ugh why do i torture myself

It’s Always Been You.

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YC/N= your crush’s name

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“Hey YC/N can I talk to you for a second?” I asked tentatively, not sure they would even want to talk to me. 

“Yeah sure, come on in.” YC/N responded cheerfully. I slowly walked into their room and just kinda stood there awkwardly wondering if what I’m about to do is absolutely crazy. “What can I help you with Y/N?” they asked after a moment of very awkward silence. 

“Well you see, ummm. I have to say. This is hard for me. I don’t really know how to put this. Ugh! Where do I start?” I frustratingly exclaimed. 

“Why don’t you start from the beginning? I always find that’s the best place to start.” they reasoned after seeing me struggle.

“It’s you. It’s always been you. No matter who talks to me. Who asks me out. Who I find cute. No matter the age. Even in my dreams I can’t escape from the torture I’ve been putting myself through. And quite frankly it’s all because of you. It’s because of the way your eyes wrinkle when you smile, the way you laugh when someone makes a pun, they way you narrow your eyes when someone won’t listen to you, the personal stories you tell to relate to the topic we’re talking about, or how you react when you say something you shouldn’t. Everything is because of you. I love you. It’s always been you.” I ramble rather quickly wondering if they even caught half of what I said. 

When they don’t respond though I mutter a forget it and start to walk away from the embarrassment and shame I just put myself through. Just as I was almost out the door, a hand caught my wrist not allowing me to go any further than I already was. 

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I kept my head down with cheeks red enough a fire truck would be envious. I had embarrassed myself without thinking it through properly​, and now I had to face my consequences. He gently pulled on my wrist slowly pulling me closer to what i thought would be humiliation and rejection. Why me? Why did I have to be so impulsive?

“Do you really feel that wayY/N?” they questioned after a moment of watching my embarrassment.

“Yeah I actually do. And I’m sorry for making things awkward I just felt like you should know the truth, I understand though that you don’t feel the same.” 

“Well I have to say that I am flattered you feel this way about me. And although I can’t say that it has always been you for me, it is you right now. I love you. Every little thing about you, I just never thought you’d feel the same way because you are practically perfect in my eyes.” He remarked while ever pulling me closer to him.

In a jiffy his hand was on my chin, slowly tilting it toward his face. Our lips were mere centimeters apart. I closed my eyes feeling his breath fan across my. My hands slowly wound there way around his neck closing what little space we had between our bodies.

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My whole body was on fire because of him. I had waited so long I thought that this would never happen and here I am kissing the man of my dreams. Every inch of me wanted more and yet I had to pull away because of the extreme need for oxygen. Standing there flush with each other, out of breath and flustered we both did the only thing we could possibly think of doing at that moment. Laugh. We were laughing for what felt like hours, but could have merely been moments. 

In that moment watching his eyes wrinkle around the edges and his body double over because of the laughter I realized one thing.

It has always been him, and it will always be him. No matter what.

Off Limits (Part 2)

A Liam Dunbar Fan Fic

A/N: Part 2 is finally up so sorry about the wait! I did something a little different, I hope you all like it.

Warnings: Cursing, sexual content.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

To my fortunate surprise the day went smoothly all thanks to Mason for getting my papers ready. I played it safe and simply introduced myself, went over the syllabus, and tried to get to know each class. Most of the students were nice, some of course could have cared less, and then there was one who stood out. Liam Dunbar. The whole time I spoke during 1st period his eyes never left mine, like he was genuinely listening and interested in what I had to say. The little stunt he pulled before sitting down that first day still rings through my head, he called me hot. His words clouded my thoughts, I had to shake him. Come on get it together y/n. He is a student, you are 5 years older than him. He is off limits.

A week later….

Liam’s P.O.V.

“So the new anatomy teacher, she is really cool and not to mention hot. Definitely a 10.” Stiles said from across the table. My eyes shot up to see who he was talking to. Scott smiled and replied. “Yeah, she is nice and just so happens to be gorgeous. It will be an easy A.” The boys high fived each other. Malia spoke up this time. “I thought you guys already took anatomy?” Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I hated the thought of them talking about her like that, okay so maybe I am jealous. “We did. We are taking her AP course for extra credit and I need it for college.” Scott replied. Oh yeah he was going to be a veterinarian. Makes sense. Stiles is just a nerd wanting extra credit. “Liam don’t you have her too?” Malia asked. “Uh yeah 1st period actually. She is pretty great.” I said trying to play it cool. “Oh come on dude, you know she’s hot. Don’t deny it. You aren’t with Hayden anymore. You can talk about other chicks now.” Stiles said with his trademark grin plastered on his face. “Okay yeah she’s hot. Very hot. “ I finally admitted with a defeated smile. “Scott your little beta is blushing! Look how cute! Liam has a crush on Miss Y/L/N. That’s adorable.” Stiles yelled out while laughing. My blush faded into a scowl. Scott must have felt my chemo signals because he told Stiles to shut up. I wanted to punch him but I knew that would end badly. My anger is seriously my only weakness, well it was now its that along with her.

After finishing up with the pack I decided to head home. Walking on the side walk I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. What if Stiles tries flirting with her and she flirts back? After all he is 18. Ugh why do I torture myself? She has only been here a week and I am already a mess. The sound of a vehicle slowing down beside of me yanked me from my thoughts. I looked over and noticed it was Miss Y/L/N. “Hey Liam, its getting ready to pour the rain. Do you need a ride?” She yelled out through the passenger side window. She was smiling and looked absolutely perfect. I glanced up and noticed the sky was completely grey. “Uhm yeah sure thanks!” I replied while hopping in. I felt myself becoming nervous almost instantly. She was wearing a black dress with a red cardigan over it. Her cleavage was hidden enough to be suitable for school but my eyes were still glued to what I could see. Her hands gripped the steering while and I pictured them wrapped around my di…”So Liam how am I doing so far?” She spoke up. “Wha? What do you mean?” I replied. I barely registered what she had said. “How am I doing in class? This is my first year teaching. I don’t want to be so boring that I am torturing you guys.” Her voice was like a song and I could listen to it all day. Little did she know that just being in the same room was a form of torture to me. “Oh no you are great, really. I mean you are far from boring, the complete opposite actually. I love 1st period. It’s my favorite class now.” I said trying not to sound so desperate but I failed miserably. She blushed like crazy at my response. I made her blush. How was this possible? “Well thank you, I love hearing that. Especially coming from you. I always look forward to 1st period, I enjoy having you in class Liam. “ I couldn’t believe my ears, she was actually saying this. I knew my wolf ears were not deceiving me. Okay I have to calm down. She is just saying that in a teacher to student way, not is a flirtatious way. “Seriously? I mean cause I feel the exact same way, you make me want to come to class. ” I said while looking down to fidget with my hands. “I have to be completely honest with you Liam. I heard what you said on the first day. I’m not mad. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m very flattered. “ She spoke so sweetly but she had a hint of something else in her voice. My werewolf senses started picking up on a very familiar chemo signal. No way, she is attracted to me….sexually. The scent was intoxicating as it poured off of her. “ I really meant it Miss Y/L/N. You are hot, beautiful, beyond sexy actually.” I spoke lowly, my voice sounded more rough now than before. She was making me crazy. A burst of adrenaline shot through me giving me more confidence. My hand instinctively went to her thigh where I rubbed soft circles onto her exposed skin. Her heart suddenly started to race. I could hear it pounding from her chest. “Liam you are going to get me into a lot of trouble if you don’t move your hand. This is a warning.” She said seductively. She didn’t really want me to stop but I did. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” I let out a breathy laugh. I think I was holding my breath, I really didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. “Its okay, I’m not mad. Trust me. Okay now where do you live? I should get you home, its late.” She spoke now in her teacher tone sounding more professional. I told her which turns to take since she was new and wasn’t very familiar with Beacon Hills. We pulled into my drive way and I was sad that I had to get out of the car and leave her presence. “Okay so this is me, thanks again for the ride Miss Y/L/N. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Just as I went for the door handle she cupped my whole package into her hand. Her grip tightened and I couldn’t fight my now growing erection. “Here’s a little something to help you out later tonight.” She rubbed up and down my cock and moaned while she bit her lip. Then she took my hand, shoved it down the front of her dress and made me cup her bare breast. I almost came in my pants, she felt amazing. Her nipple was perfectly hard, I rolled it between my fingers. Gasping I lunged my hips upward to gain more friction. I had little self control. I wanted her so bad. “Fuck that felt so good Liam.” She called out. Hearing my name fall from her lips was heavenly. I gave her nipple a soft pinch, earning a louder moan this time. “Okay that’s enough. I have to stop. You are driving me insane.” She completely pulled away from me. The loss of her warmth made me mentally frown. “Bye Liam. “ She said as she fixed the top of her dress. I jumped out and gave her small wave as she pulled out of the drive way, she smiled back and winked. I watched her drive away, not caring that the rain was starting to come down harder. My erection was still making itself known and not going away anytime soon. I threw my bag over my crotch and walked into the house. “Hey buddy how was school?” My step dad yelled from the kitchen. “Uh it was fine. I don’t feel so good. I’m going to take a shower.” I replied. “Oh okay well dinner will be ready in about an hour if you feel like eating?” He asked. “Yeah its just a headache. I should be fine after a hot shower.”

I quickly jogged up the stairs and into my bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and threw them in the hamper. I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up. Images of what just happened with Miss Y/L/N were racing through my head. I needed some sort of release. Right now. I hurried in and let the hot water run over me, my hand went straight for my length. Slowly I started moving up and down. I imagined that was her hand not mine as and that she was kneeling down in front of me. I grew harder by the second. All I could see was her face, biting that bottom lip and giving me the heart stopping eye contact that she was famous for. Pumping faster I so close but I needed a little more of a push, I pictured her taking my member into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around and sucking lightly on my tip. That was all it took, I came undone right then. Releasing what I had into my hand I moaned out her name, it sounded more like a growl. I finally caught my breath but still I was thinking about her. Getting myself off didn’t help at all. Fuck I’m screwed, I said aloud to myself. How was I going to get through the rest of the year now? All first period I am going to stay horny and distracted. The only solution was that I had to have her, no matter the risk. I was going to make it happen.

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Do sterek bingo they said. It'll be fine they said. Just a few cute little ficlets they said. Well you know what they didn't say? That those 'cute little ficlets' would become 10k+ monsters that have consumed my soul and dragged me into this dark abyss! Out of 8 pieces 5 of them are over 5k and they're not even half way done! Ugh, why did I do this to myself?

Oh man…I totally know your pain. It always becomes that, doesn’t it? You plan to make it small, simple…and then surprise! It’s a beast! The only reward for the torture is that when it is finally finished…it is finished. Your soul is released at last! 

That is…till you go to the next one. Such a vicious cycle…

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I wish you, and everyone else (including a few of us admins) the best of luck! Hopefully the hair pulling will end and there will be loads of satisfaction with ending the misery that we sort of enjoy. We are masochists sometimes, I swear

~ Admin Void

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Oh Anon I SO know your pain, I’m working on a 10K+ monster myself that’s… almost…. there

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I said I was going to do all fics that are 1K or less and so far I haven’t accomplished that even once…

As Admin Void said, I wish you all- and our admins- the best of luck!!

~Admin Asagi

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x why do i torture myself making these


Congratulations Germany for winning World Cup 2014! Prussia must be really happy now, for he finally be able to win the cup together with West (last time Germany won the cup, they’re still separate countries). Ugh, siblings feels once again, why did I have to torture myself?

What a roller coaster of a tournament! I’ve been following WCs from 1998 and so far, I think this year’s the most dramatic and interesting of all. Thank you Brasil for hosting such wonderful world cup, good job for every country who participated, and hello to Russia as the next host of World Cup 2018!

Damn, it’ll be hard to move on from this, I wanna watch all of the matches once again they’re just so good! Will they release a DVD set for this WC2014? Please tell me they do.

I just realized how happy Sherlock seems to be when he says ‘Just the two of us against the rest of the world’ but all that I can imagine is John simply saying 'No. It’s just you against the rest of the world. Alone protected you, remember?’ and walking away, leaving Sherlock behind

i’d give about $9000  to have harry post a pic of him lounging on his sofa with froyo watching telly, like do you niallies know how good u have it ……..u get cute little updates all the time, tbh it’s probably why i love harry so much, the #mystery aka: i love to torture myself