ugh you stupid kids

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Wtf. The basis for that study was invalidated and the researcher had his license taken away. There is no valid evidence that they cause autism, so why the hell aren't you vaccinating your kids? Ugh anti vaxxers are so stupid

I am vaccinating my child? ??? I am super pro-vaccine?

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“Ugh, stupid fuckin’ kid.” Shadow snarled under his breath, watching the punk brat that had just broke into his house raid his fridge.

He had tried, unsuccessfully, for the past half-hour into bullying the kid to leaving, shouting every insult that could come to mind and swearing like a sailor, all the while the kid ate a whole fucking sandwich and a bag of chips right in front of him, seeming absolutely unfazed by his yelling.

“Oi, you speak fuckin’ English, brat?”

The ebony haired boy who looked no where over nineteen (And yet drank like a forty-five year old working man the way he was slugging a flask of what Shadow assumed to be some sort of fruity vodka from the scent wafting off of the guy) gave him a blank stare, seeming amused by his screaming.

“Oh, you think this is real fuckin’ hilarious, don’t you? Stupid ass punk.”

The ebony haired male shrugged, which only frustrated Shadow further.

“Goddammit, kid, fuckin’ speak or some shit!”

The boy screwed his flask shut and again opened the fridge, reaching in and taking out Shadow’s prized bottle of whisky, popping the cork with his thumb and taking a swig.

Shadow growled and punched at the kid. Absolutely no one touched his alcohol and got away with it.

Though, the smaller male was much faster, catching the shaggy brunette’s fist, twisting the apendage until it gave the most sickening and ungodly crack, all the while minding his own business as he drank on.

Though Shadow wanted to cry out and scream like a little bitch because it felt like his arm was absolutely on fire, he mustered an annoyed expression, lips curled back in a snarl. “You’re a fuckin’ asshole!”

The kid standing over him pressed a foot to the center of his stomach and dug in his pocket to produce a phone, which he began typing on at lightning speed. Once he finished, he turned the device for Shadow’s viewing capability, holding up the middle finger on his free hand in the process. The text on the device held up next to the finger read;

Lube it and shove it up your ass

And honestly, that was the instant Shadow fell in love.

Green looks good on you - Elijah Mikaelson

The sunlight filtered through into your bedroom. Opposite you with his arm around your waist was Elijah Mikaelson, snoring a little. Wanting to get out of bed and into the shower you lifted up his arm which only made him pull you closer and burrow his head into your neck.

“I need to get up”

“No, you don’t you can stay in bed with me”

“’Lijah, please. I have things to do”

Begrudgingly he lifted up his arms and let you leave the bed. You showered and did all of your womanly activities in the bathroom and came out in a towel. 

“My dear, you look absolutely perfect.”

“I know I do, you don’t need to tell me twice, but thank you anyway. Can you help me find some clothes to wear? I have to deal with supernatural business.”

Over the course of your relationship, you had learnt that Elijah’s impeccable taste in suits gave him a good fashion sense and he had helped you on more than one occasion trying to find clothes to wear out. He nodded and came behind you sifting through your wardrobe. He pulled a few things out but then put them back in once you said you didn’t feel like it. Finally, after ages, you settled on an all black ensemble with black Louboutin booties that Elijah bought you for your birthday. 

“If I may, those boots do wonders for your derriere, my love. It looks, even more, amazing than it usually does.”

You blushed a bit and smiled. 

“Oh yeah, we have dinner at Elena’s house at 7. So I’ll aim to be home by 6″

He nodded and you went downstairs and grabbed a blood bag and drank it.

“I’m leaving”

Elijah appeared out of nowhere.

“Without a goodbye kiss?”

You giggled and pecked him on the lips before leaving.


“Salvatore’s I’m here.”

“It’s actually Salvatore. Singular. My brother is out helping Elena cook for tonight dinner.”

You groaned.

“Which means I have to read through grimoires and supernatural texts with the Salvatore that I dated. Not awkward at all.”

“We’ve seen each other naked. There’s nothing awkward about that.”

“Whatever. Can you just grab what we need?”

“Well, some of the texts have been hidden in Elena’s dad/uncles practice which means we have to stop by there and grab them.”

“Yeah, OK let’s go.”

Damon took the piles of spell books and his car keys and you guys drove into the town.

You both snuck through under the yellow caution tape and went inside.

“Now Mr. Gilbert, where have you hidden our scrolls?”

“If you were a hunter, where would you hide it?”

“I don’t think logically.”

“Yeah, I know that”

“Let’s ransack the place”

You agreed and began to pull burnt wood from the walls.

“If my shoes get ruined you owe me a new pair.”

“Didn’t I buy you them?”

“No, Elijah did.”

He quietened and continued to look. The silence had an element of awkwardness but was comfortable. Ever since you and Damon had ended your relationship there was always some awkwardness. The split was agreed upon since you thought that your relationship was turning into more of a label rather than an actual feeling between two people.However, you later found out that Damon still had feelings for you and only agreed to split because he wanted you to be happy. But that was after you had broken up. You and Elijah had been dating for over 2 years so the feelings must have gone.

“Shh, we can’t be heard” You heard them running around upstairs.

“Damon. There’s someone upstairs.” you whispered.

Their footsteps began getting closer and they came down the stairs.

It was 3 teenagers, one with a camera who seemed to be goofing around. Once they saw you and Damon they stopped, frozen.

“Ugh, stupid kids!” Damon moaned

“You will return upstairs and forget that you into this building. Find a new place to shoot your film.” You deadpanned, using your compulsion.

They obliged and you continued to rip through the walls. You knocked on the wall and heard a hollow space. You punched your fist through it and began to make a huge hole then you pulled out a square chest,


Damon turned around and saw the box in your hands.

“Wait, I have the keys”

You ripped the lid of the box open anyway.

“Or you could just do what you did.”

You scanned through the scrolls.

“There are hundreds of spells and books this refers to. It’s going to take forever.”

“Well, we better go and get something to drink then.”

You both headed back up and went into the Grill.

“Lots of alcohol. And some fries” Damon said glancing at you.

You nodded and sat down, pulling a pile of texts from Gilbert’s chest.

His handwriting was neat but small. He referred to different spells and plants. But there was nothing referring to what you needed.

Two hours later you still had nothing. You felt something hit your neck. You looked up and saw Damon with an I’m-going-to-pretend-that-I-didn’t-hit-you-with-a-chip. Smirking, you picked up a chip and threw it making it fall in Damon’s hair.


He threw another one and you two went back and forth.


You saw a pissed off Matt Donovan standing behind you.

“Sorry blondie”

You laughed and shook off the chips from your person and sat back down and resumed reading.

“Thanks, I needed that break.”

He laughed a little.

“It’s fine.”

“Y/N, you have a fry”

You put your hand to your head trying to feel for it. He got up and pulled it from your hair. He was too close for comfort. You could feel his breath on your cheek.


“Guys. Have you found out anything?” Matt asked you

“No, not yet.”

“Well, I’m leaving for dinner now.”

“What?! It’s seven already?”

“No, it’s 7 30.”

You got up and began to gather up the papers.

“Where are you going?”

“To your house. I promised Elena that I would come early to help her.”

You raced over to the Salvatore’s house.

“You’re late Y/N”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You can make it up by setting the table and getting some wine.”

“And a few blood bags”

Elena gestured to the plates and the box of cutlery and some paper and a pen. You picked them up with ease and began to set the table. Once you were done, you wrote out everyone’s names and set them in the correct place, making Elijah sit next to you and placing Damon on the opposite side of the table and furthest away from you.

An hour later everyone was present and you all had been called to sit and eat. You sat down at your seat and waited for Elijah. 

“Elijah, come, your seat is”

“Next to me.” Bonnie piped up.

You were confused. you looked at the name card to your right and saw it had Damon’s name.

Stefan sat at the head of the table with Elena opposite him. Damon sat down and pushed his chair closer to yours so that your thighs were touching. He rested his hand on his thigh and over the course of the meal his hand kept moving closer towards your thigh.

“Y/N you’ve done a great job of setting the table,” Caroline remarked.

“Yes, she has always had an eye for detail. The seating, however, not to offend you ms. Bennett is much to be desired.” Elijah replied, wiping the corners of his mouth.

“Well, I for one love my seat,” Damon said leaning back in his chair and resting his arm on the back of yours.

The table went quiet and everyone finished eating. You had lost your appetite after the awkward encounter and got up from the table and took your dishes into the kitchen, loading up the dishwasher. 

As if it were fate, Damon was the next person to leave the table. However, he was coming in while you were leaving causing the blood bag that you had mixed with some wine to spill all over you.

“Damon! Watch where you’re going.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N”

“It’s fine.”

The liquid had caused your top to become skin tight and you could see the lace detailing of your bra through your shirt. 

“Go and grab a t-shirt from my room” Elena offered.

You went up to her bedroom and got another top. It was a huge t-shirt of Elijah’s that you left by accident before.

Once you came down you saw Elijah’s eyes light up. 

“Even in a huge baggy t-shirt, you still look beautiful.” Damon whispered, probably knowing that all of the vampires in the room could hear.

That was the last straw for Elijah and he got up from his seat and put his hand to Damon’s neck.

“I have seen you shamelessly flirt with my girlfriend on more than one occasion. I saw you in the Grill. I saw the look in her eye when you were the one who was sitting next to her, she didn’t place you next to her did she? If you come near her, I promise you I will rip your eyes out of their sockets and feed them to birds over and over again until it is ingrained in your head to stay away from Y/N“

His jaw was clenched and you could see the anger raging.

“Y/N tell him to stop” Elena called out.

You kept quiet. Elijah responded by snapping his neck. 

He fixed his tie and spoke

“Thank you for the meal, however, we must leave. Come Y/N”

You got up and got your coat and said goodbye to everyone and left. 

The car journey was silent however Elijah still had his hand resting on your thigh. 

Once you had gone back into your house you both headed to your bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. You decided to break the silence. 

“Are you mad at me?” You huffed falling onto the bed.

 "At you my love, no. At Damon, yes I am very mad. You can’t be blamed for his behaviour”

 "It was stupid of me thinking I could work with him alone"

 "No, you were just giving him a chance.“

 He lifted you up into a hug.

 "It was stupid trying to be friends when he clearly has feelings for me”

 "You just wanted to see the best in Damon. Even though I know you have no feelings for him, the more human part of you believes that he has redeemable qualities. Which is one of the very many reasons why I love you.”

You pulled away slightly and smiled up at Elijah.

“Now, let’s get into bed.”

He kissed your forehead and you laid down on your side of the bed. Elijah stripped off his trousers and slid in next to you, he placed one arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

“Goodnight, my love”

“Good night, Elijah”


you know the pieces of shit that broke into Juliet’s house and stole xboxes, computers, expensive jewelry, and a shit ton of other stuff? keyed her brothers car and stole her sisters car and took it for a joyride all the way to baton rouge? ruined her brothers artwork that he worked so hard on? trashed their yard? did pretty much every possible shitty thing you could think of?

well now the oldest who was 18 is in jail and all of his friends are trying to petition for him to get out of jail because they feel what he and his friends did was justice.