ugh you're such a cutie pie

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Hii, sorry for disturbing but I wanted to know if you are okay, because I see that you don't post nothing.. I hope you'll not close this account because I love it! Hope you're fine!

Heey cutie pie ( ´ v ` )~ 

To be honest I’m doing pretty bad right now.. I have to write my finals soon and my dad just passed away .. i was gone for 2 weeks and now I have to.. redo all the work we had in those weeks.. I’m failing in math (ugh .. have to put more time to learn into it) and .. I’m just being really busy these days ;; .. 

To be reeeally honest I literally thought about closing this blog … but yeh .. I dont know maybe I’m just having a phase right now , A , 

- Eru


this cutie pie hates when he’s told to do aegyo but he naturally has a lot of cuteness in him♡

the signs and how I FEEL about them [(Scorpio) personal experience]
  • Aries: I don't hate you.
  • Taurus: it's a love hate minus the hate kinda thang.
  • Gemini: UGH you're not very dependable. I can't talk to you about anything without getting the thought that you don't care.
  • Cancer: so sweet. so salty but lowkey caring.
  • Leo: you have a badass vibe and I like it, I like you, I like that.
  • Virgo: You're so snobby and get on my nerves so much but I keep it lowkey. you're alright other times.
  • Libra: such a cutie pie. always so sweet. you can become so bitter though..
  • Scorpio: you're cool because you always get along and know what it's about and what's up and where it's at and-
  • Capricorn: you have a terrible attitude. let me stop.
  • Aquarius: I can't have any feelings towards you cause you NEVER let me KNOW YOU!
  • Pisces: you like attention and are only worried about your social status. none of that matters anymore.