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Cuddling with Jungkook - Scenario

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Here you are! I hope you like it xx

(The beginning is a little off-topic buuut cx)

Word count: 603

Genre: Fluff (obviously cx)

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You hit your head on the desk for what seemed like the nth time, groaning as a slight pain spread through your head. “I should really stop doing that,” you murmured to yourself, rubbing your sore forehead and peeling a sticky note off your cheek. You glanced around at your desk, pens and books scattered across the whole surface, and you hit your head on the table once again. “Ugh, I’m so done with everything,” you’d groan, pushing a few strands of hair out of your eyes.

Hearing your complaints and the constant thudding sound coming from the other side of the room, Jungkook would look up from his phone, a curious expression forming on his face. “Hm?” Looking over at you, he noticed how your eyes were drooping, only for you to shake your head in an attempt to stay awake, hair sticking out in several different directions, and your slumped figure leaning back in your chair. He sighed, setting his phone down on the couch he was lounged across and getting up slowly. Creeping up behind your chair, he crouched by you, as he leaned in and said, “Babe? Are you okay?”

His voice startled you, as you were in such a sleepy state, you didn’t hear his footsteps approaching behind you. “Yah, don’t do that!” You exclaimed in an almost drunken tone, weakly hitting Jungkook on the shoulder. Jungkook’s lips curled upwards in a small smile, tilting his head slightly to the side as you stared at him, eyes still drooping from complete lack of sleep.

“Okay, babe, that’s enough studying for today. Come cuddle with me?” He pouted, widening his eyes in an attempt to look cute. You glanced over at the disaster zone of your desk, looking back at Jungkook and sighing. Pushing your hair out of your face once again, you said, “As much as I’d love to, I can’t, I have to study.” You tore your gaze away from him, shifting your body back towards the desk, taking your pen in your hand as you prepared to write again.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems,” Jungkook speculated, standing upright, and pulling your chair backwards, away from the desk.

“Wha-”, you clawed at the desk, whining, “Kookie, I have to study.”

Jungkook would simply smirk, putting his arms beneath you and lifting you with ease, carrying you bridal-style to your shared bedroom. “Yah,” you’d protest, hitting his chest feebly, but eventually giving up and leaning against his chest instead when he showed no sign of putting you down.

He set you down on the bed, climbing in himself, pulling the warm, soft blankets over the two of you. Wriggling around as you tried to get comfortable, Jungkook shifted forwards, pressing against you as he snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you in close. You leaned your head back against his firm chest, your heartbeat slowing as your body relaxed. Jungkook stroked your hair, the sound of his melodic voice resonating through your ears as he gently hummed to you, your frown soon turned upwards in a sleepy smile.

Your eyes began to flutter shut, your consciousness ebbing away rapidly, as your body went limp in Jungkook’s arms. He glanced down at your sleeping figure, smiling as he watched your chest rise and relax, rise and relax as you slept peacefully for the first time in many days. Shuffling around a little, albeit carefully as to not wake you, Jungkook finally found a comfortable position, his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist. Closing his eyes, he finally drifted to sleep, his heartbeat matching yours.

“Oh yeah, and who’s going to stop us?” The agent in front of you said tauntingly.

“I am.” The four men swirled around to come face to face with your boyfriend Steve. Their once bitchy demeanor crumbled the second they saw him.

“Ugh…Mr. Rogers, C-Captain America, sir! We were just having some harmless fun. We meant nothing by it.” Tom, the jerk who started the whole thing stuttered, clearly shitting his pants from the look Steve was giving him. Steve looked at you, frowning at the black eye forming on your face. He passed them, hovering his hand over the spot, drying the tears off your good eye.

“They do this to you?” You nodded shakenly, unable to use your voice. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” Again you nodded, Steve’s murder-face came back, the one everyone knew he could snap at any given moment. He placed a tender kiss on your head, turning back towards Tom and the rest of the assholes.

“FRIDAY, please inform Tony and the infirmary, an agent’s been hit.” The next thing you knew, Tom was on the ground holding his nose, blood seeping through his fingers.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“For physically assaulting and harassing Tony’s best assistant,” you grinned as their eyes bulged out of their heads, “not to mention my fiancé.” Tony and Bruce walked in then with amused looks on their faces, but they quickly fell when they took in your face. Tony’s eyes hardened, Bruce’s eyes turned green slightly.

“Right. Well Rogers, let Bruce take a look at her injuries and I think the rest of us have a date with Fury, don’t you think?”

Steve wrapped a protective arm around you and followed after Bruce. A smile forming on both of your faces.

Josh x Reader :)
Fluffy sorta Smutty thing (if anyone has smut requests im down js)
TW: Kind of smutty but not fully yknow


You wake up early to the smell of sweet hot chocolate, smiling. You stand up and stretch, noticing the snow flurries dancing in the air outside your window.

You walk through the house, hugging Josh from behind. He turns around and kisses your cheek, his eyes squinting with a smile.

“Morning baby doll, hot chocolate?” Josh asks, admiring how cute you look in his big sweatshirt and basketball shorts. You nod, nuzzling your face in his neck.

He lifts the pot of steaming liquid and pours it into two mugs, handing one to you.

“Thank you, Joshy,” you coo, ruffling his soft hair. He playfully glares at you.

“Ugh, I hate that nickname,” he teases, as the two of you sit down on the sofa.

“Well,” you start, clicking your nails on your mug, “you’re my Joshy and I love you.”

He blushes slightly, sipping his hot chocolate. You giggle, setting your mug down before kissing him gently. His soft lips taste sweet against yours, and you run your hands through his hair.

Josh pulls away, panting slightly. He sets his cup down next to yours and kisses you again, his hands traveling down your hips. You moan slightly into his mouth, and he shivers. His tongue sweeps across your bottom lip, and you open your mouth a bit.

He slides his tongue in, and your breath hitched. He pulls away. “Y/N, do you want to do this? This is up to you,” he whispers, looking into your eyes.

You feel your insecurities build up, looking down at your body subconsciously. He tilts your head up, and kisses your forehead. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. I love you, no matter what.”

“I love you too…I’m ready Josh. I want us to go to the next level. I wouldn’t want anybody else to be my first,” you said, biting your lip softly.

He kisses your lips, your cheeks, nose, jawline, and down your neck. You gasp slightly at the feeling of his moist lips on your sensitive skin, holding back moans. He looks up at you with his warm brown eyes, sucking at your throat softly.

He slid his hands to the hem of the dark sweatshirt, his hands shaking slightly.


He looks up at you. “Y/N, is it okay if we just cuddle? I-I don’t want to hurt you, or make you uncomfortable, b-but if you wanna keep going…” Josh trailed off, his nervous expression intensifying.

You could tell he wasn’t being completely truthful.

You could see in his eyes that his anxiety was off the charts. You knew Josh had body image issues, despite how gorgeous he was. You kiss his lips softly.

“That’s fine with me, Joshy. I love you,” you giggle, nuzzling him.

You and Josh spend the snow day drinking hot chocolate, cuddling, and making bad puns. You didn’t need to have sex with Josh to prove that he loved you. Seeing his squishy-smile and sparkling eyes and the way he blushed when you kissed or complimented him proved how much he loved you.

You were so desperately, hopelessly, utterly in love with your beautiful snow king.

married couple

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A/N: just a little something i came up with randomly. i’m currently working on some of your guys’ requests so i apologize if they’re taking a bit longer that expected. 

request here! (i write for groups other than seventeen so feel free to request any groups or members you’d like)

[joshua x reader // word count: 790]

“I’ve been stuck on this problem for hours now,” you grumble to yourself, tapping the end of the pencil on your paper in frustration.

You didn’t bother to look outside, seeing the sky change from light to dark. Instead, you fold your arms on your desk and rest your head in them, your vision getting darker and darker before letting the darkness engulf you completely.

knock knock knock

You’re startled by the sudden noise and shoot your head up in an instant. You wiped the drool slipping down the corner of your mouth.

Ugh, what time is it

Rubbing your eyes, you check your phone and come face to face with a big bright 1:37 am, too drowsy to realize the fact that you also have 38 new text messages and 11 missed calls from your boyfriend, Joshua.

Letting out a long sigh, you walk over to the door – very slowly for that matter.

The knocks get louder and quicker, making your already existing headache even worse.

“WHAATTTT?” you yell as you open the door, exposing the figure standing behind it.

Suddenly, the familiar body that stood on your welcome mat just seconds ago, darted towards you, pulling you in to a tight hug.

It was quiet for a few minutes. Just for a few seconds, you a caught a glimpse of his worried face and calmly patted him on his back.

“Joshua,” was the only word that escaped your mouth.

“I was worried. Why didn’t you answer any of my calls or texts?” he said frantically yet in a quiet tone, releasing his grip a bit but not letting go of your warmth entirely.

“I was sleeping,” you let out a quiet chuckle whilst scratching your head, expressing the fact that you were sorry.

“Idiot,” he pulled you in again and then pressed a kiss to your warm forehead. “I thought something happened to you.”

“No. I was just exhausted from studying too much.”

“Come, I’ll help you study.”

“Really? You will?” you exclaimed, your loving eyes fixated on his as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Of course,” he replied, giving you a sweet smile in return.

“Did you finish the problem?”

“Not yet… just a bit longer,” your words coming out of your mouth sounding as if you had just finished running a race.

Placing the back of his hand on your forehead, he asked, “Are you sick?”

“Just a bit of a headache is all.”

“I’ll grab you some medicine… do you have any around?” he got up to search your cabinets, noticing that most of them were empty.

“No I don’t but it’s fine, don’t worry about it,” you told him, not taking your eyes off of the unfinished equation still sitting on your sheet.

“I’ll go buy some.”

“Huh? I’ll come with you then.”

“No. Stay here and finish. I’ll be back really soon.”

Joshua returned with a large plastic bag. You emptied it, spilling out some medicine, towels, and various cups of noodles, along with other random supplies.

“Josh… I don’t need bandaids… or toothbrushes…” picking each item up and raising your eyebrow as they got weirder and weirder as you said them.

“You’ve been living here for so long yet you don’t even have the basic necessities,” he sighed. “Maybe, I should just live with you so I can take care of you 24/7.”

You couldn’t tell if he was joking or being serious so you decided to take him up on his offer anyway.

“Move in then.”


“It’s lonely in this stuffy apartment whenever you’re not here. And plus, you’re here like every day, it’s basically your home.”

“Really? Should I??” your boyfriend questioned, practically jumping around like a five year old. You flashed him a wide smile and bowed your head, giving him the go ahead signal. His smile now mirrored yours as he came closer to give you a heartfelt hug. I’ll take that as a yes.

“You’re still feeling under the weather,” he said wrapped around your tiny body, still concerned about your health. “Go to bed now. I’ll put these things away.” He picked up the plastic bag and began neatly distributing them in the cupboards.

You packed up all your books and went on your way to bed. Before going to your room, you gave Joshua a big back hug when he wasn’t looking and he turned to face you, kissing the top of your head as a way of saying goodnight.

“I’ll tuck you in once I’m done,” he said, resting his chin on your shoulder.

You felt like a married couple but nonetheless, you were satisfied. If it were to be anyone, you were glad that it was Joshua.

thank you for reading! (:

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Flicker - Ch. 2

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Word Count: 2,975

Previous Chapter

‘We still need to watch those movies’

                           ‘Do we really, Junmyeon?’

‘You’re not getting out of this, princess’

                                                   ‘Ugh, fine’


You smile under your nose, as you stare at your phone. You do actually want to watch the movies with him, mostly because they are his favourite, but you love teasing him a bit.

“You saw him didn’t you?” Sehun suddenly appears next to your face, peering over your shoulder.

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Lovers in the most unlikely places


Request:  Ooh! Could you write a Scarlett Johansson x female reader imagine where the reader and Scarlett realize that they’re soulmates? Please? :)

Warnings: none 

Originally posted by fearnothingexceptyourmom

   "Come on,“ Your friend whined beside you, stomping their feet as you stood just beside one of the autograph lines at the comic con you were at. 

     "No, she’s literally my favorite and I don’t think I have the heart to face her,” you whisper timidly, eyeing Scarlett Johansson’s line. “Plus, it’s a really long line-” you attempt to use logic in this argument but one look at your friend and you knew that you weren’t going to win this.

     "Ugh,“ you groan, eyeing her at the front of the line, smiling and happily chatting away with some fans. "It’s gonna take like, 3 hours," 

     "Well,” your friend smiles, clasping you on the back as they drag you to the back of the long line. “Guess it’s a good thing we brought money for food,”

     It actually was a good thing you brought a little more extra money than anticipated given that you waited in line for nearly 3 hours, waiting to meet your all time favorite actress. Your friend went and bought pizza, chips, pretzels, and an abundance of other food for the two of you as you waited nervously, gnawing on your nails as the like moved a a snails pace.

     You were a little afraid that she was going to leave soon, after all see been here signing autographs for hours, why would she want to stay any longer than necessary? Even though in the beginning you had been rather reluctant to meet her you were simply dying for this line to speed up so that perhaps you’d have the slight chance of catching a glimpse of her.   

    The line dragged on and it was nearing four hours when her body guard pushed everyone back, saying she was done with autographs for the day. You couldn’t help the bubble of disappointment within you, after all, you were so, so, so close to meeting her, only 10 or so people ahead of you. 

     "Wait,“ Scarlett placed a gentle hand on her bodyguards arm, smiling at him softly. "I can do a few more, It’s fine,” despite the fact that she had indeed been signing autographs for nearly 4 hours the bodyguard nodded, stepping out of the way so you guys could inch closer.   

    You swore these ten people were going by slower than any line you’d ever been in. It felt like an eternity before you were finally stepping up to the table, smiling nervously at the actual goddess before you. 

      “Hi,” she smiled warmly as she grabbed some picture the person beside her was giving out, a standardized photo of her face. “What’s your name sweetheart?” Oh god. Oh fucking hell. Damn you to the core of hell and back again because those were the exact words printed on your arm, hidden from the view of all people.

     Everyone had a soulmate, someone in this universe made just for them and a mark, a string of words, would present themself to a person on their 16 birthday. From then on they’d have to wait until the universe pushed the soulmates together, finally allowing the two people to become whole. 

    The marks were there to guide people through their lives, to make sure they didn’t fall in love only to have their heartbroken, to make sure that for once they found the right partner and here you were, your favorite celebrity before you, having just spoken those exact words upon your arm to you. You checked your sleeves which were pulled down over your hands so there was no way in hell she’d seen the words, no way she was giving you a false sense of hope. 

      “Um…it’s (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Suddenly her hand stills in it’s writing, having just gotten the first word of your first name written down. Slowly, she looks up to you, her eyes shining with some emotion you’d couldn’t quite figure out. 

     "You’re my- I’m you’re-“ She trails off, staring at you with these wide, imploring eyes.

     "I think so…yeah,” Within a flash she’s hopped up on her chair, jumping off the table and immediately engulfing you in her arms. Her face nuzzles into the crook of your neck as her arms wrap around your waist snugly. 

    “Soulmate,” she whispers against you. “You’re my soulmate,”

Bros Over Hoes (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Request: You and Luke are best friends and his gf is mean to you and he dumps her and you and him do the bang bang :D

Written by Carissa!! 

Imagine Masterlist

Originally posted by lashtuns

“Hey there,” your best friend Luke said as he walked into the kitchen of your other friend Ashton’s house. He set the two huge pizza boxes in his arms on the counter where you were leaning, and walked around for a hug. You gave your giant goofy noodle boy a good squeeze, until Julia walked in. “Don’t get that close, babe. She probably has cooties.” Ugh, Julia. This was the bitch who had been bullying you since primary school, tried to embarrass you every chance she got, and got your best friend and crush as a boyfriend.

Luke laughed at Julia’s comment. You tried not to punch her in the face. She looked stunning, as usual, with her perfect black waves of hair and piercing brown eyes but her black pleated skirt was a bit short for a casual afternoon hangout. “Modesty should be in your vocabulary, sweetheart. Especially if you want to be a teacher.” You said with an overly sweet smile. Her faced dropped, and so did Luke’s. He knew you didn’t like Julia, he just didn’t know why. His bright blue eyes met yours as he gave you a strange look, as if to say, ‘Why’d you say that?’ You didn’t want this now. Not one bit of this petty school girl shit Julia was always trying to pull. You were here to have a good time at Ash’s place, and by God you’d do it.

You guys played video games for a while; you, Luke, Calum, Livvy (Cal’s girlfriend), Michael, Ashton, and Julia. Eventually you went to grab some more food and drinks for the group, and you took Livvy to help you. You two were just about to exit the kitchen with some beer and chips when Julia walked in and pulled Livvy to the side. All of the sudden, you’d ‘forgotten something’ and with a faked face palm, decided to amble around in the fridge to see what Julia wanted with Livvy.

Julia pulled Livvy into a little corner on the kitchen. “Can you stand that bitch?” You heard her ask. Wow, that’s what she wanted? Really? “I-I like (y/n).” Livvy stammered. She was a shy, quiet girl who didn’t like trouble or drama. Why would Julia even ask her that. “Well,” Julia said, venom pouring out of her voice. You weren’t going to let her finish. You abruptly stood up, dumping the snack in your hand on the kitchen counter with a loud thump. “If you want to shit talk me, why don’t you say it to my face.”

“Oh, (y/n),” Julia said, her face lighting up as if she just noticed you. “How nice of you to join us.” Livvy turned around, looking frightened. “Livvy, you can go.” The small girl hurried out of the kitchen. Julia wasted no time on getting up in your face. “Who do you even think you are, bitch? Coming in and trying to steal my boyfriend. What even were you before Luke? Nothing. No one likes you. And if you think the fans like you, you’re wrong. Everyone hates you.” Oh here was the usual long winded hate train. This usually happened when Julia got you alone, and you just rolled your eyes at her.

“You’re right, Julia. I wasn’t anything before Luke, but he wasn’t anything before me, either.” Julia looked taken aback, and actually moved away from you a few steps. “Oh what, don’t act like you didn’t know that.” You spat, knowing you were about to burn this bitch to the ground. “Oh,” you said as innocently as possible. “You didn’t know that. Well, let’s see,” you reached a small finger up to tap you chin. You were shocked that Julia could keep her mouth shut for so long. “Luke and I share the same birthday. My hospital bed was next to his. Our dads have know each other since they were five. I first shared a bed with Luke when I was three days old. That’s more than you can say, isn’t it?” Julia was turning an eggplant shade of purple, a bug eyed expression of pure rage on her face. “I was there for the boys first show. I was in the audience. And you were there for what? The boys-” You broke off, a bitter grin on you face. You lowered your voice.

“Oh that’s right. Luke hasn’t taken you to a show yet. And you know why-” You words were cut off by a ring covered fist driving into your cheek. You tumbled to the floor with a crash, your head banging on the cool tiles. You heard feet moving towards your location. “What was that?”

“Julia? What happened?”

“Oh my god, you just punched her.” Your head was pounding too much to hear much after that, so you just laid on your back and fought off the tears that were threatening to fall down. After a bit, you felt a warm hand slip under your head, and you turned your head. A pair of familiar blue eyes met yours. Luke. He lightly placed a finger on the bruise already forming on your skin. “I’ve got to take her home, guys.” He whispered. “Oh my god, she’s such a drama queen. She’ll be fine. Just get her up.”

“What the hell, Julia?” You heard Livvy yell. And Livvy never yells, ever. Luke scooped you off the floor into his warm arms. You’d actually imagined a few scenarios that Luke might be picking you up bridal style, but being punched in the face by a bitchy girlfriend was never one of them. Luke got you situated in his car, then you headed off to his house. About halfway through the ride, your nose started bleeding and you had to pull over so you could get some covering on it. “Sorry about this, (y/n),” Luke said, keeping one hand on the wheel, placing the other on your thigh and shaking it encouragingly. He shook his head with aggravation, his jawline tightening as he pulled up to his house. “I always pick the worst of them. Is that the first time she it you?”

“Yep.” Once inside, Luke cleared the little island in the middle of his kitchen and started getting medical supplies out. “Sit.” He patted the granite countertop, his ever present pinky ring causing a light echo to resonate around the room. “Luke,” You were hesitant to follow his orders. “What are you doing?”

“Well, usually my mom is better at this stuff, but I’m going to fix you up.”

“Dr. Fluke to the rescue?”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “Dr. Fluke to the rescue.” You popped up on the counter and Luke finally found whatever supplies he was looking for. “Alrighty then,” He walked over and stood in between your legs in front of you, most likely just as aware of the awkward moment as you were. “Let’s get you fixed up.” A soft hand reached out and tilted your head to the side. “You’re bleeding.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Yeah,” you sighed. “One of Julia’s rings scratched me.”


You fiddled with your hands as Luke cleaned the blood off your skin. “This is going to hurt a bit.” Something was dabbed on your skin and you flinched. “Are you okay?” Luke sounded panicked. Your heart sped up at the concern in his voice. “I-I’m fine.” Luke kept on doing whatever he needed to until he placed a large bandage on your scratch. “All done,” he said, tapping the counter behind you. “Now, face wounds bleed pretty bad sometimes so if it starts bleeding again, I’m taking you to the hospital, (y/n).” You smiled at him. “Why are you being so protective?”

“Because I was blind and now you’re hurt. I feel really shitty.” He looked down at the floor. You leaned forward. “Hey, don’t feel bad. I’m a big girl. I’ll be fine.” Your mouth felt weird as your vowels moved around in your mouth. You sat up and ran your fingers along the cloth on your cheek. Luke gave you a one dimpled smirk, leaving you hot and bothered. “What?” He asked.

“Talking feels weird with this thing on.” Luke’s hand cupped your good cheek and turned your head so he could look at the wound. “You still look stunning.” You were taken aback. “What?”

“I said you still look stunning.” Luke let out a shaky breath. “The truth is, I like you, (y/n), I like you a lot. And I know that you don’t like me back but-”

“Luke, just stop. I like you, too.”

“Oh my god.” You leaned forward and pressed your forehead to his. For a few precious moments, you two just shared air. Two heart beating under one breath. He liked you back. Wow. That is great news. “Luke I-” You tried to say something, but were cut off by his lips on yours. There are sparks, fireworks, and atomic bombs when people kiss, and whatever this kiss was, it was above them all. Your wrapped you legs around Luke, pulling him towards you and deepening the kiss, his lip ring making everything feel more wonderfully complicated. You tangled your hands in his hair, and his giant hands roamed all around, across your stomach and down your thighs. They left burning paths, setting your body on edge. He picked you up and set you down on his couch a few yards away. Your Cobain shirt came off (oh my god, how ironic), and his did, too, revealing a muscled chest and perfectly tan skin. “Good thing my parents are out of town,” He murmured, dragging his lips down the side of your neck. They passed a spot on your collar bone and you sucked in a breath. “Babe,” he said, making sure to suck on the dip in your collar bone. “Is this a sweet spot, (y/n)?”

“Yeah.” Your voice came out as a high pitched moan. Luke reached behind you and fiddled with your bra strap. He finally got it loose. He lips moved from your neck to your nipple, only after he’d given you a very prominent hickey. He bit down a bit on your nipple, and your body went crazy, trying to shift out of the way of his mouth. “Oh no,” he said, his voice at the rumbling growl which turned you on even more. We’ve only just begun. He slipped off his skinny jeans and boxers, and you slipped off your shorts, grabbing the ‘JICC’ (just in case condom) you always kept in your back pocket. “Here.” you handed it to Luke. He slipped it on his cock, pulled you close, and paused and your entrance. “Do you trust me?”


He slid inside and you gasped. He was so big. You could feel your walls trying to hold him as he slid in and out. It felt so good. Each thrust brought you closer and closer to a climax. Your moans started getting louder. “Fuck,” Luke said, his voice strained. “You’re so tight. So damn tight.” He was fucking you into the couch and soon you couldn’t take it anymore. “Luke,” you stammered out between thrusts. “I can’t-”

“Let go, baby girl.” The 'baby girl’ really set you off. Your eyes screwed shut and your back arched as you climax, your hips bucking around Luke. You let out and loud moan and soon Luke came, too. You rode out your orgasm and eventually Luke fell on top of you, your sweaty bodies tumbling together. Luke kissed your nose and smiled at you, still panting. “I love you.” You smile back. “I love you, too.” He paused a moment.

“Round two in the shower?”

“I don’t see a problem with that.”

Reaction (Got7): When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

Mark: “You know why I love you? Because you’re not like those other girls. You’re so much better.” 

Originally posted by markjin

Jackson: “Damn girl, are you a model? You should be baby.”

Originally posted by b2utygot7

JB: “Could I just look at you until I fall asleep? I want my dreams to be filled with your face.” 

Originally posted by curlstae

Junior: “You’re insecure? Well this is how I feel about your beautiful eyes.” 

Originally posted by got7--af

Yugyeom: “Ugh I just want to look into your eyes forever. I could die happy staring at you.”

Originally posted by jackandjael

Youngjae: “Awe how cool is that. I have the coolest girlfriend ever.” 

Originally posted by mjbm

BamBam: “God damn baby, you just became infinity times more beautiful to me.”

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Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 7 (FINAL)

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ 

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6

Summary - You’re finally with the man you love so dearly, after meeting on Tumblr, where he blogged about his opinions and reactions to movies. How does your life looks a year after meeting him?

Words - 1,071

Warnings - mentions of sex, Natasha x Sam, pure FLUFF! ♥ prepare for the butterflies xD

Originally posted by natpekis


“Ugh…look at these love birds.”

Sam scrunches up his nose in fake disgust looking like a child seeing his parents kiss. Steve chuckles and gets off the couch, while Natasha rams her elbow in Sam’s side playfully. Bucky rolls his eyes, but doesn’t turn his head away from you, his sincere smile reappearing on his face while he gazes at you, your faces inches away from each other, your arms tangled around the body of the others, drawing circles on his broah shoulder and your lower back.

It’s been a year since you met Bucky. Also you started calling him Bucky just like the others did, but he didn’t mind. You called him rarely James, mostly to get him over the edge of pleasure and it always worked. Bucky loves it if you call him by his actual name. Bucky actually loves everything you say or do. Even though it’s already been a year, you two love each other a bit more with every second that goes by. And you still can’t handle the honest Bucky, telling you that he loves you and every detail. It makes you still blush and he loves that as well and keeps teasing you with it, to make you blush even more. He already started saying “I love you” in different languages and damn his russian was hot. And he’s really good on bed as well. Well….not just really good. He’s amazing. The first time you couldn’t walk for a week. All he did was laugh about your bad attempts to just get to your kitchen to drink a glass of water. And he took care of you. 

He always takes care of you.

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Member: Vernon
Word count: 1358
Content: Unplanned sex between two needy people um? Girl on top? Idk what else??
Summary: Spur of the moment, and first time with him, sex with a needy Vernon.

“Babe, what is this and where does it go?”

You looked up from the t-shirt you were folding to see your charming boyfriend holding up one of your favorite skimpy thongs. Of course, he had to draw attention to that out of everything else in the pile between you two, but you couldn’t deny that the growing smirk on his face was stirring a few feelings.

“Ugh, quit swinging it around, Vernon,” you snatched the flimsy material from his hand and tossed onto the pile of folded clothes. Vernon began laughing.

“Sorry, sorry!” A few more snickers. “Do you actually wear that?” He bit his lip as if to prevent his smile from increasing while his eyes darted to the gray underwear. You narrowed your eyes and moved into his line of sight, blocking the view.

“Yes, in fact, I do. And I enjoy wearing whatever the hell I want,” you stated, grabbing a bombshell bra from the pile of clothes and waving it in front of him for good measure, making him blush. You two had meant to have a relaxed day since your parents were out of town all weekend, but your boyfriend decided to show up early, meaning he was then forced to help you finish chores before the movie marathon could start. Your parents hadn’t been too keen on letting him over when they were away, but with much convincing you were able to make it so. Besides, the two of you had been dating for a while now, and things have been steady.

“You think you can finish the rest? I’m gonna start putting these away,” you stated, picking up a pile of your parents’ clothes to bring to their room.

“Yeah, I got it,” he said, nodding assuringly while folding up your jeans. You left and came back, getting what’s left and putting all the clothes up, then, after going into your bedroom, began to change out of your school clothes. Humming to your favorite song, you didn’t hear the door open.

“Y/N you forgo-” Vernon froze and stared at your exposed skin as you were bent over, looking in your dresser for some comfy pjs. Your hot pink underwear accentuating your curves and especially drawing attention to the mound at the apex of your thighs. Without uttering another word from his now dry mouth, he stepped out, closed the door quietly, and waited on the couch for you with a pillow to cover his boner. When you walked back out in very short thin shorts and only one of his hoodies he shifted and tried his best not to show how he felt.

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Request: Adorableness with Jane Volturi

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“Ugh, your eyes are so bright.” Jane said, tucking hair behind your ears. “Maybe we should find a way to keep your eye colour in the change.”
You shrugged as you flopped on to Jane playfully. “I’m dead.”
Jane giggled as she scraped your hair back from your face.
“Uh oh, this looks like something else.” You said looking around the room. “Hmm?” Jane smiled amused.
“We look like we’re doing…things.”
“No my sweet, that’s just your inappropriate self showing.”
“…I’d also like to add that if we’re doing such things, the word ‘like’ wouldn’t be in your sentence. You’d be very aware if we were.”
Your mouth dropped open as you playfully hit Jane’s arm. “Jane Volturi! You hypocrit!”
“No! I lecture you for speaking such things in public!” Her voice got quieter. “You and I are behind closed doors right now.”
You shook your head slowly. “Fair play Volturi.”

You went to tickle her sides…nothing.
She smirked smugly, hands remaining at either side of her head. “If it helps only Demetri and Santiago are ticklish…”
“Meh…It’s fine, I can just do this.”
“Do wha-AHH NO!” Jane suddenly shrieked, wiggling under you. She couldn’t stand when you pressed your chin into her neck, shoulders and anywhere else that would be considered sensitive. It was such a weird sensation.

You yelped when she hauled you off her by your arms effortlessly, moving on top of you. “We had an agreement!”
“Eh?“ Was your clever response
“We agreed, that if you didn’t do that to me then I wouldn’t tickle you!” You quickly agreed to those conditions.

You rolled Jane off you and stood up before turning to hold out your hand. “Time to go.”
“You’ll figure it out smarty pants. Let’s go~”
Jane stood up. “I haven’t been summoned, where could we possibly be going?” “To visit Alec, you plum!” You said as you moved your hands above your face as though aiming for her before running up and lifting her. She stifled a squeal in your arms.
“I see you have kidnapped my sister.” Alec smirked in the doorway.
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I just love her so much that I have became creepy and must show Jane my ever lasting love.” You grinned.
Jane couldn’t believe a human could lift a vampire, the little things you don’t realise.

Hallowmas: Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader;

Prompt: “Halloween is better.” //  “Let’s have Hallowmas!” from this prompt list;

Word Count: 367;

Welcome to the fourth installment of Cinnamon Adventures!!

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“Really, Peter, I don’t understand why you’re such a Grinch.” You address your boyfriend as you stretch to put up a few decorations.

“Why am I- (Y/N), you know how I feel about Christmas.” Peter answers, rolling his eyes. He keeps the decorations in place without even realizing it, making you smile at his incredible dorkiness.

“What?” He asks, confused.

“Oh, nothing.” You dismiss, getting off of the ladder you were previously on. “And yes, I do know, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And there’s nothing you can do about it either.”

“Ugh-” Peter groans, frustrated about your words. After a few seconds, his entire face lights up and, right as you’re about to ask, he opens his mouth to speak. “Actually, I think I do have something to do about it!” He exclaims, victoriously looking at you.

“Well, come on, then. Share it to the world.” You state.

“Okay so I was thinking- since Halloween is better, let’s just have Hallowmas instead of Christmas!” He perks up, his eyes glowing with joy. As his eyes meet yours, you just know you won’t be able to deny him anything. You give an exasperated sigh and with that, he knows you agree to the idea.

He quickly pecks your lips, gently cupping your face in his hands and tilting it so it’s facing him.

“You’re amazing, (Y/N).” He truthfully states.

“Yeah, yeah- alright.” You roll your eyes at the suddenly changed behavior of your boyfriend.

“Oh, (Y/N), I hope you do realize what Hallowmas means.” He smirks, rolling his sleeves upwards.

“You get to put on the suit and shoot webs over every Christmas decoration in the flat?” You sass, knowing he’s been threatening to do it in a while.

“Well, that, too. But I was thinking of something we can both do.” He smiles and you can’t help but feel curious as to what is your nerd of a boyfriend trying to say.

“Really? What’s that?”

In reply, he simply picks up a DVD that was lying around. Raising it to your eye level, you read the title and raise your eyebrows.

“Really? Well, it’s fitting, I s’ppose.”

It was A Nightmare Before Christmas.

A/N: Okay, it was refreshing to leave the HP fandom for the tiniest bit. Loved writing this, and I hope y’all loved reading this! Huge kudos to @tomhollahd for requesting this, I hope you enjoyed!

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On Call

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Doctor!Gabriel x Doctor!Reader

           “Ugh.” You groan as the remainder of the stale coffee in the pot in the on-call room barely even fills your mug halfway. You still had four hours left in your shift and were in desperate need of more caffeine than this.

           “You’d think people would learn to make a new pot by now.” A friendly voice sympathized with you from the doorway. You turned to face it and was greeted by an attractive doctor you’d never seen before, with brown hair tucked behind his ears, kind gold eyes meeting yours.

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anonymous asked:

So yesterday I got a tattoo right by my sternum, literally in the exact place Harry has his butterfly tattoo and I was in such pain from it and it's not even that big so I was thinking about how much pain Harry had to have been when getting his butterfly and how he'd squeeze your hand and would have you talk to him the whole time while he was getting his tattoo to take away from the pain. Ugh, I just love Harry.

Like, his eyes would squeeze shut and he’d be grumbling through a tense jaw and he’d hide his face into your hand and just whine out when it gets super painful but he’d try to hold a strong face - “s'okay to cry if you need too, Harry.” “not gon'a cry. had many tattoos before, Gorgeous.” “uh-huh. okay. sure. did you bite the hand of someone last time you had a tattoo?” “not bitin’ you. your hand cream smells nice.” “sure, Peaches. sure.” - and he’d be breathing heavily when it got tough and you’d kiss at her forehead and talk to him to try and take away the painful feeling.

But, fuck. That must have been painful; well done you! xx

Mark Imagine - Fire (Part 1)

Part 2 | Part 3

A loud beeping noise filled your apartment, waking you up from your peaceful slumber.
“Ugh, why is the fire alarm going off?!” You complained as you sat up in bed, rubbing your eyes. Registering why the alarm was ringing, you sprung out of bed and sprinted to your front door. Opening it slightly, you glanced down the corridor to check you were safe to leave. Luckily, the coast was clear and you closed the door before walking down the stairs and to the fire safety point outside of the apartment building. You were met with the faces of your neighbours and asked what had happened.
“Someone on the floor above you knocked a couple candles over. He’s over there, actually.” You turned around to see Mark, your secret crush standing in just his underwear and a loose t shirt. He was talking with one of the landlords of the building and you struggled to keep your eyes off him.

After being outside for half an hour, the firemen said the building was all clear and safe to go in. As you all walked back in, you were stopped by Mark.
“Hey, I’ve been saying this to everyone in the building but sorry. I should have been more careful.” He had a genuine look of apology on his face as he spoke to you. You gave him a comforting smile as you spoke, “It’s fine, honestly. Do you know how much damage there is in your apartment?”
“Enough. They’ve said it’s best not to stay there over the next few days so I’ll probably just stay at a hotel down the road.”
“But what about all your clothes? You can stay with me for a few days, I’ve only got a sofa to offer but it’s better than some dodgy hotel.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t want to be burden.”
“You wouldn’t be unless you stayed at a hotel. If you say no then you’re burdening my thoughts because I’ll be thinking you’ve been murdered or something.” He laughed, looking at the floor. “Fine then, if you insist.”

A/N - Okay, I was so excited to write this one. I’m planning on doing a sequel/making it a series if y’all are interested so let me know if you want more! Also, keep sending in those requests~

I really just want to fall asleep with you. Not next to you. With you. I want to cuddle with you and I want to kiss every single bit of your face. I just really want to fall asleep with you beside me, and I want to just know that you’re safe and comfortable and warm and happy. I really just want to protect you and ugh. I want to just feel you, and I want to show you how much I love your smile, your eyes, everything. you. I want you. I want to feel your body (in the least sexual way possible) because it’s you, and I love you. and I just want to hear you speak and laugh and be happy all the time. I want you to be able to wake me up in the middle of the night to talk about a shitty dream you had. Or even if you want to talk about absolutely nothing important. I want to be the person you can rant to at the end of the day, and I want to be the person who lays in bed with you all day if you’re depressed or sick. I want to be the person you wake up next to. I want it to be me. and I want you to be the person I wake up next to. I want you. Everything that comes with you. I love you quite a lot. and you deserve every single bit of happiness I can give you.
—  Him. (5:10AM)
Naughty List

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“Junhong, you look so cute! Oh my god, I’m dying, this is precious.”

Junhong rolled his eyes and snatched the flower crown from his head. “Shut up,” he huffed as he unzipped his jacket and tossed it onto the back of a chair, “I’m not cute.”

“You’re so cute. Just accept your fate. I’ve accepted mine. Us baby-faced kids have to stick together, you know?” you retorted as you stood from your spot on the couch and crossed the room to grab his damp jacket. “Besides, being cute isn’t a bad thing. It’s easier to get your way when you’re cute.”

“Ugh,” he groaned as he fell onto your couch, “quit calling me cute! I’ll fight you. Just because you’re ant sized doesn’t mean I won’t.”

“Please, Junhong, fight me. I might be a good foot shorter than you but I can so take you.”

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She’s Mine- Nash Grier

Request: Can you do an imagine where Brent Rivera is your ex and you’re dating Nash. And they get into a Twitter fight over you or something?

No hate towards Brent Rivera, I love him very much it’s just for the imagine xx

“Ow baby, you could have gave me a warning” Nash, your boyfriend of 6 months whined as you jumped on his back.

“But what’s the point of that? There’s no fun in that.” you said giggling and kissing the side of your face.

“Ugh you’re such a pain” he said grinning up at you.

“But you love me very much” you replied placing a kiss on his neck.

“Okay, get off me babe, I have to follow some of my fans” he told you.

You jumped off but not before pulling him into a kiss. He grinned against your lips, pulling you closer to him by the waist.

“Why does this happen every time?” you heard a voice groan, you both pulled away to see Hayes standing there with his hand covering his eyes.

“Shut up” Nash grumbled to him, mad that Hayes had interrupted your kissing session.

“It’s not like you don’t do that with Ria” you said teasing him about his girlfriend.

His cheeks turned a pinkish color and he gave you both the middle finger before turning around and returning to his room.

“Okay now go follow your fans on twitter” you said to Nash lightly smacking his butt.

“I’m going” he said laughing and going to his room.

You followed behind him and sat down on the bed watching him reply to fans and following them while giving you sweet kisses in between.

He then took a picture of you both, you couldn’t keep a straight face and both of you ended up laughing while he took the picture.

It turned out to be a pretty cute picture so he decided to post the picture on twitter while tweeting “With my baby girl, so much laughter and fun, ily xx @(y/t/n)”

The tweet was favourited and retweeted many times by fans and the trend (y/s/n) started trending worldwide.

You replied to some fans as well and then Nash turned to you mumbling a “Look at this asshole”

You looked over his shoulder to see Brent had replied to the picture with “@Nashgrier @(y/t/n) She’ll always be better off with me Nash and you know it”

You gasped and Nash clenched his hands together before angrily typing a reply, “@BrentRivera Don’t wish for what you can’t have”

“@Nashgrier I already had that”

“@BrentRivera Well you didn’t have any of it, I took it all”

“@Nashgrier Oh she’ll never be yours”

“@BrentRivera No she’s mine, forever and always xx”

The fans were going crazy, and a whole fight was starting to break out. You took a deep breath before opening the twitter app and typing of a tweet.

“@BrentRivera I will never be yours, I love Nash with all my heart and you can never change that, so leave us alone.“

Brent had not replied after that, his fans had calmed down too and everything went back to normal.

Nash turned to you with a big smile on his face. “I love you” he told you and pulled you into a sweet kiss.

“I love you too Nash” you mumbled against his plump lips.

“More than Brent?” he asked you.

“Way more than Brent, I never did love him” you told him holding his hands in yours. “You’re the only one I have loved and will always love”

He pulled you into another kiss his lips moving passionately against yours.

“Your one and only?” he murmured.

“You’re my one and only.”

Glowy - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: “Baby please?” + “Why is your face so glowy?” Jason Todd x Reader (requested by anon)

“Ugh! I need some action tonight Jay!” You groaned in boredom.

“I’d be happy to help you with your problem.” Jason said with a suggestive wink.

“You know that’s not what I meant. Nothing’s happened on patrol in three days and I’m getting antsy. Shit always seems to happen when you hit the streets! Can I go on patrol with you tonight?” You asked giving him your best puppy dog eyes.

“Babe, isn’t it good that you don’t get into fire fights every night? You shouldn’t look forward to getting shot at.” Jason looked at you like you had gone just a bit insane. Maybe you had but you didn’t care. You needed to punch something or you just might go insane.

“But Jay.” You whined with a pathetic little sob. “I’m so fucking bored!” You complained.

“Maybe you should get a hobby.” He suggested and you gave him an exhausted look.

“Jay, Baby, please?” You pleaded taking hold of his hands and giving him a look that you knew he couldn’t resist. He sighed and broke down under your hopeful gaze.

“Fine.” He relented.

“Aww! Thank you babe! Where would I be without you?” You said pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Probably blowing your brains out in boredom.” He said ruffling your hair. You slapped his hand away and smoothed your hair back down with a pout.

“Jay come on! Are you seriously going to make us late for patrol?” You called incredulously. You were impatient and wanted to get out there and beat up a bunch of thugs.

“Just one sec babe! I’m just doing some last minute modifications on my hood.” He called back. You followed his voice and leaned against the doorframe as you watched him work on his helmet.

“Can it wait? It’s functional isn’t it?” You asked impatiently.

“It’ll just take another second … There! Done.” He said before slipping the helmet over his head. The helmet was otherwise unchanged apart from the fact that the eyes now glowed.

“Hey babe, why is your face so glowy?” You asked giggling slightly.

“Too bright?” He asked. You brought your hand up to your eyes to block the bright glare from the helmet.

“Well if you wanted everyone to know exactly where you are at all times, you’ve succeeded.” You said.

“I’ll keep working on it.”  He nodded, taking off the helmet and putting it back on the table. He got up from his seat and grabbed his spare domino mask, securing it to his face.

“You’re going to fly blind tonight?” You asked with an arched eyebrow.

“I don’t need the hood to do my job.” He rolled his eyes at you.

“I give you five minutes to start complaining.” You bargained.

3 Minutes Later:

“Holy shit babe! Why is this so difficult tonight?” He asked in frustration. Needless to say he had grown accustomed to having the interface of his hood for support and he was feeling a little naked without it.

“Crutch.” You coughed into your hand. He gave you a sharp look.

“No. No, no. I don’t need the hood.” He insisted.

“Yeah but you’re kind of a whiny little bitch without it.” You pointed out.