ugh you perfect person

i’m about to go Off if i see one more person say “she deserves better!” and then erase a woman to make a m/m relationship


Haruka: I’m so lucky my room would be near the kitchen~~

Ayano: Yeah~ And I really like my house color hehe~

Takane: HA OF COURSE Shintaro would go to the house of the NERDS~

Shintaro: Well, at least I’m not EVIL…* Ene flashbacks*

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life

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Can we talk about how this single Home is nothing you would expect from Jang Hyunseung?  Considering the color of his music and style up until now, it breaks away from his image and well…. reminds me of something B2st like. something about love or something lost and missing.  it sounds like something between butterfly and ribbon. Like a missing part. Like the other members set him free and let him fly away even if it darkened their world , and now he has come back to nothing and has lost everything and he deeply regrets it.  Its like a sole voice of B2st lost, far away, calling out to meet with the others. Yet, it’s in vain. 

I know b2st/beast will never be one again. I know its too late. Why did you realize too late? Why did it come to this point?

Umehara Yuichiro Q&A in Voice Animage Autumn 2015 (PART1)

countdown to ume chan’s birthday (mar.8th): 2  D A Y S

How do you spend your weekends?
I sleep without setting an alarm. I love sleeping, so I can sleep for about 15 hours straight.

How do you relieve yourself from stress?
…I sleep? (laugh) Also I go eat things like BBQ and food that I don’t usually eat with all my might. I fill so much food into my stomach to the point where blood can’t go to my brain anymore so that I can stop thinking about everything, which makes me feel much more refreshed. I don’t usually eat much. I eat about 6 times a day, in a style where I eat a little bit only when my stomach is empty.

What do you like to drink?
I drink yogurt. I like yogurt to begin with, but because I feel that using a small spoon to eat yogurt is troublesome, I think that drinking yogurt saved time and effort. …As you can tell, I find a lot of things troublesome.

Bread or rice for breakfast?
I don’t eat breakfast (laugh). Even if I eat, it’d been something like drinking jelly energy drinks. As long as my energy is somewhat replenished, it’s fine.

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seb needs to go out and do something, take a fan picture or something, so i can see him again this fandom is dead (and since i’ve blocked like 15 people at this point) especially since that crap the the other day and i miss him

Olicity Dialogue Fic #2: Mutual Decisions

Dialogue prompt from @missyriver: “I found the video of you singing I’m a Barbie Girl and I am not afraid to use it.”

“Felicity, we’re done talking about this.”

“Oh, no we’re not.”

“Yes. We are.”

“Don’t act like you’re the deciding force in this relationship, Oliver. We have to agree on what is displayed at the reception. Mutual decisions.”

“I already sent in the list.”

“Unsend it.”



“It is done. I already sent the song list and the photos for the slideshow.”

“NO! That’s even worse than I thought!”

“The photos were adorable.”

“You picked photos of me as a rock in my second grade play while all the ones of you are the definition of rich person perfection.”

“You were an adorable rock?”

“Ugh! No.”

“Why are you grabbing the phone?”

“I’m calling the videographer and letting them know I have something the needs to be added to the slideshow.”

“What needs to be added?”

“I found the video of you singing I’m A Barbie Girl and I am not afraid to use it.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wanna try me?”



“Oh, fine. I’ll unsend the photos.”

If you have any dialogue prompts you’d like to send my way, please do so! I am having fun with this! :D

squirrel-moose-winchester  asked:

Thank you!! I was hoping everyone would like my 'A Day with Jack' series. And is it weird that I'm gushing over the fact you followed me? haha. I just love your writing and you're such a nice person.. ugh, I can't. Why are you so perfect?

You are quite welcome! I think it’s going very well, and I’m excited to see what’s next!

I really appreciate it! I’m glad to hear you feel that way…I try to always be welcoming and kind to everyone. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to answer (I’m busy, but I’m also scatterbrained, so I always worry it’ll come off the wrong way). It’s just a decent way to be, but I remember when I first started out on here, the first person that answered me back was @wheresthekillswitch. She was so welcoming and encouraging, and I try to be just as warm and wonderful as she is. This is an awesome fandom to be in, but writing is hard and it’s always nice to have those people you always go to (and thanks to her, I have @trexrambling and @pinknerdpanda, two of my most treasured friends).

Ohhhhh mylanta, you sweet precious bean, I am faaaaaaar from perfect. I greatly appreciate that though, and can’t explain how hard I just blushed. You are far too kind to a foul mouthed, cranky, 87 year old trapped in a 29 year old body.


idk man but when we talk everything just feels good. right. safe. it’s like a soulmate bond but not lovers. just two souls perfectly compatible. it makes better sense in my head. I’m so glad I found you. I’ve never had a boring conversation in the five years I’ve known you. and I’ve never felt like I had to try to keep our relationship going. it just works. even when we’re not talking. for weeks or months. it’s always just, there. I can’t describe it. it’s too perfect for words. even calling it perfect feels wrong. cheesy. it’s not a sappy love story. it’s just us. it’s never felt wrong. it’s just right.


today was a #ecd8d1 type of day

I know we’ve appreciated Phryne’s hats plenty, but I really do love her assorted hair tiaras/combs/flowers/headbands as well. So I thought I’d put together this unnecessarily large post about them.

BTW, Essie, could you please STAHP being so lovely and perfect! It’s getting a little absurd


Steve and Bucky AU - What if Steve and Bucky were neighbors?

WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS IT IS PERFECTION. (not mine, made by the amazingly talented paquim on youtube)

anonymous asked:

"Teach me Korean?" Mark from GOT7 please, thank you!! (Also I love your blog!) <3

this request WAS SO CUTE agh thank you for requesting!! and thank you so much love ily <3

My Cute Tutor

Phrase(s): “Teach me Korean.”

Pairing: Mark (Got7) x Reader

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count: 3,015

Summary: You have just started at an international school in Korea and desperately need to learn the language. But you’re having a hard time doing that in class. One of your teachers suggests that you get a tutor…and he has the perfect person for it: Mark Tuan.

Originally posted by polarbeom

“Ugh,” you groan as you drop your head down on top of the desk. Your forehead hits it harder than you had wanted. “Ow,” you grumble. 

From the front of the classroom, you hear your teacher chuckle. “Don’t feel so bad, Y/N. Korean is a hard language to learn. You have a good brain though, you’ll pick it up in no time.” 

You turn your head and lay on your cheek as you move your eyes over to your teacher. “But it’s so frustrating. I just want to be able to know it without having to go through the struggle of learning it.”

He shoots you a small smile. “Too bad it doesn’t work like that.”

You groan again and turn so that you are back on your forehead. “That doesn’t help me.”

“Hmm. I may have an idea,” your teacher says, mostly to himself. 

Your head shoots up off of the desk and you lean forward in your chair expectantly. “What is it?”

As he continues to think over his idea, you glance nervously at the clock. The bell was about to ring to signify the beginning of the first class and you were so not ready for the day to begin. 

You had started at this international school in Korea two months ago and even though you were loving being in a different country and learning the culture and the language, you were extremely homesick and having a hard time adjusting. The fact that your Korean skills were very limited didn’t help things in the slightest. Which was exactly why you spent most of you free time in your Korean teacher’s classroom. He was the only person in this whole school, that you knew about, who spoke fluent English.

He had moved here from America about ten years ago and was one of the nicest people you had ever met. He was somewhere in his mid 50′s and he had such a kind and wise soul. He had become your friend as well as your teacher and you couldn’t have been more grateful for it. 

“I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before, but it suddenly just came to me,” he says excitedly, turning to his computer and clicking his mouse a few times. 

“Potter, tell me! The anticipation is killing me.” You slide out of your desk and quickly walk over to him.

“There’s a student who goes here who lived in LA for a long time and speaks both fluent English and Korean. He’s a super nice guy, and I’m sure he’d be happy to help you out and tutor you.”

You look over his shoulder at the computer screen. “Mark Tuan,” you read the name and look at the picture of the student whom could potentially turn out to be a saving grace here at this international school. “He’s cute,” you say with a smirk.

Your teacher laughs and shakes his head. “I’ll call him in at lunch and see if he’s interested. If he is, I’ll give him your name and number. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect,” you say, feeling your hopes lift at the potential of learning Korean faster and having your tutor be a ridiculously attractive boy. 

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Amy Acker signed photos from Denver Comic Con, May 23, 2015

These are from today’s photo and autograph session with Amy at the Denver Comic Con, and were posted on a Weibo user’s (Chinese social media) account (accessible only if you have a Weibo account) and then uploaded to The L Chat.  Her captions are classic Shoot lines:

“We are perfect for each other.”

“Kiss kiss to you too!”

Ugh, Amy - be more perfect.