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Languages Lessons w/ Winwin
  • in like four days is my mom’s bd i don’t have any presents for here i want 2 die
  • anyways, lol i’m such a bad daughter
  • shall we start this right away??
  • honestly, i don’t think would be as good as the one i did for kun but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • wachu gonna do about it
  • soooo,,
  • you obviously wanted to learn chinese not only because of him but also his family
  • you wanted to have a proper conversation with his family without him being by your side 24/ translating everything
  • + knowing multiple languages is really fucking cool right
  • even tho chinese is like super hard
  • i can say like three words in that language lol
  • and when you first told him about how much you wanted to learn chinese i swear he was the happiest person alive
  • that precious smile of his was huge and he started jumping around gfhdjka
  • he even choose specific days and hours to have the lessons
  • but y’all only used that schedule for like three weeks and then they started to be more spontaneous
  • because both of you had something else to do or just because y’all end up procrastinating lol
  • and he would make sure to make the lessons fun and relaxing
  • y’all would always be accompanied with warm cups of coffee and maybe some snacks and he would never put any pression on you
  • when will my teachers ever
  • but, apart from the lessons, he tries to teach you a few things every day
  • and if you’re low-key fluid he would only talk in chinese w you
  • but if not, he would obligate you lmao
  • like y’all would be talking about random stuff and he’s suddenly like
  • “oops, i suddenly forgot how to speak korean, seems like now you’ll have to talk in chinese w me baobei”
  • and you’re like uGH NO
  • but little things like this actually really help you to practice
  • also it’s really funny when your pronunciation sounds weird or when you say something wrong, y’all over end up laughing like idiots
  • and he loves it when you start asking him things non stop
  • “sicheng, i was practicing and, did i wrote this well?”
  • “wait, so taeyong’s name in chinese would be something like this?”
  • “what about mine, did i wrote it well?”
  • he would thinks that is the cutest thing ever ghjk
  • but going to the story now~~
  • so, y’all were in your room talking about random stuff okay
  • and he suddenly sees your texts books and remembers about the lessons
  • “y/n? we should practice a little now”
  • “ah, yes! thanks god bc i didn’t do my homework last minute for nothing”
  • he would laugh at your words with that super adorable laugh of his and sit even closer to you ghjks oh my god
  • and, tbh he would be a great teacher, except from a few things
  • like, he would explain everything well and slowly, but sometimes he would get lost when he can’t teach you in korean the words in chinese
  • and, in my opinion, sicheng seems to be the kind of person to get frustrated easily??
  • so when you have to google it to understand it a bit better he’s like >:/// with himself ya know
  • but, if you can understand what he’s explaining right away or when you do your homework well he would get super excited and smiley
  • and he would a l w a y s motivate you to continue practicing and learning with his sweets words <3
  • “good joob, y/n! you’re doing great”
  • ”do you thinks so? i thought it was bad”
  • “not at all, your pronunciation was perfect baobei”
  • “just like you”
  • and he’s like ¿??? wait what
  • and after like two seconds he would react lol
  • and he would start blushing and giggling as he hides his face in the crook of your neck aw
  • “let’s take a break, baobei, i need a moment”
  • and you start laughing at him as you start cuddling him
  • “sicheng?”
  • “uhm?”
  • you would look at him in the eyes and smile a little
  • he’s just so handsome and ethereal, he’s indeed perfect ugh
  • “我愛你 (i love you)”
  • both of you would giggle a little again and seconds later he’s putting you closer to his body
  • “我也爱你  (i love you too)”
  • gfhdjkslañ hOW CUTE
  • then, y’all probably ended up cuddling and procrastinating lol
  • but the end
  • and as i said, this was far away from being as good as the kun one
  • but, yo, i’m so happy bc lately china line is getting a lot of request, omg, thank you hopefully they won’t be too terrible like this one

anonymous asked:

I'm imagining Karen at university, it's autumn and she's wearing cute sweaters with little wool skirts etc, she's persuaded to go to a pretty rough bar in town, and that's where she meets Him. He seems rough and ready, but when they start dating he's so kind & gentle with her, always encouraging her to finish assignments, walking her to lectures & meeting her from the library at night. I'm starting uni next year & this is a fantasy of mine, perhaps someone might like to write. Love your writing!

Hey Anon! First of all, let me say congrats and good luck with uni next year. Stay away from the 8 AM classes if you can and a regular sleep schedule is going to become a distant fantasy, but you should fight for it. It helps a lot. As does exercising and LOTS of water.

Second of all: you didn’t SAY Frank, but you described and I saw him. So I wrote him.

I hope you like this. Thank you for the prompt, I had fun with it.

A study in black and blue

Josie raises her eyebrows when the door opens and this life size doll walks in.

Usually, the pretty girls that walk through the door are showing either too much boob, too much stomach, or too much leg, maybe all three at once. Or they’re pretty but don’t bother with anything more elaborate than jeans and a coat over a simple t-shirt.

This one has her shiny blond hair up on a neat ponytail, enough makeup to just make you wonder if she was born like this or her cheeks are really that shade of pink, a sweater with a swan wearing a crown, the sleeves rolled up and a skirt that stops a few inches above her knees, her caramel ankle boots rising a little bit above her ankle. The bag slung on her shoulder matches it.

“Hi”, she says to Josie. “Do you know where I can find Foggy? Or Matt?”

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Meet My Boyfriend

Member: Wonwoo ft. Older Brother DK
Genre: Kind of fluff?
Word count: 1,614

1st month

“Wait, so what’s this guy’s name again?” Seokmin asked.

You sighed, clearly showing your annoyance. “For the tenth time, it’s Wonwoo. Now please, don’t ask him when he comes. You’re just going to look bad.”

Seokmin gasped dramatically. “I’m sorry!” he exclaimed sarcastically, “This ‘Wonwoo’ guy has to work hard not to look bad. I don’t. I’m the judge here.”

You squeezed his shoulder affectionately. “Yes, I know. But you’ll like him, really! He’s such a sweet guy, Seokmin! And I’ve known him for years!”

The doorbell rang just then, indicating that your awaited guest has just arrived. You smiled at your brother and hurried to answer it. Once you swung the door open, you were greeted by the lovely sight of your boyfriend, Wonwoo, dressed in jeans and a nice shirt and holding a beautiful bouquet. With a warm smile, he pressed the flowers into your hand and pecked your cheek.

“Come in, come in! Seokmin is dying to meet you!”

Off in the house you heard a snort.

Rolling your eyes, you closed the door behind Wonwoo and led him to the kitchen. Upon entering, you noticed how Seokmin’s eyes narrowed when he saw the two of you holding hands. Besides that, he smiled at the intruder guest.

“Seokmin, this is Wonwoo,” you started, “Wonwoo, this is my older brother, Seokmin.” Wonwoo instantly shot out his hand to shake Seokmin’s, but he just got a suspicious glance in return. He quickly retracted his hand and gave a small bow instead.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Wonwoo said politely.

“Yeah,” Seokmin replied shortly. The tension in the room was growing quickly, so you decided to end the conversation before it turned for the worse.

“Say, Wonwoo, why don’t we watch some TV? Maybe there’ll be a movie on or something,” you suggested.

Wonwoo nodded and went to the living room.

“Why are you dating him?” Seokmin whispered urgently as soon as Wonwoo was out of hearing range. “He’s so scary!”

You crossed your arms and clicked your tongue. “I’m sorry! But Wonwoo is a really nice guy and you have to work hard to act better in front of him!” With a huff, you walked out of the kitchen to join your boyfriend.


2nd month

Visits from Wonwoo became pretty often then, much to Seokmin’s dismay. The two of you were sitting on couch in comfortable silence, the TV droning on about a vacuum that specifically picked up animal hair. It was cozy, sitting side by side, Wonwoo’s hand on your left thigh. It was warm, and it made you feel safe and loved.

“Have I told you how pretty you are?” Wonwoo said suddenly, turning his head to look at you.

You smiled at him and squeezed the hand on your thigh. “Only everyday. It’s nice, though. Makes me feel special.”

“Good.” Wonwoo’s face came closer and it seemed like you two were about to kiss. His lips barely brushed against yours when-

“Heeeyyy! You two take up so much space, make some room, please!” Seokmin smushed himself between you and Wonwoo, awkwardly sitting on your thighs and Wonwoo’s hand. “Another commercial? Really? I want to see some more wedding dresses! They all look so pretty!”

Your eye twitched. If only there was some type of weapon laying around… With Wonwoo’s regular visits, Seokmin getting in between the two of you also became an everyday thing. Yes, you loved your brother dearly, but this was too much. Glancing over to Wonwoo, you also noticed how he looked extremely annoyed as well.

“Isn’t this nice?” Seokmin spoke up again. “All three of us spending quality time together? And this couch is so comfy! I really like suede. What about you, Wonton?”

You silently prayed for a hole to randomly appear in the floor and swallow you up. Or better yet, swallow Seokmin. ‘Someone strike me now,’ you pleaded in your brain.

At least Seokmin was having fun watching Say Yes to the Dress.


6th month

Soft. His lips were so, so soft. His taste was addictive, his scent intoxicating. One hand was in your hair, gripping slightly, while the other held onto your waist. You pulled him into you, wanting more and more.

“Wonwoo,” you murmured against his lips, causing him to groan quietly in his throat. The kisses were slow, but by God they were passionate. His body, pressed against yours, was so warm and inviting and just so ugh. Words couldn’t describe how perfect this moment was.

A smack sounded at your bedroom window, but neither of you paid mind to it. Another one came, this time louder. You broke away from the heated session, looking over your shoulder to see what the commotion was.

You screamed.

Seokmin, sitting on a tree branch, had his hands pressed against the window and a very serious look on his face.



Seokmin disappeared from sight, scrambling down the tree to possibly save his life.


8th month

“Oh, wow, Wonwoo. This skirt looks great,” you say into your mirror, flashing a smile and twirling around. The lacy material was flowy and soft, and it accented your hips and waist perfectly. “And it fits so nicely! I think Seokmin will really like it.”

Wonwoo smiled. “I was hoping you would like it,” he said as he stood up from your bed and came behind you. He placed his hands on your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. “You look beautiful,” he murmured, kissing your neck softly.

The atmosphere was pleasant and peaceful, making you sigh in content. “I feel like the luckiest girl alive, really.”

Wonwoo hugged you from behind and met your eyes in the mirror. “And I know for a fact that I’m the luckiest man alive.”

You giggled slightly and blushed from his sweet comment. “Come on; let’s go show Seokmin or he’ll think we’re doing something inappropriate again. I don’t want to replace the hinges on my door again.”

Wonwoo snickered and released you from his embrace, only to take your hand and lead you downstairs. Seokmin was sitting on his “favorite” suede couch, intently watching a rerun of Days of Our Lives.

“Seokmin; look at this pretty skirt Wonwoo got for me.”

At the sound of your voice (mostly from saying Wonwoo), Seokmin turned his head to look at your “present”.

Boy, he did not like what he saw.

“That’s too much thigh. You’re going to flash people, (y/n). Maybe Jisoo can pray for you or something,” he snapped.

“Seokmin! Don’t be so rude! This skirt looks fantastic on me and you know it! This isn’t like you! Where’s my sweet, caring, charming big brother?” you cried out, obviously hurt.

Seokmin immediately felt guilty and a pang of sadness stabbed him in the heart. Though, he remained silent.

“Are you that jealous of Wonwoo? He’s a great guy, Seokmin! He got this skirt because he thought of me! And you know what, that was really sweet of him!” You shook your head. “I can’t believe you. I thought you would really like him.”

Seokmin glanced over at Wonwoo, though he looked very awkward and not really sure of what to do in this kind of situation. It would be a lie if Seokmin said he didn’t feel the same.

“Why can’t you be happy for me?” you whispered.

“I am,” Seokmin replied after a few moments worth of silence. “I just… don’t want you to get hurt. Or pregnant, for that matter. I don’t know what you two do upstairs-”

“Seokmin,” Wonwoo interrupted, “it’s not like that. I wouldn’t do that to (y/n). Not until we’re completely comfortable with it. And that includes you. I get it. You’re protective of your little sister, and I would be the same. I got to say, I can respect you for that. Not many guys stick up for their sister like that all of the time. You’re a cool guy and I respect you greatly.”

Seokmin stared at Wonwoo like he just grew a second head. It became so quiet that you even began second guessing your hearing. Then, after much silence, Seokmin decided to speak.

“That was so nice,” he said as he sucked in a breath. He placed a hand to his heart and let out all the air. “I’m sorry. My behavior was horrible. I’m just worried about (y/n), you know? I didn’t mean to get too out of hand. I hope you can forgive me.” Seokmin stood up from his seat and bowed to Wonwoo.

You gave Wonwoo a starstruck face and he simply smiled. “I do. And I promise to look after her so you don’t have to all the time, okay?”

“What about the baby?”

Now you looked to Seokmin, clearly confused. “What?”

“If he’s going to look after you, what about your child?”

“Excuse me?”

“I want to be an uncle, (y/n)! When will the baby making process start?”

Your jaw dropped.

“When the skirt comes off,” Wonwoo said nonchalantly.


“Will I have to leave the house or will you two go somewhere else?”


“We can go. Make it seem like less of a hassle, you know?”


“Yay, babies!”

“I agree. I think our child would be so cute. What do you think, (y/n)?”



P.S. I really hope you guys like this! This was super fun and I look forward to doing more!

The Boy in the Bar ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word Count: 1969

Synopsis: You meet Dylan in a bar

A/N: Okay, this is inspired by this picture I saw on Instagram posted by @hollandsobrien and I almost lost my mind and this is what came out of it. It’s kinda short but I had to. I’m sorry.  LOOK AT THAT FACE! 

Cigarette smoke and bourbon. That’s all I could smell in this shit hole of a bar. I’m not complaining though. I’ve spent most of my nights in this place for the past month or so, drowning my sorrows because let’s face it…life fucking sucks.

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anonymous asked:

About the kiss there's some details that melted my heart kurt other hand on jane hair, and the fact that he was completely focused that he didn't even notice that those agents were there, and his body language after that interrupt :') <3

ugh… look what you just did. i finally got my ass down at a desk to do some work and you send me this and now i have to watch it a few hundred times because it is just perfect and i am obsessed and there is no way i will ever get any work done until about June 15th, right? this is getting out of hand! why are they so perfect and so in love and so out of luck? 

the next time they get interrupted, i want jane to go all “patterson loses her shit on stuart” and attack the person demanding to know who they work for and who sent them/ and or kurt just full on arresting them and throwing them in a cell.

but ugggghghhghhgghhg lsahgjkadbgjkhglghads;hgajskhgalsghdsal;hdsaglkasdlg OUR SHIP IS JUST THE MOST PRECIOUS EVER

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcannon where the MC has an eating disorder and the rfa (+v and saeran) find out and how they would react?

Sure, sure!! Thanks for the request, anon!! TRIGGER WARNING: ANOREXIA


-You and Yoosung binge ate

-And then you finally beat the boss in LOLOL

-By that time

-It was 2am

-As Yoosung lumbered off to bed

-You went to bathroom

-Time to get this over with

-It was about a month ago

-You and Yoosung went to a LOLOL Convention

-And Yoosung being Yoosung

-Made you cosplay with him

-“Yoosung, please, I’m not skinny enough to be a cosplayer.”


-You finally gave in and dressed up

-The whole time you were there you felt self conscious

-You couldn’t help but look at everyone’s fit, beautiful body


-You leaned over the toilet

-until you heard a whimper

-You turned your head in horror to see Yoosung leaning on the door

-He slowly slides down until he is seated

-tears are streaming down his face

-“MC, just..why..?”

-You slowly walk over to him

-but before you can say anything

-He grabs you and wraps you in a tight hug

-“MC…it was that time wasn’t it… the convention..I’m so sorry..MC…”

-“Yoosung.. I…-”

-“MC, I don’t understand… you’re perfect. Perfect in every way possible. I love you, MC, and it… it hurts to see you like this..”

-His face is red from crying

-his eyes gave such a sorrowful look you couldn’t bare to see

-“Please, MC, Please.”

-You told him about it

-He told you over and over that you’re beautiful

-even if it makes him blush

-And he secretly hates cosplaying now


-You got up from your dinner the two you were eating

-“Ah–MC, there’s still food on you plate”

-“I-Oh-I’m not hungry.”

-You’re never hungry

-Jaehee noticed this and took careful note of when you were actually eating

-One night

-You hovered over the toilet

-You stuck two fingers in your mouth

-You threw up the small amount of food you ate


-you sensed someone’s presence


-You turned and saw Jaehee staring at you

-Her horrified expression hurt more than your stomach

-“I-uh… Jaehee..”

-Her hand covered her mouth

-You can hear inaudible sentences in-between sobs

-She reaches for you and holds you in a tight embrace

-“MC, you’re beautiful. I love you. You have to eat something, please.”

-You both cry together

-Later she makes you one of your favorite foods

-And you both snuggle together as she talks to you until you fall asleep


-It happened about two weeks ago

-One of Zen’s fans was trashing you and on the internet

-“Omi god did you see Zen’s girlfriend? Such an ugly bitch. How much does she eat?! Fucking fat ass! I guess anyone can be Zen’s girlfriend Lol!”

-You knew that it was probably some girl that was jealous of you but the harsh words got to you

-And soon

-You were fasting

-It was this particular night

-You thought he wouldn’t be home from his acting practice so soon

-“MC! I’m home!”

-He looks around

-when he doesn’t find you

-He gets a little nervous

-he literally searches the entire apartment

-And where does he find you?

-In your room, weighing yourself again

-His face changes to one of remorse

-“MC, this is the fifth time today.”

-Before you can say anything

-He kisses you

-“MC, you’re beautiful, inside and out. I love you with all my heart…What happened?”

-You tell him about the fans comment


-Similar to Yoosung, he’ll constantly tell you how beautiful you are

-almost as if he’s blaming himself

-he’ll totally sweet talk you and flirt with you pretty much the same tbh


-It was after the meeting that you realized

-Jumin was getting a lot of attention from girls lately

-you are just his girlfriend not for long

-they all looked very different but there was one thing they all had in common

-they were all very skinny

-You felt disgusted with yourself

-comparing your body to theirs

-Finding all the flaws

-so you decided to fast

-just a few more months and you’ll look flawless.

-You stood over the toilet

-when you were finished, you wiped your mouth and turn to open the door

-but the door was open

-and there stood Jumin

-he didn’t speak or do anything for a moment

-which was

-truth be told

-scarier than if he was to yell at you

-He just


-with that solemn face that broke your heart


-He grabbed you and held you in his arms

-He didn’t say anything for a while

-“…..MC…how long have you been like this?…..How long have I not been here for you?..”

-His face was red from crying and his voice came out cracked and hoarse

-Jumin held you tighter

-“I love you MC…so much.”

-“I know you do Jumin. I love you, too.”

-He cradles you in his arms and rocks you back and forth in his arms until you fall asleep


-You hadn’t eaten anything in weeks

-You would always refuse to take part in his “Honey Buddha Chip Fest”

-Seven was beginning to notice your eating habits, or rather the neglect of it

-“Wait, MC, did you have dinner yet?”

-You nodded and plastered the best smile you could before walking up stairs to do it

-Seven had suspected it for a while

-and as he walked upstairs

-all that he feared

-was right there

-His girlfriend

-throwing up

-You turned around in surprise

-Actually, you half expected him crack some joke

-But all expectations were shattered when you saw her boyfriend

-with his hands covering his face

-and tears.

-Seven was crying.

-“How could I not know about this? I thought I knew everything about you..but..”

-You began to cry too.

-“Seven… please… it’s not your fault…”

-You two sat there


-and suddenly felt all warm

-Seven was hugging you

-“MC, your hilarious, your beautiful, you’ve got the most wonderful personality…please don’t do this to yourself.”

-You two continued hugging each other

-later he made you eat a lot


-V has always liked taking pictures of you

-but you

-hated it

-“MC, please? One more photo?”

-you were sometimes even in magazines

-you saw yourself

-in a magazines with all those beautiful women

-and then there’s you.

-It had been a month since you started fasting

-and now here you are…

-hovering over the toilet


-You didn’t notice


-V had walked into the bathroom

-And he was staring at you

-And when you turned around

-ran up to you and hugged you

-“MC!! You’re so gorgeous!! Why would you do something like that?”

, you could feel his tears stain your shirt,despite him trying to hide it

-“V, I'm sor-”

-“No, MC, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me most.“ 

-He still takes photos of you secretly because your so pretty tho


-“MC, that’s the third time you’ve weighed yourself this morning.”


-You quickly walk out of the room

-or at least you try to

-But Saeran grabs your hand

-“MC, wait.”

-You look at him and right then

-your heart rips in two

-His eyes are filled with worry, even with him doing his best to conceal the fact that he knows.

-“MC, eat something.”

-“Ah, I already a-”


-You can see tears swell up in his eyes


-“….that’s it. You’re staying home today.”

-He pulls you into a hug

-“MC, please take better care of yourself or I’ll have to.” Hey that doesn’t sound too bad


-He kisses you on the forehead then goes to get you something to eat

-now he makes you go everywhere with him

*Not that my theory is that in V’s route after the good ending he’ll get eye surgery ;)

Wahhhhh my second request!! Thank you and keep sending in those requests! Tell me what you think! Got any tips for me? Anything at all, thanks again!


Something I like about shows like Star Gate, Star Trek or The 4400 is that they all don’t look exactly like supermodels. I mean with modern series you always have characters with a sixpack or shiny round eyes, perfect skin, just the right body curves and a cherry mouth.
The perfect face and body that say nothing.
In older shows they actually look more like people.

Thigh Gap

In which you don’t have a thigh gap and Namjoon doesn’t care. 

lowkey angst and fluff. slight suggestive ending

Your name: submit What is this?

You stood in front of the mirror in your underwear, glaring at your reflection with such hatred. You hated everything you saw, from the little hairs that decorated your body - that decorated everyone’s body -  from the way your tummy felt soft under your fingertips, from the way your thighs touched. Just everything. You could make a list.

Namjoon lay on the bed behind you, staring at you, both eyebrows raised at your silent form. You were getting undressed and then you had just stopped when you caught sight of your body, freezing in front the mirror. It had confused him a little.

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Cups of coffee.

A/N: Prompts are everything. And this was a cute prompt and I feel really happy today so it’s all good. Sorry it’s a short one this time. Also, Im bad at titles. 


“Babe?” he asked as he stroked a piece of hair away from your face. “Do you remember how we first met?” He kissed your head that was resting on his chest.

“Yeah, I do.” you said, intertwining your fingers. You started playing with his fingers. “You looked so handsome that day” you giggled a bit.

“Oh yeah?” he said, you could hear the smile forming on his face as he spoke.

“Yeah. I remember how I looked at you and our eyes met when you were ordering your coffee. I was so embarrassed.” you answered, giving his fingers a tiny kiss.

“Why were you? It was just me, the normal dude with a cute face, sexy body, perfect hair” he said, pinching you slightly in the side.

“Ugh, always so full of yourself” you said as you gave him a tiny slap on his hip. “Well, it’s not everyday you meet someone who can recreate earthquakes with his voice”. 

“You are right” he laughed. “I remember that look so well. You looked like you had seen a ghost… I remember how you were sitting in a big guy-hoodie with your hair in a messy bun without makeup on or anything. I really wanted to be that cup of coffee that got to kiss your sleepy lips awake” he said, as his arms made their way around your waist to force you closer together. 

“I loved how your hair still looked amazing after you took that beanie off. I’m actually surprised you still have hair; you’d think the beanie had rubbed it all off from being on your head 24/7. You were so polite. You are literally the nicest stranger I’ve ever spoken to at a coffee shop at 7:30 am on a Wednesday”. you put your head up to give him a quick peck on the lips before returning to your comfy spot right above his heartbeat. 

“You are such a nerd, remembering every single detail about everything” he chuckled. “I remember thinking you were the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen… And I just had to talk to you. Now, I get to meet your lips before the coffee and not once have I regretted waking up next to you ” he whispered into your hair before giving your head a soft kiss. You couldn’t help but smile.

He always knew what to say, he always knew how to make you love him even more - you never thought it was possible, but every time he proved you wrong. Everytime he laughed, smiled, breathed.. You fell more in love with him. He made you the happiest girl in the world. 

what the signs would say to their kids


taurus - “do you want lays or doritos ?? nvm imma get both”

gemini - “now remember honey be nice to kids at school and then we will plot their murder at home ok ?”


leo - “ugh stop hogging the mirror sweetie”

virgo - “i want your room to be perfect and clean in three seconds or you’re never going to see sunlight again”

libra - “don’t tell your mom/dad we’re doing this”


saggitarius - “here sweetie study this calculus book while i make spaghetti”


aquarius - “would you like to go alien hunting or big-foot hunting ?”


Boy Meets Evil. . .

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Part 1 :

Summary: She is toxic, but I love her. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I’m wielding a double edged sword. I’m drowning when I’m with her, but I’m short of breath without her. My future is sinking, but this sin is too sweet… it’s too evil.

A/n: I was inspired by BTS’ comeback: Wings. I just hope you enjoy this series and don’t judge me too hard because I never write these types of stories, but I really hope you enjoy. . xoxo, Anais

Part 1 // 


I never knew I’d become this greedy, this sinful. Drowning in a love that pushes me further and further into an abyss. I lost sight of reality and abandoned it all… just to be with her. I was a fool to fall this deep, too bad, it was too sweet.

The flashing red light lit up my dark, humid room. 1:00 A.M. flickered in even intervals. It’s too early to be up right now, I thought as I rolled around in bed, trying to reposition myself. Breathe. Without hesitation, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was drenched in sweat. I threw off my shirt and headed to take a morning shower. The steam from the shower cleared my thoughts as the water released the stress from my aching muscles.

“Hey Hobi, come down and eat!” Jungkook yelled from the downstairs kitchen.

“I’ll be down in a bit!” I yelled back.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I left a trail of water leading to the sink to brush my teeth. Will I see her again today?, I thought as I gargled water and spit it out. After drying my hair, I threw some sweats on and made my way downstairs.

“Hyung! What took you so long, your breakfast is gonna get cold!” Jungkook barked.

“Haha, take it easy Kookie. It’s not like I’ll die from eating room temperature food.” I replied.

“Shit, it’s already 7:40! Hurry up, we gotta go!” he said, messily shoving his things in his backpack and running out the door.

Shortly after, I followed and bolted out the door, trying to catch up to Jungkook.

Breathing heavily, “Hah, ugh. We barely made it on time.” Jungkook said.

“Alright, catch ya later.” I said, waving to him as I walked in the direction of my first period.

While running into the classroom, I found her sitting in my seat. Looking as beautiful as ever, with her long velvety black hair that fell right above her waist. Her big, glistening eyes and long lashes. Her bright smile that could melt just about anyone’s heart. Her slim yet curvy body that had perfect proportions. What more could a man want?

I was interrupted by a pat on the shoulder.

“Yo, dude, you checking her out?” Namjoon whispered to me, holding in his laughter.

“Cut it out, man!” I said, blushing.

The bell rang and she left my seat. Damn, that could’ve been my chance to talk to her! I thought as I sat down. She sat diagonally from me, near the window. Her hair would blow in the wind and her perfume would coat the air with the sweet smell of cherry blossoms.

By the end of the period, I had no idea what was going on. I’ve been staring at her the entire time. Five more periods flew by instantly. I’ve really got to stop this if I want to get into that dancing school. Well at least it’s Friday. I can try to catch up over the weekend. I thought while getting out my phone to text Jungkook.

“Hey, since you’re going to stay after school today, I’m gonna head home first.”

“Sure, I’ll see you at home!” He replied.

After getting home and collapsing on my bed, I heard my phone buzz.

“Hey, one of my friends is throwing a party tomorrow and I wanted to know if you’d want to go. Also, I was told by him that the girl you’ve been crushing on is gonna be there.” Namjoon texted.

“Um, sure, but why are you going. You’re not the type to go to parties.” I replied.

“Haha, well I’ve been wanting to show off this new dance move! It’s called krumping. Have you heard of it?” He said eagerly.

“Everyone has, Namjoon. Well I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

I fell asleep that night, thinking of all the ways I could talk to her and all the ways she’d reply.  The next morning, I woke up to the smell of a warm meal, probably made by Jungkook. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face, and ran downstairs.

“Kookie! I’m not late today, hehe. I’m ready for your delicious meal. Y’know you’d make a perfect wife.” I said, grinning.

“Hyung, stop being so gross.” He said, pushing the plate to me.

After finishing the delicious food Jungkook made for me, I washed the dishes since it was the least I could do.

“Hey Kookie, do you have any plans today?” I said, while still washing the dishes.

“Um, I don’t think so Hyung. Why?” Jungkook said, curiously.

“Wanna go to a party with Namjoon and I tonight?” I said.

“Sure! Oh man, what should I wear? Will there be girls? Wait, but I can’t even talk to them.” Jungkook said as he walked into his room, not even looking at me.

~ . ~

*Later that day*

As Jungkook and I, were getting ready for the party, I got a text message from Namjoon. He told me the address and a place to meet. I decided to call an uber.

After a 15 minute drive…

Namjoon walked up to me and Jungkook and walked us into the house. It was dark, cramped and really warm. Jungkook found some of his friends, Taehyung and Jimin, and left me to wander around the house. As I was pushed into the kitchen by the crowd of dancing people surrounding Namjoon, I found her sitting on the counter alone.  Dude! This is your chance! Calm down…Breathe, I told myself. I mustered up the courage and walked toward her.

“H-hey, why are you alone?” I said nervously.

“Oh nothing much, I just had a bit too much to drink. I’m sobering up, that’s all.” She said, looking down at her cup.

I didn’t think she was the type to drink.

“U-uh so⎼” She jumped off the counter and stood right in front me, a bit too close actually.

“Come on, let’s dance.” She said, smiling.

She grabbed my hand and lead me to the living room, where Namjoon was krumping. She grabbed onto my neck and pulled me in close, just enough for our noses to touch. She must be wasted, why would she dance with a loser like me? I thought. I was thankful for the dim lights. I wouldn’t want her to see me blushing. Surprisingly, she was quite a good dancer. We danced together to the music and a crowd started forming around us. Our flow matched up perfectly and our bodies felt like they were synced up. It was like a dream.

“You’re not so bad.” She said, smirking.

“Same to you.” I chuckled.

We kept dancing til we were panting and covered in sweat. By the time we were done most people either left or passed out on the lawn. We went back into the kitchen to grab water and snacks.

“I had a really nice time with you today. We should do this again sometime. By the way what’s your name?” She said, smiling brightly.

“It’s Hosoek, Jung Hosoek.” I replied.

“I’m Kim Nari. Here’s my number. Text me!” She slipped me a small piece of paper.

She gave me a small hug and walked out with her friends. Best. Night. Ever.

“Dude, you and your ‘girlfriend’ totally took my crowd away.” Namjoon said.

“Sorry, I just got really into it, haha.” I said, remembering how great the dance session was.

I texted Jungkook and met with him outside. We climbed into the uber and went home.

I emptied my pockets in search of my house keys. Hmm that’s weird, my keys are gone and so is my wallet. I reached into my jacket pockets and frantically felt around, but couldn’t find anything.

“Did you lose your keys?” Jungkook said, waiting for me to open the door.

“Yeah, and my wallet… Sorry.” I said, apologetically.

“You probably had too much fun dancing with that girl and probably dropped it.” He said, rolling his eyes.

He lifted the mat, grabbing the spare set of keys, and opened the door. I went straight up to my room and pulled out my phone.

“Hey, it’s me, Hoseok. I had a really fun time. Do you want to meet up tomorrow to hang out or something?” I texted.

A couple minutes went by. Suddenly… *BZZZ. BZZZ.*

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it. She sent me a picture of herself holding my keys and wallet.

To Be Continued… . :) 

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Thighs? -turn on or turn off?-




is that even a question??!! Do you know that jikook’s thighs are probably my biggest WEAKNESS. 

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THEM muscular thighs are UGH MY GAWD.

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(sorry jungkook for emphasizing on your pants so much loll I JUST LOVE YOUR LEGS , DON’T MISUNDERSTAND *runs away with a blush*!!!)

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*FAINTS* I know this gif was necessary but jimin’s perfect body is making me feel all type of ways. DID YOU LOOK AT HIS SKIN TONE  AND THOSE LEGS AND THAT PERFECT BUTT ??!! IT LOOKS SO DAMN SEXY * cries in a languages*

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A quick drabble from this prompt.

Dipper stared. The twelve-year-old stared back.

She was short, almost abnormally so. She had enormous, adorable brown eyes and a perfect little cupid’s-bow mouth. There was a tiny gap between her front teeth. She was so cute it almost hurt to look at her, and every single part of her almost screamed charming innocence.

She was holding an Alcor body pillow. The character was seductively biting one finger, and the design just barely covered up any naughty bits with a single, demure wing.

“Um, scuse me,” said the girl, jiggling the pillow so that the character’s bedroom eyes faced towards him. “I didn’t mean to bump into you, I couldn’t see where I was going.”

“You would,” said Dipper. “You would find a way to prank me from beyond the grave, wouldn’t you.”

“What?,” said the girl, giving him a look of perfect, wide-eyed confusion.

“Ugh…nothing,” said Dipper, stepping to the side and pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers. “Go ahead. And, uh…enjoy…your purchase, I guess.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” said the girl with a bright smile and a wink. “I definitely will.”

Dipper made a choked sound, and watched the reincarnated soul of Torako sashay away.

So I’m going to be totally vulnerable. I have extremely low self esteem when it comes to my body. I don’t have that creamy white skin that a lot of these guys have on here and I have a lot of fucking body hair and I hate it. I wish I could look like those guys that I reblog. The ones without body hair and the ones that have “the perfect guys body” commented underneath. Society fucks up guys too, not just women. The reason I post so many pictures of myself is because I need constant reassurance that I’m even attractive. I really don’t feel like I am. I’m being very vulnerable with you guys. Ugh I wish a picture of mine could have “the perfect guys body” under it with thousands of notes. Thirsty rant over.

Warning this has smut in it.

Chapter 1.

“Come on [Y/N] it’ll be fun! You never go out or leave your house its always ‘go to school and go home’ it’s lame, you always complain that you want more friends and to fit in more and now is your chance.” Your friend Jenny began to rant as the both of you sat in the food court of your local mall.

“Look. It took me a long time to convince Brook to let you come to her party, If you don’t show up she’ll have a bitch fit and then she’ll never talk to me again!” She added

Jenny sat across from you sipping on her drink while sat there stuffing your face with pizza.

“Here, You have sauce all over you face.” She says as she leans across the table to wipe your cheek.

“Okay okay i can wipe my own face.” You say with a glare, Jenny always tried to be in charge of you, Always trying to boss you around or make you do this or that or act a certain way when you hung out with her, Because if you were going to be friends with jenny then you had to talk walk and act just like her. She was an only child and you were a year younger than her so growing up you two kind of were like sisters and she always tried to boss you around like she was queen B and you a piece of gum stuck to her shoe, You always told yourself that one day she would out grow it you two would be mature teenage girls, But it seemed that you were the only one who grew up, To Jenny high school is about parties, boys, alcohol, Drugs and Sex, You’re pretty sure she’s everything and has banged almost every guy in the school, She was miss popular with guys with her big boobs, expensive clothing, and her perfect body. You on the other hand looked like a 6 year old boy, No boobs, Non sexy body and the only clothes you had were the hammy downs from your older brothers closet.

“I can’t go it’s game night with my parents tonight.” You say as you take a sip of your coke.

“UGH! Oh my gosh can you just stop being a geek for one night, I’m sure your parents won’t mind if their 18 year old daughter goes to a party and actually acts like an 18 year old for once.” Jenny says.

“[Y/N] please? It’ll be fun and if you don’t like it then i’ll take you home.” She says

“I don’t even know how to act at a party or how to even dress at a party.” You explain.

“Just be you, Wear whatever the fuck you want the point of a party is to have fun, or is that to much for you to do? She asks

"Besides i’ll be there and i can introduce you to people.” Jenny says with  a smile.

“Fine, But i’m telling you my parents probably won’t even let me go.” You say, Jenny just rolls her eyes.

“Do i have to teach you everything? Sneak out of your window geekling!” She says as she stands up,Grabbing your drink and shoving it in the trash for you.

You sat in your room and shook your leg, While you watched the clock, You were nervous because you’ve never been real social towards people from school and you were scared that you just weren’t going to fit in. You heard a tap on your window and you looked over and saw Jenny waving to you, You got up and headed towards the window, She climbed down the ladder under your window and stood there waiting for you to climb down, You were only on the second step when your foot slipped and you fell on the ground flat on your back, Jenny screamed but quickly covered her mouth,

“Oh My God [Y/N] Are you okay???” She says as she bends down next to you as she starts laughing.

“Fine.” You mumble,

“Just… Give me a second to breathe.” You say.

“No time let’s go!” She says as she grabs your hand and pulls you toward her car.

The whole ride to the party jenny just talked about how this popular guy was gonna be there, She was obviously really excited, You never heard her mention his name before but apparently her plan for tonight was to sleep with him.

You guys parked on the side of the street a couple of blocks from the party since there was nowhere else to park and as you guys walked up to the house there was cars everywhere, Cups and bottle all over the lawn, People hanging out in the front yard and through the windows all you could see where dancing bodies everywhere, And that’s when your anxiety kicked in.

“I don’t think i can do this.” You say

“Come on! We’re already here just try and have fun.” She says as she pulls you to the door.

2 hours. It has only been 2 hours and Jenny was wasted. She was dancing on everyone and and making out with pretty much everyone and you sat there against the wall trying your best to keep down your beer.

“Why am i even here?” You mumble to yourself as you try taking another sip of your beer

“What was that?” Some guy said, You turned in his direction, He was gorgeous, Tall and had the perfect smile You started mumbling and your beer almost slipped out of your hands but you caught it just in time before it fell to the floor.

“I um….Um… I just…I was um…” You say trying to get you words together and he gave you an odd look.

“I was just mumbling to myself about how much my friend is a slut.” You say, He gives you a smile and a giggle.

“And who is this friend?” He asks and you point over to Jenny, Not taking your eyes off this god like person.

“Oh Jenny… Yeah i know her.” The guy says

“Yeah, It seems like a lot of people know her.” You mumble.

“Or maybe i just know a lot of people.” He says. And you let out an awkward laugh as you pushed your hair back.

“But i don’t think i know you.” He says.

“No one does. I’m kind of a loser haha um….  that was a joke… But not really i mean i guess i kind of am… But um…. My ugh, My name is [Y/N].” You say

“That’s a beautiful name. I’m Ashton.” He says and you almost dropped your beer again, 

“Are you okay you seem a bit anxious or something..” He says with a laugh.

“I’m fine i jus-” You begin but you got caught off by some random drunk guy trying to get ashton’s attention.

“Who is this.” The guy says as he give an odd look toward you.

“Doesn’t matter you two want one of these? the guy says as he opens his hand with two white pills laying flat on his palm.

"Hell yeah!” Ashton says.

“How about you?” The guy asks and you shake your head no.

“Come one it’ll make you less anxious.” Ashton says, You look at him and he gives you a wink and a little smirk making you smile.

“Okay….” You say, You open your mouth and he puts it on your tongue, you take a sip of your beer to help the pill go down.

“Good girl.” Ashton says with a smirk.

Another hour past and you were sat outside with Ashton and a group of people, there was no sign of Jenny anywhere and you didn’t care, Your body felt heavy and so did your eye lids, You felt like smiling and dancing and everything you said people laughed and you did too, Music was blaring and everyone was dancing, Bodies moving against other bodies, You felt Ashton grab your chin as he turned your head towards him, Tilting your head back and forcing your mouth open he poured the a bottle of Smirnoff in your mouth and then pressing his lips against yours, The last time you ever kissed anyone was at summer camp when you were 11 and you were dared to kiss Toby Clarke. You liked kissing Ashton, his lips were soft. He grabbed your hand and lead you upstairs to a random room.

When you both got inside he slammed the door behind the both of you, Pushing you up against the door. You can hear the door lock and you felt a bit nervous for what might happen.

“I want you right now.” He whispers through the kiss.

Your heart was beating and you didn’t know what to do or how to respond, You liked kissing him but you weren’t sure as to where he was going with this kissing, You feeling a bit more alert and focused more of what was going on.

“I’m a virgin!” You say pushing him away in panic, He looks at you with smile and he laughs.

“So?” He says

“I don’t know if i want to or if i’m even good at it…” You say, He smiles at you and leans back in for a kiss, “You’re adorable, Don’t be scared…”

“You’re so innocent, It’s hot when you have sex with a girl who doesn’t really know much about sex, Just seeing how they react when they feel something they’ve never felt before.” He says

“If you want i can make you feel good.” He adds.

“I don’t know…” You say

“It’ll feel really good.” He says As he leans in and begins kissing you slowly, His lips were soft and it felt amazing, His hand were so big that you felt so small in his grip, He started kissing your neck and you tilted  your head back, He was sucking hard and nibbling, Leaving marks all over your neck, You felt like you were in a different place,Like what was happening wasn’t real.

He grabbed your shirt and pulled it off, He smiled at you and kissed your collar bones, his hands were traveling up your back, He began undoing your bra and once he slipped it off his mouth went straight for you breast, You let out moan, Just standing there with your arms by your side, You’ve never been touched this way and so far you were liking it. He grabbed your waist, Pushing you towards the bed, His shirt came off and he  unbuttoned your jeans letting them fall to the floor.

“Lay on the bed.” He says and you do what he wants, He starts undoing his belt and unbuttons his jeans. Ashton climbs onto the bed and on top of you, He starts kissing you again and you just lay there not really sure on what to do with your hands, He moves for your lips and starts trailing your body with kisses, starting from your chest leading down to in between your thighs, Your heart was beating fast and you were getting nervous but you were a bit excited to feel what he told you was going to feel really good. He pulled off your panties and he started kissing the inside of your thighs, You let out a moan and he laughed a bit.

“We haven’t even gotten to the good part.” He whispers.

“This is the good part.” He says as he slides his tongue up your folds, Your head fell back on the pillow and you moan so loud that you got embarrassed and he let out a giggle.

“See i told you.” He says with a smirk, Ashton pulls his jeans and boxers down after reaching for something in his pocket he climbs on top of you, and positions himself In between your legs.

“It might hurt for a bit but trust me it’ll feel good soon enough.” He says as he begins kissing your lips again, You let out a whimper as he thrusts a bit and as soon as you became adjusted he went faster, kissing your neck, Holding your waist down and occasionally pinning your arms over your head so you couldn’t touch him, You could tell he was the type who liked to be in control, It was his way or no way and you didn’t mind it one bit. He was thrusting harder, Faster and rougher making you feel something you have never felt before and it felt like your stomach was going to burst and your heart was going to rip out of your chest, Your face and body felt hot and you legs felt weak and you felt like screaming his name on the top of your lungs and then without warning you did,

“UGH! ASHTON! OH FUUUUUCK!” You yelled, You weren’t one to use that sort of language because mom always said, “It’s not lady like to use those words [Y/N]”

Ashton gripped your wrists hard and he was breathing heavy, His breaths deep and hot on your neck, Whispering the word 'Fuck’ In your ear as you did but with less volume.

He pulled out of you and layed on the bed, You both trying to catch your breaths and trying to cool off, Hoping no one was going to barge in at any second, Your mind was dizzy and you were trying to let what just happened sink in, What was Jenny going to say?….. Was this just a one night stand? You think to your self staring blankly at the ceiling fan spinning above you.

“You okay.” He says and you just nod, Ashton sits up adjusting him self and throwing  the condom away, He slips his shirt on  and his jeans and you sit up watching him as he began tying his shoes.

He stood up and started walking to the door,

“Where are you going?” You ask.

“We did what we did, wasn’t that the plan?” He says.

“What were you expecting? To finally get laid, Fall in love and get married? Babe this is high school! I’m trying to get it as much as i can before i’m tied down with three kids and a dog named scrappy with only three legs, you got your cherry popped like proper teenager and i got laid” He says with a laugh.

“It’s a win win situation!” he says with a smile.

 You felt your heart beating fast and tears building up in your eyes, You sat there as you watched him leave and you were boiling, He was NOT going to do that, You got up the sheet wrapped around your body, You swung the door open hard, Making the door slam up against the wall, You ran down the stairs ignoring all the gasps and giggles and eyes pointed straight at you, You made it in to the living room, Music blaring, jenny on the lap of some guy and Ashton talking to his friends with his back facing you, You reached over to the radio and turned the music off, You pushed Ashton forward making him crash into his friend, Spilling the both of their drinks, Everyone was silent and looking at you.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He says in a quiet yet with an angry tone.

“What am i doing What the fuck do you think you’re doing you fucking lying, two faced, small prick, No good piece of SHIT! I’m not the type of girl you screw and then screw over!” You yell.

“The type of girl?!” He says with a loud laugh.

“Are you even considered a type of anything? Look at you! You’re a geek and a loser, You have no friends, I bet you half the school doesn’t even know you exist and the only friend you have is Jenny who doesn’t even like you either, SHe tries making new friends and the only reason why a freak like you would be here is because of her!” He says through his giggles.

You stood there shocked….. Angry and embarrassed, Ashton simply turned away and the music began again and everyone went back to their party like nothing happened, A girl who must have found your belongings handed them to you and walked you outside.

“Need a ride home?” The girl asks and you smile, You haven’t seen her before, She had on a leather jacket, Black jeans and band t-shirt and converse on, Her hair was a faded blue and she had the side of her nose pierced, She looked so cool, Like the type of girl you would avoid on the street or in school. Like a girl no one would want to mess with.

“That would be great.” You say with a smile.

You guys got in and she asked for you address, As she began driving you started to get changed, Trying your best to hide your body.

“It’s okay! it’s nothing i haven’t seen before. I have the same exact equipment.” She says with a giggle.

“By the way, What you did back there, Standing up for yourself was really brave, Ashton can be an asshole.” She says.

You looked at her and tilted your head,

“He did the same thing to me last year.” She adds, You looked down and felt in ache in your stomach, She seems sweet and you hated knowing that he did something like that to her.

“I’m Geordie by the way.” She says with a smile as she pulls up to your house,

“[Y/N]!” You say with a smile She smiles back and you open the door to get out, You thanked her and began walking up your pathway.

“Hey [Y/N] wait!……. You know.. You shouldn’t let him make you feel that way. I know you’re better than him, You just need to prove that to people.” She says, You give her a smile and she drives off leaving you there, sat on your porch by yourself, playing back the scene that happened at the party.

A/N: let me know if you like the story and if you want me to continue it.

Imagine: Harry Watching You Change

            “It doesn’t matter what you wear, __________________. You’re gonna look gorgeous no matter what.” Harry said exasperatedly, pulling the covers over himself while he waited for you to get dressed.

            “That’s a lot easier for you to say. It’s your family, you don’t have to make a good impression.” You smoothed the blouse you had just finished buttoning up and turned to look at yourself from every angle in the mirror.

            “Relax, babe. There’s really nothing to worry about.” He rolled his eyes with a smile.

            “Ugh, this isn’t going to work.” You groaned, tearing the blouse from your body. Harry smirked coyly.

            “You could just go with that. You’ve got me more than impressed.” He looked far too proud of himself.

            “I don’t think your mother would approve of my Victoria’s Secret ensemble.”

            “Well, I definitely approve.”

            “Shut up.” You laughed, reaching for the next option. You pulled the sweater over your head and tugged it down into position.

            “What about this one?” You asked, turning to face him. It was the first option that you felt comfortable in.

            “Perfect.” A small smile of approval grew on his face, as he looked you over. “Now come over here.”

            You giggled and shuffled over to the unmade bed, crawling over to him. 

The Beginning of Forever: Chapter One

Here’s the next part! Sorry for the wait. Fyi I don’t know how good this is so I apologize ahead of time…As always feedback is welcome and much appreciated! Let me know what you think, and if you want to see anything in future chapters feel free to message me!  Enjoy.

“Uh… Meryl? We should probably get going. You’ve been standing in the same spot for five minutes.” She snapped out of her stupor and patted Charlie’s shoulder.

“Okay,” she muttered. They began walking, but Meryl kept her eyes locked on Mr.Chmerkovskiy. He was still leaning against the door to the studio, his smile enchanting her. When the ice dancing pair was just a few feet away, Maks spoke up.

“Let me introduce myself. Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But you can call me Maks.” He reached out his hand for Charlie to shake first, all the while not looking away from Meryl.

“Charlie White. Nice to meet you.” He smiled and gave a nod at Maks. Meryl cleared her throat and Maks took a step closer to her, holding out his hand. She extended hers and he took it in his, bringing it up to his lips. He placed a gentle kiss on it and smirked.

“You must be Meryl Davis. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She blushed from head to toe, her heart beating out of her chest. Maks released her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too. I, uh, I’m a big fan of yours.” She looked down, not making eye contact with him and started playing with the ring on her finger.

“As am I of yours. Congratulations to you both on winning gold in Sochi. You were breathtaking! I can’t imagine dancing on ice skates.” He laughed and they both said thank you. “Hey, are you guys busy this afternoon? Would you like to go out for a late celebratory lunch? I could also help you better understand what’s going to happen in the next few months on the show.”

“Sure! That’d be great. We aren’t doing anything the rest of the day. We just planned on walking around L.A.” Charlie answered for them both unknowingly. Meryl’s nerves were on fire, her heart beating uncontrollably fast. She looked back up at Maks and admired him. Perfect. How could a man be that attractive? Look at how tall he is, and his accent, and that body, and his face, and oh my god Meryl stop. You just broke up with Fedor. Calm yourself. She took a deep breath in and exhaled. But ugh just look at him.

“Yeah, that sounds good. What time and where?” She had barely gotten the words out without stuttering. Maks turned his head to look at her and smiled. He paused a second before answering.

“Does two at the Pampas Grill work? I can meet you there.” He secretly hoped that Charlie would bail so he could just spend time with Meryl but was, of course, fine if he didn’t.

“Perfect.” Meryl said it before Charlie could even get a word out. He just nodded his head and took a step backwards. She didn’t move from where she was standing. Meryl was still in a daze as she admired Maks even more.

“Well we should probably get going. See ya later Maks!” He reached out for Meryl and grabbed her elbow. He motioned towards the exit and started walking, pulling her along.

“See you later.” Meryl looked back and watched Maks as he entered the door to the studio. She sighed and faced forward, increasing her pace. She was practically jogging out of the building. When they made it outside, Charlie had caught up with her.

“What was that about Mer?” He knew something was off but didn’t know exactly what.

“Oh nothing. He’s just… I just… I mean… Maksim Chmerkovskiy.” She bent over, trying to calm her nerves, and sighed again. Charlie laughed.

“Oh come on Merylee!” His laughter continued. “You like him don’t you?”

“Charlie! I barely know him!” At this point she was giggling too, remembering how dazed she was in his presence. “Was it that noticeable?”

“Uh yeah… you’re going to have to hide it better on the show, no matter who you get!” He was still laughing his head off, because that’s what Charlie did in these situations. He could be heard a mile away. Meryl reached over and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Okay, I will, I will, you don’t have to worry. I’m a pro.” She winked and they walked over to the taxi they took earlier which had waited for them to finish their meeting.


Meryl and Charlie had gone back to their hotels, dropped off their luggage, and gotten ready to go out before leaving for lunch with Maks. Meryl put on black skinny jeans, black heals, and a semi-revealing purple lace tank top. She didn’t do much with her hair besides let it be.  On her way out the door of her hotel room, she grabbed her favorite pair of sunglasses.

Charlie met her in the lobby and they rode in a taxi together to the restaurant. The front of the building was made of brick and that was where Meryl found Maks. He was, once again, leaning against the wall and when he saw them, his face lit up. They exited the taxi and walked over to him.

“Hi Maks!” Meryl was practically exploding with joy just being near him. He sensed her excitement and fed onto it.

“Hi Meryl! Are you ready to eat some good food?” He was grinning and motioning for her to proceed into the building. She walked ahead of the boys. Maks stayed back and slapped his hand on Charlie’s shoulder.

“How’s it going Charles? You liking LA so far?”

“I’m loving it. It’s beautiful here.”

“It is. Now let’s go eat.” They followed Meryl into the grill and were seated by a waitress outside on the patio. Meryl and Charlie sat on one side, and Maks on the other.

They ordered their food and began talking about the show. Maks gave them a run down about what would happen week to week and what’s to come in the next two weeks.

While he talked, Meryl’s phone kept buzzing. It was laying face up on the table next to her plate. She looked over and saw who it was. Fedor.

She ignored it and tried to busy her thoughts with that of Maks. She listened attentively to his every word, basking in the sound of his accent. She stared at him as words flowed from his lips. Those lips…and his hair. I’d love to run my fingers through that hair.

Her phone buzzed again. She was becoming annoyed. Meryl looked down to see who it was. Fedor. She unlocked her phone and read the messages. There was a link and each message was in all caps. She clicked on it and saw what he was fussing about. There was an article about them. Meryl, Charlie, and Maks. And their lunch out in LA. There was a picture too as evidence. Meryl looked around her. How the hell do they know? How did they get that picture? She went back to Fedor’s messages.




Baby I need you back. I miss you.

She shook her head and turned off her phone. I’ve had enough of his crap. Meryl shifted her focus back to Maks.

“Is everything okay?” At first she didn’t realize he was talking to her. “Uh, Meryl?”

“Oh sorry, I, uh,  sorry. Everything is fine. You were saying?” Maks had a weird look on his face, but quickly tried to shake it off as he resumed talking.

“As I was saying, you will officially know who your partners are next week. The pros will each be in a rehearsal room and the celebs will walk in. That’s how you’ll know who you’re paired with. When you walk through the door.” Maks smiled and winked at Meryl. Her heart fluttered as she blushed.

“Well I can’t wait then.” Charlie had a goofy look on his face, knowing Meryl’s feelings towards Maks.

An hour passed until they were done eating and talking. They all stood up from their chairs. Maks paid the bill. As they were walking out the exit, they said their goodbyes.

“Thank you for everything Maks!” Meryl and Charlie both said in unison.

“It was my pleasure. I’ll see you both next week!”

They went their separate ways.  

Meryl and Maks only had one thing on their minds.

Each other.


The official partner reveal day came. Everyone was supposed to meet at the Dancing With The Stars rehearsal studio at 10am. The pros were sent to their assigned rooms ten minutes before the celebs.

Meryl awaited anxiously outside the door to the room. The producers had called each person up one by one, showed them a room number, and directed them towards it. They notified each celebrity that there would be an announcement saying when it is allowed to enter the room to meet your partner. Meryl leaned against the wall next to the door as she waited.

“Thank you all for your patience, you are now allowed to enter your designated room.”

Meryl’s heart sped up as she turned the doorknob. She took a step into the room and almost melted in front of her new partner.

“Hey!! It’s you!” She couldn’t contain her excitement and apparently neither could he.

“Yessss!!” Maks pumped his fist in the air and walked over to her, meeting her halfway. He kissed both of her cheeks and embraced her in a hug. When he finally let go of her, he couldn’t help but ask a question. His curiosity was killing him.

“I have to ask this. Are you and Charlie dating?” Meryl laughed and shook her head.


“Good because I love you and I want to marry you.” Her heart beat out of her chest, her nerves caught fire, and her face turned red.

So much for hiding it, Meryl.