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Request: Yurio is a frequent bedwetter. when he went for a sleepover at beka's place, he was having such a great time that he lets the known fact that he wets the bed on some nights slip aside. Wearing a teenager diaper is waaaay off the list anyway (the thought alone is too embarrassing for him) and he normally just places a mattress protector under him. But not at Beka's sleepover and beka wakes up to find yurio with a cold wet patch between his thighs (Beka finds it adorable)

Ooh, this was a sweet request! I find bedwetting so pure, for some reason… There’s something so vulnerable about it. Sorry it took me so long to write this. I hope it’s okay for you.

“It’s so goddamn good to get away for the night. Viktor and Yuri are disgusting, Beka, they never stop cuddling and kissing and making gross jokes. Even on the fucking ice, it’s all ‘oh Yuri, your ass looked fantastic when you landed that quad.’ Ugh, it just never stops!

Otabek smiled as Yurio ranted to him rapidly, barely seeming to draw breath. Yurio was staying the night at Otabek’s place - they were both curled up in bed now, the light out, just idly chatting before they drifted off to sleep.

Yurio kept up a steady stream of conversation, trying to push his niggling worries out of his head. He was nervous about falling asleep - he had a certain night time problem that he really wanted to hide from Otabek. 

Yurio had a tendency to wet the bed. Quite frequently, to the boy’s dismay. It made the teenager burn with humiliation, but no matter what he tried he couldn’t seem to stop it. It didn’t happen every night, but it had occurred enough for Viktor and Yuri to find out about it; that had been bad enough, but then Viktor had the audacity to suggest Yurio try teenage diapers. The blond had nearly ripped his head off. He was not going to wear diapers like a little toddler - even the idea made him cringe. He usually slipped a mattress protector underneath him and got on well enough - but if he tried to do that now, Otabek would see.

Yurio clenched his fists determinedly. It was fine, he wouldn’t wet the bed; he was fifteen years old, for God’s sake, not five. He had his face set stubbornly as he drifted off to sleep, curling into a ball under the duvet.

Otabek, who had always been a light sleeper, was jolted awake when he felt Yurio fidgeting and shifting uncomfortably in bed, sighing a little as he slept. Otabek propped himself sleepily up on one elbow, making the sheet slip below Yurio’s hips. The teenager was still curled up, but Otabek could see the wet patch between the boy’s thighs. Oh. Otabek gave Yurio’s shoulder a gentle shake.

“Yura? Yura, wake up…”

Yurio’s eyelids fluttered open sleepily - but he snapped awake when he recognised the cold, damp sensation between his legs. He winced, his face flushing crimson.

“Shit…” He sat up gingerly, burying his face in his hands. He turned away from Otabek.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Beka… This-this happens sometimes,” Yurio whispered, his voice barely audible. Otabek placed a comforting hand on Yurio’s shoulder, not trying to say anything. Yurio was stiff and red-faced, tense as a coiled spring - Otabek knew that any attempts to console the boy would make him lash out and snap.

“I’ll take care of the sheets if you want to go get cleaned up,” Otabek said softly. Yurio nodded silently, still not looking at the older boy. He slipped out of bed forlornly, his face scarlet with shame. Otabek quickly stripped the bottom sheet as Yurio showered, slipping a spare pair of his own pyjamas into the bathroom for Yurio, even though they’d be too big.

After Yurio cleaned up and put on Otabek’s too large trousers, he couldn’t bring himself to go back into the bedroom. He sat with his back against the bathroom door, his head in his hands, fists clenched. Otabek must think he was such a baby! How could he have wet the bed in front of Beka? Otabek was always so cool, so collected, so stoic. Yurio hated looking weak in front of him.

When Otabek realised Yurio had been gone for a worryingly long time, he went and pressed himself up against the bathroom door, sighing.

“Yura? Are you okay? Look, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think any less of you. Come out,” he said softly to the door. Yurio didn’t move.

“No! Fuck off!” he yelled, still painfully embarrassed. Otabek sighed again. It was impossible to win Yurio over with comfort - it just went in one ear and out the other with him. So how could Otabek show Yurio that nothing had changed between them?

Easy - just move on and continue to treat Yurio like an equal.

“You want to play video games for a while before we go back to bed?” Otabek called. Yurio was silent for a while, and then there was a click as the door unlocked. Yurio stepped out slowly, his face set.

“Only if I can use the best controller.”