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Request: So let me tell you first that I love your writing. ❤ Two I hope you have a good trip and hat you enjoy it and three imagine the reader is sick and somehow Joker got wrangled into helping her get better, bc why not. Have a little ooc fluff. By anonymous.

Words Count: 619

Warnings: Gun, fluff.

You walked through your house. You were having headaches and stomachaches. You were sick.

You hear a strange sound coming from your room. You walk to the door and slowly open it.

“If you scream I’ll blow you brains out.” The man whispers and he points a gun at your head. “I need a place to hide.”

“I won’t…” But you were cut of by you needing to cough. Ugh perfect timing.

“Wow, what the hell happened to you.” He looks at you, you look horrible. Red puffy eyes, pale white skin and you look like you could puke anytime.

You now just realize who the man in front of you is. The Joker.

You look scared at him. “P-please don’t hurt me.” You say softly.

“Oh please! You’re sick, if you don’t sit down soon you’re going to faint.” He smirks.

“Come, let me help you.” The Joker picks you up bridal style and lays you down on your couch. “Do you have like, tea or something?” He asks.

You just keep staring, he was helping you? What the hell!? You look confused as hell.

“I’m probably going to be here all night uh… What’s your name darling?”

“My name is (Y/N)” You reply.

“Well (Y/N), the police is looking for me so I have to stay low. Now where is the tea?” He says.

“It’s in the cabin on you right.”

“Ahh! There it is.” The Joker starts to make tea.

You chuckle, the Joker was making you tea. This day couldn’t get any weirder now.

“So, nice house.” He says, trying to start a conversation.

“Yeah, thanks.”

The Joker walks up to you and gives you the tea. “You have any movies?” He asks.

“I have Netflix.”

“Netflix it is!” He smiles at you.

The Joker starts to go through some movies.

“Joker? Why is the police looking for you?” You ask him.

“Call me Mr. J. Well, as you probably know I don’t go to prison. The police puts me in Arkham Asylum and I escaped that shit hole. That’s why.” The Joker says still searching for a movie.

You get a bit scared, he could hurt you any moment.

“I’m not going to hurt you (Y/N).” He says seriously.

“Why should I believe you?” You ask him,

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Look!” He points at the movie, The Human Centipede and he starts the trailer.

You are getting gag reflexes as you watch it and the Joker quickly turns it off. “Okay, maybe no movie then.” You both start to laugh. “Let’s talk? Do something fun.” He smiles

“Uhm, what’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?” He asks

“Uhm, I dunno”

“Come on! Think.”

“A week ago I was on a date and the guy started to sing about me, don’t ask me why, but in the process he spilled his drink on me.” You laugh.

“What a jerk!” He laughs

“Have you ever done something so stupid that you regret it the second after you’ve done it.” You ask the Joker.

“All the time, but I just don’t regret it. You?” He smiles at you.

“I wanted to jump over my couch… Well I fell.” You laugh and the also Joker starts to laugh.

“This is fun!” You smile.

You start to yawn. It was late at night so you started to get tired.

“Come, I’ll bring you to your bed. I have to leave soon.” And the Joker picks you up again. He brings you to your room and lays you down.

“This was fun. Thanks Mista’ J” You to him.

“Yes it was.” He smiles as he kisses your forehead. Then he disappears out the window.

amedunne  asked:

Hi. Okay, you just reblogged a post about all white males being homophobic and racist, and that any white males opinion is invalid because of course if people have bad experiences with certain white males who are abusive and self centered, THEY ALL ARE. Wow, logic! Ugh. And you tagged it #perfect... you agree with this? That, b/c of stereotypes and history and past experiences, some people don't deserve equality? Isn't that... racism? Isn't that exactly what we are trying to avoid as a society?

This ask proves the entire point of that post, actually, which is that majority groups (cis people, straight people, white people, males, etc.) are often so incapable of seeing the world from the perspective of a non-privileged person that they often make any complaints a non-privileged person makes about them, even though the person was expressing frustration about how the privileged group as a whole treats members of that minority. For example:

Trans* person: Ugh, why are cis people so obsessed with my genitals and where I am allowed to pee?
Cis person: OMG that’s so unfair! We’re not all like that! This is cis-sexism!

Queer person: I’m so sick of straight people and their heteronorming of everything!
Straight person: OMG that’s so unfair! We’re not all like that! This is hetero-sexism!

Person of color: I’m so fucking tired of white people erasing the existence of people who look like me.
White person: OMG that’s so unfair! We’re not all like that! This is reverse racism!

Female person: I’m so done with men judging my worth by my appearance of the probability that I’ll fuck them.
Male person: OMG that’s so unfair! We’re not all like that! This is misandry!

If you genuinely don’t understand why this is an issue, I would encourage you to explore the concepts of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia more. And if you really think that a queer PoC complaining about being judged by white heterosexual cisgendered men (by mocking their tendency to make it all about themselves instead of actually trying to understand the difficulties that someone else faces in their daily lives that a white hetero cis man just never experiences) is an example of RACISM, then I would especially encourage you to educate yourself about these issues.