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Hey, as an American I always wonder what people outside of my country think about the little "American things" popping up in TV shows like SPN. As a German/European, do you get sometimes confused/amused/whatever when watching certain scenes that are just "so American"?


Sure, I got used to a lot of stuff over time, but it’s more often than not very freaking obvious that your culture is different than mine *lol*

When I got your ask I started to make a list in my head and I got a bit carried away ^^’

  • Doorknobs (as a child I was really mystified how you can open doors *lmao*)
  • Your windows (why are they sliding upwards?? why the hell can’t you really open them??)
  • Your roller blinds being inside instead of outside
  • Your walls and windowpanes apparently being so thin you can actually smash a hole in them without that much effort (though that’s probably a Hollywood thing, right? I can’t imagine a simple punch would be capable of damaging a wall O.o)
  • Those creepy death machines you’ve got in your kitchen - garbage disposal or whatever the name ;D
  • Some of your food ‘creations’ (muffins with bacon [is that seriously true??] or that whole peanutbutter/jelly combo, for example *ugh*)
  • and people sometimes using water for their hot chocolate
  • Your alcohol bottles being wrapped up in those paper bags (why??)
  • Your drinking age is a quite weird thing for me too (Remember that scene in 12x16 “Ladies Drink Free” where Dean grabs the beer bottle Claire is about to take? I read a lot of comments here on tumblr, saying stuff like “Aaawww, he’s such a dad, how cute <33”, … and yeah, that was kinda odd for me, I’ve gotta confess! Here in Germany I highly doubt that I would ever see a father taking away his adult daughter’s drink O.o I mean, okay, granted, not exactly surprising since we’re allowed to drink beer with 16 (even 14 with the permission of our parents), but still, it’s a bit weird to watch a grown-up woman not being allowed to drink some beer ;p)
  • Your whole high school/college/university system is sometimes a mystery to me as well (are you seriously that obsessed with sports??)
  • The way you handle nudity (here in Germany you can see naked people on newspapers right next to children coloring books or the noon television program all the time and no one gives a damn about that ^^’)
  • Some people over in the US obviously being convinced that every German owns several pieces of Lederhosen and Dirndls ;D

And there are probably at least a thousand other things I didn’t mention (and some a lot more serious, like gun control or your justice system) or did outright forget, but I think you get the picture ^^’

Huh… weird…

So I had to get a new iPhone 6 Plus ‘cause mine had “multi-touch” problems (sounds more interesting than it was, I promise)… and even though I restored my old settings on my new phone, some things (looking at YOU, tumblr) are being weird. I don’t seek to be getting notifications, and somehow I stopped following people?!? I’m trying to re-follow everyone, so if you get a notification that I’m following you (again)… that’s why

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