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Alex Galchenyuk #3.2

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!:)

Check out the first part here.

Word count: 811

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“Now this,” you said, wiggling your toes under your dress, your mouth full of the cheeseburger you just bit, “should be in thousand-dollar per plate events,” you closed your eyes and moaned, “definitely better than sex.”

You finally managed to drag Alex out of that stuffy event and into the closest diner. The fact that he drove you here hasn’t escaped your mind.

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jisoo the type of boyfriend to ask you for permission before putting his arm around your waist and pulling you in for a kiss

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That anon with the hypothetical question was so darn cute. I feel the same though. Love you, you're awesome!

Ugh, you guys are so ridiculously sweet. I love you, too! ❤

Okay but the fact that his absence made her doubt their relationship like that makes me waNT TO KICK OLIVER QUEEN IN THE FACE