when he described this less than stellar plan to me. We had been dating for a year! We had already had sex before! I didn’t think we needed anything like this to prove our love was real.

I think he was just reading too many love advice novels and right now I wanted to chuck them at his head because as a result of whatever stupid author it was who came up with this bullshit idea, I was forced to cry myself to sleep with sexual frustration. It really sucked to go from having sex all the time with him to now being caught in a dry spell for the past two weeks.

And I thought the new, exotic scenery of the Bahamas would entice him into just saying screw the plan and screwing me instead but he hadn’t caved so far and he seemed steadfast in sticking with it much to my disappointment.

“Are you always this needy or just when I’m not giving you sex?”

“Just when you’re not sexing me,” I responded.

He put a hand to his chest with mock hurt. “Wow. Way to use me.”

I just rolled my eyes. “I’m your girlfriend, Draxler. That’s what I’m supposed to do just like you’re supposed to please me.”

“I can please you in other ways though.”

“Yes. Yes you can but you please me so much better with your tongue,” I groaned.

He was laughing and shaking his head now while he continued laying in my lap and I began playing in his hair with my manicured nails. “Someone’s going to hear you.”

I shrugged. “I don’t mind. I’ll run up to every person on this beach and tell them how much I enjoy you.” I bent down and placed my lips to Julian’s warm, plump ones which he graciously accepted, pecking my lips back as well. He spoke once we parted.

“So I was thinking tonight we could do dinner and tomorrow we could go for massages or something? I figured you would like that.”

“Whatever you want to do I am in.”

“Including swimming with dolphins?”

“Yeaaah I’m out of that, Ju,” I giggled. I barely wanted to get in the water due to my lack of ability to swim so there was no way I was getting in there with animals of any sort.

“I thought so. The other stuff I have planned will be fun though.”

“And when will I know all of these plans you have for us?”

“I just gave you a hint, didn’t I? The rest you’ll just have to find out when they happen. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even end your sex drought for you by the end of the trip,” he playfully winked.

“Oh trust me. My fingers are crossed that happens.”

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“I saw the light” One Shot. (Anyone asked for this?)

Inspired by: “ Imagine: Being a crew member in “I saw the light”. You’re standing behind the cameras while Tom sings in a scene. He mischievously looks at you. “ [ X ]

Written by: arelyhb


Ugh… another early morning in Tennessee. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here but hate getting up so early.

I’ve been here for almost 3 months, between pre-production, rehearsals, yadda yadda yadda.

I work in the movie industry. Right now I’m a crew member of “I saw the light”. It’s safe to say, discarding the ridiculous mornings… that i love my job.

I got to the crafty service area in a rush to grab coffee and a muffin since I was already late. Which was unusual;  i guess the late nights + early mornings combo was finally taking its toll on me.

I headed to my trailer.

I went in as I chewed on my “breakfast” and started picking up things, and pulled the clothing rack out.

-Let’s see… -I mumbled to myself.

I checked the shooting schedule to see what scene was being filmed first, so I could arrange everything.

I fixed the first outfit and tagged it with the scene number. I like to keep things organized besides it’s an obvious must in this job. I arranged several others with their respective tags.

I was doing everything at a very fast pace and immersed in my thoughts, when something startled me.

-Good morning, sunshine!

I turned around.

-¡Jesus, Hiddleston!

There he stood, smiling big.

-It’s 6:30AM how can you be smiling like that? Here- I handed him the hanger with his first outfit.

-Millions of reasons, darling. ¿Why are you rushing today?

-¿How long have I been getting you dressed for this film?

-¿Counting dress rehearsals?

-Exactly… a long time. And not once have I been this late, I can’t even find a few pieces, there’s a tiny hole in that coat that i’m gonna have to sew, and don’t even get me started on…

-Darling, darling… -He cut me off and got closer to me. He held my face between his hands- I don’t think I’ve ever spoken that fast in my entire life or anyone i know…You need to relax.

Okay. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tom thanks to this film.  The man is a dream. Incredibly attractive, incredibly polite and caring.

And I am lucky enough to fix his pants and shirts every single day. We’ve bonded a lot and we’re both very comfortable working together. He loves joking around, of course, and makes all these insightful comments about Hank Williams’ clothes. It’s actually really helpful, i come up with a few ideas that he and the director end up liking, even though the wardrobe’s pretty basic.

-Ugh, fine. Just change your clothes and don’t touch my face. – I said smiling.

He kissed my cheek.

-GOOD MORNING.-He exclaimed triumphant.

I rolled my eyes.

-Good morning to you.

-Much better. You’re doing a marvelous job, don’t panic so much.  – He said walking behind my panel screen to get dressed.

He came out and I took my script annotations.

-Alright, rolled sleeves, shirt completely buttoned up- I narrated the list as I checked each thing. He was just staring down at me, the tall man… and I wasn’t short at all.

-¿So what about my invitation? –He asked but I kept fixing his clothes.

-¿What invitation?

-To the play I told you about…

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When you're eyeing up a guy at the airport, who just so happens to be Kwon Jiyong~

the who you? edition


*you had been sat at the airport for the past three hours waiting for your flight to depart.*

*just when you had decided you were going to take a nap, a man with bright orange hair and large black sunglasses sat down opposite you. He kicks out his ripped jean-covered legs in front of him accidentally knocking your bag, and he looks up at you briefly*

*you blush under his gaze, but smile as you think how much easier your wait was going to be now that you had some eye candy*


*half an hour later, you hadn’t been able to stop looking at him the whole time and you were just about to lean over and resume with your ‘nap’ plan, when he takes his sunglasses off and looks at you*

so… do you stare at all the guys in the airport, or am i lucky?

[Y/N] e-excuse me?

*you stumble over your words, embarrassment clear in your voice as you realise he knew you had been staring at him since he sat down* 

[GD] …i just wondered if there was something wrong with my face for you to be staring at me for so long… *he smirks, watching as you squirm*

[Y/N] ugh, no, there’s nothing wrong with your face, i was just, ugh…you’re so…handsome… *you cover your face and look away*

[GD] oh, thank you… *you look up to see him blushing and looking at his feet with a smile*

[GD] so where are you headed?

[Y/N] *you look up at him, cheeks still burning*…um, Seoul, I moved there a few months ago for my job…

*he looks at you with interest*

[GD]  oh really? what do you do?

[Y/N] I’m a journalist, i write mostly about the music industry, reviews of albums, trends etc. how about you?


*half an hour later*

[GD] okay, but no way did you fall out of a 2-story window when you were drunk, and land on your feet!

[Y/N] *you laugh* I swear to you, that is what happened… *grin*

*you both exchanged stories about one another and before you knew it you’d learnt all about this handsome stranger’s life….everything except his name.*

*Just then, the departure call for your plane is announced and you stand up*

[Y/N] that’s me

*you stand up and go to grab your bags, but he has already scrambled up from his seat to pick them up for you*

[Y/N] It was nice meeting you 

*he grins at you as he passes you your bag and your hands accidentally graze his* 

[GD] wait! before you go….maybe i could get your number? and your name?

*his cheeks turn pink as he looks at you expectantly and you giggle at him as you pull a pen out of your bag, indicating for him to hold out his hand so that you could write on it*

[Y/N] it’s ‘Y/N’ *you look up at him smiling*

[GD] Jiyong, Kwon Jiyong.

[Y/N] i’ll expect your call Jiyong 

*you wink at him as you walk away, turning back just before you walk through your gate to see him smiling to himself*

Author: ~Pogi

[CREDIT to the gif owners - i do not own these gifs]