ugh you two are perfect

Do you understand?

I don’t think there’s enough emphasis being put on this line.

Let’s review…

Jon wakes up and the first thing he tells her is how sorry he is about Viserion. He gets that these are her children and even goes so far as to take her hand to comfort her – which is something he’s never done before. It’s an incredibly sweet moment of vulnerability on Jon’s part, literally reaching out to her in the hope that she’ll understand that she’s not alone. And she accepts it… for a moment. But she releases his hand fairly quickly.

Now, I thought that was kind of strange because Dany has been pretty transparent about her interest in Jon (maybe not so much to him, but her terror when he said he was leaving and her insistence on watching for him atop the wall and sitting at his bedside and, come on, she’s totally into him) and Dany isn’t one to back down when she wants something.

But she lets go of his hand and Jon… Well, Jon takes it in stride. He sees she’s trying to be strong but he doesn’t really get why until a little later.

Later, she says, “They’re the only children I’ll ever have.” And she could have stopped there – but she doesn’t. Instead, she adds the question, “Do you understand?”

Don’t you see?!? This is her telling him, “Here’s your chance to run. Here’s your chance to change your mind. I can’t help you further your line. I can’t give you what men traditionally want more than anything in the world.”

So she let go of his hand to distance herself from him emotionally – not to protect herself but to protect him. Tyrion has just told her that Jon loves her and she wants him to have all the facts before he gets too deep. This is an incredibly selfless act of love.

He loves her. She knows it. She loves him. We all know it. But she tries to warn him off because she doesn’t want him to give up his chance to have kids. (I mean it’s no coincidence that Jorah said something about handing down that sword earlier in the ep.)

And Jon, absolutely perfect and honorable Jon, understands the real question and he doesn’t run. Later in the conversation when she takes his hand back, he squeezes it in reassurance. He’s here for her. She’s his queen.

“They’ll come to see you for what you are.”

“I hope I deserve it.”

“You do.”

UGH. These two are as perfect for each other as I always hoped they’d be.

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14 and iwaoi, please ? (˘⌣˘)

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write you a mini fic! (Ask box open) 

 14. things you said after you kissed me

Hajime has touched Tooru dozens of times, over the years.

As children, they go everywhere hand-in-hand. Tooru’s shy, and Hajime doesn’t like seeing him look scared; the touch serves to ground him, make him stronger. 

There’s hugs, after a week apart during summer vacation, or when Hajime confides in Tooru that his parents are fighting. Hajime likes it when Tooru ruffles his hair, and massages his scalp; Tooru loves cuddles, curled up together under his fluffy comforter during move marathons.

As they grow, the touches don’t stop altogether. They become more infrequent, and reserved, once they learn that regular friends don’t really do that.

It only takes so long for Tooru and Hajime to realize their feelings for each other aren’t that of regular friends - and even less time for them to do something about it.

Even though they’ve been near each other a thousand times and have mapped out each other’s skin extensively, there’s still something so special about them doing it now; something so new.

Hajime’s touch sends shivers down Tooru’s spine.

Hajime’s lying in Tooru’s bed, tired from practice. Tooru’s just changed into his pyjamas, a black top and plaid pyjama pants, and Hajime’s in his sweats. They’re lucky that their parents are understanding, and still let them have sleepovers without much complaint. Hajime doesn’t realize how much better he sleeps with Tooru curled up into him until it’s almost taken away from him. 

Tooru gulps down some water, putting his cup down on his dresser before climbing into bed. He lets out a soft breath, hands already reaching for Hajime. He takes the hint clearly, reaching out to connect their hands and pull Tooru on top of him. Tooru’s weight fits on top of him familiarly, comfortably; he lets out a sigh, fingers running through Tooru’s hair.

“Light?” He mumbles, because he’s tired and he really doesn’t want to have to get up to turn it off even later when they’re both too snuggled up to want to move.

“’Mkay,” Tooru nods, and slips off to turn the light off, coming right back to where he was. He lets his weight rest on Hajime’s chest, arms resting on his upper back.

With the light off it’s dark, but Hajime can still make out Tooru’s face. There’s just enough light shining in through the window for him to get a good look at Tooru. He reaches out, pressing the palm of his hand to Tooru’s cheek, fingertips brushing his forehead, and watches while Tooru completely melts underneath his touch.

Tooru sighs, contentedly, lids of his eyes fluttering closed. He leans into the touch, pressing open-mouthed kisses to Hajime’s wrist as he gets the opportunity. He looks relaxed, pleased; so vulnerable.

Hajime’s free hand slides up Tooru’s back, tangling in his short brown hair; the sweet sigh Tooru lets out gives Hajime goosebumps, and he keeps massaging his scalp, wanting to hear more. Tooru gives it to him, biting his lip and letting out the softest, pleased little breath.

“Hajime,” Tooru breathes; Hajime watches him, eyes half-lidded and heavy. “Kiss me?”

A smirk crosses Hajime’s face. 

Does he even need to ask?

Rather than answer, Hajime just slides both his hands around the back of Tooru’s head, drawing him in nice and close, tilting his face to press their lips together.

God, Tooru tastes good, all the time; it doesn’t even matter that right now his mouth is cold still from the ice water, the minty flavour of his toothpaste still clinging to his teeth. There’s something just so inherently Tooru about his taste.

Hajime kisses slowly, lazily. Their lips move together familiarly. They’ve spent time learning how to best do this, but Hajime likes it best when they don’t think; when they just follow their instincts.

Tooru grips the sleeve of his shirt, folding against him and shivering. Hajime feels it, sliding an arm out to feel for the blanket and pull it up and over them to stay warm.

They don’t break the kiss; tongues pressing against each other, teeth nibbling. Hajime shifts, and Tooru falls even deeper into the cuddle, their noses brushing together. Tooru pulls away first, giggling softly, nuzzling Hajime’s cheek.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” Hajime’s voice comes out without him even thinking about it; he’s not stating an opinion, but a fact. He doesn’t need to see Tooru to tell that he’s blushing, the skin on the back of his neck heats up under Hajime’s hands.

“Hajime?” Tooru squeaks out, burying his face against Hajime’s neck. “What are you talking about?” He’s used to showing off his confidence all the time, but Hajime’s honest tone takes him aback. He’s not used to Hajime being so openly affectionate and sweet.

“You’re beautiful,” Hajime smiles, and presses one final kiss to his forehead. “Now go to sleep. Goodnight.”

Tooru nods, still keeping his face hidden in Hajime’s neck, his body going slack and relaxing against Hajime. “Goodnight, Hajime.” He breathes in deep, “And thank you.”

Teen Wolf Imagine #2 - Stiles Stilinski

Request from Anonymous: Ok so I’m not sure if you’ve already got my message (really sorry if you have) but I’m sending it again because tumblr likes to just randomly destroy messages. Anyway. So a Stiles imagine where there are loads of misunderstandings like he thinks you’re dating someone (even though you’re not) so he starts dating someone and you’re just in a huge mess. And the pack just watches laughing.

Thank you for requesting! If any other people would like to request, please do! Also I set this imagine around Season 4. I hope you like it.

Stiles watched you talk to a tall boy with dark hair, eyes narrowing in a mixture of envy and anger. You laughed and the boy took that as an opportunity to whisper something in your ear, making you laugh even harder.

A locker slammed shut next to Stiles, causing the lanky boy to whip around, coming face to face with his best friend, Scott McCall.

“Who are you looking at?” Scott said teasingly.

Scowling, Stiles quickly responded, “No one. I was just, uh, reading that poster. Over there. Yea, that one about the Chess Club.”

“Really? Because, it looked like you were staring at Y/N,” Scott continued to question.

“Pff, no, I told you, it was just the chess poster thing. But, on a completely unrelated note, do you happen to know who Y/N’s talking to?” Stiles glanced back at you, where you were still joking with the Mystery Guy.

Scott’s gaze flew over to you and he nodded. “Oh yea, that’s Jake.”

“Is Jake,” Stiles wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Y/N’s boyfriend?”

Scott laughed. “Yea, no, he’s actually just-”

“What?! I can’t believe it!” Stiles stormed off, muttering under his breath the entire time.

“Wait, I didn’t mean it like that! You didn’t let me finish! He’s just her science partner.“ Scott called after his friend. "Oh, whatever, you can’t hear me. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” He turned around, shrugging, and walked off in a different direction.

You were sitting sandwiched between Kira and Liam on Scott’s couch, about to watch a movie.

“Where are Stiles and Malia? And why can’t we just start the movie without them?” Liam groaned, head falling back onto the couch.

“Pack unity! We have to wait for them.” Scott barked, happily sitting down next to Kira and wrapping an arm around her.

You rolled your eyes, thinking about how Stiles had been ignoring you for the past few days. You didn’t know what had gotten in to him, but you really missed talking to him. You’d had a crush on Stiles for a while now and considering you didn’t even know Stiles wasn’t talking to you, you were filled with a mixture of confusion and sadness.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when the front door banged open, a few seconds later Malia came into the room from the hall, a smirking Stiles trailing behind her.

"We have big news!” Stiles announced, wrapping an arm around Malia’s shoulders and pulling her closer. You subconsciously scowled, quickly stopping once you realized what you were doing.

“Yea, that’s fine, just show up 30 minutes late for movie night and don’t even bother saying hi,” Lydia pursed her lips, stepping into the room from the kitchen, a glass of water in her hands.

“Oh, shush, I was getting there,” Stiles waved a hand in Lydia’s direction. “But right, the big news. Malia and I are dating!”

Your jaw dropped. You couldn’t help it, you just couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Maybe you misheard. It wasn’t possible. It just couldn’t be possible that the guy you had been pining over for months suddenly had a girlfriend. He hadn’t even mentioned liking anyone!

“W-what?” You managed to get out.

Stiles nodded proudly and Malia awkwardly smiled. “Yup. And, hey, what an odd coincidence, we’re both dating someone!”

Your eyebrows furrowed. You weren’t dating anyone.

Noticing your confused expression, Stiles continued talking. “You know, your boyfriend, Jake. He seems fine, but Malia’s actually in the pack and all, so she’s probably the better partner.”

You leaped to your feet. The jealousy you felt towards Stiles and Malia was something you could deal with. You’d dealt with Stiles being infatuated with Lydia. But having Stiles rudely jump to conclusions about you dating someone and then proceeding to insult the guy? That wasn’t okay, especially not when the guy one of the nicest people you had ever met.

“For your information, Jake is a great boyfriend!” You retorted. Wait, did you actually just say that? Jake was not your boyfriend. Jake wasn’t even straight! You could see Scott’s jaw drop in your peripheral vision, along with a chuckling Lydia and a smiling Kira.

“Oh yea? Well, uh, well, Malia could probably hunt for food if she needed to!” Stiles stuttered.

“I have needed to,” Malia said under her breath, a look of pure confusion plastered on her face.

You stepped closer to Stiles, not realizing that he was doing the same, and suddenly the two of you were just inches away from each other. “Jake gets great grades!”

“Malia and I take the same kind of notes!”

“Jake’s a great cook!’

"Malia’s great at running!”

“Jake’s the captain of the soccer team!”

“Oh, please, lacrosse is way better,” Scott interrupted, shooting you a slightly disapproving look.

Stiles went on as if Scott hadn’t said anything, focusing only on your E/C eyes. “Malia’s a werecoyote!”

“Jake’s a normal guy!”

“Malia doesn’t look at other guys when I’m around!”

“Neither does Jake!” You crinkled your nose. “Shit!”

Stiles looked taken aback. “Wait, what? That’s not how this works.”

You huffed and sat back down on the couch. “I’m not dating Jake. He’s actually gay.”

Stiles smiled, his whole face brightening. “So you’re single?”

You nodded glancing between him and Malia, feeling a familiar surge of jealousy.

“So am I!” He quickly turned back to look at Malia, who was now rummaging around in the various food bowls. “Malia agreed to pretend to date me because, uh, I, uh,” He trailed off, quietly muttering something you couldn’t hear.

Scott tapped Liam on the shoulder, leading the rest of your friends out of the room, abandoning you and Stiles.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Stiles sighed. “I said I got Malia to pretend to date me so I could see if you got jealous and if you liked me or not. Because it would be really embarrassing to like you and then confess and then realize that you don’t like me anyways and then we probably wouldn’t be friends anymore and the whole pack would start to break apart because we’re both pretty important to it and it would just be awkward for us to be around each other and-” Stiles cut himself off, his lips curving up in a tentative smile to you. “So, yea.”

You couldn’t help it. You smiled. Even though this idiot thought making you jealous would be the best plan, you still liked him, and you were overjoyed that he liked you too.

“I like you too, Stiles.”

His brown eyes glittered. “Really? That’s great! Will you go on a date with me? I’ll pay and everything, and now the pack can still stay friends and things won’t be awkward and everyone will still get along and it’ll be great, it’ll be even better than before because I’ll get to be with you-” This time, you cut him off with a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Let’s go out this weekend, okay?”

Stiles nodded and both of you quickly turned when you heard cheers in the doorway. The rest of the pack stumbled in.

“Ugh, finally, you two have been the perfect match since I was a coyote,” Malia said, rolling her eyes.

I hope you liked it! Also, I suck at endings. Please request an imagine or preference. Thank you in advance.


Am I the only one DYING over these two photos??? Like, oh my word, could they be more perfect?! Does anyone have anymore photos (or VIDEO) of this? I am in DESPERATE NEED.


The 100 2.14 Clexa Confrontation about Octavia

This scene came before the kiss and was explosive in its own way.  Clarke forcing Lexa to face up to her feeeeelings.  Lexa refusing to back down about Octavia.  Clarke threatening to expose the missile secret.  Both of them looking desperately torn at the end of it.  

So much delicious tension, conflict, and angst, ugh.  Could you two be more perfect together?