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Why haven't you been posting finding Marley?

Because it takes an incredibly long time to create posts, and sadly real life has been kicking my butt latel 😢 so basically, I just haven’t had the time. It’s incredibly difficult to post everyday when each post takes between 3-6 hours to create 😊 I really am trying my best to post as often as I possibly can but at the end of the day, I’m a full time college student, with a job and responsibilies. Most of my free time is spent either working on my dissertation, my coursework, revising for my upcoming exams (which determine whether I’ll get into uni), and trying to spend at least a few hours a week with my boyfriend/friends/family; unfortunately, real life has to take priority. I apologise nonny! If it helps, I have a post coming up tonight and another tomorrow! 💓 

edit: i also have a pose pack coming out tonight! i forgot lol :)

Brashly So

A/N: I’ve never actually written any Connor/Evan fics before, so expect bad characterization and worse plot.

Connor stood in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest as he watched Evan type frantically on his laptop, perhaps writing another letter to himself or maybe he was updating the anti-suicide page Alana mostly ran but that Evan would occasionally add to.

The other boy was so pretty, and Connor shifted as he mentally cursed himself, wishing it could have been anyone else he was thinking it about.

Except Jared. He would definitely get too much shit for that one.

Making a brash split-second decision, Connor walked into the room, sitting next to Evan, possibly leaning just a bit too close to the shorter boy as he took a look at the screen, calm smirk on his face.

Evan startled, abruptly stopped typing, nearly falling over, but Connor caught him quickly, rolling his eyes.

“Calm down, I just want to see what you’re typing. Make sure it’s nothing about me again,” he teased, enjoying the sight of a slight pink spread in Evan’s face.

“Oh, n-no, just wor-working on some of the pr- See Mom wante- I need some sch-”

His smirk slowly becoming more of a smile, Connor found himself listening to the rambling boy with a discerning amount of fondness, and, once again making a brash decision, found his lips pressed firmly against Evan’s.

Stunned, but quieted, Evan was unable to respond for a moment, heart pounding, before he quickly kissed Connor back, not wanting to miss out on his chance.

It was nothing like Evan had imagined, usually it went something a bit more like they were out at the orchard stargazing and Evan would say something suave and Connor would be flattered (-can Connor be flattered, Evan would then wonder) and then they’d embrace, or-

A hand wrapping around Evan’s neck to bring him closer disrupted his racing thoughts, and he came hurtling back to earth at an alarming yet somehow comforting rate.

He pulled away, instantly regretting it, to look into Connor’s eyes. Both of them were overwhelmed with various emotions, and Evan frantically searched Connor’s face for any kind of doubt or withdrawal, but found none. Finding something in himself that he could rarely reach, Evan pushed forward and kissed Connor again, unable to hold back.

"I’m glad to see I’m not the only one,” Connor mumbled between kisses, before trailing to mouth along Evan’s neck, possessively marking the skin there.

Evan shakily exhaled, one hand reaching up to tangle in Connor’s hair as he tried to catch up.

"I, I never thought that- I mean, you never seemed interested- not that I’d ever assume how you feel, that’s not what I meant, I just mean that-”

"Oh shut up and just kiss me, Evan,” Connor murmured, and Evan gladly did just such, for once ignoring the sound of his laptop hitting the floor, barely even noticing the thud as Connor’s arms wrapped around his waist.

And just like that, everything seemed just a little more okay.

Happy Accidents (reader x Bucky) [AH pt 10(End)]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Sam, Steve, Nat, Tony, Bruce (mentioned)

Summary: Reader stays home from a mission and Bucky returns with unexpected news that could change your life together forever. 

Warnings: lil angst, mostly fluff. Mentions of illness and possible pregnancy. 

Word Count: 4k. (last part, I needed all the words! )

A/N: Well, this is it!! The last part. It’s been a long time coming and I’m sorry about the wait, but I hope it’s worth it! This series was my baby. Part 1 was my first fic written and posted EVER. Thank you all for sticking around and supporting me and this series! Please let me know what you think! :)

Tags at the end. 

<<<Part 9  Part 10 (End)

Accidents Happen Series Masterlist 



“There really is no one like you, Y/N. It’s good to be home.”

Now that Bucky was back, the tower felt like home again to you, too.


One Year Later

“I’m going.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Bucky. I feel fine!! I’ve been fine all morning. I am going on this mission.”

Bucky opened his mouth to protest, but your determined expression stopped him, throwing his hands up in surrender.

You smiled victoriously, gathering the last of your gear and tugging the zipper closed on your duffel. The both of you already wore your combat gear, ready to board the Quinjet that was leaving in 10 minutes. Steve had interrupted breakfast saying there was a last minute mission so you and Bucky, along with Bruce, Clint, and Steve were heading out as soon as possible. Steve protested your joining the mission, too, which annoyed you. What was up with that?

One last scan around the room to make sure you had gathered everything, you met Bucky’s eyes.

“You ready, babe?” you asked him.

“Yup. How ‘bout you, doll?”

You paused, holding up one finger before you bolted for the bathroom and lost your breakfast. Aw, crap.

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I've seen a few posts about what Supernatural would be like if HBO or Netflix had it, and ugh, do I wish that could have been the case, and I think they should buy the rights for the final season because it could be awesome haha in our dreams, right?...but then I also think about how devastating it could be if HBO or Netflix had it lol. A trade I would be willing to make, none the less.

Heh so yeah I have mused on this point before as well. I guess the thing is, consider the kind of concepts that Supernatural explores:

Hell, demons, monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, death, religion, torture, violence, murder.

It would be a horrifying show if that were the case. 

Have you seen the show Penny Dreadful? it was pretty awesome. Its set in Victorian England and its all about the Victorian Gothic monster stories like Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and Warewolves are in it, and the devil is in it as is Dracula and other Vampires… Also two of the main male characters fucked each other the first time they met… soooo yeah. 

Penny Dreadful is a Showtime show, so I guess its a similar kind of network to HBO. Therefore this is as close a show as I can imagine to Supernatural being on HBO/ Netflix that is currently available. 

With Penny Dreadful as my template therefore, here are some things that I think we would see on Supernatural if it were a cable show:

  • Dean is openly bisexual and is seen sleeping with men and women… sometimes at the same time.
  • Sam’s whole BoyKing arc is much darker and more graphic in the way Penny’s arc with the devil was *shudders*.

  • We would see Dean in hell. It would not be pretty.

  • The monsters would actually be really fucking horrifying.

  • The gory stuff would be even gorier. 

  • Dean and Cas would have hooked up in season 4. 

  • They would have then proceeded to have an on again off again relationship that spanned the course of the show. They are of course endgame.

  • But really fucked up stuff happens to them all the time.

  • we would see demons true faces.

  • Including Deans.

  • Dean and Crowleys relationship would have been super twisted.

  • What happened with Dean and Alistair.

  • What happened with Sam and Lucifer.

  • *shudders*

  • We would see Angel’s true forms (or an interpretation of them)

  • We would see angel wings

  • The characters would suffer SO MUCH more than they currently do. I mean in really twisted fucked up ways.

  • It would also be hauntingly beautiful at times. Like when Dorian and Lily dance in the ballroom with blood pouring out of their wounds. I wanna see moments like that on Supernatural. The mix of the beautiful and the horrifying.

  • There’d also be a shit ton of swearing… just the idea of Cas saying the word ‘fuck’ gets me all hot and bothered. LOL.
  • It would NOT have a happy ending. This is just from my experience watching darker shows on HBO/Netflix. They tend to have dark endings that leave me either angry or in tears. This is the downside i guess.

Anyway, would it be better? In some ways OF COURSE. But I also don’t think it would have gone on for as long as it did….I also just remembered True Blood. That was a vampire show on HBO so that’s another good comparison for what Supernatural could have been. Though I have never seen that series and my only knowledge of it is my friends description which was “Vampire Pornography”. So um yeah? Maybe also more pornographic. I suppose that would go down well on tumblr anyway! 

ok if it all works out, i’m gonna start trying to answer some of the infinity war questions i’m getting toward the end of the week. just a general psa though: i am….. not ready to jump on the pessimistic/bitter train regarding tony’s role in the movie yet??

mostly there’s a lot of “oh god no i can’t deal with this stress” going on here at this end with how real life is a shit show (personally and politically lol) and my fave (616 tony) is Gone and mcu is my last life line (imagine this level of desperation lmao!!) but like for whatever it’s worth, i have been able to rationalize my desperate last-ditch positivity with a few semi-objective reasons

1) honestly i am shutting out any “was the letter supposed to fix everything??” worries from my life because we’ve heard from both the russos and rdj that the team is split and steve is still “s-listed”

2) we also know that the avengers rift is going to be their biggest weakness against THANOS like if we’ve got a story where a space titan will be waged against AVENGERS INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT then yeah i already know that said interpersonal conflict is not gonna be an easy fix. if i’m worried about anything, i’m worried that tony will (rightfully) be resenting steve to the point where it hinders their group performance and that’s where any “tony painted as A Villain” worries would live if i had any, and,

3) i really don’t have any at this point because i think that what’s missing from the idea that “tony’s emotional reactions to steve might be depicted as a problem and that’s a bad thing” is the fact that those would be REACTIONS to SOMETHING STEVE DID and i’m telling myself people are underestimating how much the movie will focus on the fact that steve betrayed tony’s trust and tony has no reason to trust him and basically how justified tony is going to look

4) i am telling myself that based on the premise that this movie will ACTUALLY be a team-perspective movie rather than a STEVE-perspective movie. as much as people say that cap 3 was “an avengers movie, not a cap movie,” it WASN’T. it was never meant to be, i can’t count how many times the cap 3 creative people and actors reiterated that “at the end of the day, this is a captain america movie” and whether or not people think it was a successful cap movie, the fact is, we have NOT seen this creative team (russos + m&m) actually legitimately setting out to make an AVENGERS movie. the cameras in cap 3 were following steve 90% of the time, we don’t actually know what this sort of stuff looks like in a movie where we get to follow *tony* when he walks out of the room as well, and

5) EVEN THOUGH cap 3 was a movie that followed steve’s perspective, the russos still wanted it to not take steve’s side. they said multiple times that they were going for a 50-50 team cap vs team iron man split and they cared to do that within the constraints of a movie that followed steve’s line of sight and honestly? i may be too far up my pro-tony ass but i think they all did a GREAT JOB getting tony’s side to come across, in a movie where he was working against the PROTAGONIST so i really have no reason to believe they won’t do a good job with tony when tony is ALSO a protagonist

6) a billion things these guys could have said about the avengers status and whereabouts re: infinity war and they SPECIFICALLY zoomed in on tony to talk about how TONY is already addressing the main threat in this movie with no input from steve & co, like to people’s pessimistic “tony will HAVE to get steve’s help UGH” i raise the other side of that coin, aka “how fucking bad will these guys look when they’re all together and TONY turns out to have been the one Doing Shit while these guys were incognito somewhere because they’re on the entire world’s shit list by their own hand” –> i daresay that’s tony’s perspective on the whole deal and again we HAVE NOT SEEN ANY OF THIS TOLD THROUGH TONY’S PERSPECTIVE YET

7) also idk how many of you were here for this but like i spent months crying about the things i wished i could see in a civil war adaptation and i STRAIGHT UP GOT EVERYTHING I WANTED (minus the glass punching scene like that was literally the One Thing)??? lol i specifically remember posting something like “please introduce tony by having him wax poetic about Future so that his Ideal may be juxtaposed with all the shit that follows” and full offense cap 3 legitimately gave me “REFRAME THE FUTURE!!” AND “bitter The Futurist tone a la Confession” i’m still in awe because this wasn’t a “oh this is in the comics, i WANT it” sort of thing, it was a “if these people know two shits about tony they’re gonna think a little and extrapolate and givE ME THIS” thing and THEY WENT THERE GOOD LORD i’m still !!!!!!!! at tony’s cap 3 introduction i mean on top of everything else it is ALSO A *PERFECT* PARALLEL TO HIS IM1 MERCHANT OF DEATH INTRO

(HONESTLY??? HONESTLY??? tony receiving an award (IM1) vs tony giving an award (cap 3), tony distracting himself with people’s shallow attentions (IM1) vs backstage avoidance!tony stark (cap 3), “it’s an imperfect world but it’s the only one we’ve got” (IM1) vs “REFRAME THE FUTURE! STARTING NOW!” (cap 3), tony’s reaction to christine vs tony’s reaction to mrs spencer like fuckiNG HONESTLY GUYS the post-IM1 movies WISH they’d been this good at drawing tony’s character development lmao)

truth is, these people Knew Their Tony Stark Shit, full offense, and idk if it was m&m or the russos or rdj or the power of all my desperate prayers, all i know is that those same elements are present in infinity war and honestly?? honestly?? i am so entirely ready for that level of Tony Stark Quality ™ in a movie thAT ACTUALLY HAS AN OBLIGATORY TONY STARK FOCUS and i have SO MANY BAD THINGS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE LET ME BE HAPPY FOR FULL 20 SECONDS


Wow great title

Jason x Y/n

Rating: F and A for Fucking Angst Fluff and Angst

By: Admin Day


The wind was rough today, whipping through your hair and messing up your neat style, “Leo!” You shouted harshly, chasing after the snickering Latino who had made fun of your lack of ability just minutes ago at the amphitheater.

You were sitting on one of the benches around the unlit bonfire since it was mid-day, humming a tune to yourself as you doodled some random drawings on your notepad, artist or not, you drew to pass the time on free days. At one point your humming turned to whistling, which would be great if you knew how to.

You huffed and ceased your drawing to concentrate on making the high-pitched noise, you never understood why you couldn’t get the hang of it, most kids were able to do by the age of 7 or 8 but here you were in your teens, the most progress you’ve made towards whistling was simply blowing air through puckered lips.

A snicker coming from your left caught your attention immediately, a familiar mop of black, curly hair bobbing into view with a mischevious glint in his chocolate brown eyes and a smirk to match. Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, otherwise known as repair boy.

“Can’t whistle, huh? Aren’t you supposed to learn that when you’re young?” He teased with a cocky tone, puckering his lips and whistling just to spite you.

“Shut up, Valdez.” You growled as a warning, you’ve had enough of his constant and unnecessary teasing from this past week and were not about to endure it anymore.

He whistled loudly while staring you dead in the eyes, “Or what?”

And now here you were chasing after the boy with the intent to seriously mess up his face, or at least give him a fat lip so he could no longer whistle.

You were just in reach of Leo’s dangling suspenders that had slipped off when strong arms gripped you around the waist and prevented you from further chasing repair boy, “Woah, Woah, Woah, what in Zeus’ name are you doing right now?” Questioned a chuckling voice, a familiar one at that.

You blow a piece of hair out of your face and look over your shoulder at your captor, Jason Grace, aka your boyfriend of 4 months.

He looked down at you with smiling eyes and a warm grin, “Well? I’m waiting.” He joked while turning you loose from his hold but still keeping your arm on lock down.

You sigh and look after the son of Hephaestus who stood by his cabin with a smug expression resting on his elfish features, blowing a kiss towards you tauntingly.

You let out a low growl but turn your attention back to Jason who was still waiting for your reply. Sighing and dropping your gaze you mumble quietly, “I can’t whistle….”

Jason furrows his brow and leans closer to you, he hadn’t heard you clearly and questioned further, “What was that?”

“I SAID I CAN’T WHISTLE, JASON.” You shouted loudly, causing him to draw back in fear of your sudden loudness, “Leo’s making fun of me because I can’t whistle.”

‘He’s going to make fun of me too.’ You thought bitterly, jerking your arm free and marching away from the still laughing Latino and a confused Jason. You were hurt that Jason and Leo could make fun of your inability, even if Jason hadn’t said a word yet, you were pretty sure he would.

“Y/n, wait!”

Jason entrapped your arm once more, tilting his head sideways, a small smile present on his face as he asked something that shocked you,

“Want me to teach you?”

Leo’s smile dropped once he saw Jason wrap an arm around your shoulder’s and bring you to his cabin. He was hoping that maybe you would chase after him out to the bunker where he’d let you catch him and then well…. he’d kiss you and confess his feelings.

But no. You didn’t get that far, all thanks to Jason Grace, who also has taken a liking to you without knowledge of the repair boy’s feelings.

He sighed and slumped down onto the steps of his cabin, his elbow coming up to his knee and his head resting in the palm of his hand.

“This always happens to me, everyone finds some hero and forgets about me.” He muttered distastefully as he glared at the laughing pair walk inside cabin one together, “Betcha they’re going in there to suck faces off or something.”

Leo stayed there for a good hour and a half just drawing in the dirt, tinkering with miscellaneous objects from his toolbelt, and watching. He keeps his chocolate brown eyes locked on that pearly white cabin, just waiting for that door to open up and for Y/n to come out.

If it wasn’t too late, Leo was determined to tell Y/n how he feels and hopefully, his feelings will be returned.

You walk out of Jason’s cabin with a huge grin, you felt the need to show off your new melodic ability to the world. Whistling the tune to one of your favorite songs caused a few odd looks to be cast your way along with some thumbs up from some Apollo kids.

You stumbled over a rock and tripped into a body, an 'oof’ emitting from the person, “I’m so sorry!” You said immediately apologizing and moving away with your head down, not bothering to even look up at who you fell into.

A hot hand wrapped around your arm, pulling you back to the strange person, “Can people stop grabbing my arm?” You groan while pulling your arm free, a small chuckle coming from the person, “Sorry about that, just needed to get your attention.”

You look up to see a mischievous grin and twinkling brown eyes locked on your own, “Leo? What do you mean?” You questioned confusedly.

Leo sighed and squeezed his eyes shut, “Please don’t hate me.”

Now you were seriously confused slash worried about this son of Hephaestus, just and hour or so ago he was teasing you about your inability and you haven’t spoken to him since so… that must be what he’s talking about. Right?

“Huh? Is this about earlier? I mean I was going to kick your ass but Jason stoppe-    ”

Soft lips pressed against your own shut you up instantly, your mind going blank with surprise and a muffled cry of shock emitting from your mouth.

After 15 short seconds of kissing, your realization of what was going on came back to you and you shoved him away, holding a hand over your lips in shock of what just happened,

“L-Leo!” You stuttered, “What did you just do?”

Leo looked down bashfully at his worn converse shoes and muttered his answer softly, “I kissed you, I like you a lot, Y/n.”

Your heart stopped, chills running down your spine as if you’d just been hit with freezing cold water. You feared the worst for yours and Leo’s friendship, for you didn’t see him in that light, you just couldn’t.


He sighed and smiled at you sadly, “It’s okay, I didn’t think you’d like me back anyways, I just…” He trailed off slowly, “Needed it to get it off my chest.”

You open your mouth to speak but could not find the words, and so, he walked off like a kicked puppy towards the woods, presumably to bunker 9.

You begin to walk after him, wanting to fix the breaking friendship, but yet again Jason had appeared and stopped you unknowingly.

“Hey babe,” the blue-eyed boy spoke, leaning down to plant a kiss on your cheek, bringing you back to earth, “You look like someone doused you in cold water.” He laughed.

You nod, still staring after your retreating friend, “That’s what I feel like right now.” You sigh and lean your head against Jason’s firm shoulder, “Jason… do you think we should have told Leo about us?”

Jason paused, wrapping an arm around your waist while staring off into space. He wasn’t sure why this was brought up but figured you were just worried about lying to a close friend, “I mean… if that’s what you want, I guess we can.”

You brought your hands up to your face and sighed deeply, “It’s about time for everyone to know Jase.”

Jason nodded in agreement and kissed the top of your head while reaching down with his free hand to move your hands away from your face, “Okay, let’s do it.”

Frank knocked on the door of the open bunker before waltzing in and looking around while calling out for Leo, “Hey, Leo, you in here? Jason said he needs to say something to all of us.”

Leo rolled out from underneath Festus’s body on a mechanic’s creeper, motor oil and grease streaked across his cheek and eyebrow, “Can’t you just tell me about it later? I’m kind of busy here.”

“No, now come one.” Frank scolded.

“I’m not going.”

“Yeah, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”



Frank huffed, shaking his head in annoyance, “Leo Valdez, you’re coming even if I have to drag you there by your pointy elf ears!”
He marched over and pulled Leo up by his suspenders, the boy yelping and whining as he was dragged out the door.

“For a baby Chinese Canadian man, you’re pretty strong…” Leo grumbles, pushing Frank off and trudging alongside him instead.

It was quiet for most of the way back to cabin 1 until Frank spoke up, breaking the awkward silence, “Are you okay? You don’t seem like yourself right now…”

Leo’s head turned instantly at the sound of his question, “Yeah I’m okay but,” He paused, pursing his lips in a nervous manner, “Will… Y/n be there?”

Frank nodded and smiled, “Yeah, I know you like her being around, I see the way you look at her. So when are you going to confess?”

Leo stayed quiet.

“I mean, I have a feeling she likes you too,” Frank reassured with a kind smile, nudging Leo with his elbow.


You paced back and forth, biting your nails nervously and thinking of how everyone could react to your relationship. How would Piper react to this? She was Jason’s ex after all, sure things ended on a good note but… there still had to be old feelings… right? You groan and sit on Jason’s sleeping bag with legs criss crossed, “Ugh I really wished we hadn’t kept this a secret…”

Jason looked across the room at you. He’d been watching you drive yourself crazy with worry for too long. He shuffled over to you and sat in front of you, his head resting on his hand as he stared at you with worried eyes… those big blue eyes…

“Y/n, it’ll be fine, I promise. Everyone is going to be happy for us.” He reassured, “We’re all friends first before anything, and friends are supposed to be happy for each other, right?”

You slowly nodded and leaned back onto the comfy sleeping bag just as the door creaked open to reveal all of your friends.

“Hey, Jase and Y/n,” Percy greeted with a wave and a small lopsided smile, “Nico said you wanted to talk about something…?”

Jason nodded with a grin, grabbing your hand with his own and pulling you off the floor, “Well,” He spoke, looking over at you with loving eyes,

“Y/n and I have been dating,” He confessed, eye darting over his friends, lingering on his ex-girlfriend longer than the others to gauge her reaction, “…For the past 4 months.”

Leo coughed suddenly which caused everyone to pause and glance over, including you.

“I’m so… happy for you guys. Just don’t do any of that gross coupley stuff around me like these two do.” He joked with sad eyes, jabbing his thumb in the direction of Nico and Will who were currently holding hands.

You hated seeing him so upset; you definitely should have told him sooner. You blamed yourself for his sadness, if you hadn’t kept your infatuation with Jason such a huge secret then maybe you could have stopped his feelings before they got too serious.

You return the same sad smile and opened your mouth to say something, anything, to at least show some kind of sympathy for his position at the moment. You’ve been in this position before with someone you loved, the person never noticing you and never acknowledging your feelings for them, but you got over it eventually and you hope Leo could do the same.

Leo laughed as the others started congratulating you, “Well I need to finish up some… repairs, so see you guys later!” He rushed out before backing out the door to go back to the bunker to be alone.

The only thing he needed to repair that day was his heart.






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Hello Jen I've been following for a while but this is the first time I send you a message, well I haven't said this off anon, but I saw the ask you just answered so here it is: I have cancer and dealing with this lately it's being really hard so can you surprise me with some BTS that normally helps




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Whiskey and Sunsets

I blame @badwolf626 for giving me the courage to post this xD Hope it isn’t terrible. My version of the party and sunset scene to better fit my Ryder’s personality! Spoiler warning for parts of Reyes’s romance. Ye be warned.

           Emun had enough of this party. She hadn’t exactly wanted to go to begin with, but since Reyes had insisted she decided to take a chance. She didn’t know why she was drawn to the man, he was far too smooth for her liking, but she couldn’t help the thrill she felt when she was around him. Keema wasn’t exactly helping either; the Angaran had made it a point to tell her how much he liked her, about how much he’d talked about her lately, and much to her chagrin had felt her cheeks heating up at her comments.

           She looked around the party; people were drunk, Sloane had been watching her moves, and Reyes had ditched her for some purpose she assumed wasn’t good. She was done. “Reyes, where are you?” There wasn’t any answer over her comm and she let out a sigh. She was going to tell him she was going, but if he didn’t even have the decency to respond— ‘I believe Mr. Vidal has slipped into a side room.’ SAM chimed privately and she groaned about SAM’s meddling.

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Requested: Nurp

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x Reader

Words: 568

Warnings: Tiny bit of swearing

I had literally just sat down when I got a text from Jack.

J : Hi! Can you watch my new vid plz? It’s really special. I want u to see it!

Y/N : Do you think I wouldn’t? your videos are my life!




I laugh at Jack’s use of the nickname he gave me when he discovered I owned a huge teddy bear, and stand up to go get my laptop.

Jack and I had met over the Internet a couple years ago, and really hit it off. I watched his videos and he watched mine. We got in touch via Twitter and have been best friends since. And, well, I kinda sorta maybe might have developed a crush on him. But I’m almost one hundred percent sure he doesn’t like me in that way. So I have to settle with best friends. Which is good enough for me.

I plop back down on my sofa, and click into my subscriptions. Sure enough, there is Jack’s video. But when I see the title, my heart drops into my stomach. The video is called “I have a crush…” I decide to watch the video anyways. I’m his best friend. I need to be his wingman. I start to build up my walls as the video starts.

“WAPSH WAPSH! TOPODAMORNINTOYALADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND TODAY WE’RE GONNA BE DOING ANOTHER VLOG! I know I’ve been doing this a lot recently, but I promise, this is for a good reason. I have a crush, which you already know from the title, I guess.” He giggles.

He then goes on about how beautiful, and wonderful she is. I sink deeper into a pit of darkness as he says all the amazing things about this girl, wishing I was in her place.

“Ugh, it’s so hard to be saying this on the Internet, because I know she’ll be watching. That’s her entire life. I just wish I could tell her in person, but unfortunately, she lives overseas, so I can’t. I miss her so much. My little bear.”

My eyes widen.


Stay calm, I tell myself. It might not be you.

“So, well, what I guess I’m saying is, Y/N, I love you, so so much. You and all your quirks, and your fangirling. Your beauty, your humor, the way you can make me smile bigger than anyone else I’ve ever known. And I have one question, one I’ve been dying to ask ever since the day we met. Y/n, will you be my girlfriend?”

I start screaming. Tears of happiness start falling from my eyes. The man i’ve loved for years, just told me he loves me back.

I get another text from Jack.

J : Look out the window, love

I scramble to my window, and I see Jack standing there, with a bouquet of red roses.

I grab a coat and run out of my door, rushing down the three flights of stairs, and out the front door. I run into Jack’s arms, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. He kisses me back, just as passionately.

We stop for breath, and his forehead touched mine.

I love you, my little bear. He whispers.

I smile, and kiss and kiss him.

Your answer is yes. I whisper back. I would love to be your girlfriend.

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Ugh.. Your such a cutie, wish I could call you mine, puddin', but sadly your heart belongs to another, which leaves no point in tryin' or me revealing myself *sigh*

“ My heart had been taken a long time ago, me and Lucie have been dating for quite some time so yeah…real shame there, guess no point in even trying now “

“ Heh… puddin, know who calls me that too? Lucie “

- Bendy


Hey guys~!

Just wanted to let y'all know that I won’t be posting very much for the next 2-3 weeks. Final Exams time is just around the corner and I really have to prepare because classes this semester have been brutal and I’m really doing poorly so I have to work hard for finals.

I’m going to put the 100 drabbles on hold for now, but I’ll be doing them again in a few weeks, I promise. I know it sucks because a lot of you requested drabble prompts but please, just be patient and I will write them. I just need to take some time to focus on school.

Texts and three sentence fics will also be slowed down. I might post a few here and there as a study break but I can’t make ant promises.

For those who have been following the blog for a while, you know how much I hate hiatuses. It’s really my least favorite thing to do when running a blog, so I’m not going on a full hiatus - just a small, temporary slow down.

I’ll definitely post a lot once University lets out and I can actually go back home and write and post things.

Thank you guys so much for all of the love and support! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll be back and posting soon! <3 Love you all!



Dan harbours a secret. A secret that he has kept from all human ears for decade. That is until Phil finds out. But Dan has kept this secret for a reason, and Phil is just about to find out why.

AKA the fic where Dan is a werewolf and Phil doesn’t know.

Words: 14.8k

Art: By the wonderful, amazing, talented awesomesockes!! Go check it out here, seriously go look, she is fantastic.

Beta: The brilliant isthisjustphantasy! She was absolutely fantastic, seriously… I can’t even describe how instrumental she was in this being posted.

Triggers: Abuse (not in huge detail), a little bit of swearing

A/N: This is a (day late) big bang fic. I’m sorry it’s late. Oh, and also, this is going to be part one of two, but the second part is going to be up after I’ve finished exams. (If there’s any interest.)

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Yoosung's Confession
Mystic Messenger
Yoosung's Confession


MC: Hello? Are you okay to talk right now?

I am! Totally am.
I actually had something to tell you…
Listen carefully, okay?

One… two… three…
I love you.

I’m so happy that I can protect you.
You gave me so much strength by believing in me.
I feel like I’ve never been more useful in my life… I can finally be the knight who protects his loved one.

MC: I love you too, Yoosung.

I know. I can just tell by how you breathe.
But if you say it out loud… you’re so adorable!! God… I wish I could just run to you and hug you…
I want to see you more now… Ugh… Nope! I need to wake up.

…I’ll call you again. Have a good day, my love.


Here we have a blonde, short haired, not smiling, stef. 

Hi. Just thought I’d update y'all on my life. 

So let’s start with the blatantly obvious- i chopped 12 inches of my hair off!!!!!!! The reason why I decided to do it was 50% cus my hair was SO FRIED and 50% cus I wanted to look like CL soooo yeah. I did it. It’s done. 

I’m also now back in school (kind of sad face) except my best friend transferred to my university so I don’t have to suffer alone in my classes anymore (happy face)!!! 

Some of you may know this already but I actually ended up completely quitting my old job and taking a leap of faith by switching career paths! I am no longer barista stef but rather a (soon to be) colour consultant at Sephora!! I honestly never thought that I’d be leaving Starbucks so soon and do miss it from time to time but am loving the new experiences and challenges I encounter at Sephora and the wonderful work family that it comes with. Plus you all should know by now that makeup is the second thing in my life that I’m most passionate about (after jimin) so to work in the industry is almost like a dream come true for me. 

In terms of my mental health I’m kind of all over the map right now; BUT I am currently getting help for it and am also on low dosage medication so hopefully things will steadily go up from here! 

Anyway, I realize that I haven’t been as active as i would have liked to be the past couple of months (I so sorry) but hopefully now that I’ve gotten past some of the kinks and bumps in my life I’ll be back updating and connecting with u guys regularly. Just felt like I’ve kind of been isolated for a lil while and wanted to tell u guys what’s up. 😊 xoxo all my love -stef

oh ps- follow my instagram for more frequent updates on me- i follow back and love seeing all your posts!! helps me to put faces to names too yknow? hehe

pps- thank u guys for 15k im so sorry i havent been able to do a proper thank you but i promise i will soon i just cant believe there are 15000 of u guys ugh i wish i could hug each and every one of you honestly u guys have no idea how blessed u make me feel. i love love love love love you. so much.

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i wanted to say that your trans post made me smile, because as a guy who started t about a year ago i wish i had someone else i saw regularly who was going through the same thing, so knowing that there are trans people casually running into each other on the regular makes me happy.

everyone deserves to have someone who understands what they’re going through and to experience things together and to not feel isolated and alone. i wish i could offer that to more people and i’m so lucky to live where i do that i feel safe doing what i do

i have 3 trans guys that go to my school that i know of and one of them is pre-t, one of them has been on t for over a year and has top surgery, and the other guy is on t and started around the same time as me and i wish i could give that experience of knowing people and feeling safe around people and be able to discuss our lives like we do. ugh

dance10jenna: Soooo…. I was just cleaning out my closet and I came across these jeans. A year and a half ago these were the only jeans I could comfortably fit into and I wore them almost everyday. Recently I’ve been a bit down on myself and constantly comparing myself to others thinking “ugh I wish I looked like that” but it’s moments like just barely that reinforce my appreciation for how far I’ve come. This isn’t meant to brag or boast but a reminder that YOU are your worst enemy…. but you should also be your own biggest cheerleader. So when we do have days of discouragement we are able to remind ourselves how truly awesome we are… and how far we’ve come! I’m also working on being more confident in my own skin so I’m trying to use little to no make up and no filters….. we shall see how long that lasts 😉 Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


*Requested* Imagine lying under the stars in the middle of the forest with Klaus while he used his Vampire mind tricks to show you what different time periods were like.

I tried to mix real history with Klaus´ history and I hope succeeded in that attempt. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this imagine and it´s like you wanted it to be.

Word count: 786

Your name: submit What is this?

You lie in the middle of the forest, looking up at the night sky.Klaus lays beside you with his arms locked behind his head. You two went out of town for the night, just to clear your head of all the stress that´s going on right know. You ended up laying on a huge rock staring at the sky, talking nonsense. 

Y/N: “You know, I just love star constellations so much, I would rather stay awake the whole night staring at them, and sleep through the day.”

Klaus: “I know what you mean, love. I always loved them, even as a kid I was fascinated by them. I even remember the exact day when the names finally where translated to Latin, so I finally knew how to call them. This was about 200 years after me and my siblings where turned.”

Y/N: “Ugh.. I wish I could have been there, you know living through all these time periods,  it must have been amazing.”

Klaus: “You know, I could show you a little bit, if you let me.”

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