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Would you trade this war to make it so? It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another.

bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen

Yang hanging with Jaune too much
  • Yang and jaune playing video games:
  • Weiss walking in the room: ugh gosh darn it don't waste your time flirting with me today vomit boy
  • Jaune: good thing i got rid of all my watches because when i hang with yang i ain't got time for that
  • Yang: wait did you just pun?
  • Jaune: did you not see it coming
  • Yang: not really
  • Jaune: then it must be out focus
  • Yang: i should stand up because I don't want to lie that was good this isn't even i our album
  • Jaune: i know but its the best of our throwaways
  • Yang: well we should go into basketball because when we shoot them they go in
  • Yang and jaune fist bump:
  • Weiss: anyway guys why don't you guys ever call me to hang out
  • Yang: talk to him
  • Jaune: well when I text you don't even reply
  • Yang: yea if you want to hang with me and my guy best friend you have to set up a time and date
  • Weiss: why i actually live in this room
  • Jaune: don't you know you always have to prepare for a snow day
  • Yang and jaune putting sun glasses:
  • Yang: that is sort of mean dude
  • Jaune: hey your not a angel either
  • Yang: that's not my fault i can't even fly
  • Ruby: that's it i need some air
  • Weiss: me too
  • Yang: wow there is alot of shade coming at us
  • Jaune: i wonder who love throwing it the most
  • Jaune: hey yang
  • Yang: yea?
  • Jaune: if we are clowns i love hanging with you in this cirque du soleil
  • Yang blushes: me too thanks for being my dude best friend
  • Yang and jaune fist bump:

You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!

Hi I wrote this on twitter too but stop!!! Nitpicking and saying rude comments about other ppls BNHA characters!! I’ve seen so many rude ones on all of my buddies quit it!! At the end of the day it’s fantasy and people are just having fun with their characters. The show itself is really unrealistic with certain abilities and quirks that aren’t explained like lmao the main character eats a hair to gain his powers ok!! 🙄🙄🙄 showing off how much of a big know it all you are about a cartoon show with super heroes isn’t the best use for your time just relax and have some fun with others jeez.

I’m hoping my followers especially aren’t being rude to any of my friends! You guys are all good folk I expect you guys to treat ppl the way you’d wanna be treated. 😞💔


“You don’t even have detention”

“I know I just like to draw people in crisis”

“I can’t believe you guys came to this lame party”

“But your here”

“…am I”

BTS as your guy friend hearing about your crush Pt.6
  • Jin: *gasps* You have a crush? On a boy? WHEN YOU HAD SOMEBODY SO HAWT AS YOUR BEST FRIEND?!
  • You: Jin...
  • You: KIM SEOKJIN! I know you're handsome, but Suga-oppa is so freaking manly and cute at the same time <3
  • Jin: Him?! Manly? Compared to me?! I'm offended, Y/N-ah!
  • You: Ugh, you don't understand.
  • Jin: Maybe I don't. But still.
  • You: True, though, I guess you are obsessed with Namjoon-oppa, right?
  • Jin: Am not!
  • You: You should have inserted *blushes* there. The Namjin ship is so sailing.
  • Jin: Well, I guess that ship name sounds okay...
  • You: Definitely.
  • Jin: Hey! You're going off-topic!
  • - You go offline -
  • Jin: Oi!

“i’m coming out…as straight!!!”

“i’m coming out as a full time larry shipper #larryisreal”

“ugh why are people even coming out it Is 2015 homophobia is over u know”

“why won’t my ship come out…i mean they spoke to each other obviously it’s real,,,lets shout over gay people speaking about homophobia and make everything about our otp”

“WHY THE HEREROPHOBIA?? i bought a rainbow backpack to support you guys!!!!!”

  • *Watching the pilot for the first time*
  • Daphne: "do you love him?"
  • Justin: "I don't know, we just met"
  • Justin: "yeah, I love him"
  • Me: "UGH, OMG kid you just fucking met him, and you hadn't even been with a guy before him, you don't know what you're talking about, like, at all"
  • *watching the pilot again after finishing the whole series*
  • [...]
  • Justin: "yeah, I love him"

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who dares to ship Tana with Kota? I think they would make a cute couple.

Uhh, this where I confess yet again that I am an old person and did most of my formative fangirling pre-internet (don’t worry, now it’s hard even for me to imagine, and I lived it). I say this because the concept of shipping never even entered my consciousness until my 20s, which is to say that I fundamentally do not understand shipping. Like, yes, I did in fact say that the Golden Lovers are my OTP but… they’re canon (and also likely IRL queers)! Before the Golden Lovers it was Rogue/Gambit, which is canon. And also my OTPs I will like… not want to see either of them with anyone else. That level of OTP. Basically, I live in a grave, is what I’m saying.

That said, no, I am certain that you aren’t. For one, one valiant soul on AO3 is writing a serial where they’re like… about to date or something and Kenny is sad about it (are you shocked? I’m shocked). For another, I have actually answered an ask like this before, and if you go to that link you can see some cute pics of them being bros at the bottom (and a frankly ridiculous number of abs). Here are some more adorable gifs of them being bros. They’ve been IRL pals for a while, and it warms my damn heart lemme tell ya. It seems like they have a lot of (platonic) admiration for each other’s talent, which is kinda great. Also, in many ways I find friendships like that far more interesting than romance.

However, if I try to summon a shipper brain as The Kids do… I could see this. They are both superlative humans beyond description. It would probably be far too powerful for mortals to comprehend. To even gaze upon them, we would likely need to build those little cardboard pinhole things that you build in school to look at eclipses. Only someone like Kota could begin to deserve someone like Tana, and vice versa.

In summation, here was one of our many reactions to their G1 match:

A Cuddle

-coughs- Alright so I never did this thing before, but here’s a thing.. I guess. I DONT KNOW I JUST CREATED something i THOUGHT WOULD BE CUTE And ugh idk. I am ready for death

Fandom: Servamp


Word Count820


I don’t want to sleep. I already know what’s coming if I do, and I don’t want to deal with it. I’m so tired through… I look over to Mahiru, whose face is illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window. He’s asleep unusually fast tonight, normally it would take six times as long, considering we only settled down five minutes ago. I decide to wait another twenty minutes before I climb into his bed, and when I do, I lie down in the small space he makes when he sleeps in the fetal position. Carefully, I flatten the little area with my paws and then curl up beside him, not too close though. Just enough so I can feel his warmth.

Mahiru is always so calm when he sleeps that it makes me wonder what he dreams about. Probably good dreams, unlike the nightmares I’ve had to deal with this past week. I could usually deal with my nightmares with no problem, but this time every one of them is about me losing him. I’m afraid of that, it’s a pain to even think about. Now every night I climb into bed with him and wait there until a few minutes before his alarm goes off. This way I can be on guard just in case something does happen while he’s asleep. More and more, I find myself wanting his protection too even though I’m the vampire. I just want him to give me his usual cheeky smile and tell me that I’m safe with him. Sometimes I want him to hold me, but thinking about it just gives me troublesome feelings that heat up my insides, I could just die. Speaking of death, I probably had never been closer to it than now, when a pair of fingers suddenly start stroking my head.

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A typical day for Troll Jasper and Lapis under the sea...
  • Jasper: Morning. You gonna let me go today.
  • Lapis: NO.
  • Jasper: *rubs hands together* Okay, another day of pissing you off then. I can do that.
  • Lapis: *sigh*
  • Jasper: I spy... With my little eye... Somethiiiiiing covered with water.
  • Lapis: Gee, I dunno, we're in the ocean so is the answer EVERYTHING?
  • Jasper: Yes. Okay, harder one... I spyyyy with my little eye...
  • Lapis: How do you even KNOW this game, IT ORIGINATED ON THIS PLANET!
  • Jasper: Doesn't matter. I spy with my little eye... Aaaaaaa traitor.
  • Lapis: *sigh* Me?
  • Jasper: Yep. Okay, harder. I spyyyyyyy... Someone who cares about you.
  • Lapis: ... You?
  • Jasper: Pffft, what are YOU smoking?... Okay, give up? No one. The answer is no one.
  • Lapis: ...
  • Jasper: See? It's funny because you're gonna be down here the rest of your life and nobody really gives a shit...
  • Lapis: *sigh*
  • Jasper: So see, the thing about the third game is that you THINK she's a defector the whole time...
  • Lapis: I don't care.
  • Jasper: But it turns out she was a good guy the whole time. But you STILL have to kill her, and that's why you eventually become a bad guy.
  • Lapis: Still don't care.
  • Jasper: And then in Peacewalker...
  • Lapis: I have NEVER cared less about a topic then I do right now, HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT VIDEO GAMES ON EARTH!
  • Jasper: Know a Gem in intel who owes me a favor, pushes along some... Less than necessary data packets sometimes... Okay, so then there's AC!D and that's a whole other mess of bullshit right there--
  • Lapis: UGH!
  • Jasper: Okay so would you wiiiiiith.... The permafusion?
  • Lapis: Not playing this game.
  • Jasper: Yeah, I wouldn't either. Okay how abooooooouuuuut... Yellow Diamond?
  • Lapis: Not playing.
  • Jasper: Oh, I would. I would in a second. What abouuuuuuttt.... Peridot?
  • Lapis: This is the dumbest-- oh... Well, maybe.
  • Jasper: Haha, your taste sucks.
Tangled Sentence Meme
  • "This is the story of how I died. Don't worry, this is actually a fun story."
  • "She was running out of time and that's when people usually start to look for a miracle."
  • "To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen launched a flying lantern into the sky."
  • "And for that one moment, everything was perfect."
  • "The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible, selfish people. You must stay here where you're safe."
  • "Guys, I want a castle."
  • "All the things we've seen and its only eight in the morning. Gentlemen, this is a very big day."
  • "I distinctly remember your birthday was last year."
  • "That's the funny thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing."
  • "I can't believe that after all we've been through, you don't trust me? Ouch."
  • "Okay, okay, okay...I've got a person in my closet."
  • "You are not leaving the tower! Ever!"
  • "Ugh, great. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "I know not who you are nor how I came to find you, but may I just say...hi. How ya doin'?"
  • "Tomorrow evening they will light the night sky with these lanterns. You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely."
  • "When I promise something, I never ever break that promise."
  • "You know I can't help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here."
  • "This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure-that's good. Healthy even!"
  • "Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me?"
  • "To me that's part man smell and the other part is really bad man smell. I don't know why but overall it just smells like the color brown."
  • "Find your humanity! Haven't any of you ever had a dream?"
  • "Go. Live your dream."
  • "Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me."
  • "I have got to get me one of these."
  • "Perhaps you want to stop acting like wild dogs chasing their tails and think for a moment."
  • "I was going to offer you something worth one thousand crowns, would have made you rich beyond belief."
  • "You can't tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my reputation."
  • "I just listened to the sound of complete and utter betrayl and followed that."
  • "Is there any chance that I'm gonna get super strength in my hand? Because I'm not gonna lie, that would be stupendous."
  • "Today is kind of the biggest day of my life, and the thing is, I need you not to get him arrested."
  • "I've been looking out a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what it might feel like when these lights rise in the sky. What if its not everything I dreamed it would be?"
  • "You get to go find a new dream."
  • "How much do you think someone would pay to stay young and healthy forever?"
  • "The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it."
  • "I'm the lost princess."
  • "I've spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power but I should have been hiding from you."
  • "You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "Our secret will die with him."
  • "No! I won't stop. For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you."
  • "You were my new dream."
Scenario: The Hobbit Cast watching a sappy Romance (requested)
  • Bilbo: Ahh crap I used up the whole box!! Quick, someone pass me a tissue.... oh god I'm such a mess..ugh
  • Thorin: But Bilbo, would you ever let me draw you like one of his French girls...?
  • Kili: Oh DAMN! They are making love in that truck?? At minus temperatures?? Man, the thirst is real!
  • Elrond: Ok, I don't mean to spoil it for guys you but that poor dude with the suspenders dies at the end of the film.
  • Tauriel: I don't even care about Jason but why must the captain die? Oh god. I'm so sad. RIP Captain.
  • Gandalf: The self-sacrifice has been taken to a whole new level in this film. Who would even go THIS far for love??
  • Azog: I would.
  • Dain: You know, bitch could've shared but she be selfish as fuck. And now she's crying over his dead body? Wtf??
  • Bard: Tru. The female lead annoys the heck out of me, I can't watch this!
  • Thranduil: Why don't we just watch Fifty Shades of Grey instead?
  • Legolas: Dad. No.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to make a gif
  • How to use sharpen
  • How to color a gif
  • How to upload to Tumblr (source, tags, …)

It’s finally here, the highly requested (by several people) gif tutorial! It’s a bit long, but I did it step by step so that even beginners can follow along. This is just the way HOW I MAKE MY GIFS. I’m not saying this is the correct way, I’m pretty sure I can still learn a lot. If you guys do something different that I can improve let me know! Hope you enjoy! ♥︎
don't make this easy (i want you to mean it)

“Harry’s a player. All he does is chat everyone up. And guys like him are just–so ugh. He’s got that arrogant, self-assured smirk plastered to his face all the time. Always smug and stupid, like he could get anyone he lays his eyes on. All he does is make me mad and laugh all the time like he knows something that I don’t. That is so annoying.”

“But that’s just Harry,” Niall shrugged at Louis. “He doesn’t even try to flirt or anything. He’s just naturally charming, but that doesn’t mean he’s a player nor that he’s trying to get into everyone’s pants. He’s just friendly. And he likes you. He doesn’t usually fall for people, but he fell for you.”

“Oh, should I feel special then?” Louis asked, snorting and rolling his eyes.


Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.